Chapter 28: A Magical Night (Part 1)

In that night, everyone finally had some time to relax.

“All right. Let’s go to sleep, today was a damn tiring day…” → Gregor

In the room with me, Gregor and Ronald, Gregor closed the lights and prepared to go to bed.

“…Um. I think I’ll go to the bathroom first. Don’t wait for me, I’m not yet that sleepy.” → Ryu

I said while thinking about Bonny. I was way too curious about why she left like that at that time. After we ate we didn’t even have the possibility of being alone to talk about the past.

Two and half years ago, the two of us were hanging out just as friends while I always saw her more than just ‘friends’. After our friendly date, I walked her home and confessed right in front of her house. She was so surprised she wasn’t able to say a word. Of course, I was prepared for the worst case scenario of being rejected, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought, she’ll tell me

I’ll tell you my answer tomorrow. For now, please let me make some orders in my heart → Bonny

Then on the next day to hear she moved out of the city, together with her, taking my heart unfulfilled.

After she left, all the messages I sent to her were unanswered and inside the game, I never again saw her online. I started having all kinds of negative thoughts about the idea of ‘love’. I started dating whatever woman wanted to go out with me then leave them for another without even looking back at them. They weren’t serious women so why should I be? Until I talked with Shen and he told me

…I know what you feel. I also had someone I loved but they never answered to my feelings. At first, I thought that love is a poison, killing us slowly from inside and clouding our minds… However, our wishes of possession are the true poison, while love is just another feeling you have for another living being. The saying ‘if you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if not then it was never meant to be’ is the definition of love, man… Loving someone doesn’t mean to keep them as close as possible, but is to support them from the back, without putting shackles on them, being able to give your all and wishing for their happiness without waiting for something back. This is… what love is.

But what about her? She left without even giving a proper answer… if only she answered me back then… → Ryu

Then all you can do is wait. → Shen

For what?! → Ryu

For a sign… either for her to come back, or for you to find another love. Nothing is set in stone and there will always be someone for everyone… → Shen


Saying all that with such a sad tone. How old are you, really? → Ryu

I felt a little bit amused. Shen having such a broad mind for only a 19 years old is ridiculous and funny at the same time.

How can you have no girlfriend and at the same time be so knowledgeable? Were you living under a rock or something?. → Ryu

“Good luck, Ryu.” → Gregor

He smiled at me then prepared for sleep.

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“…Yeah, thank you.” → Ryu

I searched for Bonny’s room and knocked on the door, then I entered after hearing ‘come in’ from the inside.

“Ryu, you came.” → Bonny

She smiled at me while walking toward me. She wore a blue night-dress and her hair was caught at the back in a ponytail.

“…Yeah” → Ryu

I couldn’t focus on my words, she was truly beautiful in front of the window where the Moon’s rays were illuminating the room, making her curves more visible and more beautiful the more I looked.

“…D-don’t stare like that…come in and sit down.” → Bonny

She started blushing after feeling my hot gaze over her body, then she showed me a chair right in front of her.

I sat down there and looked down. I didn’t know what to say. My feelings were so complicated that I almost got dizzy. My heart started beating faster, making some of my wounds ache. After the fight with the Kraken, all my body sustained quite the amount of damage, making me bandaged all over the place.
Seeing me wounded and fidgeting like this, made her feel a slight pain in her heart.

“How did you ended up so wounded? I can see with my [Soul Eyes] that even your circulatory systems have been damaged.” → Bonny

Feeling her worry for me made my heart warm up and relax.

“Well…some things happened.” → Ryu

I smiled bitterly and told her what happened on our way here.

“Y-you big idiot! Why would you do such a dangerous thing?! What if you died and then I wouldn’t be able to see you ever again?!” → Bonny

Bonny got so scared at the thoughts of me dying, she almost started crying while hitting me lightly. She grabbed my hands and started shaking. She looked at me with reddish eyes and shouted.

