Chapter 27: Unexpected Meeting

His meridians… were completely wrecked…

I couldn’t think straight anymore. The only person that I was able to call ‘Brother’ in this world was crippled and might not be able to recover, ending up staying at a level 1 forever. I had bruises all over the place, one arm was broken, 2 ribs were shattered and I had a huge cut on my back and chest with blood flowing out of the wounds.

Blood was dripping from my mouth and I couldn’t open one eye. Happily, it wasn’t damaged enough to not be used anymore. But for me, all of these were like a drop of water in the ocean in comparison with the pain I felt when I saw Ryu’s state through telepathy.

“Why did he suddenly stop?”

The strongest of the 5 guardians looked at me with alert eyes. The 5 guardians weren’t 5 anymore, but 3. Two grandmasters were already lying down with their meridians burst and blood dripping from their mouths. Isa didn’t kill them but he made sure they’ll never stay in front of me ever again. The other 3 guardians were all pretty bloody with the exception of the one who talked first. He was a middle-aged man with brown hair and green eyes, he was the strongest of them all and he was able to dodge most of my skills, ending with only some bruises. He was the Elementalist that commanded the other four guardians around. While the other two, a Saint and a grandmaster, both of them had at least 2 ribs broken and had enough energy to use only two great spells. The area around me and the 3 guardians was completely flattened. The chain of mountains was unseen while the forest was obliterated, nothing to be seen but an empty Valley with huge boulders.

[Master. There are no more energy resources.]

Isa’s blue shine dimmed down as if he were tired. While fighting, he was dragged inside one of the Elementalist’s strongest spell, [Hell Storm]. A huge Firestorm struck the both of us and he had to use most of his energy to protect me.

“You’ve done well, Isa. Leave everything to me.”

This brat is truly a monster, we can’t let him leave this place alive.

The Green-eyed Saint thought while secretly forming a magic circle. This circle was used to activate his strongest spell. It would create a black hole which would absorb anything in its area.

The weird fireball was terrifying. Good thing Old Abram stopped him while he was creating it, injuring him heavily but sacrificing himself in the end…

The Saint looked at one old man from the ground. His skin was burnt black but he was still alive. Just when he wanted to activate his spell…

[Mana Deviation]

I whispered an order which resounded like thunder.

“ What?!”


The magic circle suddenly exploded, taking the right arm of the Saint together with it.

W-what happened?! What kind of ridiculous magic is this?

When the Saint looked at me, he felt his body turn to stone. At that moment, the 3 guardians froze in place. They started shaking and felt an unimaginable oppression. My eyes were completely dark and where the pupil should’ve been, two little stars were shining. I looked at them and opened my mouth.

[Think without thinking, feel without feeling, reach complete emptiness and be everything. Nothingness is the universe while the universe is everything. I’m empty, hence I’m everything. Last chapter-first paragraph, One with the Universe].

My voice boomed. I was in a trance and couldn’t control the words coming out from my mouth. Every word shook the mana around, making me look scorching hot but with no flames.

“W-what is that…”

“I think we should retreat. This thing is nothing we can face alone. We need reinforcement!”


When the 3 guardians wanted to turn around and fly away, a sudden sucking force grabbed them towards me. It was the grabbing move from the ‘Tian’ set, [Heavenly Pull]. I commanded again when I hit in front with my palm, making the breaking move from the ‘Tian’ set, [Space Shattering]. Unlike the first time, the hit broke the space itself, forming cracks in front like I just broke a 3 dimensional globe of glass.




The 3 guardians were pulled right inside the affected space, injuring them not only physically but spiritually at the same time. Making their circulations run chaotically inside their bodies with blood flowing from their mouth.

Gah, huff huff….damn, if we don’t leave fast, we’ll really die here!”

The grandmaster felt despair for the first time in 300 years of his life.

[Don’t move.]

Every word was law. The moment I finished talking, their bodies stopped moving. I got closer and prepared 3 spears. They had a ghastly-grayish green color. Even though the spears looked as if they would disappear at any moment, the aura emitted by them gave off a devastating and chaotic feeling of dread. These spears once implanted in someone, their very soul would shatter, making them unable to go on the road of rebirth- no, being unable to even exist, ending up completely erased. The spears were made by one of the primordial elements, unknown by this world.

They were made unconsciously, I just thought of [Erase Everything]. The spears were literally ‘Deleting Spears’, destroying everything in front and leaving nothing behind, going against the laws of the universe.

The 3 guardians were thunderstruck when they felt the destructive aura. Even though they didn’t know what those spears were, they had a premonition which told them that their very existence is put in danger.

“This is worse than any kind of torture…”

The guardians trembled and started to sweat uncontrollably. They had the feeling of complete nothingness, disappearing from the law of rebirth and the universe. This kind of ‘death’ brought them on the edge of despair, starting trembling and looking at me with begging eyes. I rose my hand and all the 3 spears locked on their target. Right before I wanted to launch them, I heard an urgent voice.

