Chapter 14 Speed of Counter Heaven Cultivation

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Ye Xinxia’s heart finally calmed down.
“Xinxia, those guys have already been cleaned up by me, and they won’t come back to trouble you in the future.” Mo Fan placed the wheelchair in front of Ye Xinxia.
“I just saw… I saw Lei, which seems to be the first level skill of Lei, Lei Seal,” said Ye Xinxia.
Upon hearing this, Mo Fan became complacent, but he smiled without saying a word. He just stared at Ye Xinxia with his bad eyes.
Ye Xinxia felt something was wrong and thought carefully. A hint of surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes.
“The person who released Lei Yin is Brother Mo Fan?”
Mo Fan didn’t admit it, just smiled like that.
“It’s really you, Brother Mofan is a magician?” Ye Xinxia said incredulously.
“Haha, you’re the first person to see my true strength!” Mo Fan, a wayward, suddenly snapped at Ye Xinxia’s lovely white cheek.
Ye Xinxia didn’t expect to be attacked like this, and her cheeks suddenly turned pink, even pink to her neck.
“Mo Fan realized that he was a bit too proud and forgetful, and quickly explained, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m too excited.'”
Ye Xinxia’s voice was like a mosquito: “So… are you really already a magician?”
Mo Fan nodded.
“Our teacher said that there is only one person in a thousand who are awakened by the Lei family. In the early stage, the advantage of the Lei family is very great, and it can be called the head of the elementary element family.” Ye Xinxia was also happy for Mo Fan at this time.

Ye Xinxia also knows the situation at home, not to mention that after becoming their family, he added a lot of burden to Uncle Mo Jiaxing without any reason. According to my aunt, Uncle Mo Jiaxing has already sold his house, and it seems that the family is indeed in a certain degree of distress.
She and Mo Fan are both young, and it is difficult to share the worries of Uncle Mo Jiaxing. What we can do is study hard and become a true magician to alleviate the crisis in our current family.
It seems that Brother Mo Fan is still powerful and has learned magic in such a short time
Eh, it’s not right!
Suddenly, Ye Xinxia realized something, looking at Mo Fan like those beautiful talking eyes.
Mo Fan said solemnly, “What’s the matter?”
“You have awakened for less than half a year, and as far as I know, even talented people need nearly a year to complete the release of elementary skills,” said Ye Xinxia.
Mo Fan was stunned for a moment.
Isn’t it true that it takes a year for talented people to awaken and release??
So… I completed the preliminary application within half a year, and it seems that the speed is really too fast!
The problem is, Mo Fan doesn’t even know about it.
In his opinion, Mu Bai’s fool can already master 4 or 5 stars. Isn’t it normal for him to be able to release magic on his own?
But why does Ye Xinxia have a face that she can’t believe and has a taste of seeing monsters?
Is it really abnormal to learn beginner skills within half a year in this world??

“What level of’re gifted ‘do you mean by’re gifted’, which means’ it takes a year to be gifted again ‘?” Mo Fan asked cautiously.
Mo Fan doesn’t want to expose his ignorance of the world.
“Mu Ningxue is the most talented student in Bo City, comparable to many talented students in Didu, but it took her 8 months to awaken and learn the ice level skills,” said Ye Xinxia.
“Eight… eight months?” Mo Fan was a bit dumbfounded.
What kind of character is Mu Ningxue?
The only person in the entire Bo City who was directly admitted to the Imperial College is the apple of the eye of everyone in the Mu family. He was nurtured by the strong magic heritage of the entire Mu family from an early age, and has cultivation resources that ordinary magicians cannot obtain in their lifetime.
The reason why she was praised by the stars and the moon is also closely related to her amazing magic talent!
Even a proud woman like her took 8 months to awaken to the release of her first level magic. What about her own, which only took 5 months???
I have a grass!!
I’m a grass!!
Mo Fan feels his heart churning violently!
If Mu Ningxue has been shocking the world for 8 months and is known as a gifted talent in Tianzong, wouldn’t his 5 months of success have been against the heavens!!

“Brother Mo Fan, have you… have you learned some bad things? I heard from an old scholar that people with this speed of cultivation can only be the Black Church.” Ye Xinxia said very quietly.

Some magical tricks of the Black Cult can greatly improve the cultivation speed of magicians. Ye Xinxia really can’t imagine anything that can prompt a person to complete the first level magic in just 5 months, although Ye Xinxia knows that his brother Mo Fan has always been intelligent
“The Black Holy See? How could it be… Yeah, it’s like this… Oh, yeah, I didn’t actually wake up on the day of the school opening ceremony. I met an old man earlier, and he said to me, young man, I think you have a wonderful bone and talent, so why don’t you learn magic from me? I asked, who are you, Uncle? He told me that he is a member of the Magic Society of the Demon City and can help me wake up first… In short, I’m not actually 5 “I learned it in six months.” Mo Fan quickly explained.
Ye Xinxia’s face was confused when she heard it.
However, she smiled and said, “It turns out that I woke up first. Although waking up too early can have side effects on cultivation, since I am a member of the Magic Association, it shouldn’t matter much.”
Mo Fan sighed with relief when he saw that Ye Xinxia had finally stopped questioning.
Damn it, I am indeed a monster. It seems that before fully understanding the world, it is better not to easily reveal too much.
“It was completed in 5 months, can it really only be the Black Church?” Mo Fan asked weakly.
“Hmm.” Ye Xinxia nodded earnestly.
Mo Fan’s sweat!
Too much Niu B is not a good thing. Originally, Mo Fan wanted to surprise Ye Xinxia with her own fire system, but now it seems that before fully understanding the situation, it’s better not to make waves.
First, go back and check the books to make sure the situation is safer. If you don’t care, you will be treated as a black cult!

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