“Never! In your entire life, from now on, should you do such a dangerous thing! Understood?!” → Bonny

Her request was ridiculous.

What if something similar would happen again? Should I let everyone die?!

Of course, I wasn’t able to ask such a thing out loud after seeing her teary eyes. I simply agreed with a slight nod and sighed.

“I understand… please don’t cry. Seeing your face filled with sadness gives me only sorrows.” → Ryu

I started cleaning the tears from her cheeks with my bandaged hand.
She looked at me with big eyes then started sobbing.

“Why are you so nice to me…? Even though I left just like that without giving you an answer back then…” → Bonny

Bonny had guilt accumulating in her heart and felt like choking. She couldn’t bring herself to look into my eyes, still full of feelings for her.

“I…was truly pained at that time…” → Ryu

When I said this, she started trembling. She lowered her head from mine and waited for a bunch of insults. Insults that didn’t come until the end.

“I couldn’t feel love for another woman…I felt like you left with my heart and together with it, the only feelings of happiness I still had in my life… At one point I was worried about not being able to love ever again because I couldn’t forget about you.” → Ryu

The more I talked, the more sorrow and guilt was formed inside Bonny’s heart. She couldn’t forgive herself, let alone the idea of being forgiven by another.

“But then I understood that… love is not about having someone for yourself, is just about helping and supporting them with whatever they need, using all your powers, without waiting for something in exchange… A dear friend taught me that.” → Ryu

When Bonny heard these words she looked up and saw my face with a big smile and eyes full of affection.

“Seeing how you came back to me, can you please tell me your answer? If you wish to be together with me just because of guilt then I’ll get up and leave. I don’t blame you for anything that happened and I don’t need to hear your reasons any longer. Now that I saw you, I was finally able to understand my feelings, so let me say this again. Bonny, I love you with all my heart. Would you let me be your support in life?” → Ryu

I didn’t ask if she wanted to be with me or to be mine, I only asked if I can be her support. If she would let me help her with whatever I can to make her feel happy.
Bonny was dazed by my words. She never in her wildest dreams would’ve she thought that I would ask for such a thing. She was dazed for some time when I opened my mouth again.

“If you still can’t give me an answer then I’ll give you all the time you need. I’ll go to bed now-“ → Ryu

But before I could get up from my seat, Bonny grabbed my arm with shaking hands and shouted.

“Don’t!… Please don’t leave yet, and what do you mean by ‘more time’? Even I know how ridiculous is to wait for more than 2 years!” → Bonny

Bonny started crying for me. I got closer and caressed her head. She looked up into my eyes and I saw only pain and guilt.

“Before I give you the answer… you said you wish to support me… does that mean you don’t want to be with me anymore?” → Bonny

Bonny asked while grabbing my T-shirt. It seems she misunderstood something.

Is she thinking I don’t love her the same way as before? → Ryu

I thought with a wry smile, then I opened my mouth.

“Of course I still wish to be with you. My love only grew in these two years.” → Ryu

Seeing the sincerity into my eyes, she extended her arm to my face and touched my cheek. I could still feel her trembling through her touch. She then lowered my face to hers and gave me a light kiss on the lips.

“From the first time we’ve met…I fell in love with you… but I never had the courage to tell you my feelings, thinking we might not be able to see each other again if I did so. I got so scared that I hid my feelings for you until now. The day you confessed to me made me so surprised and so happy, I couldn’t give you an answer right away, fearing I might make some kind of silly mistake, then have you hate me instead… Never, in my wildest dreams had I thought that, right the next day, my dad would get a call from which he found out we obtained another house and we had to leave. We had to move fast because the one in which we were living was already rented to someone else. We moved outside the country and I couldn’t call you because we sold everything so we could afford the house in which we had to live… Everything moved so fast, I wasn’t able to process how we ended up almost broke just because of a new home. After 2 years my parents finally got a better salary while I started a job myself. I got enough money to buy a phone so I could call you… But at that time I was afraid of what you’ll say. I was afraid of you blaming me for leaving like that and starting hating me. I was so afraid that I couldn’t even sleep at night, not daring to call, even though I had the possibility… After that, we brought a computer. I was thinking of entering the game we played before and see if by chance I might be able to meet you. I was thinking maybe you already deleted me from the friend-list and I wanted to see if we could restart our relationship again… When I finally got the courage to reenter the game, I suddenly got a mail and then found myself in this new world… I cursed the mail that made me lose the chance I had to talk with you again… And now I should thank it for giving me the possibility to meet with you face to face like this…” → Bonny

