Chapter 3: Join The Heroic

Langress and Jonathan made it to the airport and they took off with their supplies to America. Langress sitting in the Boeing plane couldn’t be more weird and overwhelmed with the plane. Langress said:

“What metal creature is this? It can fly without flapping its wings, and what’s that buzzing sound?”

Jonathan just laughed and replied:

“Langress, you’re on the plane. The plane.”

Langress said in confusion:

“The plane? What kind of creature is it?”

Jonathan replied:

“A plane isn’t a creature, it’s a machine.”

Langress said:

“The machine? I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

Jonathan replied:

“Can’t blame you, you’ve been asleep for a thousand years so you won’t be able to understand these modern things. But believe me, you’ll be fine.”

Langress said:

“Okay?… So where are we going?”

Jonathan replied:

“Go to the Heroic faction base, the next faction you’ll join. That’s the last line of defense against the Predators in America. We’ll supply them with supplies and fight in New York City.”

Langress said:

“Well, I think that’s the plan. Hey, I’m a bit hungry, is there anything for me to eat?”

Jonathan replied:

“Sorry, this plane has no food.”

Langress said:

“Seriously? When will there be food for me?!”

Jonathan replied calmly:

“We’ll get there tomorrow night, there’ll be food.”

Langress got bored and looked outside at the rain and thunder, he said:

“I’ve been fighting all my life, maybe I’m a belligerent or I accidentally got caught in this battle, a lot of people I’ve killed but I’ve never felt regret. Maybe that’s my destiny.”

Jonathan replied:

“I’m a Christian, but I’ve never seen someone as lost as you. Have you ever prayed?”

Langress said:

“Never, I don’t have time for that.”

Jonathan replied:

“Perhaps many people think that God has decided their fate, but the real fate is decided by ourselves.”

Langress smiled lightly and said:

“Sounds good, let’s see if God really won’t have a hand in this.”

Jonathan replied:

“Don’t call out God’s name when you don’t need it, Amen.”

Langress lay on the bench and said:

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“When you get there, wake me up.”

Langress fell asleep and Jonathan smiled at him like he was an active teenager, then he fell asleep too. At seven o’clock the next evening, they arrived at America. Langress looked through the window to see the LED lights of New York City buildings shining on him. Langress was extremely curious and feeling refreshed, he asked Jonathan:

“What is this vast, shining kingdom?”

Jonathan replied:

“This is New York City, not the kingdom.”

Langress said in excitement:

“This is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. The people here are strangely dressed.”

Langress with his vampire eyes easily saw everything below the street, people shopping or playing on the streets, cars moving on the street, advertising signs in the square couldn’t had shocked Langress more. Then the supply convoy landed at the Vatican’s private airport and moved to the Heroic Faction’s base. They went deep into the mountains and into a private path hidden by the hologram system, a treacherous mountain road. The supply convoy entered that path, surrounded by human sentinels with Heroic emblems on their shoulder armor, a golden shield with wings on either side, and a silver sword embedded in the shield. They then entered the main base, a large military base with enough supplies from the Vatican. Including: the main building, an annex where soldiers rest, a military parking area, a medical area, an armory and an electric fence to protect the base. This majestic base was hidden by the surrounding hologram systems, making many people think that this was just an ordinary mountain. The supply convoy passed through the fence, the soldiers came to unload the goods and bring them inside the base. Langress and Jonathan got off the bus and entered the main building. On the way, Jonathan said:

“I’ll go meet and talk to the leader of the Heroic faction.”

Langress replied:

“And I’m going to eat, do you know where the dining room is?”

Jonathan said:

“Ah, well… Let me see.”

Jonathan asked a soldier in the hallway and then led Langress to the base cafeteria and said:

“You can eat as much as you want, remember not to disturb everyone. Okay, I’ll be gone for a while.”

Langress nodded and Jonathan left. Langress looked at the “Cafeteria” sign, he said:

“Cafeetera? What does it mean? Never mind, as long as there’s food.”

Langress entered the cafeteria and started his meal. He walked to the buffet counter, the staff there said:

“Hi, what do you need?”

Langress confidently replied:


Langress quickly grabbed a large plate of food and went to the table to devour it. Everyone who looked at it was surprised at the guy who was eating like he had been hungry for a century. Jonathan went to commander Bryant Ghenon’s room, he was preparing strategic plans and battle plans with the other captains. Jonathan scanned the fingerprint DNA and entered the room, and Bryant and the captains noticed him. Bryant said:

“Ah, Father Jonathan. Thank you for taking the trouble to come from the Vatican to come here to provide us with supplies.”

Jonathan replied:

“Thank you, commander. I bring a new mission from the Vatican ordered by the Pope.”

Bryant and the captains knelt to receive instructions. Jonathan took out a red envelope with the seal of the Pope, he opened it, took out a piece of red paper and read:

“O lambs of God, Hear His word. Heretics are gradually conquering, accept His favors to conquer Evil. Only His light can defeat the darkness, do not fail. This year is the year of the eclipse, the strongest year of vampires, fight bravely, after three months the strongest weapons of the Vatican will come. Good luck to you, Amen.”

Bryant and the captains replied together:


Then they sat on the chair, and Bryant said:

“Thanks from the Pope’s directive, we are doing our best.”

Jonathan replied:

“I also received orders from the Pope to stay here to help. Let’s fight together.”

Bryant nodded and said:

“I received news that during the delivery of supplies, you were attacked but saved by a Hybrid. Who is he and where is he?”

