Chapter 17

“Dad… Mom!” When he returned home, and was eating dinner at that time, Stairmount told the news to his parents excitedly. “I have been recruited to become one of Chrono personnel!”

Mr. and Mrs. Rivers immediately stared at him in astonishment.

“Chrono? What kind of organization is that?” Mrs. Rivers asked. “And… you study biomedical science, don’t you? Aren’t you supposed to be working as a biomedical expert?”  

“The Chancellor introduced me to them. The Chancellor told me about all of my achievements, that I’ve become one of the best graduates despite I take the acceleration path, so they get interested in me. They said, they require personnel in the biomedical sector, that’s why they are willing to recruit me. They said, later I will be placed at the Pluto Pathogenology Laboratory.”

“Pluto? What country is that, how come I never heard of it?!” Mrs. Rivers asked again.

“Errr… I don’t know either… if I’m not mistaken, it is a country located in Aurora Continent…”

“Aurora Continent? If I’m not mistaken, it’s very cold, right? Can you stand with such that cold temperature?”

“There’s one year left before I go there. They’ll give me some training first, because after all, I’m new personnel.”

“About Chrono… if I’m not mistaken… isn’t that a secret but very famous organization?…” Mr. Rivers asked doubtfully.

With eyes sparkling in delight, Stairmount answered, “That’s right, Dad! It’s so amazing, isn’t it? I can be selected to be one of the personnel?! Not everyone can be selected to become their personnel, even more, not everybody knows about their existence…”

“That’s right, Schynn. I just heard it for the first time,” Mrs. Rivers nid-nodded, while Mr. Rivers kept silent with a stiff expression which was difficult to be guessed about the true meaning of that.

“Yes, Mom. Chrono is a secret, but super elite, organization. The members are all important people, in the sectors of political, economic, military, and so on. Wow, later I will be able to interact with those great and influential people. Even more, I have become of the same status as them!”

“Wow, that’s amazing Schynn! Mom is so proud of you!” Mrs. Rivers hugged his son joyfully. Stairmount returned her hug, lips curving a big smile.

After that, Mrs. Rivers talked with him more than Mr. Rivers. Mrs. Rivers indeed appeared so proud of her son’s accomplishments, and that made sense, but Mr. Rivers unexpectedly showed a contrasting attitude. After asking that one question, his father turned silent.

“You will go abroad to a very far country, then our chance to have meeting face to face becomes much less. We’ll miss you so much! You have to take good care of yourself, okay?” Touched, Mrs. Rivers said.

Suddenly Mr. Rivers said hoarsely, “I don’t give allowance.”

Stairmount and Mrs. Rivers looked at each other in confusion.

“Wh… why, Dad?…”

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“Even though they are powerful and influential, Chrono is not a good organization. Whatever kind of work they do, it will always be bad stuff. And you are my only son. You may join every kind of organization, except that one.”

“Why, Dad?!? Who said that?! Chrono is a well-known organization, by becoming their member, our lives can be guaranteed and we can even be rich and powerful!…”

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“… And maybe, you’ll have to do some business with Saturn!”

Stairmount turned more dumbfounded. “B… business with Saturn? I work in Pluto, Dad…”

“It’s what they said, but sooner or later they’ll drag you to prank Saturn. The real reason they recruit you is because they know you are Ethnic Saturnian. They want to use Ethnic Saturnian to beat Saturn.”

“Dad, I am a Jupiterian, just like you and Mom are also Jupiterian, so…”

“The blood running through your body is Saturnian’s blood, since it clearly appears on your face. Passports may change, but blood will never change forever.” Mr. Rivers sighed “And that’s what they want to take advantage of. They want to use you to beat Saturn.”

“And even if it’s true… why should you care? No matter what happens, we are Jupiterian people, not Saturn people!”

“W… what?!? How can you say such kind of words?!?”

“Is that right? Why did both of you immigrate here? Because Saturn didn’t give you the life you wanted, did it? And who gives you the life you want so you can choose to live here? It’s Jupiter, right? So why should we even bother ourselves to care?” Finding that his father was unable to respond because of too shocked, Stairmount continued firmly, “And. Wherever we live, it doesn’t matter. Whatever kind of blood we have, it doesn’t matter. What matters, is power. Is it what you always said? Everybody always insulted you when you still lived in Saturn, but after you get Jupiter citizenship and become more wealthy, all of your relatives turn their minds and respect you. All is due to money, due to power! That’s why I study so hard all this time, just for the sake of power! Hell with the ancestral land, damn with the predecessors! None of them support us. What actually supports us, is power.”

In response to his son’s fiery talk, Mr. Rivers took a deep breath. “You’ll regret your words if you still keep that thought,” He muttered under his breath. “Just wait and see.”

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Stairmount never got such kind of treatment from his father. His father was always proud of him. His father always praised him as the smartest member of the entire family, even the children of his relatives at Saturn are all no match to Stairmount. Since Stairmount has raised the status of his family, Mr. Rivers loved his son so much. But this moment, it was the first time happening in his life. Very surprised, Stairmount was about to give an argument, but out of his expectation, Mr. Rivers was unwilling to listen to him, and instead went into his room.

Copyright © by boundless_universe

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