2nd Story 4

2nd Story 4 

Jiang Haisheng’s family was ‘driven away’ just like that. Sitting in the car returning home, Jiang Haisheng glared at his daughter angrily, “It’s useless to support you. It’s been three years still haven’t been able to get close to Cheng Shao, and I’ve made a lot of money for that country girl who came from nowhere. “

Mrs. Jiang is from Suzhou, she is gentle like water, and her soft spoken words make people feel soft. She also used this tenderness like water to capture Jiang Haisheng. At this time, she said softly: “Okay. Well, since Cheng Shao has a marriage partner, then forget it! Xinyue is our daughter. Although our family is not as good as the Cheng family, she is also loved and grown up by us. Are you willing to grieve your daughter? Besides, since the Cheng family can’t go this route, it’s better to switch to another route as soon as possible! “

No matter how big Jiang Haisheng’s anger was with his wife’s tenderness, extinguished like water. He nodded, “Well, what you said is true.”

Jiang Xin Yue hugged Jiang Tenghui in her arms, and lowered her head in dissatisfaction. Parents are so realistic, they use her as a tool to cling to the powerful, so as to pave the way for her younger brother! A son is a person, isn’t a daughter a person? There is nothing good about Cheng Nuo – he is just a rambunctious man. He can’t compare to Li Ming, who is gentle and elegant, this is how a  man should be. Thinking of her boyfriend, Jiang Xinyue’s heart is full of sweetness. She rolled her eyes, thinking about how to find an excuse later and sneak out to meet her boyfriend. They hadn’t seen each other for two days and could only make a sneaky phone call every day.

Back at Jiang’s house, Jiang Xinyue went out with her bag on the pretext of going shopping with her friends.

Seeing this, Jiang Haisheng got angry again and said to his wife, “You spoiled her! She’s going to find that little white-faced fool again.”

Mrs. Jiang asked Jiang Xinyue to escort Jiang Huiteng upstairs to practice the piano. Hearing that her husband got angry, she didn’t get angry. She stood up and made a cup of tea for Jiang Haisheng himself and handed it to Jiang Haisheng, “Come, have a cup of tea, let’s reduce the fire.”

Jiang Haisheng took the tea, the temperature was just right, and he drank it in one breath.

Mrs. Jiang sat beside him, “You still say that I’m used to Xinyue, don’t you exactly resemblance of her? According to my words, Xinyue’s temperament is just like yours. The more you don’t let her do anything, the more she wants to do. Children of her age are rebellious. If you forcibly stop them from being together, you will push Xinyue further and further away. If Xinyue is separated from us, even if you help her find a wealthy family to marry in, how can it help us and Teng’er? Besides, I always think, Haisheng, you are the most capable person. You can start from scratch and develop to today, all rely on yourself, I believe, even if you have the heart to let Yue’er ‘marry in’, but just married an ordinary person, which has no effect on you or the Jiang family. It’s not that the Jiang family can’t support her. As for Teng’er, if he has half of your ability, we don’t have to worry about it in the future. If he doesn’t have this ability, no matter how much we do for him, it will hurt him. Don’t you think so?”

Mrs. Jiang’s flattery made Jiang Haisheng’s whole body comfortable, although he knew that there was a lot of water in what she said. In fact, Jiang Shi, including his wife, was not created by him, but was stolen from others. This person is none other than Jiang Haisheng’s brother. Jiang Haisheng hooked up with his sister-in-law behind his back, and conspired to kill him. In the end, Jiang Haisheng took over everything from him. Therefore the Jiang family today, others may not know the filth, but Jiang Haisheng and Mrs. Jiang know it clearly. Now that you know, you can still say these words, but the people who say it are sincere, and the people who listen to it are comfortable. They can only say that this couple are scumbags, and they are born together.

“Then according to your opinion, just sit back and watch? What if Xinyue suffers a loss?” Jiang Haisheng said with a smile.

“How could it be! I’ve arranged it all. I originally thought that the Cheng family’s affairs would not end for a while, the man is only for Xinyue’s to relieve boredom. But now the Cheng family can’t count on it, and Xinyue is too old. It’s time to be sensible. This time is just an opportunity. You want to be in front of them in everything and protect her well. She naturally doesn’t know that people’s hearts are sinister and the world is full of troubles. This time, it’s time for Xinyue to understand something. If you don’t let her get married in the future, you should also let her understand your painstaking efforts.” Madam Jiang was not a kind person, she said lightly.

Jiang Haisheng patted Madam Jiang’s hand, “You still understand me!”

Madam Jiang smiled slightly and leaned against Jiang Haisheng’s arms. Naturally, she is the person who understands Jiang Haisheng the most, and knows what kind of sinister Jiang Haisheng is, but it doesn’t matter, she is also such a person, so they are a natural pair, those sluts outside are just snacks and she is the forever Mrs. Jiang.

Jiang Xinyue was in the car and wanted to surprise her boyfriend. She took out her hp and called Li Ming, “Hey, A Ming, it’s me. Where are you now? Me, I can’t get out. , My mother is watching me so tight, you wait for me for a few more days.” After hanging up, Jiang Xinyue was full of anticipation, what kind of surprise will Li Ming be when he sees her later!

