Chapter 102: Bring Me Hardships So I Can Rise (Part 2)


Even so, the numbers were still too much.

The other beasts learned about the strategy of throwing boulders. A huge carpet of boulders appeared, ready to wipe the warriors out from atop the mountains peaks.


Two loud roars resounded and then two huge shining elemental beams destroyed the flying boulders which almost killed the warriors, a beam was of ice while the other of fire.

“Ken! Isa! Where have you been?!” → Gregor

Gregor felt relieved to have the two artificial monsters on their side once again now that the monsters became more dangerous.

[We got rid of the stronger ones. Even so, there are still leftovers.]

The two had their armor dented, cut and on some parts even missing. They fought on the front lines and made sure to kill the more dangerous beasts from rank A to rank C. They almost wasted all their energy on them and so they asked with something like elemental energy falling down their mouth as if drooling.

[Any energy stones?]

“Here.” → Gregor

Gregor threw a bag full of energy stones. That bag contained around 50 energy stones that he got from Ryu to give Ken and Isa in case of danger.


Their eyes lit up as they gulped 10 stones each while the rest they shared and held them in their armor.


Their energy exploded and was ready to return on the battlefield once again with newfound powers.

[We await our orders.]

“Isa! Defend the left wing while Ken you defend the right wind! Be sure not to let any beast behind us!” → Gregor

Gregor shouted out commands then returned on throwing spears at the beasts that tried to get up the walls.


The two golems shot out and started a massacre in the lanes of the beasts, be them flying or grounded. Isa shot out at a flying Chimera and grabbed one wing, tearing it apart. After it landed it made sure to kill it completely by crushing its head with a step then shot out toward a Lion-type beast that reached the peak by climbing. Isa stabbed his claw inside the lion’s chest, shattering the heart while his arm was still through the lion’s body. Isa shot out a huge energy beam to wipe out more than 10 gorilla type monsters that almost reached the peak. The body of the lion exploded while the 10 gorillas were cut in half, hanging on the mountain’s wall just like that.

[I can’t get enough of this.]

Isa’s draconic instincts of domination surfaced and became more and more ferocious as he massacred the monsters one after the other.


The ten warriors that were placed to defend the left wing looked with big eyes at Isa.


With such a monster on our side, no demonic beast will be able to get past us!

The warriors felt their spirits go high and started to help Isa with decimating the beasts that reached the mountain’s top.

On the right wing, things looked grimmer than on the left wing. 7 out of 10 warriors already died because of the first aerial bombardment, taking them by surprise.

“Ugh, damn it!”

One warrior was already severely injured while the other tried to heal him. Only one was left with defending them from 10 beasts that reached the top. He already killed 20 of them with another 10 flying ones, he was tired and weakened but his spirit was still burning strong.

Dying is not an option! I need to resist at least until the magic array is finished!

Suddenly a huge fire wave appeared and struck the beasts, cutting the ten monsters in half and burning their corpses.

Ken landed hard on the ground with one wyvern in hand. He broke its neck then threw the beast away as if throwing a bag of trash.

[Reinforcement has arrived.]

He then jumped in the air and stretched his hands, making them 10m long. He grabbed onto two other flying beasts then crashed them hard on the ground, breaking their skulls.

He flew from the air toward a dense place where the beasts climbed the mountain and almost reached the peak. With a hard step, Ken broke down the earth and made the steep ravine collapse, burying more than one hundred beasts under boulders.


He looked back at one warrior and said with a robotic tone as if it wasn’t even his fault.

[You will have to repair this.]

Then he shot from his hands a pillar of fire that killed the flying beasts who just reached the peak.
The warriors looked amazed at Ken who killed dozens upon dozens of beasts, making it look as easy as breathing.

The beasts are more focused on the middle rather than on our flanks… that’s for the best, seeing how we can’t separate our numbers in too many groups. → Bernard

Bernard thought while he made a hole through the chest of an orc with his fist. He gazed around and observed how the monsters swarmed the entire valley while and already reached the walls of the mountains.


He then punched the ground hard and made a strong shockwave which shook the climbing beasts making them fall back down from the mountain on which he stood and the ones right beside it.

“How much until the magic array is ready?!” → Bernard

He felt as if hours already passed. He fought and fought and the only difference was that he felt more and more tired.

If we continue like that we might collapse from tiredness rather than from being killed by the beasts. → Bernard

“Five more minutes! Please hold on just a little more!” → Sofia

Sofia answered with anxiety. In all the waves they had to confront, they only had at most two to three deaths. Now not even 4 hours passed and around 25 good warriors already left them, warriors, that can make as much as 100 of the normal ones from any other kingdom. Such a loss was heartbreaking and to nourish such a warrior required not only provisions but a lot of luck so they won’t die through the beast-waves.

