The Nations of Gaius

In the story of End Omega, there are nine Nations that rule over the world of Gaius.

Black Dragon Nation

The Black Dragon Nation, led by Sun Lee, is renowned for their preeminence in swordsmanship and their proficiency in harnessing the energy of the sun. They are rumored to be one of the three most powerful nations among the nine. They are also esteemed for producing powerful members and their exceptional mastery of God Invocation.

Kunai Nation

The Kunai Nation, led by Azu, are acknowledged as the premier rangers, excelling in extended and long-range battles. They are also renowned for their proficiency in close combat, but their specialization lies in long-range engagements. They are well-known for mastering the Demon Style Art and Scarlet Blood Art, and also have mastery over God Invocation. This nation is also rumored to be one of the three most powerful nations.

Towai Nation

The Towai Nation, led by Hugo, is renowned for their ability to manipulate mana and their exceptional intellect. They are also known for their mastery of the Intellect Style, Water Style, and God Invocation. They are rumored to be the nation with the most intellectually gifted members among the nine nations.

Shizu Nation

The Shizu Nation, led by Ghanzuki, is celebrated for their incredible physical strength and defense. They are superior in their mastery of kurotsi and six Gates Kutsi, as well as martial arts.

Aria Nation

The Aria Nation, led by Esterwa, is renowned for their magical powers and prolonged lifespans. They are heavily specialized in attack, light and healing magic, making this nation exceptional in terms of the power of its members. They are also known for producing the most magically powerful members and mastery of God Invocation.

Treumera Nation

The Treumera Nation, led by Gulstov, is celebrated for their exceptional defense and proficiency in Enigma Control.

Haozu Nation

The Haozu Nation, led by Ozuwa, is known for their mastery of mechanisms in both battle and defense.

Peria Nation

The Peria Nation, led by Syla, is renowned for their preeminence in flame control and thunder control. Their formidable offensive powers match those of the Black Dragon Nation’s offenses. This nation is rumored to be the third addition to the three most powerful nations amongst the nine nations.

Sazuka Nation

The Sazuka Nation, led by Ehara, is known for being the most neutral and tranquil nation. They are committed to maintaining peace, and are well-known for their athleticism, proficiency with kunai’s, Moon Style Art, swords, and mastery over Wind Style Art.

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