chapter 61


Both me and Yugyeom went down for lunch after Mom came up to call us. Mom cooked all my favourite dishes. I was so happy. I didn’t know when I would have to leave but, as long as I was here, I wanted to make the best of it.

“Mom, thank you.” I said and smiled at her.

“You like them, right? Have more, take. Eat slowly.” Mom said while feeding me. 

“Mom, Dad, I want to say something. Can I?” I asked them both and they nodded.

“Mom, Dad, first of all, thank you for having me and hyung. Thanks for all that you have done for me till now. Especially Dad. You suffered a lot because of me, I know. Everybody say Moms do a lot for their kids. Nobody ever mentions what their Dads do for them, and most of the times, Dads do things quietly even without letting anyone know about it. But this silly son of yours, has always seen you stay awake for nights even after you had tiring days at work. I have seen you crying many times because you felt helpless. I know all the sacrifices you’ve done for me. And I will forever be grateful for it. And no matter how many times I take birth as a human, I would always want to be your son. I love you.” I said with my my hand across my heart and tears in my heart.

“My silly son, why did you have to grow up so soon? I love you more.” My Dad replied.

“Mom, don’t be jealous now. I love you too. Also thanks for coming to me leaving everything here. I wanted to thank hyung too. I know, I am very lucky, but guess not much. I got parents like you. I got a hyung who wasn’t my hyung actually, but he became one for me. He spent nights talking to me, calming me, when I was sick, in pain, depressed and stressed. He even left his friends here and came to me without any hesitation. He even left the person he loved so much-Taehyung. I got Taehyung because of hyung. Also this silly besides me.” I said looking at my stupid friend, my brother.

“I love you too son.” Mom replied.

“Yes, he is silly and stupid.” Dad replied and we laughed.

“Yugyeom, you are the best thing that has happened to me after my own family. Trust me, even Taehyung is after you, even though I love him with all my heart. Silly, you became a part of our Jeon family since the day you stepped in to my life. You have always been. And now you will rightfully be their son. Take care of them for us okay? I am rest assured, because I know you love them just as much as they love you. And stop calling them Aunty Uncle already. She said, you still have your parents.” I said putting my arms around Yugyeom and pulling him close.

“Yeah.. I know. I will. I promise.” He replied.

I kissed his hairs and then side hugged him. I will miss him the most besides my parents and Taehyung. He smiled at me, but there was pain in his eyes.

Time went too fast and it was already evening. I was waiting for Taehyung to come. He texted me saying he will leave after dinner. and I was okay. We were about to have our dinner when I felt a very bad pang in my chest.

“Arghh!!” I yelled in pain.

“Jungkook-ah, what’s wrong? Ha? Are you alright?” Dad came running to me. 

“Pain.. My chest.. Ahh.. Dad. I have a bad pain in my chest.” I told Dad.

“Kookie, are you alright? Come lie down here..” Yugyeom came running too and helped me on the couch. 

“Mom, Mom, call the doctor quickly.” Yugyeom yelled.

“Already called, love.” Mom replied and she came with water and medicine.

“Here, take this medicine.” Mom handed me a pill and a glass of water.

After a while, my pain subsided. And there was a knock on the door. Dad opened the door. It was doctor uncle. I smiled to him when he was in front of me.

“Hi, uncle.” I greeted him and was about to get up.

“Don’t. Lie down, let me listen to your heart. Easy.” He said and I lied back.

He put a stethoscope across my heart and listened to my heart. A minute later he looked up very…. His face was unreadable. It was a bad news. I was ready to accept it. I knew my time had come. They say you know it when you are about to die. And I already felt in the morning after the press conference. So I asked my Mom to cook my favourite dishes. I thanked my parents and Yugyeom. 

“I know it. I have felt it already since morning. You will just confirm it.” I said and uncle raised his eyebrow in question.

“Yes, he right. 1-2 hours max. That’s it. I will leave you guys. Take care.” He said and patted my shoulder and left.

My Mom Dad and Yugyeom all fell silent. It was just dead silence. I rolled my eyes and looked at them.

“He said still 2 hours. Why are you all like this as if he declared me dead already?” I was annoyed.

“My baby, why does it have to be like this? Why is it you?” My mom started crying.

“Mom, don’t cry please.” I said and I started crying too. I sat up and hugged Mom.

Dad came and sat on the other side and hugged me too. Yugyeom was standing in front of us and watching us with a blank face. I signalled him to come and we all had a family hug. He then got a camera and we took one last family picture together. A while later I felt my breathing become heavier. I asked Yugyeom to call Taehyung. Why wasn’t he here yet. The last thing I wanted was to leave without seeing him one last time… I missed him more now. I should have held him back earlier in afternoon. 

On call Taehyung said he was on his way and asked me to wait for him. I wanted to wait for him too. But now these last moments weren’t in my hand. I was finding it very hard to breathe and my pain was back again. It hurt bad. I collapsed, but Yugyeom held me in his arms.

“Kookie, Kookie..” He yelled and I heard them too, but my body became numb and I could move.

My eyes closed and my I even though I tried to respond I wasn’t able to. I felt the darkness come over me, but then I saw a ray of light and a person walked through it.. 

“Hyung…” I whispered.

“My brother, Jungkookie, come. You can rest now. Now there will be no pain anymore. And you will be happy and pain free here. Also you have me here. Come.” Hyung said and he opened his arms.

I happily ran towards him and hugged him. But then again I heard some voices.

“Jungkook-ah, open your eyes Jungkook-ah..” It was Dad’s voice, but why is he asking me open my eyes? 

“Dad, why are you asking me open my eyes. I can already see you. Dad.” I said and tried to touch my Dad, but my hand went across him.

Wait. What was happening? Am I dead already? No no no no… I can’t be dead yet. Taehyung hasn’t arrived yet. He asked me to wait for him.

“Taehyung-ah, my son has left us, Taehyung-ah..” My mom cried too. 

“Yugyeom, Yugyeom, look at me. I am here.” I said but all my efforts made no sense.

“You are already dead, Jungkookie. That’s your body lying there in Yugyeom’s arms. This is your soul. They can’t see or feel you.” Hyung said and I looked at me.

“How.. how can I see you and you see me then?” I asked him.

“That’s because, this is my soul too.” He replied.

Just then the door opened and Taehyung rushed in. Seeing him my hyung’s eyes were filled with tears too. He raised his arm to reach out but stopped mid-air. I realised he loved him too. I hugged him and he did hug me back.

“It’s okay. We both love him. He is cute. Just that we both didn’t get enough time to spend with him. And I feel bad for him.” My hyung said.

“Jungkook-ah, I love you too. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have left in the first place. I should’ve stayed over. Or… Maybe.. maybe I should’ve come a bit earlier. I am missing you already. I don’t even want to think of the coming days, months, years… oh s***.. even the next second without you by my side. I love you.. Come back please…. come back.. please.. please…” Taehyung cried hugged my lifeless body. I felt the warmth, the pain, of his heart so did hyung.

“Tae… please. Stay strong.” Jin hyung told him , but he was crying too.

“Hyung, he will listen to you. Tell him to come back please. Hyung..” He begged Jin hyung.

“Hyung.. I miss you.” My hyung said and his eyes teared up.

Unable to console our loved ones, we both hugged each other and just watched them break.. And trust me, if given a chance, I will rush them to them along with my hyung..

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