Chapter 10 Release, Lei Yin

“Come, come, line up, count off!”
Mo Fan calmed down and began to concentrate on trying to control 7 stars at the same time again!
The first star is the most obedient, after all, it is also caressed every day. At the command of Mo Fan, this lively star immediately stopped its activities and remained in the most central Asian position of the stardust.
The second star appeared somewhat small and stubborn, and reluctantly followed it immediately, lining up with the first star.
Next up, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 5
The sixth one was very obedient, so he ran into the queue.
Yoshi, it’s just the last one!
Mo Fan’s thoughts are highly concentrated, and all his spiritual power is concentrated on the seventh star.
The seventh star child sped at high speed in the stardust, heard Mo Fan’s mental call, and slowly stopped, with a bit of impatience, and a bit of unhappiness, slowly returned to the orbit
Mo Fan became slightly excited when he saw that the seventh star had a tendency to take over.
If the first six stars were Wang Xingren, and they would sit there obediently and not move at the first call, then this seventh star would be Meow Xingren, and Nima’s body would show the high cold and impatience of a cat all over
Since you want me to be still, I will reluctantly cooperate.
Slow, slow
The seventh star finally stood still and was aligned with the other six stars.
In a flash, a stunning and charming star orbit appeared within the gorgeous and beautiful star dust, which presented the purple star energy of thunder. Using the first star as the medium, it was like a meteor pulling out a long purple magnificent tail, flying past the other six stars!!
Star orbit!
Magic now!
Sitting at the last end of the bus, Mo Fan, wearing a black shirt, suddenly curled up a curvilinear trajectory around his body. The purple stardust trajectory flashed past, giving Mo Fan an unspeakable strength.
“Lei Yin!!!”
“It’s Lei Yin!!!”
Mo Fan was so ecstatic that he couldn’t help laughing up in the sky!
On the right hand, like a python winding around its arm, the power of the purple lightning imprint is stored in Mo Fan’s hand. As long as Mo Fan’s hand is waved, it will definitely turn into a lightning crazy imprint and fly towards the center of the bus!
“My goodness!!”
“Magician, it’s a magician!”
“I’m still a Lei magician… Ah, I feel numb all over.”
There was a roar of alarm inside the bus. The old lady who had just bought the vegetables, the old man who had finished exercising and returned home, the girl who lowered her head to play with her mobile phone, and the satyr who was molesting the girl with one hand all looked at Mo Fan at the last seat in amazement.
“Great… Great mage, I… I won’t dare next time, I won’t dare next time, please let me go, I don’t know anything about it…” Suddenly, the middle-aged thin man who molested the girl fell on his knees, crying and sniveling to Mo Fan for mercy.
The middle-aged satyr thought that the young magician was angry and turned on the power of Thunder only after seeing his lewd behavior.
The power of the thunder is quite terrible, and the entire body of the carriage is stunned by the power of the thunder, making him feel numb all over, especially the lecher who molested the girl. His hands are paralyzed and almost unconscious!
“Spare your dog’s life, and next time I see you, I’ll just waste your hand!” Mo Fan suddenly stood up and looked down at the wolf with an imposing manner.
“Yes, yes, absolutely not next time, absolutely not next time.” With that, the satyr had already climbed out of the car as the driver stopped.
The parents and men around immediately praised him, and several teenagers who were apparently only junior high school students even threw admiring glances at Mo Fan.
“Mom, my brother is so powerful, can I be as powerful as him in the future?” A child aged seven or eight dragged his mother’s skirt and asked weakly.
“Magicians can’t be done by anyone, especially those of the Thunder family.”
Mo Fan found that his magic had caused a commotion in the whole car. In order to avoid being found in trouble, Mo Fan hurriedly got off the car and went there.
Arriving at the roadside, Mo Fan’s mood still didn’t calm down.
“I’m so handsome!”!!!
Recalling that just now, my arm was wrapped around the imprint of thunder, and with a flick of my hand, I could wipe out a person’s sense of terror. It was unprecedented, just like a dream!!!
This is magic??
This is magic!!!!
Mo Fan’s heart was pounding, even though the thunder seal had not been released, but Mo Fan had already felt the power of the thunder. They were pouring out of his body, allowing him to control them at will, and they could bring him power that he had never thought of before.
The respect that the whole car cast, the coyote kneeling on the ground scared to urinate and begged for mercy, and the magic of Lei Li wrapped around his arm
This is truly unprecedented and incredible!!
“Hahahaha, I have learned Lei Yin. It only took me one semester. Now, who can stop me? What Mubai, what Zhaoting, all have to be kneeled and licked by me!”
In just one semester, Mo Fan took control of Lei Yin. In fact, the school gave students one year.
From the beginning of school to the end of the current semester, Mo Fan has only used 5 months in total. If this speed is disclosed, the entire class and teachers, as well as the entire school, may be dumbfounded!!
It seems that not long ago, Zhang Jianguo, the demon teacher, was still boasting that his favorite pupil, Huang Mingkai, could control four stars… Mubai is also four stars.
Hahaha, I have already released Lei Yin. Mu Bai, you green tea man, how can you fight your grandpa and me!!
“This Thunder Seal can only be held in his arm and feel the force of the Thunder rush out. I really don’t know what it would be like to fully release it. Just thinking about it, Dunima is a bit excited.”.
Take a deep breath, take a deep breath, don’t smile like a 2B on the main road, calm down and be a great mage now!
Mo Fan actually wants to use Lei Yin again, but after finishing Lei Yin just now, he feels a very empty and dizzy feeling in his body.
“This should be what the teacher calls spiritual exhaustion, right?” Mo Fan said to himself.
Generally speaking, when practicing control, Mo Fan can maintain two hours of time, and it takes more than two hours to feel mentally exhausted.
Just now, I practiced controlling on the bus for at most 20 minutes, but I felt like my energetic energy was exhausted due to Lei Yin’s completion
Mo Fan can still straighten out this point. When practicing control, as long as a complete star orbit is not formed, it generally does not consume too much blue. However, if the star orbit is connected to transmit the power of the stars to his body and achieve the true effect of magic, most of the blue tubes will be gone!
I have never been a magician before, and I have always played legends, heroic alliances, and the like. One truth, one truth!

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