Chapter 7 The Green Tea Man

(Green tea usually refers to someone who plays innocent in front of others, but is very scheming behind their back)

“It’s really… alas, why didn’t this student be assigned to my class and fall into the hands of Zhang Jianguo, which made Zhang Jianguo pick up Tianbao.” The head teacher Xue Musheng’s face was filled with envy and jealousy.
At the front, Mu Bai’s face became a bit more gloomy and disdainful after being surprised.
Lei Clan is amazing. If you don’t know how to cultivate, it’s still a waste of wood. It’s not surprising that there are so many strong clans in China with such a large population, and it’s not just a natural talent like Double Clan. Humph, if I don’t trample you down in the future, I dare to take the lead with me.
Oh, I almost forgot to see what the scum of Mo Fan is. After waking up for so long, I have basically failed.
“Wow, wow, it’s a fire system!”
“Oh, my class has another fire department.”
“Who said he would wake up and fail? It’s actually a fire system, so enviable.”
After the storm of thunder department’s surprise gradually subsided, everyone finally discovered Mo Fan’s Awakening Department.
The girl named Zhou Min from the former Awakening Fire Department looked a little surprised. She took a special look at Mo Fan and found that there was indeed a flame on his Awakening Stone, which felt a bit more vigorous than herself.
“Class 8 has another fire department.”
“Although not as rare as the Thunder Sect, the Fire Sect is also very powerful!”
“Fire… Fire Department…” Xue Musheng looked at the student in front of him with a dull face.
The emergence of the Thunder Department made Xue Musheng almost forget the existence of this problematic student. He had expected this student to awaken and fail, but he unexpectedly awakened and succeeded, let alone awaken an outstanding Fire Department!!
This… this is also a treasure found!!
And judging by the exuberance of the fire, it seems that Zhou Min has a higher talent than Zhou Min.
Xue Musheng didn’t realize that the students who thought they would pull the class back suddenly gave themselves a long face!
“Not bad, not bad, not bad, what’s your name… Oh, Mo Fan, right?” Xue Musheng narrowed his eyes happily.
“Hmm.” Mo Fan nodded.
Mo Fan originally thought that someone had seen the awakening of his Thunder Department, but when he looked around, he was surprised to find that no one had noticed his previous Thunder Department awakening
It is estimated that the appearance of the Thunder Clan in the next class is indeed too shocking, or that the Thunder Clan’s awakening power is too weak.
The strength at the beginning of awakening has an impact, but it is not decisive. Even if the department at the beginning of awakening is relatively weak, it can be slowly remedied through hard cultivation the day after tomorrow.
“Fire Department students, um, um, we must work hard in the future, and if you have any questions, just ask the teacher.” Head teacher Xue Musheng patted Mo Fan on the shoulder, saying with great relief.
Mo Fan is still ecstatic inside.
However, he was not too complacent, and instead, an average teenager might wish to immediately reveal the Thunder Department he had just woken up to, a naturally dual line guy who completely exploded with Thunder Department.
Mo Fan didn’t do that, and heaven envied talents, let alone people?
Mo Fan knows that someone on Mu’s side is very hostile to him. If he exhibits a natural dual lineage, he can either obey or be killed. He has a peerless dual lineage, but after all, he is too weak. It’s not too late to become rampant when he becomes stronger!!
Mo Fan glanced back at the reactions of Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan.
Sure enough, these two guys’ faces are twitching!
“What bad luck has this boy had? He has awakened successfully and awakened the fire system!” Mu Bai seems to be dignified, but his heart is full of dirty words.
“I made a mistake, how could this be possible, fire system…” Dog leg Zhao Kunsan also looked silly.
“Haha, I said Mo Fange must be extraordinary. Huo, Niu B, Niu B, and you Zhao Kun are one of the wind players.” Zhang Hou jumped up happily, and when he saw the appearance of dog leg Zhao Kun, he immediately felt a sense of evil.
Zhao Kunsan’s face was full of anger. If the Wind Department initially competed with the Fire Department, it must have been the Wind Department that suffered!
Mo Fan turned around, his face full of natural and unrestrained smiles, bathed in the sunlight, and suddenly felt like a carpet spreading under his feet, with girls screaming on both sides. How can one describe his elation.
As he walked past Mu Bai, Mo Fan silently raised his middle finger towards him, and his entire disdain movement was completed in one fell swoop. It seemed as if there was no sense of disobedience as if it were a greeting.
Mu Bai felt as if he had eaten a whole set of taunting skills from the other party, which made his chest so stuffy that it was about to explode.
Taking a deep breath, Mu Bai told himself to maintain his image and be sure to maintain it. He couldn’t be confused with this little wretch. He was a half young master of the Mu family, and this guy was just the son of a factotum.
“The waste wakes up successfully, but it is the fire system with great advantages in the early stage that wakes up, and the waste also has the dog luck of waste… What’s more annoying is that there is a rare mine system in the next class, and he has completely crushed the limelight of his ancestral ice system. Damn it!” On the surface, Mu Bai, who is with Prince Charming, has already been swearing in his heart.
Mo Fan returned to his position, while also feeling the completely different gaze of his classmates around him
“The fire department also wants this guy to try not to provoke in the future.”
“Don’t mess with me. If I’m a light department and want to stay in school, I have to rely on my senior brother from the fire department to support me.”
“By the way, what’s his name? Is it Mo Fan?”
The whispers of classmates around him were also heard in Mo Fan’s ear. Mo Fan felt refreshed for a moment and took a special look at Mu Bai, who also heard the words. Sure enough, Mu Bai’s mouth was twitching all the time.
Mo Fan already knew what Mu Bai was, and when he wore green tea at night all day, the fake indifferent expression on his face showed that he felt extremely uncomfortable.
Green Tea Man, when I awaken to a fire system, you become angry with this virtue. When I know that your grandfather Mo Fan has a thunder system… you must not commit suicide in your own flesh??

- my thoughts:
Green tea usually refers to someone who plays innocent in front of others, but is very scheming behind their back
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