Chapter 103: Guan Taiping

Frankly, Bai Qi didn’t kick him with his full strength. Otherwise the manager would have been dead. However, even so, the manager was extremely unhappy.

After struggling for some time, he finally managed to stand up from the ground, about to explode in anger. He had gone through all kinds of miserable things in his whole life, so he would always bully others using the same methods he had suffered from before!

You’re a poor college student. What’s wrong with you accompanying customers for money! I gave you face and yet you dare to refuse me. I won’t tolerate you anymore!

However, when he turned his head, the whole gang of people outside the room really frightened him.

Darn it… Where did all these people come from? Was it so convenient to look for actors?

The atmosphere in the hall had gone completely silent. Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. also felt that this power was quite large. With his many years of taxi driving experience, he knew in just a glance what had happened, not to mention that Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. had already quietly told him the whole story.

“Just apologize and leave.”

He simply commanded, not wanting to waste any more time; he didn’t want the incident to ruin their dinner.

The manager was also hesitant. It would be too shameful for me to apologize in front of so many people, but there are too many of them to fight back!

Just as he hesitated, the people from his private dining room also came out after hearing the news. There were also quite a lot of them. It was his arrangement to treat one of the VIP customers to dinner on behalf of the company. That VIP customer seemed to be an influential person, so he had brought along many bodyguards.

Seeing that his side of people were coming over, the manager immediately became braver. Twitching his lips and placing his arms on his hips, he stared at Zhang Wen, and then at Su Qiubai. “So what if I don’t apologize?”

Su Qiubai had initially planned to return to his room after the manager apologized. He had experience dealing with such people. He knew that this kind of people knew best how to weigh up people’s words and to observe people’s facial expressions and act accordingly. Since Su Qiubai had so many people on his side, he was sure that the manager would apologize.

The sentence that was suddenly uttered by the manager made him somewhat surprised. When he looked back at the manager once again, he saw over a dozen people heading over. The old driver immediately understood the situation!

So you have support!

The onlookers in the hall continued to retreat after seeing the group of people from the manager’s side coming over. Nobody would have expected the situation to come to this. Although there hadn’t been any conflict, it seemed that there would be one soon.

 The hotel waitresses were also extremely anxious. They had already informed the hotel manager, who wasn’t around at the moment, but he had yet to arrive. With this kind of situation, they dared not intervene, otherwise they might cause trouble to themselves.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the group of people behind the manager walked to the side, while the person in front, who obviously was the leader, actually walked towards Su Qiubai.

Just when everyone was bewildered with the scene, they heard the leader speak.

“Mr. Su, do you still remember me? I’m Guan Taiping4Guan TaipingKid that had a conflict with SQB at Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.’s party!” That guy even smiled as he spoke.

Su Qiubai initially thought that he looked somewhat familiar. He finally recalled this after hearing his voice.

He met that guy at Gu Chengya’s birthday party. He seemed to have hated him when they were at the entrance. Later in the hall, that guy even deliberately made things difficult for him just because of the birthday gift.

Why did it seem that he had become a completely new person now that they had met once again?

However, he wouldn’t start a fight with a guy who was greeting him so cheerfully, so he just nodded.

In fact Guan Taiping was extremely nervous after he greeted Su Qiubai. That day, he went home after Gu Chengya’s birthday celebration. And he found out that the news about him deliberately making things difficult for Su Qiubai had been heard by his dad.

Darn it, his dad had almost killed him!

Originally, Guan Taiping was still unconvinced as to how a wild kid from nowhere would dare to go against him!

However, after his dad finished telling him about what Su Qiubai had done in Donghai City, he instantly sat down on the ground!

How could I recklessly provoke a pestilence god!

In fact, ever since others found out about the Xiao family’s affairs, basically everyone in this circle heard about the nickname of “pestilence god”, and Guan Taiping had also been warned repeatedly about him.

It was no surprise. The name, Mr. Su, was too powerful. Xiao Yun was forced to jump down from a building and became a vegetative person while the Dragon’s Pool Tiger’s Den in Dongkou Lane was almost razed in just one night. These incidents had nearly destroyed the Xiao family.

And yet, that still wasn’t a big deal. Xiao Xiuwen was a kind of person who wouldn’t frown even if he was stabbed, but he agreed to chop off his arm as an apology.  So, if this didn’t mean that Su Qiubai wasn’t a pestilence god, then what was he!