Shen! Stop! → ???

I heard a familiar voice then a powerful soul wave struck my heart. I lowered my hand, the 3 spears disappeared while the 3 guardians kneeled on the ground, completely dispirited, with their breaths rough. I looked at them with neutral eyes.


It’s all I said to them. I couldn’t bother in crippling their cultivation. I only wanted to lay down and sleep. Too bad I couldn’t do that. I made Isa enter my inventory, being an object, I was able to insert him in one of my inventory slots, then I flew toward Snow village. My eyes came back to normal while my mind was in chaos.

…I’m really indebted to you, Sylvia. → Shen

I said through telepathy. I was terrified of what I almost did. Destroying the materialistic body of the soul is a wrong way of doing things but doesn’t go against the rules of heavens. While destroying the soul is the same as going against the Laws of the Universe and spitting on God himself. Such a sin is unforgivable even for God. My soul would’ve been exiled from this universe to enter one of the worlds made by the other elements that are worse than Hell. Being locked inside an immortal body and tormented by the irregularities of the universe created by those untalented elements, without the possibilities to grow as a spirit, feeling only pain and insanity. That’s what one would call a fate worse than death. At these thoughts, I felt my heart turn cold from fright. Sylvia didn’t just saved my life, but also my everything.

You don’t have to be indebted to me, Shen. We are already one and I told you to not be afraid of losing control because I’m always there at your side. → Sylvia

Sylvia’s heart pulsated with feelings making my chest feel the warmth.

…I understand. → Shen

I couldn’t say anything at this show of affection. It was really my first time when I had to deal with such a woman.

Giggle stop being so nervous. Aren’t I already yours? Why are you agitated about? → Syliva

… No reason… → Shen

I couldn’t say is because of me trying my hardest to control myself. While in a mental connection, if I dared to think of something unreasonable, the thoughts would’ve been sent toward the other person as well. And me being extremely tired while listening to Sylvia’s beautiful voice, God knows what kind of amazing thoughts would’ve appeared out of nowhere.

I should enchant my flying speed with the element of wind. Hmmm, I could as well absorb the energies around me and focus them under me to create a little platform so I could continuously activate [Wave Step]… → Shen

I started to think for myself about ways to arrive faster, ignoring anything related to her… or about the feminine body in general.

“We finally arrived!” → George

He exclaimed after going down from the ship.

The ship was barely sailing, looking wrecked beyond repair. Just as everyone got down from the ship, it started sinking with a crying sound of


“Thank you for your services, you may rest in peace now.” → Ronald

Ronald prayed for a few seconds, then looked around the city.

“Why is so cold here! Argh! Let’s search for an inn and warm ourselves inside a bath, yes?” → Marina

Marina was trembling from the cold air, even though she could control the element of fire, there wasn’t much of it in this Nordic point.

“Hm? Why are you so happy, Sylvia? Something good happened?” → Lissa

Lissa saw Sylvia’s wide smile and asked with a  grin.

“Nothing~.” → Syliva

She walked in front while humming a little song.

Even though it wasn’t that far from Shen’s Valley where the temperature was around 15 grades, in Snow Village was sub 0 and even lower at night because of the Nordic winds, hitting right in this village. The no-name village close to where Shen was summoned, was surrounded by mountains, not letting the cold air go beyond them.

While we were looking around and searched for an inn, I suddenly heard someone calling for me:

“Ryu…?” → ???

It was a familiar voice which made me freeze in place. I turned around slowly and couldn’t believe my eyes:

“B-Bonny…?” → Ryu

I looked at the gorgeous woman who said my name from the back. She had big purple eyes, long blonde hair and a voluptuous body. Her height was pretty close to mine and she was a dragoon.

“Ryu is you!” → Bonny

She started tearing up while running towards me, jumping in my arms.

“I’m finally able to see you. Oh, Ryu! I have so much to tell you about! The true reason why I left you, please give me some time to explain myself! I don’t wish to be hated by you.” → Bonny

Bonny started crying in my arms while I wasn’t able to say a word. I only stood there like a wooden plank, looking at the beauty crying in my arms with a complicated gaze. She always had a strong personality but no one knew how weak her heart actually was.

…I never expected to see her here…I don’t know if is good or bad… → Ryu

My heart ached and I barely controlled myself to not get away from her painful embrace.

“R-Ryu? Do you know this person?” → Ronald

Ronald was dumbfounded by this scene, he didn’t know what to say or how to react. He could only ask with a  stupid look on his face.

“Yeah…she’s…a friend from Earth and in-game, we used to play almost every day but…things happened and we weren’t able to do so anymore…” → Ryu

I unconsciously talked in a sad voice with a forced smile.

“I couldn’t play anymore because I had to sell the computer…Ryu… I’ll tell you everything later, but please trust me when I’m saying, I never planned to leave you like that!” → Bonny

Bonny looked at me with pleading eyes, how can a man be mad after seeing such sad and beautiful eyes?

