Chapter 25 Ice Series, Ice Creek

Xu Zhaoting’s face lit up with satisfaction when he saw the result.
As soon as he turned around, he suddenly noticed a pair of bright, snowy eyes while waiting for the results from the examiner.
It’s Mu Ningxue!
Xu Zhaoting’s face was full of surprises.
He didn’t realize that his exam had already received Mu Ningxue’s attention.
She must be surprised. After all, the power of the Thunder Department is unparalleled by other departments.
“Ning Xue, what do you think?” Mu He, the school director, asked with a smile.
“General.” Mu Ningxue didn’t take another look and chose to continue.
The principal and several other school leaders looked so stiff.
No, I don’t think so strong a Lei Clan. How high is this girl’s vision.
“Ha ha, it’s actually very good. Ning Xue is at the Imperial College, where she gathers the country’s magic talents. The release of the initial thunder seal is only their basic skill, and she will feel that she is only accustomed to using the standards of the Imperial College to measure.” Mu Zhuoyun explained with a smile, giving the principal and Mu He a step forward.
“So, does Xu Zhaoting still have a good chance of entering the Imperial College?” The headmaster, who is also a person who can walk the stairs, said as the situation went.
Several others immediately chimed in, intoxicated themselves.
“It’s no surprise that Xu Zhaoting will be the top student in the school,” said Chen Guangming, the director of the education department.
“That’s not easy to say. As far as I know, Mu Bai from Class 8 can do a good job,” said the vice principal.
“As soon as they said this, Mu He also smiled and immediately said to Mu Zhuoyun and Mu Ningxue, ‘Brother, Mu Bai is our Mu Shi’s son, and his grades have always been excellent. In my opinion, he’s almost there. Let’s go and have a look?'”
“Mubai? Which family?”
“It’s Mu Yang’s son, isn’t Mu Yang dead? I think their mother and son were bullied elsewhere, so they were taken to live in the manor. Mu Bai is still a very sensible and energetic child, no worse than the other children in our family… Oh, of course, there is a big gap with Ning Xue, but there is still a good seedling that can be cultivated.” Mu He cautiously said to Mu Zhuoyun.
The power of the manor rests entirely in the hands of Mu Zhuoyun. Mu He is also considered a master, but he only has three or four hands, which are unmatched by Mu Zhuoyun.
“Oh, I have a little impression. Let’s go and have a look. What do the school directors think?” Mu Zhuoyun said.
“Since it’s your Mu’s son, we’re still very interested,” said Huang, the director of the school
A wave of people began to shift and slowly walked towards the examination room in Class 8.
This group of people has a strong popularity field, and leaders may be an ethereal existence in the eyes of students, but how talented Mu Ningxue is at the same age is the most refreshing thing for students.
On the court, when boys see a girl watching, the whole person feels like they have beaten chicken blood, not to mention that this girl is the goddess that the whole school dreams of.
“My goodness, the leading group has come.”
“It’s really coming. My hands are shaking.”
“It’s a good time for me to perform.”
“You showed a yarn, your assessment is over, a cinder of C!”
The students in Class 8 suddenly lost their composure.
Everyone’s fate lies in this annual assessment, and the leadership group that can change their lives with just a look of approval has also arrived at this moment, making the atmosphere of the examination suddenly dignified to the extreme.
Mu He walked ahead, and the bald examiner immediately looked up at Mu He’s eyes.
Mu He gave a hint, and the bald examiner immediately understood. He pretended not to see anything and said calmly, “Next, Mu Bai!”
Mu Bai’s eyes were still on Mu Ningxue. Even if they lived in the same castle, the castle was too big for Mu Bai to stand so close to Mu Ningxue several times.
“Mu Bai, it’s your turn.” Mu He coughed and reminded Mu Bai.
Mu Bai just reacted.
I can’t help it. He has loved Mu Ningxue for many years. Even though he knows that he is unlikely to walk with her, his mother can’t stand being abducted by Mo Fan’s garbage. He wants to be a guardian!
It’s time to prove that I’ve worked hard for so many years!
Mu Bai nodded and walked towards the examination room.
“It’s been a long time waiting for this year, and Mu Bai took a deep breath.”.
The importance of the family and the gaze of Mu Ningxue have always been the dream of Mu Bai, and today both will come true.
Placing his hand on the sensing stone, Mu Bai suppressed his excitement and tried to do his best.
Mu Bai has indeed done a lot of training in this area, even though his mood is more excited and tense than anyone else at this time. With his proficiency, he still completes good meditation.
The white ice awn quickly diffused from the Xinggan Stone, and all of it was densely distributed around the Xinggan Stone.
These ice awns are so strong that they even spill out of the stellate stone and imprint them on Mu Bai’s face.
The whole class looked a bit distracted.
“It’s probably the only time they’ve seen it in so many evaluations, and even Zhou Min of A++is less radiant than Mu Bai!”!
The three examiners gave a score at the first time, but all of them were S!
“I remember that Xu Zhaoting just now had two S’s and one A’s, right?”
“So, Mu Bai is going to win over Xu Zhaoting on the Stardust!” Mu He immediately said.
Xue Musheng looked a bit stunned at this moment. Does this Mu Bai still hide his strength?
I am worthy of being a descendant of an aristocratic family. I thought Mu Bai could only get one S at most, but I didn’t expect him to be three S!
Three S’s, the final result is naturally S!
This is definitely the top of the school, no doubt!
“Grass, Madam Mu Bai picked it up and unexpectedly scored 3 S’s, which directly threw Xu Zhaoting away from Class 7 and deserved to be the first.”
“I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect…”
“Mu Bai, you are so awesome!”
A few girls have already become obsessed with flowers.
Mu Bai is handsome and has achieved outstanding results. He is simply the Prince Charming in their minds.
“Brother, what do you think?” Mu He smiled and asked Mu Zhuoyun next to him.
“Not bad.” Mu Zhuoyun just made a brief comment.
Mu Ningxue didn’t speak.
Seeing Mu Ningxue unmoved, Mu Bai knew that three S’s were really nothing in front of such a genius as Mu Ningxue. The next release was the time to truly showcase himself!
Mu Bai turned around and walked into the examination room.
“Mubaikao is released!”
“Nonsense, Mu Bai must have controlled seven stars.”
“I’m looking forward to ice skills.”
In the midst of the discussion, Mu Bai had already fixed his gaze firmly on the humanoid puppet.
Yes, the Stardust Test is just the foundation, and anyone with a bit of insight knows that release is the real judgment.
I will definitely impress the clan leader and Mu Ningxue!
Close your eyes and enter the magical rise.
Mu Bai skillfully connected seven ice system stars into a single orbit

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