Chapter 104: Bringing Down A Legend (Part 1)

Thanatos shot out and appeared right in front of Ryu and punched in front with wind-cutting speed.


The strong punch sent Ryu flying backward, crashing through more than a few dozens of gigantic trees before finally stopping.


He felt like vomiting his own intestines. The punch almost ruptured his internal organs.

What ridiculous raw power… → Ryu

Ryu tried to get up but felt only more and more dazed from the strong aura.

[Stand tall, young dragon!] → Ignatius

Ignatius then shot out and punched Thanatos right in the jaw, pushing him back more than 100 meters.

[Release your aura and resist the dark around you!] → Ignatius

Shen released his own aura and Ryu followed right after. Both of their auras united and cracked the ground, pushed the space around and clouds of dust raised in the sky.

Woah! We can do it if we try, eh? → Ryu

Ryu exclaimed in amazement. Having such a sudden growth in power made him a little bit unable to control it to the fullest.

We need to be sure we don’t injure this body. Even though is as sturdy as a dragon, if we use too much power we might destroy it ourselves. → Shen
Yeah, yeah, no problem with that, I’m tough! → Ryu

[Young dragon. It’s time for us to work together. Only together can we defeat Thanatos.] → Ignatius

Ignatius said while preparing for the next round.

[Yes.] → Ryu

Ryu flew near Ignatius and strengthened himself up.


Thanatos engulfed himself with the darkness, looking more like a dragon’s shadow rather than a true dragon. The only thing still visible were his purplish shining eyes that shone with killing intent and bloodlust while glancing at the two dragons.

[No. It’s time for you to die together! ROAGH!] → Thanatos

Thanatos shot out with his claws open, cutting in front and creating more and darker flames around him which shot out like bullets right after.

[Alright. Go! Try to create an opening, I will search for an opening!] → Ignatius

Ignatius then pouched forward, dodging or destroying the fire bullets, flying around so he won’t be a static target.

[Yes.] → Ryu

Ryu did the same and either repelled or dodged the fire, while at the same time dodged Thanatos’ slash.

Thanatos then cut forward toward Ignatius and swung his tail toward Ryu.

Both of them blocked then counter-attacked with a fire-beam from Ignatius’s claw and a frozen dragon breath from Ryu. Thanatos blocked the breath with his healthy wing and dodged the beam. He then shot out two spears of dark flames. Shen countered both spears with his own then Ryu focused on his claws and created a black fireball. He threw it at Thanatos and it exploded in a terrifying wave of dark flames.


Thanatos felt the burn in the fullest. He hastily extinguished them with his own and looked at Ryu with poison.

[Impressive flames, young dragon.] → Ignatius

Ignatius nodded in appreciation after feeling the strong heat from the dark flames.

[I-I don’t even know what happened.] → Ryu

Ryu looked with confusion at his own claws then at Ignatius again.

It seems you awakened some kind of dragon trail after becoming a fully-fledged dragon. Congratulation again, young dragon. → Shen

Shen said while feeling some rare emotions in his transformed form.

[These are your personal flames. They represent yourself as a spirit and as a dragon. Dark flames which a painful sting. You made me really curious as for why such flames appeared when you are such a shining soul.] → Ignatius

Ignatius was surprised to see dark flames created by a shining soul like Ryu, dark flames which were normally used by the devils against the evil. Ryu not being a devil, nor an evil spirit, it was quite confusing as for why he was able to use them.

[Ugh, well. I’m confused about it myself- Wait! Ignatius! Behind!] → Shen

Shen tried to react by creating a huge energy beam which he shot it toward Ignatius.

[What?] → Ignatius

Ignatius saw the strong beam and hastily dodged.


Behind him, Thanatos dodged the beam with a strong turn then used his tail to smash it on Ignatius.

[The tail again? That would be the third time!] → Ignatius

Ignatius was angered and used his one hand to block the incoming tail. He enveloped his arm with mana and blocked the tail with success. After that-


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A huge pillar of golden flames shot out and engulfed Thanatos in full.


Thanatos hastily flew outside the pillar of fire, this time being no more enveloped in the shadowy aura.

[What?! He’s unharmed!] → Ryu
[No. His protective Umbra has been destroyed. Us dragons have something like a barrier around our bodies created from the same personal flames that our breath is formed. He just used his and got destroyed by my breath.] → Ignatius

Ignatius explained with a serious face on.

[Damn, dragons really are complicated creatures.] → Ryu
[Boahahah~! You will have a lot to learn, young one. Once we’re done here, I will teach you the way of the dragons.] → Ignatius
[You won’t survive to see tomorrow!] → Thanatos

Thanatos then started to levitate and raise without using his own wings. The clouds and purple lighting gathered around above him into a whirlwind, looking as if a storm was ready to drop onto both of them.

[Perish together with the one you placed your trust into, foolish old dragon!] → Thanatos

Thanatos said with hate and poison. His eyes shone with madness and a ferocious aura was released from his body.  From the sky, lightning struck the ground around them in a chaotic manner, looking as if the end was near once again. A spiral appeared in the sky as a humongous magic circle was suddenly formed by the darkness around Thanatos, focusing the energy inside the middle of it and glowing with a threatening purple light.

[What is happening? It looks as if the sky is falling.] → Ryu

Ryu asked confused.

This is starting to become worrying. Is this perhaps something like an ultimate move? Then let’s do the same. → Shen

Shen then focused all his intentions and above Ryu, the two humongous energy claws formed a black-hole which absorbed the mana from around, gathering it in one place and combining the atoms from the absorbed gas, creating a small nuclear reaction which created earth shattering shockwave which represented the start of star creation.

