Chapter 64- Dinner and a Movie

The shopping trip was mostly uneventful. The two girls were locals at the mall and knew what they were doing, so they left KMega to himself to hunt for new clothing. He naturally went to a discount rack store. Naturally, being girls, they dragged him back into the mall to do some legit clothes shopping. He was rather nervous spending so much money when something used was just fine for him, but he also knew that a little self dignity can go a long way. He also rather enjoyed the girls attention. The rather rude loud one was a lot kinder than she let on, while the quiet one was more open than he imagined her to be. He wasn’t sure why, but he kept his guard half up just in case.


After unloading the suv and getting everything into the kitchen, KMega wanted to go into the game, but before he could escape, the two girls made him cook for them. What he knew how to cook was limited, but there was a few from scratch recipes that he remembered. He then took out and opened a package of raw chicken breast before cutting them open and lightly pounding them with a tenderizing mallet. He then sprinkled on some salt and pepper before he turned on the stove to heat up the skillet. Since he prepared the chicken, he began to prepare a salad before nuking a few potatoes in the microwave. He then mashed the potatoes and the food was ready.


When KMega set the dishes out for them, their eyes seemed to water.

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“It looks rather good.” (Winter)

KMega heard Winter reluctance before she sat down.

“I bought low fat ice cream for dessert. I wasn’t sure what type you guys like, so I got a few flavors.” (KMega)

Emma then looked at the chicken with a blush on her face.

“A god among men.” (Emma)

KMega didn’t hear her, but Winter did.

“Oh hoh, someone’s got a crush.” (Winter)

Emma eyed Winter coldly, causing her to laugh.

KMega was ignorant to what was going on, so he decided to eat. His manners weren’t borish enough to be rude, but he did learn something about etiquette from Yirk after all.


After eating dinner and the dishes were washed, Winter caught hold of KMega so they can enjoy a movie together. If KMega knew anything about women, he would have noticed that she was putting the moves on him. If his virtual spouse Astrid couldn’t break through that wall, then Winter wasn’t going to either without breaking a rule that had women had.

(Author Note: There’s no actual rule about this to my knowledge. It is a trend that I see in anime that seems to be never broken though. Then again, I haven’t watched a diverse amount of anime either, so I could be wrong.)

Never let them plainly know that you’re interested. In the theater, he was caught between two women and watched the latest thriller.


It was late at night when the double feature finally ended and he could escape the clutches of his new neighbors. While he was annoyed, he was also slightly happy.

However, he hoped that he’ll get back to what he’s familiar with tomorrow.

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