Chapter 25: Please Tell Me This Is Not Real

Cao Toufei realized, finally, that he had underestimated the taxi driver from the beginning.

Although he didn’t know how the driver could catch up to him, it was obvious… the taxi driver had the skills to compete with him!

With that thought, Cao Toufei started to keep an eye on Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.. He immediately tried to block Su Qiubai’s attempts at overtaking him.

But… it was too late!

In a split second, with a slight tremor running though his car, the taxi appeared right before his eyes.

That darned driver even stepped on the brake suddenly, almost scaring Cao Toufei to death. With the two cars’ speeds, they could have easily crashed into each other.

Cao Toufei realized that Su Qiubai was mocking him with that move. The taxi driver even showed off his driving skills by letting off some exhaust smoke before speeding off.

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Oh, screw you. Cao Toufei swore as he accelerated once again.

He drove straight ahead for a good five or six minutes, but there weren’t any signs of Jun Xiaodao’s and Su Qiubai’s cars anymore.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied, he knew clearly that the momentary brake earlier had made it absolutely impossible for him win first place.

Strangely, rather than feeling depressed, he felt a hint of anticipation.

He really wanted to see Jun Xiaodao’s expression when the taxi drove right next to his Maserati.

Wouldn’t that rascal go completely crazy if the taxi overtakes him?

Having that thought, Cao Toufei continued to focus on driving. This time it wasn’t for the race… He just wanted to catch up and spectate the scene with his own eyes.

On the other side, Jun Xiaodao noticed that Cao Toufei’s Ferrari was nowhere to be seen after passing the first corner.

He chuckled. It was too easy for him to win.

He should have known that a wild racer like Cao Toufei wouldn’t have the skill to compete with him.

It was just me who had been overthinking after all…

Skillfully driving his sports car, Jun Xiaodao felt good with where he was now. Just then, right before his eyes… appeared a section of twisting tracks.

He took a glance at the side mirror before slowing down for a turn.

However, what he say almost made his eyeballs pop out!

Just a few meters behind him was a taxi that was silently creeping up to his car!

It’s… that taxi driver!

If he hadn’t spotted the taxi, Jun Xiaodao would have forgotten that he was in a three-person competition.

How is this possible!

However, there wasn’t time to be marvelled now.

The taxi actually had its left turn signal on!

It was hard to describe how Jun Xiaodao felt when he saw the signal. It took him a long time to comprehend that the taxi driver was in fact signaling to overtake him.

He felt that his dignity as a professional racer was being trampled all over, and that he was being held down by shackles. Jun Xiaodao reached the first curve but in order to pass through it faster, he didn’t reduce his speed to the minimum.

However, that freaking taxi just drove right past him as he tried to figure out what was going on.

Jun Xiaodao felt as if he just saw a ghost. Never would he imagine that anyone could overtake him under such extreme circumstances.

But the scene before his eyes shocked him: like someone had slapped him hard on the face. He felt as if he was about to collapse, just as did Cao Toufei.

Worse still, when he reinvigorated his intentions to overtake the taxi, it had already reached the third corner.

No one knew what kind of battle Jun Xiaodao had fought within himself that gave him the strength to continue on with the race.

His belief as a racer had been crushed.

I’ve never imagined the day that I’d lose so badly, even words couldn’t describe this.

In fact, I didn’t just lose to him, I can’t even see him anymore!

After passing through the winding track, the taxi was nowhere to be seen.

At that moment, Su Qiubai didn’t know he had rattled the world to the two young drivers behind him, just by the two simple signals.

As a matter of fact, he was still considering whether or not he should continue accelerating.

“Brother, should we speed up a bit further?”

Looking back, Su Qiubai intended to ask Wu Song for his opinion.

“Brother, this is enough…”

Wu Song’s face was a little green. Su Qiubai only then realized that Wu Song was suffering from motion sickness, so he quickly slowed down the car.

On the other hand, the situation at the starting line was rather noisy, both parties had placed a bet on who would be the first to return.

Since the track was a circle, the starting line was also the finish line. Although the scheduled five laps were relatively long, the lead from the first lap would largely determine the final result, so everyone was excited.

