Chapter 174- Resentment Of Players

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After a night’s sleep, eating the breakfast Astrid7Astridcharacter made for him, and a brief workout before showering, KMega6KMegacharacter went through his lessons in astrophysics and other space pilot related subjects. Instead of entering the pod right after finishing, he remained on his computer. This was not a rare thing as KMega would often record or voice chat live with video. However, today his message inbox brimmed with hundreds of thousands of letters. He could not help but look toward Astrid; she was plugged into his computer. She fumed, “Those annoying insects. They dare say such things against the great you!” (Astrid)

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Her lowered voice clearly revealed her anger. “Filter out the pointless hate mail. Why am I getting so many messages?” (KMega)

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Astrid closed her eyes as she gripped the armrests of her seat. “The news is out. Everyone knows the former companions are in Eastguard. To settle things peacefully, a representative of players has already been organized.” (Astrid)

KMega hummed before sighing in frustration and glancing at her again. “Anything important besides that?” (KMega)

Astrid smirked a little.  I received a total of two hundred and ninety-three love confessions.” (Astrid)

Upon logging in, he learned it had been nine days since he had logged out. As Karma Sky Island was a players’ private property, it would be hard for players to intrude uninvited. KMega had a few qualifications to be met for average players to visit. For starters, there was a rather steep admission fee although once visitors left, they would receive most of it back. Next was a decent alignment with the church. Finally, a relatively significant contribution toward Eastguard that showed you had been there a while. After all, even KMega knew his home was a special place for those that lived in Eastguard, so those of Eastguard would prefer more dignified people there. By word of mouth he had heard from the merchants that the most helpless of newcomers were personally sent to him, which was not true. It was just pure RNG selection. However, for those admiring their hero, his actions were always greater than what they already were.

When KMega rose, Astrid had already changed to her ‘show’ clothes that made her more attractive but also emphasized her dignity. There was no normal play they would do together in the morning: no kissing or holding hands or whispering sweet nothings to one another. Because their home was modeled after a standard dragon4dragonspecies lair, there were no barriers of sound or vision to prevent peeking into their sleeping quarters.

This led Lazar to worry. Deep down, he sensed a calamity brewing. For a brief moment, his mind rested on his little ones before turning to worry for the brood’s leaders. Nonetheless, he waited and gave his report of the happenings: Derervia had returned to the surface, several new souls had entered the city, Silent had reported that incidents with the new souls had increased, and lessons for his little ones had begun in the academy. In addition to his own babies, dozens of others now attended the three buildings. He worried because a dragon normally trained his young in his lair the first few years, but as he had neither the ability nor time to watch them all while performing his duties. In addition, the mothers would then not be allowed in the lair for mundane reasons. This solution was acceptable for him.

Overnight, the registered users of the Crimson Phoenix guild website doubled when they revealed that they had found out where all the companions went. With the reassurance that they now had a card to play against the empire, Kyl and his support staff grew the guild by the thousands overnight. Two of the three big guilds reacted by launching rapid recruitment as well, but they lacked a banner like the Crimson Phoenix guild had, which was ‘swearing to right the wrong of all the companions unjustly stolen.’ IRL was not immune to the eyes of the system and, by proxi, the gods of the game. Eastguard was about to encounter its biggest event yet.

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