Chapter 103: The Pride of the Strong (Part 1)

[I only need to have them buy me some time while I kill your master.]

Shen and Ryu were surprised about the fact that the beasts could talk, even so. They just said the bare minimum then shot out in a flash, flying toward the base of the dark pillar that was reaching in the skies.


A Phteromon said with hate after taking flight. It flew in the air above the huge stone wall and wanted to rush toward the fortress in the distance.


One golem made a deep sound and reached out one claw. It grabbed the claws of the flying beast and slammed it hard on the ground.


Even though the beast sustained no damage, it still got infuriated for being stopped from its flight.

The Phteromos flapped its wings and created tens of thousands of wind-blades, making the golem’s arms that were used to block the attack, thinner and thinner.


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The huge bird flew in the sky again and this time pouched right at the golem.

The golem created more spikes on itself right before the Phteromon could crush him, then after the impact, the golem shattered completely while blood splashed around the ground.

The Phteromon felt an acute pain all over its body, especially on the chest where three deep cuts appeared, looking as if a claw just penetrated the iron-like skin covered in just as heard feathers.


The Phteromos said irritated then flew out toward the fortress to relieve some anger.


The lion chimera said with a growl and broke through the stone-wall and jumped at a golem.

While the beasts fought with the golems, Shen flew above all the other beasts, killing anything that stood in his way.


A huge Thundering Tiger appeared and tried to pouch at them but Ryu simply grabbed its tail and pulled hard.


The beast was roaring in anguish then he got out the entire spine of the beast, leaving it to die in a pool of blood.


A huge Firebird then appeared and tried to stop them with its fire breath.

Heh, it looks like a Pheonix. → Shen

Shen laughed and with sharp eyes, it created a black hole right inside the bird’s heart area.


The bird screamed in pain, being crushed from inside out. The black hole engulfed the firebird completely, leaving not even a feather behind.

Even though it wasn’t a Phoenix, it still had the same ability to revive from its own ashes if the ashes weren’t scattered inside the ocean or at least inside a lake. But making it being engulfed by a black hole wasn’t wrong either.


A strong roar was heard and then an Infernal Gorilla appeared right in front of them, cutting their path.

[Your kin gave me quite the pain when I first found a home. As if I’ll let you take it away this time!] → Shen

Shen controlled Ryu’s body and pouched right at the Infernal Gorilla.


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The gorilla tried to use its strongest breath. Shen let it charge the breath intentionally as a grin formed on his face.

Oy Shen! What are you doing? Kill this bastard fast! → Ryu

Ryu was confused why Shen suddenly stopped and wanted to take control when suddenly Shen stopped him and a huge incandescent pillar of fire shot out toward them.

W-what is this?! It’s stronger than Ken’s breath! → Ryu

Ryu was shocked to see such a powerful pillar of fire going right toward them and he stared confused as to what to do.

[Barrier: Reflection] → Shen

Shen then created a barrier around him and then dodged the breath to the right.


The barrier still got hit and redirected the breath toward the monsters that fought with his golems in the distance.


The double-headed ogre saw the attack incoming and tried to dodge but it still got one arm.



While fighting a golem, one S rank scarab wasn’t aware of the breath, getting its head hit in full by it. The body of the scarab fell limp on the ground while its head completely burnt to ashes.

[Nice shot.] → Shen

Shen said with ridicule then pouched at the gorilla once again, turning it into dust after colliding bodies.

Well, I didn’t expect that. Nice one. → Ryu

Ryu nodded in approval while retaking control over his own body.

They continued to fly while killing every beast that got in their way. At the end of the long mountainous chain, the two of them saw through the trees flashes of light in the distance.


Both of them were confused for a moment then a strong shockwave struck the trees in front, making them fall.

The gigantic trees fell while shaking the earth, letting Shen and Ryu see what was happening in front of them.


Two gigantic dragons fought in the air. Their every blow created a strong shockwave that some of them downed the gigantic trees from around and landslides appeared from every mountain around.





Right under the two mighty dragons, beasts were fighting and killing each other, looking as if Hell was upturning on Sario. One dragon was purplish-dark while the other one was golden-red, fighting one against the other with deadly blows. Their auras alone let no room for the clouds to gather while even from up there, the ground still shook and cracked.

The terrain was completely flattened ‘cause of the shockwaves from above while the downed gigantic trees were turned into wood chips and dust by the fighting beasts from below. The earth was cracked everywhere while great ravines formed from the monstrous destruction formed by the other A and S ranked beasts which fought one against the other in a chaotic manner. The cracks around were filled with blood while the middle of all that desertified zone was painted in blood and core from the decimated beasts. A cloud of red dust contaminated the air as a foul smell permeated everywhere around. Wild mana was ravaging the grounds and the sky under the form of black tornadoes as great purple lighting was striking everywhere around, giving off the eerie feeling of a territory of the dead and damned. From the way it looked, the monsters bellow rank A got completely flattened by the dragon’s pressure or decimated by the beasts of rank A or S, leaving nothing weaker than rank A behind.

What is this? → Ryu

Ryu asked confused with a frown while starring at the great fight in the sky. He was able to feel the power of the two Godly dragons and he understood that if he were to get in-between right now, he would die in a manner of seconds.

I don’t know, but this is for the best. → Shen

Shen said with some hope for the kingdom.

