Chapter 8 Can’t Stop at All

Summer turned to autumn, and the fallen leaves rolled in the wind, drifting into the campus playground.
Beside the playground, there is a dense shade of green, and the afternoon sunlight falls through the gaps in the leaves and turns into wisps, like a special autumn stage.
For Mo Fan, time passed quickly, and two months had passed since awakening.
The only thing Mo Fan has done in the past two months is to sit under this tree – meditation!
On the first day of class, the head teacher Xue Musheng gave all the magic students an important lesson: the release of magic!
There are only three simple steps to releasing magic.
First, meditation.
Second, control.
Third, release!
Meditation, as the name suggests, is to concentrate on thinking.
When people close their eyes, their brains are actually constantly imagining various images.
But if you don’t want anything and aren’t disturbed, your mind is empty!
After the magician awakens, a corresponding system of stardust will appear in his empty world.
In other words, as long as Mo Fan closes his eyes and doesn’t think about anything at all, leaving his mind as empty as the black universe, thunder and fire stardust will emerge from this empty mind.
The Thunder Stardust is purple and looks like a piece of purple cosmic dust suspended there, beautiful, charming, and colorful.
There are a total of seven stars in the Thunder Star Dust. These stars do irregular sports in the entire small star dust, just like seven naughty and disobedient children, running around energetic inside.
For any awakened magic student, as long as they can emerge from the void and see stars shining brightly like children within the stars, they are considered to have completed their meditation.
It can be said that this first step is really simple, and this is the only homework that all magic students have been assigned back in these two months.
Meditation begins after dinner and continues until you are exhausted, so you go to bed.
The next day, after class during the day, I continued to meditate until I was exhausted and went to sleep
Mo Fan didn’t slack off. He did this for a full two months, including weekends when he was also doing meditation. Many times, he didn’t understand why the teachers had to assign such a simple task to everyone for up to two months.
“Why don’t I try to control myself first?” Mo Fan felt that he could already enter the meditation practice very skillfully, so he wanted to start the next step.
The second step of magic release is also very simple.
After entering meditation, you will see Stardust, and there are seven lively, energetic, and irregular stars running around in the Stardust.
To control is to control these stars with your own mental thoughts, calm them down, and obediently stop at a specific location, connecting them into a star orbit.
The star tracks connect, and the magic power will be transmitted from this star track to the magician’s body, transforming into real magic, and releasing it!
“Running really fast, let my father feel it.” Mo Fan began to try to communicate with Xingzi.
Use your own thoughts to control the Star Child, and Mo Fan has already locked in a happy Star Child, trying to make it obediently stop there.
The star was extremely high and cold, and there were no birds in it. Mo Fan was like a little Luo Li who ran into strange millet and ran away quickly!
“S***, so proud and charming, forget it, try another one.” Mo Fan began to communicate with another Thunder Star again.
“Little darling, Dad is here, come here quickly, be obedient…”
The second star ran as fast as a fugitive from a mental hospital.
Mo Fan tried several other stars again, and none of them took Mo Fan seriously. Several even felt what Mo Fan’s thoughts were asking them to do, and they ran faster!
When the stars spin and fly, the magic power cannot be transmitted.
It’s like a wire, with electrical energy inside the stardust. To release electrical energy, you need to connect the stars into a wire and transmit it to the magician’s body
Unfortunately, none of these Thunder Starlings are obedient, and it’s okay not to touch them. Once they try to communicate with them, they run very fast, almost like eating 500 kilograms, and Nima can’t stop at all!
“What’s the matter? How long will it take for Ma Yue to learn Laozi’s Thunder Print skill?” Mo Fan felt a pain in his face.
The first level skill of Thunder Department is exactly Thunder Seal.
This skill should be the most practical skill among all beginner magic skills. After learning and mastering it skillfully, it basically has outstanding combat power.
Unfortunately, skills are not so easy to learn.
The activity of the Thunder Stars is quite high, and stopping them is not something that can be accomplished in a day or two.
“Now I can’t even control one star, so I have to control seven stars at the same time… The road is really not as long as usual.”
Sure enough, reading books, like learning magic, can’t be done in a day or two.
The weather has turned cold, and thick down jackets have replaced girls’ short skirts and stockings. Unconsciously, it is the season when the south has no heat and is frozen into dogs.
“Ah Qiu, damn it, I already knew to turn over the cards of the Princess of the Huoyan Department first. Maybe this winter will be better.” Early in the morning, Mo Fan, who was practicing control on the rooftop, scolded.
After more than a month of practice, Mo Fan has been able to control four stars.
The process of controlling the stars… how to say it, it’s a bit like a difficult version of a domino.
In other words, you need to carefully put down the four domino cards in one breath without letting them shake a bit, which is considered a small step.
Once a star domino card is not placed properly, once the card falls, everything starts all over again!
This is the case with the Star Child. First of all, you need to lock in a Star Child and use your own mind to command it to rest. In the process of making the Star Child rest, you must concentrate fully. Even if the mental resistance of the Star Child causes a pain in the brain, you must bite your teeth and stop, let alone have a little mental dispersion.
Only by clenching your teeth and concentrating on commanding and fighting with Xingzi can you make the somewhat irascible Thunder Xingzi obedient and hover there obediently.
After making one star son obey, one must summon another spirit to do the same thing, and let the second irascible star son also obey and firmly control.
If you accidentally spend too much energy on the second star and don’t continue to use your energy to suppress the first star, the star that was just obedient will immediately fly away, taking away the second star that was just about to be obedient, and discarding all previous efforts.
I have heard from teachers before that it is very difficult to control the stars. On the one hand, it is very difficult to control, and on the other hand, it requires magicians to have enough mental power to consume.
Practicing control as Mo Fan does every day. If you fail to control once, you will feel a bit mentally tired. Practicing it for up to two hours a day will put you in a state of mental breakdown, with tinnitus, dizziness, and confusion in your brain.
At this point, you can no longer meditate or control.
To put it bluntly, practicing “control” is a skill that thief TM consumes blue, and a tube of blue can take up to 2 hours.

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