2nd Story 3

2nd Story 3

Li Yueran lay in Cheng Nuo’s arms and asked, “What about you? What have you been doing in this life?”

Cheng Nuo’s face darkened after hearing her question, Nima, when he talked about this, he would get angry. An iron-blooded soldier who protects his family and the country all his life, how could he know that in this life with the twists and turns have turned him into a gangster! Although their own company has been cleaned up, there is still an underworld background. His grandfather and father were well-known in the Southeast Asian underworld in their life. Of course, he did not do much of the illegal things in the early days. Although they already washed their hands now, Cheng Nuo still felt aggrieved and panicked.

When Li Yueran saw it, she knew there was something going on here. She was busy pulling Cheng Nuo’s arm and acting like a spoiled child. Cheng Nuo then revealed his life experience. Li Yueran blinked. It was the first time she was so grateful to the system. Jiang Xinyue’s family was a gangster background, the system has arranged for a gangster prince to exist, hahaha! She really is her own daughter!

“What are you laughing at? Are you looking down on me?” Cheng Nuo said fiercely.

Li Yueran hurriedly reassured him, “How could it be? No matter what your background or what you have become, you are my Anuo, my lover. Just as you can recognize me in the crowd, so do I. I love you.”

Cheng Nuo was obviously carried away by his lover’s sweet words, if he had known that his lover’s love words once he was reborn, he would have gone to rebirth! It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it?

Cheng Nuo pressed Li Yueran under his body, and then kissed closely, Li Yueran was moved by Cheng Nuo, and twisted uncomfortably under Cheng Nuo. Suddenly Cheng Nuo rolled over and ran into the bathroom. Li Yueran lay on the bed, stunned for a moment, and then laughed softly. Sure enough, no matter when and under what circumstances, Cheng Nuo is still the same Cheng Nuo,  respecting and caring for herself the same! Li Yueran smiled sweetly.

Cheng Nuo barely slept in the hotel for one night, and left early the next morning with Li Yueran in the car. Li Yueran didn’t ask how to solve her student status, she only knew that she only needed to trust this man with all her heart. Anuo will naturally arrange everything properly.

Cheng Nuo took Li Yueran back home by plane. Li Yueran found  that the city where Cheng Nuo’s house located was the main scene of the story in this book. A son and a daughter with long knees, all matched. Li Yueran smiled, this time without the selfless dedication of the rag girl, Lin Qingyuan, the Phoenix man, could he still meet Jiang Xinyue.

Li Yueran was a little nervous because after she and Cheng Nuo got off the plane, he wanted to take her home directly.

Cheng Nuo saw Li Yueran’s nervousness and comforted her: “It’s alright, don’t be afraid. My grandfather and my father are very easy to get along with. The men in our family are all tolerant of wives, but the men in our family are affectionate. My grandma  died a few years after giving birth to my dad. When my mother gave birth to me, she died of severe hemorrhage. The fortune teller said that our family was murderous, and most people couldn’t bear it. I haven’t talked about my girlfriend for so many years. My grandfather and dad was afraid that I might have something to hide, so they wanted to stuff people into my bed so that I could pass on the family. Now that I bring you home, they will only be happy and treat you like a Bodhisattva!”

Li Yueran rolled her eyes at him, but she still tease him by saying that she became interested in the unspeakable hidden essence in his words, and hurriedly asked: “By the way, what is the unspeakable hidden essence, tell me quickly!”

Cheng Nuo glared at her, Li Yueran was not afraid at all, and stared back, Cheng Nuo was helpless, I had no choice but to say, “I’ve liked to dance with knives and guns since I was a child. My dad saw me rolling around with men all day, not looking for a girlfriend, and thought I was that “one”!”

That one? Which ony? Li Yueran didn’t react at first, but then she did. At first, she covered her mouth and laughed, but she couldn’t help it anymore, hugging her stomach and laughing loudly. Cheng Nuo sat helplessly beside her, afraid that she laughed too hard and her stomach hurt, so he rubbed her stomach, “Okay, enough laughing!”

This is really funny! Li Yueran sat up with a smile, no matter if it was the stubborn Cheng Nuo in the previous life, or the ruffian Cheng Nuo in this life, no matter how you look at it, you can’t associate him with homosexuality. It’s not that she discriminates against homosexuality, it’s just that she clearly knows that Cheng Nuo likes her. But what would Cheng Nuo do if she dressed as a man? This thought flashed through Li Yueran’s mind, and then she herself was startled! Although the aunt is very troubled every month, and although it is very painful to give birth to a child, she still likes to be a girl, dear system, don’t let her dress as a man! Please do not.

Li Yueran felt that the next time he saw the system, she had to give it a good flattery, otherwise it would be unbelievable if he dressed himself as a man.

“What are you thinking about! I’m by your side, do you still have time to think about others?” Cheng Nuo took a bite on Li Yueran’s face in dissatisfaction, of course, he was not willing to exert himself.

Li Yueran felt itchy on his face and glared at him, “What nonsense! I was just thinking, should I continue to go to school? I’m only a sophomore in high school!”

