Chapter 13 First Taste of Magic

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In the hills and pavilions, the incredible purple energy quickly disappears after a flash of brilliance and splendor.

The air was filled with a burning smell.
The surrounding plants appear black.
On the floor, there were two people lying there, still convulsing violently. They looked so miserable that they couldn’t bear to gamble. Where else was the appearance of the powerful Guangchi Yiba just now.
The other three were already freaked out.
“Big… Mo… Big Brother Mo Fan… for the sake of growing up in our own area… for the sake of growing up, just… let go… let go of our lives, we… we won’t dare anymore!” Yannan was scared out of his wits, and in his eyes, the 16-year-old boy was even more terrifying than the devil in the nightmare!
“You… you are a noble mage… just don’t get to know us scum like this. Please, don’t, don’t attack us.” The jeans man said with a trembling voice.
Look at Xu Bing and the muscular man like that. It’s too scary!
Cowboy doesn’t want to be like that!
The anger, accompanied by the complete release of the thunder seal, finally slowly subsided in Mo Fan’s heart.
“I glanced at Xu Bing and Musky Man, who couldn’t be more miserable, and then at the other three who were stunned.”.
“Take them to the hospital,” Mo Fan calmed down.
In fact, even Mo Fan didn’t expect the power of Lei Yin, the first level skill of the Lei family, to be so great!
This should be my first truly complete release. If I could master it more skillfully, my head would be under better control, and I didn’t hesitate to dissipate my strength when I released it. I’m afraid that if this thunderbolt continues to strike, it will directly blow all five people standing together to death!
It’s okay, no one was killed.
Otherwise, it would really make a big deal!

“Yes, yes, yes, we will go now, we will go now!!” The cowboy man saw the young mage’s anger subside, almost like getting a new life.
The other two people dared not think much and hurriedly supported two paralyzed people on the ground
As a result, as soon as it was touched, the residual electric arc rushed into their arms, causing them to shiver.
“Call an ambulance. You can solve the medical expenses yourself,” Mo Fan said coldly.
“That’s it, that’s it.”
Mo Fan’s anger has subsided, and in fact, there is still a fever in his heart that cannot be concealed.
But now that I am a god slayer, how can I show my ecstasy in front of these fools.
Walking into the pavilion, Mo Fan swept the cards off the wheelchair mat, picked up the wheelchair, and walked down the stairs.
The three people were still looking at Mo Fan with lingering palpitations.
Suddenly, Mo Fan turned around.
The three people were frightened and hurried back.
“By the way, when someone asks, they say it was because they stole electricity themselves. I’m a wizard’s business, and if you dare to spread it, I’ll tell you to shut up forever for your entire life. Anyway, I heard that the police are not very responsible for the rare wizard who accidentally killed someone, especially the social scum who tried to provoke the wizard himself.” Mo Fan remembered something and turned around and told these people.
The three nodded like garlic, too obedient to be obedient any longer.
“Where Zhao Kunsan and Mu Bai are, I don’t think you don’t know how to speak with your IQ?” Mo Fan walked away gracefully.
“We… we didn’t squat on you.”
“Okay, you’re smart. I’ve already calculated this time. If there’s anything you can do in the future, you can come to me. You’ve seen my abilities.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Brother Mofan, take your time, you take your time.” The three nodded and bowed, both respectful and afraid.
Mo Fan nodded and walked away smartly, carrying a wheelchair.
First, give such grandchildren a hard blow, and then give them a little sweetness. Mo Fan believes these guys have already dared to make mistakes, and even dare not reveal anything about this matter.
Here, his magic is a Thunder Mage who can already unleash skills, and there is an Ice Mubai who is still at the apprentice level. I believe these guys have some brains and understand how to stand in line!
However, Mo Fan also knows that these five people are just pawns of Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan.
When the time comes, I still want these two bird eggs to look good!
Walking down the stone steps, Mo Fan finally couldn’t help laughing up to the sky!!
A few months ago, I was just an ordinary student in the classroom who would look out of the window because of the boredom and boredom of history lessons. Occasionally, I imagined that I suddenly rose up against a gust of wind, lightly tapping my foot on the flagpole, and soaring to the distance between the mountain behind the school and the blue sky; I have also fantasized about meeting local ruffians who make me very angry, and when they rely on ferocious spirits and numerous people to bully them, their palms can gather a special force to directly defeat them.
Who could have imagined that I personally tasted this taste today!
Holding the power of thunder and lightning in hand, five ruffians who used to be unable to provoke themselves were like five bereaved dogs in front of them. This was truly an unprecedented and wonderful feeling, like dreaming!
“The Lei Yin of the Thunder Department is so powerful that I don’t know what the power of the Fire Department’s’ Primary Skill – Fire Zi ‘is. There is still half a year to go before the annual magic examination. I should have had time to learn the Fire Department’s Primary Skill – Fire Zi…” Mo Fan was all excited.
The first level skill of Lei Department, Lei Yin, is so fierce, and I don’t know how the skills of other departments are.

Moreover, Mo Fan knows that the first level skill is the lowest of all magic skills, and there are also middle and high levels after the first level!

“By the way, by the way, it seems that the teacher of the Wind Department said in the first class that the high-level skill of the Wind Department – Wind Wings, is a skill that can make people fly… My grass, if we can learn the Wind Wings, what kind of suspension must we have!”
After a long time, Mo Fan was still unable to suppress his inner excitement and kept searching his brain for the magic knowledge he had learned. He wanted to know that in addition to the Thunder Seal, the magician could also have more crazy skills to drag and cool the sky!
On the still swing, the girl with long straight hair still slightly tilted her head and stared at the small pavilion blocked by the woods.
“The purple light just now was…” Ye Xinxia muttered to herself.
She had just seen the gorgeous purple shining like the tail of a shooting star near the pavilion. Although it quickly disappeared, it still left the amazing image imprinted on people’s minds.
“Is it a magician?” Ye Xinxia said to herself.
It’s hard for her to imagine a magician appearing in such a small urban area!
However, why did a magician appear at the place where Mo Fan and the gang of gangsters were located, using real magic!
Brother Mo Fan, is he okay??
Ye Xinxia was very nervous at this moment, and unconsciously bit her lips tightly.
Finally, on the stone step path, the familiar figure appeared, holding his wheelchair in both hands, with a smile on his face that was a bit silly and intoxicated?

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