“Please! Make us go past this calamity!” → Sofia

Sofia started to pray while activating the array, tears falling down her face as she gazed around at the tired and bloody warriors.

“FIVE MORE MINUTES! Hold the lines for five more minutes!” → Bernard

Bernard shouted out and tried to ignite his own spirit one more time.


The warriors shouted out again, trying to resist against the waves that kept on coming with no end and confront their own tiredness with blood-shot eyes.


Then, a strong shout of a huge bird made the ears of some warriors bleed or get dizzy.

“W-what was that?!”
“On the sky! Look!”
“Is that… an Elder Phteromos?! Why is it here!?”
“It’s huge! It must be of the S ranks!”
“It must’ve escaped from our lord’s attacks! Look! It’s bleeding from the chest!”

A huge Phteromos as big as a mountain peak flew around and released poisonous mists while from its chest, blood was dripping over the battlefield. A huge cut from claws was making it fly with some difficulty while continuously losing blood.

“Poison! I won’t let you!” → Ronald

Ronald shouted and swung his swords in a circular manner. A huge gust of wind sent all the poison toward the beasts’ lanes, killing almost two hundred in an instant.

“Haha~! Stupid bird! Spit some more poison! I’ll use it against your groups again!” → Ronald

Ronald laughed then shot out a wind-blade toward the Phteromos as to provoke it some more.


The wing-blades did no damage, but having its poison smoke reflected toward its group angered the huge beasts. It shot out toward Ronald and wanted to cut him in half with its sharp claws.


Ronald was shocked to see the beast charge at him like that and was momentarily terrified by the huge pressure emanated by the beast.


Ronald tried to block the claws but he was only able to deflect them, being sent flying by the strong shockwave backward, right toward some remaining parts of the forest from behind the mountain.


He crashed on a huge tree while spitting blood. He broke two ribs together with one arm.

That damn parrot! → Ronald

He felt more and more rage inside him. He charged right back on top of the mountain, ignoring his injuries and wishing only to cut the Phteromos in two. However, he was stopped by Marina in the nick of time, right before he could jump at the beast on his own.

“Ronald stop! You will die if you continue like this!” → Marina

She grabbed his healthy arm and tried to heal him.

“We have no time for this! That beast will charge again-!!” → Ronald

Didn’t even finished his words and the huge Phteromos rushed toward them again.

“Damn it!-Huh?” → Ronald

Ronald wanted to push Marina away from him so she won’t get dragged in this but to his surprise, Marina dodged his push and in exchange, grabbed him, pulling him away from the huge bird’s charge.

“Ugh!” → Ronald

Ronald landed on top of Marina after they both dodged the strike, his head on her chest. He then got up and with a little blush he asked a somewhat confused

“Oy what are you-” → Ronald
“What in the world are you thinking?!” → Marina

Marina didn’t let Ronald continue talking and she started to scold him.

“That’s not an enemy you can take on your own! Besides, you’re already injured! That’s it! You won’t get back on fighting until you’re completely healed!” → Marina
W-wait! W-what are you-?!” → Ronald

Marina grabbed a hold of Ronald’s head at her chest then looked around searching for someone. A white tiger female which threw spear after spear on the beasts atop the walls appeared in her visual area and she shouted out in a hurry.

“Shiroko! Please deal with this damn bird while I heal this numbskull!” → Marina

“Huh? Oh, alright!” → Shiroko

After seeing Roland’s injuries she hastily charged at the flying bird and grabbed hold of one of its wings.


With a fist, she dislocated the wing and made the monstrous bird fall right back on the ground.

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The beast used another stunning shout, trying to daze or stun Shiroko. But in truth, this only annoyed her and the warriors around.

“Shut! UP!” → Shiroko

She strongly punched the top of the head, making the bird dizzy and close its peak. The warriors nearby then shouted approving at Shiroko.

“Nice one Missy! Shut that parrot’s mouth for good!”
“Good blow!”
“Hahaha~! Well, that’s a nice woman!”

Seeing how everyone nodded in admiration, made her redden for a moment.

“Eh? Ah, ahaha~.” → Shiroko

Ronald looked dazed at the two strong girls that saved him from peril then he lowered his head and mumbled quietly.

“Alright… Sorry…” → Ronald
“It’s Thank you. We are partners, after all, right?” → Marina

Marina made a sweet smile and started to heal his arm after she finished with his ribs. The battle continued as Ronald looked around at the struggling warriors, feeling the smell of blood and the cold wind with made for the mist to evade everyone’s mouths. Ronald’s frustrations grew as his blood boiled from seeing his companions injured or fall from either tiredness or from the beasts. He couldn’t wait until Marina finished with healing him so he could fight once again and protect this one place he finally could call home.