Jonathan replied:

“Quite a surprise but he’s the legendary Langress Mcloucht, the strongest Hybrid ever born since the New Hope faction was still fighting. He’s following me.”

Everyone was surprised, Bryant said in surprise:

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“No way, he’s still alive? We have a hope. Where is he now?”

By this time Langress had eaten more than a hundred plates of food and had piled them up more than three meters high. Everyone was in awe of Langress. One guy approached Langress, he had vampire green eyes then said sarcastically:

“You ate too much, you must be very hungry.”

Langress didn’t care and just kept eating. The person was angry and grumbled:

“Hey, you look like a new guy, do you know who I am?”

Langress chewed and said:

“Who are you?”

The person became even more angry and arrogantly said:

“I am Arenyx Lukak, the strongest vampire hunter of the Heroic faction and the fastest Hybrid.”

Langress put down spoon to wipe his mouth and replied:

“So hello, second place.”

Arenyx said:

“What are you saying, rookie? You dare call me that.”

Langress replied:

“In other words, from the moment I entered this place, you are already second.”

Arenyx became so angry, he immediately pulled out his Desert Eagle and pointed it at Langress’s head, he said:

“Say it again and I’ll shoot you.”

Langress smiled and replied:

“If I have a mouth, why can’t I speak?”

Arenyx pissed off and fired the bullet straight into Langress’s head. Suddenly he realized that the bullet had just hit the chair Langress was sitting in. Langress stood behind Arenyx and said:

“What kind of strange weapon is that? I’ve never seen it before.”

Arenyx thought to himself:

“Who the hell is that bastard really?”

Arenyx immediately turned his back and slammed the barrel of the gun into Langress’s face, he leaned back to dodge and immediately caught the barrel. Langress said:

“What an interesting weapon.”

Arenyx fired but Langress squeezed the barrel, causing the bullet to explode, destroying the gun. Langress knocked Arenyx down and looked at him with a pathetic expression. Arenyx said angrily:

“Who the f*** are you?!”

Langress replied:

“Langress Mcloucht, The World’s Strongest Hybrid and New Hope’s strongest vampire hunter.”

Everyone became surprised at Langress’s words. At the same time that Bryant and Jonathan were present, Bryant said loudly:

“What the hell is going on here? Everyone stop this nonsense now.”

Langress pulled Arenyx to his feet and waved to Jonathan:

“Ah, Jonathan, you’re back.”

Bryant said:

“Are you Langress Mcloucht?”

Langress replied:

“Yes, it’s me. Who are you?”

Bryant said:

“I’m Bryant Ghenon, leader of the Heroic Faction and these are my captains. Captain Arenyx, what’s wrong with you?”

Arenyx replied:

“He hit me, boss!”

Bryant said:

“Calm down Arenyx, he’s on our side.”

Langress replied:

“Listen, Bryant. I don’t care what you think of me because I just woke up after a thousand years and I’m too old for this world. My mission is only to kill vampires. Give me information about the Predators and finish it quickly. One night is enough.”

Bryant said:

“Sorry Langress but we haven’t got anything yet.”

Langress replied:

“All right, then I will stay here. When there is even the smallest information, immediately notify me.”

Bryant said:

“Okay, you’re the one who understands this best.”

Langress looked over at the soldiers, he looked through their red eyes and said:

“Did the Hybrid race evolve like that? All of you. What a shame.”

At this moment, Langress’s bloodlust suddenly aroused, he tried to hold back and thought to himself:

“What the hell?”

Langress quickly quenched his thirst for blood and said:

“I’m going to sleep now.”

Langress left the cafeteria and Jonathan gave chase. But what he didn’t know was that he had upset a lot of people in the Heroic faction, and many Langress fans were also disappointed. Jonathan walked beside Langress and said:

“Langress, what have you done? Please restrain your thoughts and speech. They are all new generation Hybrids.”

Langress replied:

“The old generation can do a hundred times better than them.”

Jonathan said:

“They’re all young and haven’t been trained as hard as you. Is there any way you can train them.”

Langress replied:

“Want me to train them? There’s not much more they can do.”

Jonathan said:


Suddenly there were alarm bells and red lights all over the base, the loudspeaker announced:

“Soldiers gather, the Predators are about to attack, this is not a drill.”

Langress said:

“Predators, it seems it’s time for me to fight. Stay here, Jonathan, just to be safe.”

Langress ran outside the main building, and Jonathan said:

“Be careful, Langress.”

Langress waved at him saying it would be fine, and Jonathan said nervously:

“What a belligerent man. Amen.”

Outside, the Predators vampires and werewolves kill off the guards outside and break through the electric fence that attacks the base. Arenyx and many other soldiers fired silver bullets at the enemy but many were killed. A werewolf dropped Arenyx’s submachine gun and was about to punch him. Langress suddenly rushed forward and grabbed the werewolf’s face and crushed his face. The rest of them stopped and stepped back, one of them said:

“It’s Langress Mcloucht, there he is.”

Langress arrogantly replied:

“Tell me the location of your base, and let me send you all to hell.”

Langress thought to himself:

“Werewolves also joined this battle. Since when?”

Suddenly their leader appeared, he flew forward and retracted his wings and then landed so hard that the ground around him cracked. Langress said calmly:

“Who are you?”

The person stood up and revealed a familiar face, Lancerlord. Langress was a bit taken aback, Lancerlord said:

“Hi, my old friend.”

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