Chapter 63- Meeting the Team

After the tour, Weise left KMega to his own devices. He naturally tested out the streaming equipment before finding Astrid on the screen. The little girl on the inside was in awe while looking around at the new location. All plans that KMega had of entering the pod left his mind as they talked about Astrid discovering IRL and KMega in general. This naturally brought the two closer, especially for KMega since he’s led an isolated life. He’s only had a few interactions with people in general, so he’s never learned about primal desires. He at least knew that she was his girlfriend, but he didn’t know or understand what that entailed. He has seen her naked and experienced the physical changes that happen when two people who like each other, but he didn’t know or understand what to do with those changes. To him, this change was annoying and sometimes painful. He endured it though because he understood the feelings he had for Astrid.

In his mind, enduring all the annoyance and pain for someone you like is the right thing to do. Astrid also felt that confusion part of his charm and awaited the day when they were physically together in virtual space and in IRL.


KMega naturally didn’t want to go shopping, but since he was the new guy, he felt like he needed to contribute. He then boarded an suv and saw two girls that appeared to be the same age as him. The one that drove jabbed at him with her words, while the other one was obliviously looking out the window. They were naturally the two that he met the day before.

Winter was the one driving, while Emma was the one being indifferent.

“Hey vigin, you write down your grocery list yet?” (Winter)

KMega then took out a note to show her.

“Here’s the deal new guy. I’m saying this as a favor, but me and Emma are polar opposites. We do have certain foods we like and enjoy the occasional meal together. We talk about girl stuff and the like during those times, understand?” (Winter)

KMega nodded with a red face before Winter laughed at him.

“Well then, we used to have almost twenty gamers at the compound, but due to the recent purge, over half of those horn dogs were given the boot. That leaves us three and another four that are on a tournament trip.” (Winter)


KMega nodded again.

Only allowed on

“I understand.” (KMega)

Winter then smiled at KMega before looking at the rear view mirror.

“Good, because when those worthless people come back, they’re going to rip into you hard. Be sure to stash some food in your room when that happens.” (Winter)

KMega looked at his list and saw that it mostly contained junk and preserved food.

He didn’t even notice the mini fridge in his room.

“Can you cook?” (Winter)

KMega then stopped planning his list revisions and responded.

“A little?” (KMega)

It sounded more like a question to himself than a response to Winter.

“Good. I suck at it, and miss isolation back there nearly burnt down the kitchen the last time when she was making an ice cream float.” (Winter)

KMega naturally had questions, but he kept them to himself.

“Am I cooking this evening?” (KMega)

Winter then laughed in amusement before responding.

“You got it. The others won’t be back for a few days, and it is in our contract to have some human contact every now and then. We rotate who cooks when someone is available, and if not,  we order take out and have dinner together. Be sure to pick up food for group dinners as well.” (Winter)

KMega now understanded where she was going with this, so he took out a pen and made a note on the paper.

“Hey, thanks.” (KMega)

Winter scoffed before responding.

“Just cook something good. I’m tired of Thai food, and it’s the prudes choice tonight.” (Winter)

KMega still laughed gently because he was worried that they would get off on the wrong foot.

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