It said that heavens punish those who are weak to grow stronger… and those who are strong because they sinned while growing… If I’m weak, then I’ll use this tribulation to grow stronger. If I’m strong, then oh heavens; better hit me harder so I can rise higher! → Ronald


Back in time, when the magic array just started to be formed.


Ryu in his almost completed transformation, shot out a frosty dragon’s breath, killing another huge two-headed ogre in one shot.

I don’t understand how so many boss-level monsters gathered together under one dragon. Just how ridiculously strong is that Thanatos? → Shen

Shen asked after using the two gigantic mana arms to stop the huge claws of a wyvern from cutting Ryu’s back.

Damn flyes!

He grabbed the wing of the wyvern and ripped it apart with blood-thirst.

Take this!

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To be sure the Wyvern will die, he grabbed its head and shot out a huge beam, making a hole through its entire body from up to down.

I don’t know either but I’m sure we can make it at least retreat if we destroy these bastards. → Ryu

A huge scarab tried to stab him with its gigantic horn but was blocked by Ryu with one arm. The scarab pushed Ryu back for around 30 m then he stopped completely.

[Know your place, insect.] → Ryu

Ryu lifted the scarab by the horn with one hand then with the other prepared a strong punch.


The scarab tried to get out from Ryu’s grab but it was futile. Ryu punched out with an [Emperor’s Fist], making a huge hole through the armor scarab and completely broke the trees behind it.

How much longer will we be able to go on like this? I feel my body breaking down already. → Ryu
We got past 20 minutes long ago… my mind starts to weaken, the reason why I’m becoming more and more irritated. → Shen

Shen said with a rough voice. It sounded as if he was incredibly tired and he couldn’t forget that he was already tired from even before partially possessing Ryu.

To make them retreat is wishful thinking! These are beasts! They fight until the last one as long as their leader isn’t dead. We have to find that damned lizard and make it eat his own tail! → Shen
Think we can beat a dragon? → Ryu


While the two of them conversed, a huge T-Rex like monster appeared and rushed toward them.

[Damn it! Lizards everywhere!] → Shen

Shen’s voice resounded and grabbed the mouth of the T-rex with the mana arms.

[Don’t forget that-] → Ryu


Ryu punched right through the open mouth of the T-Rex, sending the upper part flying with a fountain of blood.

[-We are a damn lizard ourselves now!] → Ryu
[God damn it!] → Shen

Shen was even more irritated and Ryu shared that feeling now. Both of them reached the boiling point and roared together toward the distance.


Wait! We are dark ourselves?! And a winged lizard! → Ryu
Leave the details for later, damn it! We gotta kill them all! → Shen
Da*n right! → Ryu

Their aura shot out in an earth breaking manner and made all the weaker beasts from a vicinity of 400 m to die from pressure while the ones stronger to lose consciousness or fall on the ground, trying to resist it.


The A rank and higher growled and showed their own aura, resisting together against Shen and Ryu’s might.

[You dare ask for a fight, half-breed and wandering soul? Do you think you can hold on against me?! Thanatos the great!?] → Thanatos

A loud and domineering voice resounded from all around them.

Elder God Rank!

Both Ryu and Shen suddenly felt a killing aura that made even the S rank monster feel troubled to breathe.

[Leave them to me. You rest go and destroy those insects.] → Thanatos

Thanatos gave out an order and the other huge monsters started to march toward the mountains fortress.

[No one is leaving!] → Shen

Shen shouted out and made a huge wall of compressed stone, enclosing all the beasts for an area of 1 kilometer around.

[You will stay here while I deal with your master.] → Shen

Shen then created more and more stone golems as huge as 30 floors.


10 such golems stood tall and awaited their orders, taking the same appearance as Ryu’s dragon form.

[Keep them at bay. The moment one beast tries to leave, kill it!] → Shen

The golems made a thundering sound then looked at beasts with lifeless eyes.


A huge chimera with a lion’s body, a poisonous snake as a tail and human head growled infuriated.


An ogre with two heads roared back while only his aura alone broke the ground around and downed the trees.

Ten such huge figures remained and each one of them had to face one huge golem. Having to fight golems was a disgrace for the humongous beasts which were on the level of Filed Bosses each one of them and rivaling Great Saints from this world. Behind Ryu and Shen, even more of such monsters came with no rush. Ryu and Shen knew full well that they can’t waste any more energy on these demonic beasts and shot out in the distance toward Thanatos.

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