2. Poison

4th day of Omnale, 1283


Almost a year after the execution of Lady Larissa, the first sign of her curse shows itself. The situation was like the one that she had used in the Three-Year-War—a poison harmless to fishes but harmful to humans. I am sent by the Magisterium to look over the situation in that village. All of us five had agreed that whomever did it used the same tactic that Lady Larissa used. There was nothing that can be done to save the river, even an experienced Leecher like me could not much do anything about the situation. The poison was made to prevent any Leecher from Destroying it, in short it was made to prevent even the Lady Larissa herself (which is also a Leecher).

Enhancers were also proven ineffective in this situation as Taming the Stardust of the river would only make the poison potent. Indeed, it was such a beautiful tactic… beautiful and dangerous. The only thing that the Magisterium could do was to bring clean water and put it in the river to lessen the concentration of poison mixed in the river. The researchers of the Magisterium are still looking for a solution to completely remove the poison.

If you will ask me, I think it is one those vials of poisons left to break. I think we will see more situations like this in the coming weeks.

P.S. The opening statement about the Curse of Ariadne was a joke.

                                                                                                                                                                               Lord Mikkaelo Sarganse

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