Chapter 4 Legal Awakening

Awakening occurs in 20 classes simultaneously.
Mo Fan is on the 48th, and he will be the last in the class to receive the gift of awakening.
The head teacher, also known as everyone’s magic teacher, Xue Musheng, has already stood at the forefront of the class, and the Awakening Meeting will be held in public. What the students need to do is walk up to the early stage when called their names, place their hands on the Awakening Stone in front of the magic teacher, and quietly feel.
“I said, if you come in through the back door, you won’t wake up and fail, right? I heard that some really incompetent people may experience awakening and fail, and it’s better not to waste the energy of expensive awakening stones like you.” On the other line, Zhao Kunsan, an old classmate of Mo Fan, said.
Zhao Kunsan is Mu Bai’s henchman. Mu Bai feels that finding trouble with Mo Fan is self-defeating, so most likely he will let Zhao Kunsan take action.
Zhao Kunsan said that there are situations of awakening failure, but in fact, Mo Fan is also quite worried about this. Strictly speaking, he is… well, he has traveled through it. If his physique is different from that of the people here, then this joke will be exaggerated!
“Mo Fan, don’t pay attention to this, wait to awaken a fire system and show it to him. Let him know what it means to look down upon others with a dog’s eye!” said Zhang Hou, a mud monkey who was in the same class as Mo Fan.
Mo Fan didn’t say anything. In the past, he would have used his abusive eloquence to kill Zhao Kun’s three sons of bitches. Today, I’m not in that mood. On the one hand, I’m really nervous, and on the other hand, I don’t know why the black pendant I’m wearing around my neck keeps making strange vibrations.
This black pendant is the relic of Old Man Ying, the former guard at the back door of the junior high school. Mo Fan suspects that this is the culprit of the world’s upheaval. On that day, Mo Fan wore this pendant to sleep in the back mountain of the school.
This morning, this broken pendant is just like an evil spirit, constantly shaking, shaking my own hands, shaking endlessly.
Damn it, you shake your hair and shake it. Just a pendant. Can you honestly make your pendant!
“Mu Bai!” shouted Xue Musheng, the class teacher.
“Ah, he is Mu Bai. He is really handsome, and his performance is still the first.”
“Yeah, yeah, I saw him early this morning, and I really liked it. I don’t know what kind of system he will wake up to. Maybe it’s not a water system or a light system that was previously abandoned, right?”
As soon as Mu Bai stood out, he immediately heard several girls in his class chattering there, and at the same time attracted some flower lovers from other classes to look aside frequently.
Mu Bai looked unconcerned, but his eyes enjoyed being discussed. He walked up to the class teacher with a humble and confident smile on his face.
“Mu Bai, is he from the famous Cold Ice Aristocratic Family, Mu’s Aristocratic Family?” Xue Musheng, the head teacher, asked with a smile.
“Okay, if you awaken to the Cold Ice Department, you should be much superior to others, but don’t forget to work harder, talent can’t decide everything after all,” said Xue Musheng, the head teacher.
Mu Bai nodded, but secretly said in his heart, “Yes, talent cannot determine everything, but without talent and family background, we will always live at the bottom of society!”!
With the permission of the class teacher, Mu Bai slowly placed his hands on the suspended Awakening Stone.
The Awakening Stone is in the shape of a thick star compass, with an obvious palm print. Mu Bai seems to be calm in his heart, but he is just as nervous and puts his hand on the Awakening Stone
With his ancestry, the possibility of awakening to the Cold Ice System is the greatest, but there may also be some special circumstances. In case of awakening to the Lingshui System or the Holy Light System, it is estimated that the Mu family will no longer attach importance to him. After all, they cannot waste their financial resources to specifically find resources with corresponding attributes for themselves.
Put your right hand up
The Awakening Stone suddenly burst into starlight, which formed a series of star marks like special blood vessels climbing onto Mu Bai’s right hand.
Everyone witnessed the awakening for the first time, and the students stood on tiptoe to watch Mu Bai.
Mu Bai stood motionless, enlightened, with his head slightly raised
“Crunch, crunch, crunch.”
Suddenly, around the Awakening Stone, a breath of frost curled around it.
These frosts are getting stronger and stronger, and they have slowly frozen the edge of the Awakening Stone, forming a small frost!
“Cold ice system, it’s really cold ice system!!!”
Suddenly, someone behind me screamed, accompanied by the screams of some girls.
Mu Bai had already heard the sound and opened his eyes in joy!
It is indeed the Cold Ice Department. With the origin of the Mu family, you will be more easily accepted by the Mu family. The day of prosperity is not far away. Cleaning up such small social scum as Mo Fan is not like pinching an ant… Alas, no, awakening to the Cold Ice Department makes you an orthodox younger brother of the Mu family. It’s not necessary for you to learn more about this little wretch.
Vision should be high, well, one’s own vision should be high. If not, there is still a chance to cultivate with Mu Ningxue!
“Very good, it’s a very pure ice system. I think there should have been a piece of ice stardust in your spiritual world. Practice more and let it grow stronger!” The head teacher Xue Musheng’s eyes were full of praise.
Being able to freeze the Awakening Stone at the time of awakening indicates that this cold ice power surpasses ordinary people and is considered a very gifted cold ice apprentice. This child should have great prospects in the future!
“Next, Qiu Yueying!”
As soon as the teacher’s voice fell, a girl with a somewhat heroic face walked out.
“Okay, Earth, your Stardust started well, it seems that it is inseparable from your previous efforts!”
“Next, Xu Qinglin!”
“It’s also a cold ice system.”
At this time, Mo Fan stood on tiptoe to look, and he found that it was also the awakening of the cold ice system. The guy named Xu Qinglin only appeared a faint layer of frost fog during the awakening, and did not allow the awakening stone to freeze into ice.
From this, it can be seen that Xu Qinglin is also from the Cold Ice Department, both in talent and cultivation, much lower than Mu Bai.
“Next, Lu Xiaobin.”
“Well, the water system!”
“Ah ah, my God, how could I be a water system? I should be a fire system!” Suddenly, the classmate named Lu Xiaobin screamed strangely, and could be heard from a distance of more than 100 meters.
“Don’t lose heart, cultivating any department is the same, as long as you can reach the middle level magician level, you will gain more advantages.” Xue Musheng said with a touch of sympathy in his eyes, but with a soothing tone.
Lu Xiaobin had no other choice but to return to his position in a state of desperation.
In fact, the awakening at the beginning is very important. If it is a fire system, it will have a certain combat effectiveness at the junior mage level. In the future, it is estimated that cultivation can also take a lot of advantages.
In terms of water system, the primary water system skill is “water defense”, and the defense effect is not as strong as that of rock system. Without refinement, the effect is not very obvious, at least for primary magicians

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