Chapter 0

In this world people go to school, sing karaoke, play video games, go to work, and indulge in their hobbies and live their lives in a modern era of concrete and media. Medical technology is developed enough to allow people to live up to 100 years old but it’s not just wealthy conglomerates that run society. In this world, individuals can draw from the power of the gods, Gaia, and the underworld, to solidify their place in society with those who are strong enough being untouchable by even the law. In the big city known as Kaliedo city, where I’m en route to, young adventurers are eager to prove themselves and make it to the top and indulge in wealth and pleasures. For me, I just want to stay low and make a difference through developing magi tech that can be used by those with a low mana capacity. I’m waiting at a coffee shop in the old western designed train station for my last train that arrives in about an hour. I take a sip of my coffee and gaze at the surrounding shops and vendors and back to my book.


I turn my head left, towards the explosion.

Just a hundred feet away, a street fight breaks out with a buff man clad in steel armor swinging around a crystal flail while a green haired elf woman in a light green cloak rains tens of crackling blue arcane arrows at him while swiftly evading the flail. I hear the local shopkeepers and passerbyers loudly complain about the commotion and rush off the street in the safety of the rune lined buildings and stands on the side of the street.

“Get back here you coward! You tree huggers don’t even have the decency to make up for your mistakes?”

“What do you mean? You bumped into me! It’s not my fault you have a weak grip and dropped your coffee!”

“Hey, I was making sure I put my stamp card in my wallet.” 

The man with a flail manages to get within striking range and swings his flail as the archer’s legs begin to glow dark green as they both call out their skills with a slight reverb.

“[Ice giant’s crush!]” 

“[Windwayer’s step!]”

As they call out their skills, silhouettes of a 7 foot translucent icy-blue frost giant and a 5ft translucent light-green sylph mystify behind each one of them. The flail blows away nearby benches and trash cans with the force of the swing as the ranger front flips to behind the barbarian as if she was a leaf in the wind as her body is carried by a gust that surrounds her body and propels her upwards. The flail swings at a building and bounces off of a barrier in between the flail and the building with blue sparks flying towards the warrior. 

The elf’s bow then begins to glow and wind swirls around her as a bright white arrow made of light conjures into her bow as she draws back her string and starts chanting in elvish. The barbarian turns back towards her and swings his flail wildly around him, picking up great winds and blowing away nearby chairs, tables and benches as ice forms around his mace and body. 

<S***, this is escalating too quickly, someone’s gonna get seriously hurt. That arrow has to be at least a 4th level spell, maybe 5th. And that skill, it looks similarly destructive and might actually break the protective runes around the buildings. 

Within a second, I surge my magic with a green natural feeling throughout my body from my heart, down to my fingertips. I conjure vines around my forearms creating clawed gauntlets with little pink flowers sprouting from the vines. A 3ft wide lotus bulb grows underneath my feet with grass growing around it.

“Nobody is getting hurt, not now.” 

The lotus below me blooms, launching my body in between the two fighters, turning in mid-air and stab towards the ground, creating a 2ft long claw mark in the ground. 

From the cleavage in the ground, vines sprout and grow rapidly towards them and wrap around each fighter, restraining their arms to the sides of their bodies and clamping their legs together. As they begin to struggle and try to break loose, the pink flowers on the vines bloom and release a muscle relaxing gas, making them lose strength rapidly and making them stop struggling.

Their astral projections fade away and the glow around their weapons and bodies fade as well. Rising up, I look at each of them with my eyes glowing bright green, as the lotus I used to launch begins to disintegrate and I slowly pull back my vines into my body.

“No more fighting, kay?”

— New chapter is coming soon —
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