This made Cheng Nuo face black again. Once again, he clearly realized the gap between himself and his wife. He was 26, and his wife was only 17! “What school? I’ll help you find a school to put your student status on, and then go straight to the college entrance examination. The university is in the local area, and I don’t want to separate with you again. By the way, what do you want to do in the future? Start a company? There are several companies in my family, you can choose any one at that time.”

Li Yueran shook her head, what’s the point of repeating her career in her previous life, “I don’t want to be in business in this life. I want to be a folk artist. I can make velvet flowers,  using wool to make all kinds of handicrafts. I thought, go to college first. After graduating from college, I will open a studio to specialize in this. I don’t care if I make money or not, anyway, you are here! It would be great if these art of folks handicrafts could be  passed down. Actually, I think there is still a market for velvet flowers, such as making in TV movies, and home decoration! Don’t you think so?”

Cheng Nuo couldn’t help grinning ever since he heard that there was ‘me’ in her plans, he pull Li Yueran in his arms and nodded, “Yes, you’re right! I’ll listen to you, As long as you are happy.” He doesn’t care that folk art is a lost art, as long as she is happy.

The car drove straight into a high-end villa. After about ten minutes of driving, the car stopped. Cheng Nuo helped Li Yueran out of the car and saw two unfamiliar cars parked in the parking lot, frowning: “Are there any guests at home?”

A black-clothed man said respectfully, “Chairman Jiang’s family is here, he is the old man’s subordinate, and he came to greet the old man today.”

Li Yueran’s heart moved, Jiang’s? Is it Jiang Xinyue’s house? Wouldn’t it be so coincidental?

Li Yueran was still thinking about her thoughts, but Cheng Nuo had already put his arms around her and started to introduce, “Well, there is the sea over there, you can enjoy the sea view from inside the house. There is a swimming pool over there, both outdoor and indoor, do you like it? Can you swim? You can swim every day in the future, by the way, what style of bedroom do you like? Pastoral style or European style? What style do you like, let’s change it!”

Cheng Nuo hugged her and walked straight into the living room, the people above were talking and stopped when they heard Cheng Nuo’s voice. When they saw a girl in Cheng Nuo’s arms, the two people sitting on the sofa stood up in surprise, “Anuo Ah, who is this young lady?” “My good grandson,  you brought your wife back quietly! Good! It’s my grandson!”

The Jiang family across the sofa was not so good-looking. Jiang Haisheng has always been intentionally attached to the Cheng family with the hope to lead his daughter Xinyue to the Cheng family intentionally or unintentionally. He also has confidence in his own daughter. Xinyue graduated from a prestigious university, looks good and has a good figure, but Cheng Nuo has always been lukewarm. But Jiang Haisheng didn’t care either, as long as Cheng Nuo didn’t get married for a day, his daughter still had a chance. On the other hand, Jiang Xinyue was feeling very lucky. She had already quietly talked about a boyfriend, but she also understood her father’s thoughts and did not dare to disobey, so she forced herself to be courteous in front of the Cheng family. Well now, Cheng Nuo has a girlfriend, so Dad should give up! As for Madam Jiang and Jiang Huiteng, one is that they have no sense of existence, and the other is that they are too young.

Cheng Nuo put her arms around Li Yueran and introduced: “Grandpa, Dad, this is Ji Ran. My girlfriend, she is still young, so I want to get engaged first! We will get married when she is of legal age.” He said to Li Yueran, “Ji Ran, this is my grandfather, this is my father.”

Li Yueran greeted with a smile, “Hello Grandpa Cheng, hello Uncle Cheng.”

“Get rid of the word “Cheng” and call Grandpa directly!” Then he turned to Cheng Nuo and said, “What kind of engagement!”

Jiang Haisheng was overjoyed when he heard this, he thought what can be expected from a country girl?

It caught the eyes of Mr. Cheng. Grandpa Cheng went on to say, “You can go to the U.S. to cheat. If we get married sooner, your dad and I will be able to rest assured earlier.”

Dad Cheng, who is tall and tall, nodded, “That’s right. I’ll call James now. Let him arrange it in the United States, and we will fly to the United States tomorrow. First get the certificate, then hold the wedding, one in the United States, and another at home. The sooner you get married, the sooner I can retire.”

Cheng Nuo also said something but when he spoke, lowered his head and looked at Li Yueran. Grandpa Cheng and Dad Cheng also stared at Li Yueran immediately. Li Yueran was under great pressure and could only talk to them from left to right, “Oh, grandpa and uncle, there are guests here, let’s talk about it another day!”

Grandpa Cheng and Dad Cheng understand this truth deeply. Cheng Nuo has not been close to women for so many years, he did not came out of the closet, how can they explain to their dead wife! Now that Cheng Nuo has a plan to get married, they can’t let it go easily no matter what.

Grandpa Cheng turned around immediately, “Xiao Jiang, I won’t entertain you there is something at home today. Let’s talk another day! Come and see off guests.”

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