Chapter 26 About Good Trust

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“Ice vine!”

Without any pause, without any interruption, Mu Bai worked at once and fully demonstrated his hard work.
His pupils changed color, and as he exhaled his magic breath, he suddenly noticed that the human puppet was covered with white ice!
The ice quickly covered the entire humanoid puppet, as if it had been painted with a layer of ice paint, and it looked amazing.
The chill pervaded the entire examination room.
“Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.”
The ice vine did not end after covering the puppet, but instead began to spread to the ground of the examination hall.
Other classes also have an ice department student who has taken an ice vine skill test. His ice vine is obviously not as powerful as Mu Bai!
The students all backed away in fear, feeling that the ice vines were about to spread to their area.
The school leaders and examiners were calm, with a glimmer of approval in their eyes.
This is a relatively mature ice vine skill, which can be passed in the mage association.
The Sorcerer’s Association is set up for adults, and it is really rare for a student who has only been awake for a year to complete such mature ice skills.
“Not bad.” Mu Zhuoyun still made this evaluation.
Mu Bai also did not know whether he had fallen into Mu Zhuoyun’s eyes, and turned his gaze to Mu Ningxue with anxiety.
At this glance, Mu Bai seemed to have been shot in the heart by an arrow, because her beloved Mu Ningxue didn’t even look at him, but instead looked at someone in the class.
Mu Bai also took advantage of the situation to seek, and hit another arrow in his heart.
Mo Fan!!
She’s looking at Mo Fan!!
Asshole, asshole!!
Why is she looking at him again!!
What’s so good about that guy who should be submerged in the garbage? Why don’t you look at me when my release is so outstanding!!
Mu Bai’s entire face was almost twisted.

“At the most important moment in his life, she hoped to get Mu Ningxue’s attention, but in the end, she still looked at the little ruffian. The little ruffian was just a clown who made the princess laugh. What’s so beautiful about a clown? Just smile and you’re done. Why waste your precious attention?”??
“I will let you die very miserably!” Mu Bai’s face darkened to the extreme, and he walked down the examination hall with a strong resentment.
“Very outstanding performance, Star Dust score S, release Level B” The examiner gave the final score.
In terms of release, even those top students are only Level C and D, and the only one who reaches Level B is Xu Zhaoting from the Lei family!
This achievement deserves the first place in the school.
“Next, Mo Fan!”
When people marveled at Mu Bai’s magnificent victory, it was finally Mo Fan’s turn.
In fact, Mo Fan is a bit strange.
Why did the Green Tea Man end up being me, deliberately designed?
Mo Fan doesn’t believe in such coincidence in the world.
However, it doesn’t matter. It’s time to eat, it’s time to sleep, the soldiers come to block, the water comes and the earth covers. If you don’t lift it, it’s sunny.
“How is it?” Mu He asked in a small voice when he saw Mu Bai coming.
“I did as you said,” said Mu Bai, as venomous as a bitter woman.
“I’m also happy for the Mo family. I’ll just sweep his son out, so as not to worry about him as a father. He’s not supposed to learn magic, so he has to squeeze in.” Mu He said.
Mu He and Mu Bai naturally have a way to deal with Mo Fan.
Before the exam, Mu He had carefully planned through the strength of his school board.
The bald examiner is Mu He’s person, and the student exam sequence has been arranged by Mu He.
Mo Fan is immediately after Mubai finishes the exam. Mo Fan takes a break and announces half of the exam results, so it can be a perfect hand and foot, such as placing a dark stone under the Stardust Stone when Mubai puts his hand on it.

The role of this dark stone is very simple, that is, when the star sense stone emits light, it will absorb some of the energy, making the entire star sense stone’s light much darker.
In this way, even if Mo Fan managed to achieve a C score, this small gravel like dark stone can steadily pull Mo Fan’s score to D or even lower.
“It doesn’t matter if you let a rotten person rot anyway. There’s really no need for such a person to waste school resources. It’s not a bad thing for the school or his family to get rid of them early.”.
Mu Bai had already twisted his smile.
This time, you Mo Fan still have to lose face??
“Mo Fan, I feel familiar.” At this moment, Mu Zhuoyun slowly spoke out.
“Big Brother, he is the son of the Madam’s driver.” Mu He gave Mu Zhuoyun a prompt at the right moment.
At this time, Mu Ningxue, who had always been looking like ice and snow, had his eyes rotated.
In fact, she had already recognized Mo Fan, but she was also very confused. Why did she happen to be testing Mu Bai and Mo Fan as soon as she arrived here?
Mu Zhuoyun glanced at Mu Ningxue next to him.
Mu Ningxue quickly regained the calm she deserved, just like those ordinary students before her, without any emotional fluctuations.
Mu Zhuoyun’s eyes were somewhat satisfied.
Children, there are always times when they are not sensible and rebellious. When they grow up, they will not be so childish.
“Let’s see, it’s also our Mu family, once it was.” Mu Zhuoyun said calmly.
Mu Zhuoyun is actually very clear that a driver’s son can’t be much more brilliant. It’s also good for Mu Ningxue to see that such a small Bocheng who catches a lot of people will fade out of their world sooner or later. I don’t want such a boy to leave any scars in his precious daughter’s heart.
On the other hand, Mo Fan didn’t listen to anything from those people.

He had already walked to the Xinggan Stone and, like everyone else, placed his hand on the Xinggan Stone.
“Actually, I really appreciate his presence and can help me sit on the bottom of the throne, otherwise I would be miserable,” said a scum.
“Lao San, I am also a D, it doesn’t matter. Let’s sprinkle out the campus together, Xiaobin, a student from the dormitory water department, said.”.
“It’s not clear if D can get it.”
“Yes, there is no improvement in cultivation.”
In the class, Zhou Min, who is also from the same fire department, is also watching Mo Fan.
She wanted to know if this guy was actually studying. Even Zhou Min felt a bit regretful that a person with a higher talent in the fire department was being expelled from school, even though he was clearly more talented than himself. She also had some involuntary dislike for people like Mo Fan who were not motivated.
“There’s light, there’s light…”
“The light seems to be very weak. Why does it feel weaker than a D-level one?”
On the Star Sense Stone, the radiance is very shy and cannot be transmitted from the inside of the Star Sense Stone.
However, the internal light is clearly more breakthrough, and it seems that it should shine, but it cannot be released.
“Damn it, it’s not proper.”
“This light… doesn’t seem to be D!”
“Really fake, Grade C?” My roommate Xiaobin was stunned when he saw it, and he couldn’t believe that Mo Fan had even inspired the flame of Grade C on the Star Sense Stone.
“It’s said that Xiaoxiao is going to be on campus, but if you take a C, you’re barely qualified.”.
What about the good trust between academic scum and academic scum??

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