“I bet on Brother Fei. He would definitely be the first one to return. Maybe Jun Xiaodao would have fallen way far behind him.”

“That’s not true. I’m guessing that the two of them are most likely to be neck and neck. Although Brother Fei is familiar with the course, Jun Xiaodao is a professional driver.”

“How could you praise the other gang? I’d say that Brother Fei is in the lead! Let’s see…”

“Cao Toufei? Leading? Let me tell you guys, Xiao Dao has won awards in the national racing championships… “


It was unclear who belonged to which gang, especially with how everyone was grouping up and anxiously waiting for the first car to emerge from the winding route.

“Cheng Ya, who do you think will win the race?”

The muscular boy leaned against the Hummer, he peered at the twisted track as he enquired the girl next to him.

“I believe in Xiao Dao’s skill, but… I have a strange feeling about that taxi driver.”

Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. had really beautiful eyes and her long hair looked cool in the breeze, but what she said caused a few people next to her laugh all at once.

“Cheng Ya, do you really think that the taxi driver would win?”

Another girl asked. She was quite pretty with wavy hair but it looked less natural on her compared to Gu Chengya.

Gu Chengya quietly smiled. She didn’t know why she had that thought, but she somehow anticipated something unknown.

“Listen! Do you hear the sound of a car engine?”

Someone from the noisy crowd suddenly shouted.

Everyone immediately hushed. Keeping their ears open, they listened carefully to the sound from the distance.

“I think there really are car sounds… They’re here!”

“No, that’s impossible. The best result Brother Fei ever achieved was at least five minutes. That… couldn’t be Brother Fei.” Someone from the crowd gloomily expressed.

“Haha, of course not. It must be Xiao Dao!”

With that said, almost everyone believed that it was indeed Xiao Dao.

“It seems that Xiao Dao’s driving skill has improved; he drove so fast.”

With his back still resting against the Hummer, the muscular boy beamed as the other youngsters beside him nodded in agreement.

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“That’s not Xiao Dao. Do you think that’s the sound of a Maserati?”

No one expected Gu Chengya to utter this all of a sudden.

Not Xiao Dao? Could it be… Cao Toufei?

“It also can’t be Cao Toufei. A Ferrari doesn’t sound anything like that.”

Before anyone could ask, Gu Chengya proclaimed once more.

Having that said, even the eyes of the middle-aged man, who had been emotionlessly standing behind her all this time, flared with a hint of intrigue.

The other kids were taken aback as well. No one could compete with Gu Chengya, who was familiar with the top range sports cars, so her claim about those race cars were definitely true.

But if it wasn’t the two racers… who could it be then?

While everyone contemplated, suddenly the image of the taxi driver in a vest popped into everyone’s mind.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the crowd shook their heads..

It’s definitely impossible for it to be him! Someone must’ve accidentally obstructed the track.

The sound of the car’swas getting louder. Everyone quieten down, even Xia Xiaomu had his eyes wide open in anticipation for the car to appear.

Among all, perhaps he was the only one who still had a small hope that Su Qiubai will win. That hope was only so much due to the trust he had in his sister: not because of the dazed-looking taxi driver…

Finally… a car appeared around the corner.

After a careful look of the car, everyone could hear the sounds of their chins falling.

Oh my God… what did I just see! A blue-and-yellow taxi with a small billboard on top, displaying some mall discount advertisements…

Many people subconsciously gave themselves a slap. Everyone wanted to make sure that it was real!

The Maserati and Ferrari hadn’t returned anywhere near yet, but this taxi with smoke emerging from it, was actually here!

It was still forgivable if the other drivers were people who didn’t know how to race, but they were Jun Xiaodao and Cao Toufei!

One was a professional racer who had won awards in the national racing championship , whereas the other was the leader of the Street Racers Gang. Wouldn’t they have a few tricks up their sleeves?

No one could believe what they were seeing, instead, they convinced themselves that the two sports cars were obviously facing some technical difficulties! But no matter what, no one could deny the fact that the taxi was the first to reach the finish line.

And yet, the driver actually had one hand on the steering wheel, and the other on a cigarette. Approaching the finish line, he even stretched his hand out of the window to flick the built up cigarette ash off of the stick…

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