“I…I believe you, Bonny. L-let’s talk about this later…? Yes?” My heart throbbed at the memory from more than two years ago. I tried to change the subject because everyone started to look at us with complicated gazes.

Seeing the pain from my eyes made Bonny react by caressing my cheeks. Feeling her cold yet warm palm made my heart skip a beat and my body trembled. I really didn’t know what to do. I saw behind her 2 children looking at us with sparkling eyes. This view made me embarrassed so I got away from her while asking.

“Excuse me, Bonny? Are they with you?” → Ryu

I asked while looking at the two kids who were holding hands.

“Yes, they are Melinda and Theodore. Master told us to get here and wait for his old friend and his group. I couldn’t ask for more information because an army of mercenaries and crazy players started invading my master’s place. He remained behind while we ran away…” → Bonny

While describing what happened at the White Mountain Valley, tears started forming in the kids’ eyes and worry was present on her face. I felt like I heard this story before, then an idea struck me like lightning.

“W-wait a second! Is your master named Shen?” → Ryu

What a damn coincidence! That Shen actually took my friend as a disciple! Ahahaha~ the world is really small, even if you bring us in another one, the strings of fate are still staying strong. → Ryu

“Y-yes! How did you know?” → Bonny

Bonny and the other 2 kids were astonished.

“Don’t tell me…the ‘old friend’ Shen told us about…was it you?!” → Bonny

“Hahaha~ it seems so. Well, we are not friends for such a long time, only one year. But it feels like we know each other for ages already hahaha~.” → Ryu

Sigh…That Shen…really likes to keep us in the dark.”

Bonny felt suddenly very tired, but she was equally happy at the thoughts of me being the  ‘old friend’ of Shen.

This coincidence made the preparations for the future much easier… or maybe only more complicated.

“So? You two are also Shen’s disciples? What else did he teach you guys? He must’ve given you some epic skills!” → Ronald

Ronald was almost drooling at the thoughts of having more skills and spells to use against his enemies.

“Control yourself, Ronald. Look at you interrogating these two children, are you not embarrassed?” → Marina

Marina whacked his head with an embarrassed face.

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“Ouch! Come on! Are you not curious about who Shen is? Don’t you want to know what kind of guy he is? I wish he’s a friendly person…well, he did gave us these skills for free so he ought to be friendly, right?” → Ronald

Ronald felt embarrassed for asking such a stupid question.

“Yeah. I’m curious too.” → Gregor

Gregor and Lissa also showed some interest in their conversation.

“He seemed like a nice person, giving these two brats free skills just like that, I was truly shocked by his kindness.” → Lissa

“Master is really kind! He wishes to create a school and teach everyone who wishes to learn from him the way of the martial arts and magic! He said he wants to help the others to find their own DAO.” → Melinda

Melinda was talking about Shen with sparks in her eyes. She felt indebted to him for taking her in, helping her get stronger and letting her live a carefree life.

“DAO? And he wishes to help everyone to find their own? Isn’t that really hard?! How would he do that?” → Lissa

DAO means literally ‘One’s way in life’ or ‘The Road’, and finding ‘The road’ for another person means finding someone else’s destiny and what they should do in life. Doing so, one person would need awareness comparable to gods. A normal person won’t be able to find his DAO in a lifetime, let alone the idea of finding someone else’s.

“Master is truly able to find others DAO. He already found mine.” → Theodore

Theodore was proud of Shen and couldn’t help boasting about his master.

“Oh~? And which is that?” → Lissa

“Sorry, can’t tell.” → Theodore

Theo shook his head. Shen told him not to talk about his goals or it might not happen anymore.

“You little brat.” → Lissa

Lissa grabbed his cheeks and pulled, making Theo have a funny face.

“Awawaw~! Sthap!” → Theodore

After she let go, Theo felt his cheeks numb and red.

She’s a devil! → Theodore

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his eyes wettened but he tried to not cry anymore.

“Hahaha~ didn’t expect for you to be tricked by a child.” → Gregor

Gregor laughed while looking at Lissa how she pouted.

“Hmph…” → Lissa

“Hahaha~” → Gregor

While laughing, Gregor caressed her head, making her feel better. Even though she was taller than him with half the head, she didn’t mind being patted by him. After that, he grabbed her hand and said to the others.

“Seeing how our group became bigger, why don’t we find an inn in which to stay together?” → Gregor

“Ah, we are already staying inside an inn, I’ll show you the way.” → Bonny

Bonny got in front with me in two. It seems she had a lot to talk about.

Bonny showed us an inn with enough rooms for everyone to stay in. She already had a room alone while Theo and Melinda occupied one room together. For 2 kids, staying together wasn’t such a big deal. I, Gregor and Ronald bought a room while Lissa and Marina bought another. Sylvia said she wanted to take a separate one because she wished to go to sleep early. For some reasons, I felt like there is more than that but I tried to ignore her suspicious behavior.

So Shen might come tonight or tomorrow. Hehe~ have a good night, brother~. → Ryu

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