If we can leave the two camps of waves to massacre among themselves, then what remains can be easily whipped out. Ryu, let’s conserve our energies for now. → Shen

Shen then got out from his state of One with the Universe and started to absorb mana from around to revitalize Ryu’s body.

Agreed. I feel as if I was lifting for three days straight. → Ryu

Ryu then transformed back into a human and started to circulate his chi to heal himself.

[What are you doing here? Ignatius! You should’ve been dead from the last heavenly war!] → Thanatos

Thanatos roared at the other dragon with rage in his voice.

[I won’t die so easily. I’m here because I knew you will move out from hiding once you felt Nidhoggur’s aura. I won’t let you meet up with him again!] →Ignatius

The other dragon roared back. He was just as huge as Thanatos, but with red scales and fiery golden eyes.

[You are rebelling against the dragons! Nidhoggur is a God to us dragons! And you’re going against him!] → Thanatos

Thanatos shouted in fury.

[He is only your God! I would never accept someone who wishes to massacre and destroy only for his own amusement as my God!] → Ignatius
[Insolence! ROAAR!] → Thanatos

A breath of dark-purple fire with the essence of lightning shot out toward Ignatius and made the space to bent and the atmosphere to shake.

[I won’t let you! ROAAR!] → Ignatius

Another breath just as huge has been shot out, this time with golden flames and radiant light, having almost the same effects as the dark one.

Just one of such breaths was enough to destroy one entire chain of mountains, turning them into valleys. The two huge pillars of fire, one dark-purple, and the other one golden-red met in the air and exploded with a thundering sound, making even the faraway ground beneath them to be set aflame.
The strong explosion set afire everything on a radius of 1 kilometer, burning the vegetation and killing the weaker beasts that weren’t able to defend themselves from the scorching heat.


Ryu felt the wave just as much as the other beasts.

[Barrier] → Shen

Shen hastily created more barriers around Ryu so it won’t burn him completely then he activated [Iron Body] so he could resist better the heat.

Woah, thanks. That was close. → Ryu

Ryu left his guard down after seeing that no beast was focusing on him. The scorching wave took him by surprise and almost killed him.

No problem. But this damage… → Shen

Shen’s voice was filled with worry as he gazed around through his own [Soul Eyes].


“Wha-?!” → Ryu

Ryu didn’t know what Shen was referring to until he looked around himself.

“It’s like a dessert…” → Ryu

Everything on a radius of 1 kilometer turned to ashes, with the exception of the stronger beasts that were able to block the heat wave. Even so, most of them were scorched and barely alive.

It’s like a solar explosion. To create such a disaster just from a confrontation between dragon breaths, this is not just ridiculous, it’s already worrying. → Shen

Shen felt like this wasn’t a fight in which they could participate any longer. He finally understood the might of a being which reached the power-rank of Elder God.


Ryu felt extremely frustrated. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so weak.

Yeah… we should retreat. → Ryu

Just when Ryu wanted to turn back and wipe the remaining waves of monsters, another strong shockwave appeared and a roar of anguish resounded.


Ignatius roared in pain while he covered his right arm with a twisted expression on.

[Ahahaha! You have become weak! Ignatius!] → Thanatos

Thanatos was holding in his claws a dragon’s arm. It was Ignatius’s arm which was severed right after the explosion.

Thanatos rushed right after the strong scorching shockwave, right toward Ignatius who wasn’t aware of what Thanatos tried to do. From behind the smokescreen, Thanatos appeared and with a quick slash, he cut Ignatius’s arm instantly.


Ignatius groaned from pain as he started to think of a way to end this fight as quick as possible.

I had no chance in defeating him before and I still have no chance after all these years… Is there no way to defeat this cursed dragon? → Ignatius

Then his eyes fell on the little human that stood tall and starred at their fight with surprise and worry.


Ignatius was surprised to see Ryu’s amount of mana and chi then he started to examine him some more.

Not only that. I can see inside two souls. And both of them are extremely strong!… It seems I need to put down my pride as a dragon for once. → Ignatius

Human. Can you hear me? → Ignatius

Ignatius contacted Ryu and tried to talk with him telepathically, his voice resounded somewhat tired.


Ryu was shocked by the fact that one of the dragons contacted him when he was just observing.

Yes, we can hear you. → Shen

Shen answered in Ryu’s place, his voice unyielding.

Oho~. It seems you are aware of the second consciousness inside you. That’s even better. → Ignatius
What are you trying to say, old dragon? → Shen

Shen asked back. He had his guard up in case of any mental attacks.

Let’s make a deal, human souls. → Ignatius

The dragon said with a rough voice.

I can see that body being only a semi-dragon. I can help you transform into a fully-fledged dragon by giving you my blood. In exchange, I want you two to help me defeat Thanatos. → Ignatius

Both Ryu and Shen were shocked by the deal and froze in place. No matter how they thought of it, it was a win-win deal from any perspective.

Ignatius, was it? What makes you think we are able to help you in defeating Thanatos? He’s a legendary dragon and was able to defeat you quite easily. How come you’re trusting us so much? → Ryu

Ryu asked suspiciously.


Ignatius roared a laugh, making the two feel quite dizzy. The fact that Ryu said he was defeated easily didn’t anger him in the slightest.

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