Chapter 12 The Power of Thunder

“Say, Xu Bing, do you have a stronger taste? Although this little girl looks good, but… can we just talk about it internally?” said the young man with a cigarette in his mouth.
“I think so, too.”
“There are many beautiful girls in this girl’s middle school. They are stupid and have a lot of money. It’s not easy to intimidate them. Why bother with such a girl…”
“You know something, it’s called taste.” Xu Bing glared at the group fiercely.
When Xu Bing looked up and saw a young man wearing a black shirt approaching the pavilion with a cold air.
Eh, does this product look familiar?
“I grass, speak of the devil, and the devil will come. Isn’t this kid the girl’s brother next door?”!
Boy, I have long wanted to clean up the things that have repeatedly hindered me from picking up girls. I didn’t expect you to bring them to my door. It happened that my brothers were all here today, so I’ll give you a good taste of being beaten up, so you won’t dare to be a leading bird in the future!
“Brothers, copy guys!” Xu Bing suddenly stood up, looking at Mo Fan’s cold eyes.
The cowboy man, the young man with a cigarette in his mouth, the man with a head on, the man in a down jacket stood up and looked around
“Brother, we didn’t bring any guys with us.” The young man with a cigarette in his mouth leaned towards Xu Bing’s ear and said weakly.
“Damn it, do you still need to use a guy to deal with this little thing? Hit me to the death. The three brothers Zhao Kun have instructed you to kill him! If you maim me, it’s his fault!” Xu Bing slapped his talkative little brother on the forehead and said angrily.
Little brother with a cigarette in his mouth looked aggrieved. It was clearly you who said you copied the guy… It turned out to be a scene.
“Since it was the order of the third brother Zhao Kun… hehe!” The down jacket man quickly took off his down jacket, revealing his white vest, and his exaggerated muscles burst out!
Mo Fan stared at the five so-called scum of the Green Bear Sect with the same eyes as animals.
“Humph, boy, let me tell you this. A woman like your sister, Xu Bing, can take a fancy to her, and it’s her lifelong blessing. Do you think everyone, like Xu Bing, doesn’t mind if she’s a… a… disabled person? Like this disabled person, what else is there to pretend to be a saint? If someone wants it, burn money and worship the Buddha as soon as possible!” Xu Bing pointed to Mo Fan, immediately revealing his true colors!
Over the years, Xu Bing’s patience has long been exhausted.
Don’t look at him, Xu Bing. If he is handsome, powerful, and influential, how can he be a figure in this Guangchi District? Ye Xinxia can eat and drink spicy food after he follows him, young brother!
“Just don’t be so disrespectful!”
“Now, just call my brother-in-law and let’s be gentle with you for the sake of our family. Just give Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai an explanation. If you’re stubborn again, break your leg and let you accompany her to a wheelchair!” said the fitness man with a white vest.
After hearing this, Mo Fan’s chest heaved violently.
He glanced at the pavilion.
In the center of the pavilion is a lonely wheelchair with scattered playing cards on it.
Originally, when seeing these scum using Ye Xinxia’s wheelchair as a table to play cards, he was already extremely angry. At this moment, hearing Xu Bing’s insulting words, Mo Fan felt that his chest was about to explode!!
I have made a poisonous oath. Whoever dares to say that again about Ye Xinxia will surely make him regret having been reborn as a human being in his lifetime!
“Stop talking nonsense to this kid and hit him!”
“I’m enough alone, brothers, watching.” The fitness man in the white vest began to clasp his fists, making a gurgling sound.
Mo Fan looked at them like that, his eyes freezing to the extreme.
What these market punks haven’t noticed is that in his double pupils, there is a track of purple thunder and anger mapped out. The star orbit with huge thunder power is transforming into a volcano that is about to erupt under Mo Fan’s anger!!
“Do you really think I’m still the Mo Fan who’s at your mercy?”
A restless force danced in the air around Mo Fan, like soldiers fully armed but waiting for the general’s order!
“Just in time, let something as inferior as a beast like you taste the taste of thunder!”
Angry words roared out of his throat. At this moment, the seven stars joined in a line, transforming into a track of stars, instilling all the power of the entire Thunder Stardust into Mo Fan’s right arm!
A breathtaking lightning arc flashed around Mo Fan like a python, and the next second, those restless elements of thunder in the air gathered crazily on Mo Fan’s right arm, emitting a piercing sound!
“Oh my God!!!”
“What is this??”
“Why is there a crackling sound around his body like an electric shock?”
“This kid… God, he’s a magician!!” Xu Bing is ultimately the most worldly person in this class, and the word “magician” is even more vivid!
“They are indeed a group of very famous gangsters in Guangchi District, but gangsters still rely on fists and kicks. In front of a real mage, they are not even scum!”!!
“How could he be a magician!”
A group of five people in Xu Bing were frightened to urinate by the shocking scene before them.
For them, one punch makes a mark on the tree, which is the existence of a special cow B in the gangsters. How could they ever see a large living person wrapped in a crackling electric arc, a few meters around like a destroyed high-voltage area, and the invisible force presses them all over with numbness!
“Lei Zhili, Lei Yin!”
All the ceremonies have been completed, and this time Mo Fan has truly completed the first level skill – Lei Yin!
Suddenly, the arm is raised and the palm is upward.
All the lightning arcs bouncing in the surrounding air made a sharp sound, like a group of elemental warriors wearing purple armor being ordered to suddenly pull out their weapons!
“Kill them for me!” His anger was high, and Mo Fan was completely relying on an instinctive feeling to dominate these lightning forces that obeyed his commands.
Grip the palm of your hand!
A series of arc-shaped thunder elements were completely released, and they frantically rushed towards the area where Xu Bing and the fitness man were standing at the front!
Thunder arcs fall from a high place, and each fall not only lashes Xu Bing and the muscular fitness man on the ground like a giant whip, but also makes marks like snakes on the ground!!!
Xu Bing and the muscular fitness man were all beaten down on the ground. Just now, they looked like dogs, but immediately after the Lei Yin whip fell, their backs were peeling and tender, with the outer side scorched and the inner side tender
“They wanted to scream, but they couldn’t even make a sound. The power attached to Lei’s crazy seal was like small pythons moving around on them. With each movement, they could see Xu Bing and the muscular fitness man twitching violently and painfully!”!
“Pudong!!” Feeling the terrifying power of the devil, the young man with a cigarette in his mouth knelt down on the ground in fear, trembling unconsciously all over!
The gangster in jeans was completely transfixed and turned into a statue.
The man on his head, although standing there and not being hit by Lei Yin, was completely wet in his jeans and dripping into his shoes!

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