Chapter 9 The Seventh Star Child

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“Four of them, five of them together, making it even more difficult. Alas, I don’t know if I can finish controlling all of these seven little bastards before the end of this semester and form a star orbit… In other words, the monkey said that he can only practice controlling for one hour a week at most, and he will collapse in five minutes. I also don’t know why I can practice for two hours at the beginning. Is it the reason for the Awakening Double System?” Mo Fan said to himself.

“Should I have the same amount of mana as the Monkeys once, which means that my mana is twice as much as the Monkeys?”
Every magic student’s spiritual power is limited, and every attempt to control the stars is a loss of spirit. With the current level of spiritual power of magic students, it seems that most people can only practice controlling for one hour
With an extra hour out of thin air and Mo Fan’s daily efforts, his progress has already surpassed that of his peers. Even the most outstanding Mu Bai in the class heard from his dogleg that he just controlled three stars.
Seven of them have just turned out to be positive, and Mo Fan has already controlled four, and is expected to break through five within this week. It seems that the Awakening Double System not only provides Mo Fan with the ability to open double numbers, but also has a longer time of anti addiction than others!
This is a perfect advantage!!
Getting to the top of my life and marrying Bai Fumei is just around the corner!
Class starts at 8:00 on time. The first class is Demon Class. The teacher in charge of teaching Demon Class is Zhang Jianguo, the head teacher of the next class.
“Mo Fan, why are you late again? Can’t you have a correct attitude? You are not as talented as most of your classmates, have a particularly poor foundation, and have not studied so seriously. Look at Zhao Ting in our class, who is talented in Thunder, has a brilliant talent, has a good foundation, and has a good attitude towards learning magic. Others can now control four Thunder stars, and you, I heard that you still cannot control the Fire Star. The awakening of the Fire Star lies in you “It’s going to be a waste!” As soon as Zhang Jianguo saw Mo Fan’s tardy arrival, he immediately scolded him without hesitation.
Mo Fan couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Zhang Jianguo’s teacher, Zhennima, never stops mentioning that guy from Lei Department in almost every class.
The so-called Zhao Ting classmate is the kid who awakened the Thunder Department at the school opening ceremony. Zhang Jianguo talks about it every day, even with an expression of educating others, his face will also show the indefinable pride.
“Did that guy control four stars? I’m just one last step away from six.” Mo Fan secretly disdained, but didn’t say anything, just walked leisurely to his seat.

“Okay, everyone, open the Book of Demons, and today I will continue to tell you about more common demons. As we all know, demons are distributed outside the cities where we humans inhabit, and they have absolute aggression against humans. They roam around and fight each other… So once a magician wants to step into the wild, what should he do when encountering a one-eyed demon wolf?” Zhang Jianguo has already started the course with rapturous expression.
One eyed demon wolf.
This is a kind of demon that inhabits the wilderness area closest to the human city. Mo Fan has only seen its rough appearance through bookmarks and videos, which is very brutal.
Ordinary people cannot deal with such creatures, and only magicians can fight them. Of course, for this group of magic students who have not yet been able to release any skills, the appearance of a one-eyed demon wolf would be a bloody massacre!
The one-eyed demon wolf is the focus of the demonic lesson. Zhang Jianguo has spent a week talking about this kind of demon, and Mo Fan is tired of hearing it.
Now, with his unique double time cultivation, Mo Fan has already controlled the Thunderbolt system to six stars. As long as he concentrates absolutely, he can arrange those six stars into star orbits obediently.
The problem is, the seventh star is particularly difficult to handle, just like a chaste martyr, who refuses to eat soft and refuses to obey hard, making Mo Fan particularly anxious!
Just one step away!!
“Brother Fan, how is your progress in the cultivation of the Fire Department?” Zhang Hou asked quickly as Mo Fan sat down.
“As usual,” Mo Fan casually replied.
Fire system
As Zhang Jianguo said, Mo Fan is still unable to control any of the fire system stars.
That’s also a hopeless thing. This semester, he has devoted all his energy to the Department of Big Room and Thunder.

“No, it seems that your foundation has really affected cultivation. I heard that Mu Bai has been able to control 4 cold ice stars. If he works harder during the winter vacation, maybe he can complete the release of the ice series elementary skill” Ice Man “next semester.” Zhang Hou said.
“I know.”
“Brother, why don’t you worry at all? I tell you that he and his henchman Zhao Kunsan are already planning how to I teach you a lesson.”
“It’s okay, let them come.”
Mo Fan’s mind is now full of how to control the seventh star, and everything else is just like air.
“Oh, be careful anyway… This semester is coming to an end. You need to work harder next semester, Brother Fan. If you fail to complete the final magic release exam next semester, the school counselor may find various reasons to dissuade you.”
A semester soon ended, and Mo Fan vaguely felt that the seventh star was about to be moved by his sincerity.
“S***, it’s harder to cultivate a discipline than to serve a goddess. Greeting and communicating day and night…” Mo Fan complained as he walked outside the school.
This entire semester, Mo Fan hardly ever left school. He spent two hours of control practice every day, followed by 10 hours of meditation, followed by classes, meals, and sleep. He never stopped a day.

Anyway, this semester is over, and the students take the winter vacation assignment and then go back to their respective homes to find their mothers.

After leaving school, Mo Fan almost subconsciously wanted to take the bus to his home, but when he regained his senses, he suddenly felt at a loss.
I almost forgot that my father had already sold his home, and I was basically homeless.
Father Mo Jiaxing is mostly still driving, so Mo Fan has no place to go. After thinking about it, it’s time to go to her sister-in-law and visit Xin Xia.
Anyway, I haven’t seen Xinxia for nearly half a year. I don’t know how she’s doing with my sister-in-law.
“Just pick her up at her school.”
Mo Fan got on the bus and headed for another middle school.
Sitting in the car, Mo Fan has nothing to do. Continue to practice control and see if the seventh star can obediently comply.
Different generations of stars have different temperaments, and some are easier to deceive. As long as Mo Fan spends a few nights talking artfully, he may be able to make them strange and obedient, but some are particularly irascible and difficult to touch, which may lead to mental backlash, which can cause strong mental pain and increase the consumption of mental power several times.
The seventh star that Mo Fan didn’t fix is a cranky type. If he doesn’t agree with a word, he will fight hard and be as difficult to serve as his aunt
Fortunately, recently, the relationship between the two sides has significantly improved, and the irascible Xingzi has slowly shown a willingness to obey. Otherwise, Mo Fan would really cry, and the time spent on this seventh Xingzi would be almost a whole month.

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