[He’s absorbing the dark lightning in one point and combines the Yin and Yang of Darkness and Lighting attributes in such a manner to form a lightning which could grow with the speed of light the moment it was released; accumulating it and creating thunder of such destructive power, even us legendary dragons have a hard time blocking it. From that height, the lighting would have enough time to grow as much as a mountain. It would take the form of a cone. We might need to use all we have in this last exchange, young one.] → Ignatius

Ignatius said with a serious elderly voice.

[Lumina] → Ignatius

Ignatius shouted out then his aura radiated all around him. The ground burned so hard it turned into lava and the air around him was vibrating uncontrollably. A golden light enveloped him, appearing even more divine than before.

I don’t know how to create a cool barrier just yet. I should just go with what I have. → Ryu

[Iron Body] [Mana barrier].

Ryu, try to focus the dark flames at your breath. The flames seem to be much stronger than the element of frost you’re using. → Shen

Shen suggested while he controlled the star above him.

Alright. But after this, you’ll have to explain to me why I have as a main element, darkness. You must already know, am I right? → Ryu

Ryu asked with certitude. He knew all too well that Shen would find out almost anything that has to do with mysticism, martial arts or the magic.

Of course, I know but now is not the time. After we get out from here and have more time. → Shen
Alright. → Ryu

Ryu then focused and tried to accumulate the darkness element on his breath.

[Young dragon, this is the final bout! Use all you have!] → Ignatius

Ignatius then focused and touched the ground with the one arm he still had.

All the three dragons focused their powers and at the end, all three of them released their strongest skills at the same time.

[Black Dragon’s Breath!]
[Nucleum Eruptio!]

[Great Nova]
[Upturn Heaven: Jovis Noctem!]

A huge dark fire beam shot out, three times bigger than the normal breath Ryu shot out before.

A gigantic crater with an opening of around 500 meters radius opened right in front of Ignatius and from inside it, magma shot out like a volcano in a catastrophic manner.

A star was formed as big as a Giga-Fireball, growing smaller until it was only 10m then flew toward Thanatos, right beside Ryu’s flames.

From the darkened sky, a ridiculously wide pillar of thunder struck the ground, at first as thick as a tree, then wider and stronger as it reached the ground, until it took the form of a humongous mountain of lighting, covering the entire area with its massive release of lighting.

All three abilities shot out and created a monstrously huge explosion which loudest ever sound to be heard. The fortress atop the mountain was a few days distance from the place Ryu flew to. Even so, the tremor, the blinding light, and the strong shockwave was still felt by them, and quite powerful at that, quaking the mountains and the shockwave breaking some tips of the mountains around.

“Oaah! What the hell?!”
“Hold tight!”
“Barriers! Raise the barriers!”

The shockwave almost sent some of them flying while the rest still felt the shocks and dread by the ridiculous explosion.

“Just what in the world is happening out there?” → Gregor

Gregor looked with a huge frown and worried face.

“Let’s wish our lords are still alive.” → Bernard

Bernard felt his back turn cold. The explosion seemed to be at more than five days distance from where he was now, but the shockwave was still felt even from so far away.

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That’s what one would call a fight between gods… I have a damn long way.

Far away in the North-West, with only two days distance from the place where the three dragons fought, a party of 20 people camped for the night inside a valley surrounded by mountains.

Two people stood guard while the rest were sleeping inside the tents.

“Hey, Yuri. What do you think is the cause of having no waves coming from these parts of the continent? Even though there are still a lot of waves coming from the far West, there are none from the middle North-West, is like a barrier popped up there or something.”

A young girl of around 16 years old asked a young man of 19 years old in boredom. The little girl had pink shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She was of a human species and wielded a hammer. Even though her class was unsuitable for such a small stature, she was still a Destroyer.

“Huh? Ah… I don’t know. I just wish it won’t be something too troublesome. If it would be possible, I would like it if we don’t need to fight. In the end, we’re just going for investigating.” → Yuri

The young man said with a serious and somewhat melancholic face. His short hair was brown, he has freckles on his face and his eyes were blue. He looked pretty average even though he was a player. His face showed an air of modesty and normality, however, his eyes shone with a pearl of deep wisdom. He was of the race human with the class of Soul Seer.

“What are you thinking so hard about? Is it the newly appointed Queen of Victoria? Even though she’s young, don’t even think about having a chance with her. She’s a nobility while you are just an adventurer! Why don’t you try and focus on other girls?”

The little destroyer asked with a blush while sheepishly glancing at the young man.

“Huh? Ah, no. I was just thinking how I should help her… She seems to be extremely troubled lately… I wish I could help her some more.” → Yuri

Yuri said with a sigh then he stared at the sky with a sad smile.

“Uuuhh~! What is there to think about?! Just forget her!”

The girl shouted and threw at him with a stone she just found beside the campfire.

“You idiot!”
“Why should I forget her- Ouch!” → Yuri

The stone hit the head and made him a little bit dizzy.

“What are you doing now? Really, are you trying to kill me?” → Yuri
“Hmph! As if you’ll die from just that much. Idiot…”

The girl pouted and looked away.

“What is it?” → Yuri
“There. What’s with those clouds? And isn’t there purple lightning? Since when was the lightning purple?”

The young girl asked in confusion.

“Hm?” → Yuri

The young man looked perturbed in the distance as his face whitened for a moment.

J-just what in the name of Great Buddha is happening there….?

“That’s no normal lightning…” → Yuri
“For what are you suddenly so serious now?”

The girl asked while rolling her eyes but was ignored by him, the young man being too absorbed by what he was seeing.


She got angered then she heard a thunder-like explosion In the distance.

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