Chapter 11 Ye Xinxia

With a joyful mood and humming a small apple, Mo Fan walked towards the inscription middle school.
Mingwen Middle School is a women’s middle school, belonging to a private middle school, which gathers the most tender and fashionable young girls in the whole summer city.
Unlike other secondary schools, there is no lifeless education in magic theory, nor is there a group of magic nerds who only know exams. These young girls, who have some family background in magic, know much more than the magic students who have emerged from the nine-year compulsory magic education. For example, some magical accessories with magical power are often hung on their chest.
With these two generations of demons and Fa, who were born with magical tools that can warm and nourish their spiritual power, Mo Fan’s silks naturally have to climb step by step.
The alleyways around the campus are crowded with luxury cars. It’s the rush hour after school. Mo Fan is very aware of Xin Xia’s temper. She will bypass these girls who are competing for car level and take her own lane, smelling the fragrance of small green bamboo planted by the residents beside the window sill
Mo Fan bypassed the main entrance and planned to stop at the alley path… Er, wait for the neighbor sister Ye Xinxia.
There are not many people walking along the alley, so Mo Fan walked through the courtyard of someone else’s house and stepped into this familiar alley.
The world has changed, but this familiar city has not changed at all, and small green bamboos that have survived the winter are still placed beside the windows of residents.
I guess Ye Xinxia hasn’t changed either.
Mo Fan stood in the middle of the alley, with his back against the wall, like a hooligan who was waiting for an opportunity to extort game coins from passing elementary school students. He glanced at the entrance of the alley from time to time, thinking to surprise the girl who was about to leave here. However, for a long time, the figure of Qian Li did not appear.
Why haven’t you come yet?
Mo Fan’s POSE is a bit sour.
Slightly closing his eyes, Mo Fan almost became accustomed to entering meditation
Suddenly, Mo Fan felt some noisy sounds coming from the direction of the alley entrance leading to the hill. Normally, these sounds would be isolated by the high walls of the alley, but somehow they would reach his own ears
Could it be that the side effect of meditation is that the perception ability has also increased??
With this curiosity, Mo Fan walked towards the direction leading to the small hill.
As soon as I walked out of the alley, the position facing the hill suddenly became clear. In fact, there was a distance of about one kilometer directly opposite the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain was my newly sold old house.
There is a small lawn under the hill, which is arranged in the shape of a small park. Near the air vent, there is a wooden swing wrapped with some winter vines.
The swing hangs straight, without a trace of shaking.
Sitting on the still swing was a young girl with long black waterfall hair, whose hair was being ruffled by the winter wind, revealing a delicate white and plump side face, long eyelashes, delicate little bridge of nose, and lips of jade powder honey
She gazed ahead, as quiet as a delicate lotus that had merged into this winter swing painting. She was desolate and delicate, but alone she was blooming her unique temperament and fragrance.
Mo Fan’s steps suddenly stopped, and I don’t know when I like to watch her quietly. Watching her sitting quietly somewhere, my heart will inexplicably surge with a warm current flowing to my heart, and then involuntarily float up the corners of my mouth.
However, for a moment, Mo Fan felt something was wrong.
His eyebrows suddenly locked and he quickly walked towards the elegant girl sitting on the swing.
The girl also sensed someone approaching. When she saw Mo Fan’s face clearly, she didn’t have a hint of surprise on her face. She just smiled politely, as if she knew this person would come, but she was just waiting for him here.
“Brother Mofan,” the girl called sweetly.
“That kind of dog thing again, isn’t it?” Mo Fan walked up, with a faint anger hovering over his face.
Xinxia didn’t speak.
“Today, I must severely clean them up, a group of scum!” Mo Fan’s anger surged and his eyes looked towards the steps on the hill.
“There are many of them, forget it.” Xin Xia shook her head and tried to persuade Mo Fan to suppress her emotions.
“It’s impossible to just calculate like this, I’m not finished with this group of scum.” Mo Fan said no more and climbed up the stairs!
Xin Xia, sitting on the Qianqiu Mountain, wanted to hold Mo Fan, but Mo Fan was already walking towards the mountain in a rage.
Xinxia knows Mo Fan’s temper, and she has been fighting with those hooligans and local ruffians around her for her own affairs since very early on. Every time, she fights several times by herself, and comes back with injuries all over her body
This is the last thing she wants to see.
The people who are causing trouble for themselves this time are not just some hooligans and hooligans. They have obviously dropped out of school for a long time. The young people who are working in this area, known as the Green Bear Gang, specialize in working as thugs for a group of wealthy young girls nearby, and they will step on anyone who doesn’t like them.
There are at least five people on their side this time, and two of them are both physically strong and much larger than Mo Fan. If Mo Fan goes to find them, he will definitely be beaten black and blue.
Hill Pavilion
“I said Xu Bing, would it be very impolite for us to do this…” said a young man with a cigarette in his mouth and a playing card in his hand.
“How could I be so impolite? For the 16th time, I sincerely expressed my love to her and asked her to be my girlfriend… Now I’m playing cards in this pavilion and giving her some time to think about it?” said the young man named Xu Bing.
Xu Bing has a clear cyan tattoo on his neck, and wearing a short jacket makes the tattoo that wraps around his neck appear very conspicuous. At first glance, it is a difficult character to provoke.
“Yes, if she refuses, it would be great if she just left… Wang Zao, hahaha, give me the money, give me the money, double the bomb!” said the young man sitting on the other side, dressed in a cowboy hole suit.
“My grass, you are lucky.”
“Play a few more rounds, play a few more rounds, and if you don’t believe it until dark, the little girl won’t panic.” Xu Bing narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the aggressive president’s rush.
When dealing with women, it’s just to be tough. Women are inherently shy, and nothing can be done without being tough. Xinxia, that girl, is really getting smarter and more beautiful as she grows up. She looks like she’s drooling. Some people even say she’s a toad and wants to eat swan meat. Today, take this girl down and see who’s talkative.
“By the way, I remember that little girl has a brother, which is quite annoying,” said the cowboy youth.
“The scum with less than five combat effectiveness, in addition to a bit of backbone, is just a person with a meat sandbag. Feel free to beat, feel free to beat.” Xu Bing said casually.
“Yeah, I used to be able to deal with him alone, but now I’ve developed a muscle that can explode that thing in minutes!”

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