chapter 60


My phone started ringing while we all were having dinner at our house. After dinner I was suppose to go to Jungkook’s place and stay there overnight. But in an instant all of our phones started ringing. I guess everybody had the same thought in their minds and we ran to get our phones which were on the couch. It was a rule we made for ourselves: No phones while having breakfast lunch or dinner.

Yugyeom was calling me. I didn’t have the heart to receive the call. But he called back again. Namjoon hyung who was looking at me, took the phone, received the call and put it on speaker.

“Hi Yugyeom, sorry we were having dinner and phones were out. Taehyung will leave soon after dinner.” Namjoon hyung said.

“Kookie… He..” Yugyeom said and he stopped.

Everybody came closer to me and Jin hyung was the first to speak.

“What happened to Jungkookie? Yugyeom? Say something… Is he alright?” 

“Taehyung, you are listening right?” Yugyeom asked and everybody looked at me expecting me to say yes.

“Ye.. Yes.. I am Yugyeom-ah. Tell Kookie I will leave right away. I’m already missing him.” I said in my mind knowing the situation.

“Tae.. Tae.. hyung..” It was Jungkook and his voice broke my heart and the walls I built around myself.

“Kookie, I am leaving right away. Okay. In fact, I have left already.” I said while taking my coat and keys. 

Everybody else rushed with me too. Dinner was left there and we all left.

“Tae.. hyung.. I won’t make it until you come..” Kookie said and he took a deep breath making my breath stop for a moment.

“Kookie, stop talking. I will be there in few minutes. I promise. I am already in car. I am not driving though don’t worry Please wait for me..” I told him crying.

“A few minutes? That is too long my love.” He said and chuckled.

“Kookie…. don’t please.” I begged him literally.

“I.. I love.. I love you.. Taehyung.” He said, but I didn’t want that. I wanted to see him and say it to him.

“Taehyung, please come soon. I don’t think he can… Please. I can’t see him like this any long.” Yugyeom yelled the last line.

“I am almost there.. Hold on.” I replied but then….

“Kookie, Kookie..” Yugyeom yelled.

“Jungkook-ah, open your eyes Jungkook-ah..” It was his father.

“Yugyeom, what’s wrong? Tell me he his fine. Yugyeom…” I yelled on the call.

“Taehyung-ah, my son has left us, Taehyung-ah..” Aunty cried on the other side. 

Hobi hyung quickly applied brakes on hearing that and stopped the car.

“What??????” Everybody said in unison?

“I could hear uncle aunty crying.

“Jungkook-ah, my baby, my dear son…. How could leave us like this, my baby.” Aunty cried.

My phone slipped from my hand and I held my head and chest tightly. The feeling was indescribable. I was in pain. I felt thousands of knives being stabbed over and over again in my heart. I hit my chest hard because of the pain.. and with little sobs I found myself crying, and giving up. He was gone. The love of my life, my Kookie was gone. 

“Come soon, Taehyung-ah.. He’s left.” Yugyeom said and then hung up.

Hobi hyung started the car and sped up as fast as he could. My heart thumped at the speed of the car. Jimin hugged me tightly and patted my head trying to comfort me, but today no.. It was impossible today. Exactly 15 minutes later the car stopped.

“We’re he-” I didn’t wait for Hobi hyung to finish his sentence and I jumped out of the car and ran in.

I pushed the door open and went in and saw Jungkook lying in Yugyeom’s arms, his Mom Dad besides him. Tears didn’t stop when my eyes fell on that angel sleeping peacefully as if he had no worries at all and he was at peace finally. Seeing his mom cry so much I felt bad for her. His Dad was trying to comfort her, but she was just like me. Yugyeom’s face as blank as if he was dead. It was most difficult for him. As soon as he saw me he burst into tears. My heart hurt to see him in that way.

“Tae…Taehyung-ah… He.. He is gone, he’s left us all.” He said and sobbed. I went to him quickly and hugged him, it somehow felt a bit good, maybe because we found comfort in our pain.

I let go him and looked at the lifeless body of my love lying there. Yugyeom got aside and handed Jungkook to me. I carefully took him in my arms and hugged him. 

“Jungkook-ah, I love you too. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have left in the first place. I should’ve stayed over.  Or… Maybe.. maybe I should’ve come a bit earlier. I am missing you already. I don’t even want to think of the coming days, months, years… oh s***.. even the next second without you by my side. I love you.. Come back please…. come back.. please.. please…”I sobbed hugging him tight.

“Tae… please. Stay strong.” Jin hyung told me , but when looked at his face he was crying too.

“Hyung, he will listen to you. Tell him to come back please. Hyung..” I begged Jin hyung.

Hyung first helped me lay Jungkook down carefully on the couch. Then he hugged me tightly and we both cried out hearts out. I don’t know how long I cried and the unbearable pain made me pass out and when I woke up, I was in my own house with all my hyungs sitting around me and Jimin holding my hand sitting beside me.

“We brought you home last night. You passed out. We could not wake you up Tae, even the doctor was called. He said you passed out of stress and it’s not good. So he injected some sleep medicine so that you have enough rest.” Namjoon hyung said and all agreed.

“How could you do that hyung. I want to go Jungkook now.” I yelled and started getting out of bed.

“Stop right there!” Jin hyung said and I stopped right away, he was angry.

“Get back on bed. And listen carefully. We will go there, but not you personally. We will go as label mates of him. Yes of course everyone knows you two are best buddies so little affection is fine, but don’t say any word about love and all if you don’t want people to say anything about him. After the funeral we will all go to Jungkook’s place. There it will only be us, and his parents and Yugyeom. You are free there. okay? Please. Just for Jungkook’s sake. He’s a family to us right?” Jin hyung was right. 

“I promise.” I assured hyung because even I didn’t want people to say names to him. 

He was loved and even after he’s gone now, I want him to be loved. I went and freshened myself. And I wore my best suit with a black tie. For people I was going to mourn  my label mate. But for me, he was my life. And I will send him off properly, even if it means I will be hurting and breaking to pieces myself.

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