2nd Story 5

2nd Story 5

The Cheng family’s work was fast. Three days later, a grand engagement ceremony was held in the largest local hotel. The Jiang family also had the cheek to ask for a post and came over. Although the marriage between the daughter and the Cheng family is not possible, it is also necessary to have a good relationship with the Cheng family.

“Congratulations! Beautiful man and beautiful wife!” Jiang Haisheng smiled and congratulated Dad Cheng.

Dad Cheng nodded and accepted the compliment without any regrets, “You are right! Come in quickly, the reception is not good today!”

Jiang Haisheng took his wife and children in. Jiang Xinyue painted light makeup on her face, and faced the people around her coldly. She looked at the splendid hotel lobby. On the front wall was a photo of Cheng Nuo and that Ji Ran. It said a hundred years of friendship. Jiang Xinyue sneered, another woman who married a wealthy family for money and vanity. Jiang Xinyue looked at the brightly smiling woman in the photo with contempt, and looked away disdainfully.

Mrs. Jiang greeted the ladies she knew with a smile on her face. It was just an engagement ceremony, but all the local celebrities came, as well as people from all walks of life in politics and business. The Cheng family is indeed rich and powerful, worthy of the title of a local snake. She looked back at her cold-faced daughter and shook her head slightly. The words she and her daughter said were half-truths. She knew that her daughter’s temperament was not suitable for a wealthy family, but if she really married into the Cheng family even if it for nothing but she could said that the men of the Cheng family are all affectionate. After the death of his wife, not only did he not remarry, but there was not even a woman outside. Perhaps the Cheng family is the destination that her daughter dreams of most! It’s a pity that my daughter can’t see through this.

Cheng Nuo stood in the middle of the hall with her arms around Li Yueran, and greeted people with a smile on her face. Li Yueran also smiled generously. Such an occasion was trivial to her. Her generous and hearty attitude also made many people who were skeptical of this marriage secretly praised, and felt that Cheng Shao still had some vision.

Li Yueran had just finished greeting a lady when she saw the Jiang family walking towards her. Just as she was about to cheer up herself to deal with it, she suddenly felt that something was wrong and was stunned there. Cheng Nuo noticed it immediately, lowered his head and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Yueran gave a wry smile, “Auntie (menstrual) came suddenly.”

Cheng Nuo hasn’t reacted yet, auntie? Do you have an aunt? Then he suddenly understood, “Are you all right? Come on, I’ll help you go upstairs.”

Li Yueran snorted, and then said, “Be careful, see if it’s on me?”

Cheng Nuo looked back, A little red on the white gauze skirt is very obvious. He thought for a while, took off his suit, wrapped around Li Yueran, then hugged her by the waist, and said with a smile: “I’m sorry, I have something to do, let us retire first. We’ll come back to accompany you later. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. .”

A group of fox friends and dog friends roared, and some good people simply applauded. Grandpa Cheng and Dad Cheng smiled proudly, while others looked blank, not knowing what to be proud of.

Grandpa Cheng said, “This is the man from our Cheng family! Hahaha! We are the man from the Cheng family, a husband who loves his wife and protects his wife!”

In the crowd, Mrs. Jiang looked at Cheng Nuo in n the direction where Yueran disappeared, she looked at her daughter again, “How do you feel about Cheng Shao now? Needless to say about family circumstances, the most rare thing is that the Cheng family men are famous for being good to their wives and keeping themselves clean. I agreed with your father at the beginning. On the one hand, it is also because of this reason. Do you regret it now? If you really regret it, Mom has a solution, it’s just an engagement.”

At that moment, Jiang Xinyue was indeed a little moved, and among the men she knew, there was none  did so in public. I didn’t expect Cheng Shao to respect women so much. Could it be that she was really wrong before?

No, she can’t be wrong.

“Mom, don’t talk about it. It’s just for others to see. Mom, you are also like that! Dad is always on the scene, how good he is to you, but in fact, isn’t there someone else outside for Dad? It’s just that you are generous, Mom, you can tolerate. But I can’t, I have to be the only woman.. Which of these rich and powerful sons is not a drunkard and a dreamer. I don’t care about such a person!”

Jiang Xinyue sneered. Even people from a family like Li Ming are unreliable, let alone the Cheng family.

Mrs. Jiang sighed, feeling that her daughter was becoming more and more thorns. It’s just that it’s her first child, and it’s too late to feel distressed, so how can I be willing to blame her. Forget it, let her go, the big deal, just keep her for a life.

Cheng Nuo carried Li Yueran to the rest room on the second floor, asked her to change her clothes, and ordered someone to bring in a cup of brown sugar water. Li Yueran changed her clothes and sat there drinking brown sugar water. Cheng Nuo suddenly squatted on her side. In front of her, he held Li Yueran’s feet with both hands. Li Yueran felt a little itchy and smiled, “What are you doing?”

“I’ll change your shoes! Are you not feeling well? How can you wear high heels? Let’s change to flat shoes!” Cheng Nuo lowered his head and skillfully changed Li Yueran’s shoes, and then looked at it again, “Would you like to change into something warmer?”

