Chapter 5 Natural Double System (Part 1)

“Zhang Hou!”
“Zhang Hou, a mud monkey standing not too far from Mo Fan, turned around and gave Mo Fan a look and said, ‘Mo Fan, I’m past.'”
“Good cheer.”
“Humph, I wish you were also in the water system.” Zhao Kunsan immediately said something sarcastic.
Zhang Hou was a thin monkey trunk, and as he put his hand there, a strange wind vortex appeared on the Awakening Stone before long, stirring the teacher’s clothes.
“Very good, Feng Clan, with a good talent, you should cultivate well, don’t be lazy!” Xue Musheng’s face also showed satisfaction.
Xue Musheng, the head teacher, was very happy because he had only reached a dozen grades and had two high-quality and talented students in his class. If they worked hard, they would all be able to enter good universities.
Of course, the one who most let himself find the treasure is No. 1 student Mu Bai, who has outstanding talent in the Cold Ice Department, and the family of the Cold Ice Department behind him, who is a pillar of the future!
It seems that this class of Class 8 should have a chance to rank among the top.
On the Awakening Stone, an orange flame suddenly sprang up.
This scene made the whole class’s eyes wide open.
“Fire… Fire System!!!”
“S***, you’re still a sister. What’s the name of this girl?”
For a moment, the awakened girl became the focus of the whole class, and the department was the most brilliant among the element departments. It was the first choice for all mage level magicians to awaken, if they could choose
Unfortunately, the fire department is more arrogant and charming, with a low probability. There are only three students in a class at most, with a probability of less than one in ten.
“Her name is Zhou Min, and she seems to be the daughter of one of our teachers,” someone whispered.
“She’s still very beautiful. Hurry to get to know her.”
“Be careful, then. Zhou Min seems very quiet and obedient this week, but she is actually a violent person. Otherwise, how can a girl awaken to the fire department?”
“It makes sense, it makes sense.”
“As a female from her mother’s industry, the Mandarin teacher should be very pleased to know,” said Xue Musheng, the head teacher.
“Thank you, teacher.”
“Next… wind system”
“Next… optical system”
“Teacher, if I go to the rooftop, don’t pull me,” said the student from the optical department.
“The next… water system.”
“Light Department students, wait for me, I’ll go to the rooftop with you.”
Finally, almost all the departments in the class were awakened. Mo Fan was holding the No. 48 student number in his hand, and his heart was pounding wildly. I’m afraid no one was as nervous as Mo Fan. On the one hand, he had only been exposed to magic in the last three months, and on the other hand, he was really worried about the failure of awakening!
“Number 48, Mo Fan!”
“It’s your turn!” Zhang Hou turned and encouraged.
“You just came in by smashing pots and selling iron, so don’t hold any hope. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a water system and a light system. If you don’t reach the middle level mage level, you’ll be defeated. If you’re unlucky, you’ll fail to awaken. You’ll just accompany me with everything,” Zhao Kun said coldly with a full mouth.
“Can you shut your dog’s mouth?” Zhang Hou said angrily.
In Zhang Hou’s heart, Mo Fan is his eldest brother. Although his magic scores are very poor, entering Magic High School this time is also another way, but he never wants to see Mo Fan wake up worse than others.
The nine-year compulsory magic education is actually to lay the foundation for awakening and lay various theories for later cultivation, so as not to be confused during cultivation. If not learned well, on the one hand, awakening will fail, and on the other hand, cultivation will stop.
Mo Fan took a step and passed through the crowd.
“That’s him. It seems that he came in through the back door.”
“Who is this? He’s pretty handsome,” a cute little girl asked.
“What a lousy student! I used to be in his next class,” said another girl with a mushroom head and a big mouth.
“Well, the awakening may be very poor.”
“Whether we can awaken to success is still a question.”
“I said, those who belong to the Holy Light and Lingshui Departments, don’t lose heart. Wait a moment, you will be very pleased to see the awakening of this Mo Fan classmate. This guy has a single digit exam and a very poor foundation, and the awakening is likely to fail.” At this time, Zhao Kunsan and Zhang Hou scolded hastily and simply laughed loudly.
When he said this, those of the Holy Light and Lingshui Departments really brightened their eyes. If someone fails in their miraculous awakening, it would be really… reassuring.
“Don’t make any noise!” Xue Musheng glared at the troublemaker Zhao Kunsan.
Mu Bai’s mouth slightly floats. What he wants is for Mo Fan to make a fool of herself in public. This guy is just a scum. What qualifications does he have to approach Miss Mu Ningxue? He is so handsome, has good magic talent, and works so hard. Mu Ningxue should be close to himself.
“Slag, I’ve heard that your family has sold all their houses for you to awaken. If you fail to awaken, just find a river and jump in, so as not to shame your family.” Mu Bai whispered softly as Mo Fan passed by.
Mo Fan glanced at Mu Bai, forbeared the urge to scold him, and walked up to the teacher Xue Musheng.
“Mo Fan, put your hands on this,” Xue Musheng said calmly.
As a class teacher, Xue Musheng actually understands the situation of this student in front of him
“The magic middle school entrance exam is basically a countdown. I entered Tianlan Magic High School because of the instructions from my superiors. According to Xue Musheng, Mo Fan is an ordinary family with no background, no talent, and poor grades. It is also a headache for students to send them to their own classes, which can easily lower the overall evaluation of the entire class.”.
Alas, I can’t help but count myself unlucky. I hope this kid doesn’t really wake up and fail. Then he will really become a laughingstock for the whole year.
Mo Fan’s hands were trembling, but after all, they were still a bit nervous.
“Steady, don’t shake,” Xue Musheng reminded.
Mo Fan grabbed his right hand with his left hand and successfully placed his palm on the Awakening Stone.
It’s very cold, and I don’t know if it was the cold ice system that caused the last person to awaken. There was a chill throughout the awakening
Eh, no, I’m starting to feel numb and feverish.
“Close your eyes and feel your spiritual world!” said Xue Musheng, the class teacher.
What a problem student, I don’t even know the basic process.
Mo Fan quickly followed suit and closed his eyes.
In the so-called spiritual world, when people close their eyes, there will be a void in their minds. Normal people will constantly imagine in the void, like movie clips, where vague images appear. When they completely empty their minds and don’t think about anything, their minds will be a void, like the night sky without stars.
There is nothing in the spiritual world, but as Mo Fan placed his hand on the Awakening Stone, he could feel the power of an electric current
This power is transmitted from the palm of the hand to the whole body, and then suddenly, like possessing some magical power, it crosses a purple arc in its own spiritual world, which is gorgeous and stunning, shocking the soul!!

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