Chapter 62- The GSP

There were two alterations to the contract that was presented to KMega; one of them was Astrid’s, while the other was from KMega himself. Astrid wants a body in IRL so she can be with KMega at all times, specifically for physical contact. Seeing all the movies, literally all of them; it should be easy enough to arrange and do all kinds of things for him. While Astrid was having dirty thoughts thinking about her request, KMega wanted an area where he could have more than one companion in the virtual space. He wanted Yirk, and eventually Kieser, to join Astrid and play new games and adventures. When the npc had enough, they had a place to retire to. His thoughts even encountered the unlikely scenario of an untimely death, which was something that Weise and the other programmers overlooked when they made the companion system. Weise also labeled the two of them as complete opposites of most gamers; the young man would be lusting after the girl while the girl looked towards the future.


KMega wasn’t close to his family or neighbors, and he didn’t have anyone special in his life. He left almost no footprints except for his streaming. In short, he’s lived a small and isolated life. The compound for the GSP personnel was rather large. Even when living with his parents, KMega never had so much space before. He couldn’t help but also notice the fences around the grounds because he was sensitive to confinement measures.

“Mr. Weise, I won’t be confined to the grounds, right?” (KMega)

Weise shook his head.

“Of course not. The fence is for security reasons.” (Weise)

As the car stopped, KMega relaxed a little after hearing that.


Once he inside, the lobby of the main building was larger than his house. The sheer size and scale baffled him as Weise laughed lightly and brought him to the front desk.

“Welcome, professor. Is this the young man we’ve been hearing so many rumors about?” (Receptionist)

KMega looked at the girl and could immediately tell that she wasn’t human.

“That’s right, Jenny. Kevin, she’s the clerk for this building. As you can guess, she isn’t human, but a mechanoid.” (Weise)

KMega then blinked in surprise because he had only heard of artificial life forms.

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“I, ah, nice to meet you.” (KMega)

The mechanoid bowed lightly.

“Nice to meet you as well young master. If you need anything, please let me know.” (Jenny)

KMega laughed lightly.

“Yeah, sure.” (KMega)

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Weise then tapped the counter.

“The credentials Jenny.” (Weise)

She jumped slightly and then brought out a box.

“Here you are.” (Jenny)


When KMega looked inside, he saw fairly high teach that he was familiar with; an id card and a biometric scanning set.  After the lobby, Weise showed him around the grounds. When they walked past the pool and the exercise yard, two ladies caught KMega’s attention. The first one was Winter Grost; aka the Frost Queen. She’s rumored to be the best fps player in the world.

The other one is Emma Stone. (Author Note: All characters are completely fictional and are not based on real live individuals.) She holds speed run records in over a dozen games that she’s only played for the first time.

When they finally arrived at the dorm after the rest of the tour, Weise showed him to his room.

“Here you are. An arrangement of streamer gear and the latest capsule model is inside. As I said before, we have no intention of interfering with your normal routines in the games, but you will have to help us with several projects. Since Sword Kingdom’s popularity is rather booming right now, you’re going to be beta testing new content. We have also reserved isolated character models for you to test, but make sure you get settled in first. Oh yeah, you’re going shopping tomorrow.” (Weise)

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