Li Yueran changed into a small dress at this time.  The skirt just reached the knee, she smiled, “It’s okay, that’s it! Let’s go down quickly, don’t make people wait.” After that, she drank the brown sugar water in one go.

Cheng Nuo hurriedly called a makeup artist to touch up her makeup and smiled, “What’s the hurry, let them wait.”

When Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran reappeared, Mrs. Jiang glanced at Jiang Xinyue and pretended not to care. She said, “Yo, Cheng Shao is quite attentive. Not to mention changing clothes, even changed shoes. There are not many people who are so attentive these days. Isn’t that right?”

Jiang Xinyue still had a look of disdain on her face. 

In the presence of everyone, Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran exchanged engagement rings, the engagement ceremony ended, and the guests rejoiced. Cheng Nuo and Li Yueran followed Dad Cheng to toast table by table. When they toasted Jiang Haisheng’s table, Mrs. Jiang looked at the wine glass in Li Yueran’s hand. It was not wine, it was still steaming, and it seemed that it was hot water, Mrs. Jiang smiled, “Young Master Cheng is really attentive, is Miss Ji feeling unwell?”

Cheng Nuo smiled, his right hand was always on Li Yueran’s waist, “Mrs. Jiang’s eyes are really sharp. Yes, she feel a little sick, so she can only use water instead of wine. Wait until the wedding day and have a good drink with Mrs. Jiang.”

Mrs. Jiang smiled, “That’s fine.” Then she thought about continuing the conversation with Li Yueran, “How old is Miss Ji this year? Are you still studying? My Xinyue is a little older than Miss Ji. If Miss Ji doesn’t dislike it, you can talk together another day.”

Li Yueran did not dare to underestimate Mrs. Jiang. Although there was no positive description of Mrs. Jiang in the book, she could know from the few words of Jiang Xinyue and Lin Qingyuan that in many cases, Mrs. Jiang came up with ideas for Jiang Hai, including how to deal with Ji Ran.  Li Yueran knew that if Jiang Haisheng was a ferocious wolf, then Madam Jiang was a cunning and vicious fox! Except for Jiang Huiteng, who is still young, the Jiang family is not to be provoked. Although Li Yueran was no longer afraid of the Jiang family, it was better to stay away.

Therefore, Li Yueran didn’t answer, but just smiled shyly. Cheng Nuo understood, and immediately answered, “Thank you Mrs. Jiang for your kindness. We have to toast, and we will meet another day.”

Mrs. Jiang smiled, “Okay, okay, another day.”

Cheng Nuo put her arms around Li Yueran and went to another place After walking to the table, Mrs. Jiang sat down and said to Jiang Xinyue: “Since you have no intention of the Cheng family, then you should have a good relationship with the Cheng family and this Miss Ji. This is a good thing for you and your father. After all, there are many places where our Jiang family relies on the Cheng family! Even if you have no intention of marrying into a wealthy family, you have to do these public relationships!”

Jiang Xinyue snorted, “Isn’t there  mother for public relationships? When will it be my turn? Besides, what do I, a college graduate, say to her, a high school student?  About cosmetics and luxury goods? Does she understand?”

When they were talking, he got angry and lowered his voice and said: “Your mother said that are all for your own good, look at your attitude! You are my daughter, it doesn’t matter if I support you now but, do I have to support you for the rest of my life?”

Mrs. Jiang hurriedly pulled his sleeve, “If you want to teach your daughter, go home and teach but in such an occasion, it is not good to move too much.”

Jiang Haisheng barely held back his anger, and turned around to give his son a clip of Australian lobster, “Come on son, don’t you like Australian lobster the most?”

Jiang Huiteng looked at it, “Dad, peel it for me!”

Jiang Haisheng really rolled up his sleeves to help his son peel the lobster, and everyone else at the table laughed at him as a ‘filial son’. Jiang Haisheng didn’t deny it. He peeled the lobster and said, “That’s right, this is my son. We’ve worked hard all our lives, isn’t it for our son? Besides, if not for my son, is it for outsiders?”

Everyone else laughed and said yes.

Jiang Xinyue lowered her head, tears welling in her eyes, Madam Jiang sighed when she saw it, and gently patted her daughter on the shoulder to tell her not to lose her temper. She glanced at her husband complaining in her heart, and she also knew that in the eyes of a macho husband, a son was ten thousand times more important than a daughter. But she is different. She gave birth to both son and daughter although she may care more about her son. After all, she got this precious son more than ten years after giving birth to her daughter. There were many women and children who died in her hands before.

Jiang Xinyue only felt that everything here made her breathless. She always knew that although her father  liked her, but he didn’t like her as much as he liked her brother. Because the younger brother is a boy and can inherit the family business, and she is a girl, the girl will be someone else’s family sooner or later. It’s ridiculous that such a rotten idea is still so popular today. Men and women are equal, everyone is the same! She is no match for her brother. 

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