Chapter 6 Natural Double System (Part 2)

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The spiritual world of nihility had a glimmer of light, and Mo Fan carefully perceived it, suddenly discovering that a very small piece of star dust appeared in his nihility.

Mo Fan felt a burst of joy!!!
This stardust is too important for a magician. It is an important basis for measuring the cultivation of a magician. It exists in the spiritual world of the magician. The larger the space it occupies, the higher the cultivation of the magician!
In this stardust, Mo Fan can already see what is lit up, which seems to be a small piece of purple stardust. Compared to the entire spiritual world, this stardust is indeed as small as dust, but it also means that his awakening has not failed. The book clearly states that the spiritual world has stardust, even if it is weak or weak, TM awakening has succeeded!!
Hahaha, who said I would wake up and fail!
Isn’t Laozi’s awakening a success?
I really want to see the twisted faces of Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai right away.
Wait, what color is stardust.
It’s not red, what a pity. It’s the fire system that hasn’t awakened.
The red stardust represents the fire system.
The cyan stardust represents the wind system.
Brown stardust represents the Earth system.
The blue dust represents the water system.
The golden stardust represents the light system.
The purple stardust represents
I have a grass!!!
Suddenly, Mo Fan’s entire body froze!!
I am purple stardust, I am actually purple stardust!!!

“My goodness, someone in the next class has awakened the Lei Clan!”
On the playground, I suddenly heard a student exclaiming and shouting.
“What, there’s a Lei Clan? I’ll go. I’ve had good luck repairing it for several lifetimes.”
“Where is it? Where is it? Wow, it’s so cool purple. The class teacher in Class 7 is probably scared.”
“Wuwuwu, kill me. Why am I a water system? Why didn’t you give me a thunder system? None of you stop me. I’m going to the rooftop.”
“Don’t make any noise, you can’t jump to death. There’s a light covered corpse underneath.”
“This Lei student wants to complete the rhythm of the entire audience!”
The thunder department made a complete sensation!
If the Fire Department is the first choice for all civilian magicians to awaken, then the Thunder Department is simply the perfect first department bestowed by heaven. The more domineering Thunder Power than the Fire Department allows magicians to have more than one enemy’s terrorist combat power at the beginning. According to the statistics of teachers, students of the Thunder Department have awakened, unless they neglect to learn, more than 50% of them have broken through and become middle level magicians!
The Magic Middle School Entrance Examination directly eliminated about 60% of the magic students, leaving the remaining 40% as awakened students.
“I’m afraid 60% of these awakened students will be eliminated because they may not be able to cast any magic during their three-year magic high school career.”.
“Of the 1500 new students in the school, only one student awakened to the Thunder Department, which is enough to show how shocked and vulgar the Thunder Department is!”!!
For a moment, the eyes of the entire school’s teachers and students flew towards the boy in Class 7, Senior One. The boy happened to be wearing purple clothes, which made the faint purple lightning arcs he woke up even more dazzling. For a moment, the confident and arrogant man became the focus of thousands of people, causing the entire school to boil!!
“Eh, why is it so noisy?” Mo Fan slowly opened his eyes, and the joy on his face was all written on it.
However, when he opened his eyes, he found that the teacher who had been staring at him was looking up at the next class, entranced.
Mo Fan looked back and found that all the students behind him were watching the next class.
What happened?

Where are you all looking???
Soon, Mo Fan finally discovered something wrong.
It turned out that there was a Thunder Department student in the next class, and just at the moment of their awakening, the entire school’s teachers and students’ eyes were focused on the guy who was one step faster than you!
Mo Fan looked at the purple lightning arc that was also bouncing on the Awakening Stone with a bitter expression on his face. I really hope to slap my head teacher in the face and tell him that you envy the class next door. I am also a crazy and cool thunder fan with a big mouth!!
Just as Mo Fan was about to speak, suddenly the Awakening Stone, which should have ended, appeared again with a starry radiance, gathering like blood on Mo Fan’s palm.
Mo Fan’s face was full of surprise!
Isn’t the awakening over? Why did this awakening stone start again?
Mo Fan wanted to pull out his hand, but the magic power had already passed through his palm and spread throughout his body.
A fiery energy!
Mo Fan did not know what had happened, but a force drove him into the spiritual world again, sensing the invasion of this second force.
In the spiritual world of nothingness, the purple stardust still shines with a faint glow in its own area, and it seems eager for people to make them more dazzling and blooming.
This is the power of Mo Fan’s Thunder Stardust awakening not long ago.
But another force of awakening, like the previous thunder system, broke in and crossed a breathtaking arc of flame in Mo Fan’s spiritual world. It looked like a burning meteor, making Mo Fan’s entire person tremble!
“This… this is…”
A piece of “red stardust” appeared in my spiritual world!!!!
Mo Fan was a bit confused at first, but then fell completely into a frenzy of joy!!!

Fire system!!!
I have awakened a fire system again!!!
It’s actually a dual system!!
I even woke up to the double system!!!!
You should know that in the beginner magician level, all students are likely to awaken to only one department, and there are almost no natural double department people, which is tens of thousands of times less than the probability of Thunderbolt department!!
My God!!!
Mo Fan felt like he was suddenly knocked unconscious by happiness.
“The emergence of the Lei Clan has already made him ecstatic, and the Huoyan Clan has reappeared, forming a natural double lineage. He is almost crying for joy!”!!
Mo Fan, who has read magic knowledge, is very clear and clear that having more departments means leading others from the beginning, and the cultivation between departments is independent.
Just like an online game, people on the entire server can only open one number to force them to fight monsters and upgrade their cultivation, while they can directly open two numbers. The most important thing is that these two numbers can be integrated into one character, so the combat effectiveness is not a 1+1=2 issue!
This is great!!
Lao Tzu is born with dual lineages, a thunder lineage hanging from the sky, and a violent fire lineage. Let’s see who can block me!
“At this moment, the humiliation and guilt of immersing oneself in my father’s house selling were swept away. Mo Fan was very clear and clear that if he cultivates himself well, works hard, and cultivates both departments together, he will become a magician superior to his peers!”!
What kind of Mu family with hundreds of years of heritage, what kind of cold ice aristocratic family, can we have Laozi, a born dual line cattle B!!
Hahaha, hahaha, hahahaha!!!

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