Jiang Xinyue parked the car directly below her boyfriend and went upstairs by herself. She took out the key from her bag and quietly opened the door, thinking of giving her boyfriend a surprise. Who knew that after entering the door, she found a pair of unfamiliar women’s shoes at the door. Jiang Xinyue’s face sank, and she had a bad premonition in her heart. 

Jiang Xinyue walked slowly towards the door of the bedroom. There were laughter and gasping and groaning sounds of men and women in the bedroom, “You and I are good, aren’t you afraid that Jiang Xinyue will know?” The woman said in a coquettish voice.

“I only care about you now, I don’t care what she does!” Li Ming said breathlessly, “Good girl, let me do it again.”

“Well~ Jiang Xinyue’s father is not easy to mess with, I dare not mess with her. You should leave me soon!”

“What are you afraid of, Jiang Xinyue is now the grasshopper in my hand, and can’t run away! She has all her heart on me now! Soon, I will be Jiang’s, parents-in-law is old, her younger brother is still young, maybe in the future, the Jiang family will be mine. At that time, the Jiang family will become the Li family. At that time, you will be the chairman’s wife, okay?”

Jiang Xinyue’s eyes widened , She is Jiang Haisheng’s daughter, and she has inherited some of Jiang Haisheng’s viciousness in her bones. She kicked the door, and the two people who were upside down on the bed heard the movement, looked back feeling terrified. Li Ming was so frightened that he rolled off the bed, and the woman was wrapped in a quilt and hid on the bed, shivering.

Li Ming grabbed his clothes and wore them indiscriminately, “Xinyue, listen to my explanation, it’s not what you saw. It was her, she seduced me!” Li Ming pointed at the woman on the bed.

Jiang Xinyue was trembling with anger, she was looking for something suitable, suddenly thought of something, turned around and ran to the kitchen, when she came back, she held a knife in her hand, kicked Li Ming to the ground with one foot, and went down with one knife. Li Ming clutched his lower body and howled in pain. Jiang Xinyue blushed, holding the bloody knife and looking at the shivering woman on the bed, the woman was so frightened that she hid on the balcony with the quilt, screaming for help!

Jiang Xinyue wanted to go forward and stab her a few times, but her bodyguard followed her in and seeing this, they quickly grabbed the knife from her hand, “Miss, go back! Leave it to us here!”

Jiang Xinyue’s eyes were red and she was about to struggle. A bodyguard saw that someone was pointing at the door, and said to call the police or something. He hurriedly hugged Jiang Xinyue by the waist and took her away from here, leaving one person in the house to deal with the police.

Jiang Xinyue sat in the car with tears streaming down her face. She knew that she might not be able to escape the fate of marriage, so she chose Li Ming thinking that Li Ming is very polite, he doesn’t have the problems of other rich second generation, and she likes him very much. She always thought that maybe her parents would agree to her and Li Ming’s marriage. But who knows, Li Ming actually lied to her! Rich people really have a problem! Parents have such a good relationship, doesn’t Dad also keep a few little stars outside? If it wasn’t for the mother’s superb skills, perhaps several younger siblings would have been born. She felt that her mother was very pitiful, and she didn’t want to live like her mother, so she wanted to find a man who was clean. It doesn’t work either!?

Jiang Xinyue returned to Jiang’s house, threw herself into Mrs. Jiang’s arms and burst into tears, “Mom!”

Mrs. Jiang put her arms around her daughter distressedly and sighed, “It’s alright, it’s alright, Mommy knows. It’s alright, it’s alright. Mom has signed up for a tour group for you. In a few days, you will go abroad to play for a while. Let’s talk about it when the wind calms down!”

Seeing Jiang Xinyue crying so heartbroken, Madam Jiang felt extremely distressed, “Okay, okay. Now, Mom has persuaded your dad, he is no longer forcing you to get married. In the future, pick the one you like, even if the family background is low, it doesn’t matter, our family can afford it anyway.”

This daughter’s temperament is different from her own, she is too naive , There is no means at all, even if you marry into a high door, she will not live well. It’s better to find a son-in-law who comes to the door, watch it under your own eyes, and he would dare not treat your daughter badly!

Jiang Xinyue felt bitter in her heart. If she had known the news two days earlier, she would have been excited, but now, it seems to be mocking herself.

Madam Jiang sighed, and sat down on the sofa with her daughter in her arms, holding a tissue to wipe her tears, “Xinyue, you are my first child, in my heart, you and Teng’er have the same status. I understand your temper, you’re too naive. I always disagree with your father’s plan. A wealthy family is not suitable for you, I worry about you marrying into someone else’s family. In the future, let’s find a simpler family background and get married. You are still living at home, I can feel more at ease with your dad and me watching. Your dad won’t force you in the future, keep your eyes open and find a good one. Don’t think about it, okay?”

Jiang Xinyue lay in Madam Jiang’s arms, her body twitched as she cried, “Mom, I treat him so well, how could he treat me like this! How can he?”

Madam Jiang knew for a long time that her daughter was helping the Li family secretly, she just watch silently. She sighed, “Okay, hurry up crying while your dad isn’t at home. When your dad comes back, don’t cry anymore. Your dad hates women crying the most. You can’t make your dad unhappy.”

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