However, although Guan Taiping heard about the legend of Su Qiubai, he never thought that they would meet. Who knew that he had gone against the pestilence god the other day!

After knowing Su Qiubai’s identity, Guan Taiping felt that he had returned from the gate of hell. Initially, he couldn’t understand why Gu Chengya had her first dance with such a dwarfish guy.

But now… he just thought that they danced very well!

Seeing Su Qiubai nod casually, Guan Taiping knew that he didn’t care about the events at the party, so he felt a lot relaxed instantly. Then, he looked around and saw the miserable Zhang Wen on the floor and the stunned manager. He immediately understood what had happened.

Without hesitation, Guan Taiping turned and walked over to the manager, before kicking his stomach.

“Idiot, how dare you provoke Mr. Su? Quickly apologize!”

That move caused a sudden uproar among everyone in the hall. Everybody thought that Guan Taiping would definitely help the manager, Manager Zhu; instead, he kicked him.

Manager Zhu was even more surprised. I thought you would be my ally, but you turned out to be my foe!

He was extremely upset; that was the second time he had hit a pillar on the same day.

Coupled with the side glances from the onlookers, he felt an uncountable number of grievances and madness in his heart, especially with the gaze he shot at Zhang Wen.

Sometimes people were like that. Obviously, it was him who had coerced Zhang Wen. But with that unexpected move, he blamed all of his faults on Zhang Wen.

Manager Zhu felt extremely irritated as he got up slowly. He was equally annoyed at Guan Taiping.

I’m here to talk about business with you. I’m not your subordinate, but you dare to kick me!

However, all those words were hidden well in his heart. He turned and walked towards Su Qiubai.

 “I’m sorry……”

Manager Zhu’s voice was soft, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear it.

Su Qiubai was calm. He glanced at Zhang Wen, then said, “You should apologize to her, not me!”

Zhang Wen saw Su Qiubai point at her, before she noticed Manager Zhu’s eyes, which seemed to have a poisonous hate in them. She quickly waved her hands. She was really worried. Such an incident was definitely a huge offend to Manager Zhu. He would surely harass her when she returned to work the next day.

Zhang Wen felt even more worried, especially with the thought that she might lose her job.

However, Manager Zhu had already understood that if he didn’t apologize to Zhang Wen, Su Qiubai definitely wouldn’t let him go. Therefore, he approached Zhang Wen.

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“I’m sorry.”

The manager clenched his teeth with hatred as he spat out those three words. He took a deep look at Zhang Wen with a threatening gaze. Even Su Xiaoxiao, who was standing next to her, noticed it, but she didn’t know what to do.

Since the incident had almost come to an end, Manager Zhu didn’t have any mood to continue his business talk with Guan Taiping. He left the hotel directly, but in his mind, he had begun thinking of ways to deal with Zhang Wen the next day. I must let her kneel and beg to me!

Guan Taiping and his gang left after they greeted Su Qiubai. The pressure of the pestilence god was too great; it would be better to leave as early as possible.

Subsequently, the group of people returned to their private dining room. Everyone was still in a good mood and continued to drink happily. However, Su Qiubai suddenly realized that Zhang Wen was weeping. Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Li were comforting her.

Feeling a bit strange, he headed over to the girls.

Zhang Wen forced out a smile when she saw him walking over, but her tears kept rolling down.

She clearly understood the difficult situation she was in as Manager Zhu would definitely get his revenge on her the next day. If she lost her job, she really didn’t know what to do. Her family relied on the harvest from a small plot of land in the countryside and her younger brother was attending college this year. She really didn’t want her parents to worry about her studies.

Su Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while, then she told Su Qiubai the whole story. Finally, she looked at him, her gaze clearly pleading for her brother to help solve the problem.

The true story was indeed out of Su Qiubai’s expectations. He frowned, pondering over whether he could ask someone for help to get her another job. At the same time, he blurted out, “What kind of company is that?”

“It’s an advertising company owned by Xia family.” Su Xiaoxiao said this quickly.

Her words stunned Su Qiubai. Cao Toufei, who was standing next to him, heard the whole story and was the first to yell in response.

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“Xia family? The Xia Group in Qinghe City?”

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