Her story was really incredible, but at this point, she had already no reason to lie to me and I also had no reason to be suspicious either. What mattered for me was being able to be with her again.

“I told you, I don’t care about the reasons you left 2 years ago, anymore. And about what you did just now, I shall take it as a ‘yes’, right~?” → Ryu

I grabbed her waist and lifted her from the chair, right into my arms.

“Yes, I also wish to be with you, Ryu. I’ll never leave your side ever again.” → Bonny

Bonny felt my warmth which made her more comfortable. She looked up at my face and kissed me again, this time with more courage.

I kissed back and our mouths were completely sealed. I pushed her on the bed and had our hands interconnected. I started kissing her neck while she let out light sounds. Her voice sounded so cute and melodic, I was close to losing control over myself. My hands moved on their own under her nightdress while I would kiss her on the neck, then lower toward her chest. My heart started to beat faster and my head became more blurry. I felt hot below my stomach and my mind started to darken. I suddenly stopped. I found out something wasn’t right with me.

“Ryu…? What happened?” → Bonny

Bonny felt quite disappointed by the sudden stop, but soon she observed that my eyes were unfocused. She started worrying and used [Soul Eyes]. She saw inside me dark little snakes coming from below the dantian which touched my heart and mind.

“R-Ryu! What kind of skill is that ‘Dragonic Materialization’? You have a lot of residual energies inside of you. If you don’t take it out fast, you won’t be able to recover!” → Bonny

“Haha~ I’m sorry Bonny. Can I ask you to use [Purification] on me, please? The only one who can do it is Sylvia, but she’s sleeping right now. It seems she wasn’t able to see the impurities inside me because she used all her energy in creating that mental barrier.” → Ryu

After making that barrier, Sylvia had to sit down and recover. When someone approached her, she twitched as if she didn’t even saw them; becoming aware of their presence only after being called out.

That was quite weird. At one point, it was as if she wasn’t able to see in front of her. → Ryu

“I’ll do it. Show me your back and relax. After that, you won’t have to go back to your dorm. You can sleep here until you’re better.” → Bonny

Bonny looked at me with affection. I was able to see her eyes becoming slits like those of a true dragon.

Oh my. This normally happens when the dragoons are excited, either from fighting or from… having a good time with someone else. → Ryu

My forehead was already sweating.
After she purified my soul, we got to sleep. Even though she didn’t really like the idea, she was understanding enough to see that I was in no way able to do anything with such injuries. While I was sleeping, she kissed my lips, embraced my hand and fell asleep on my chest. That was the most relaxing night I ever had.


After seeing Ryu leave the room, Gregor looked through the window. Outside, he saw Lissa gazing at the blue and huge full moon on the terrace. Without thinking too much, he left the room and walked outside to see what she was doing.

“Can’t sleep?” → Gregor

Gregor asked Lissa while staying beside her and looking at the beautiful moon. Because the mana field around this planet was so strong, the moon appeared blue, exactly because energy had as a main color ‘blue’.

“Huh?” → Gregor

Lissa was surprised by Gregor’s voice. She wasn’t able to feel his presence in time.

Just like a stealthy cat. → Lissa

“I was just remembering about my home… how come you’re here?” → Bonny
“I just saw you and thought of keeping you some company.” → Gregor

Gregor answered with an always-serious face while staring at the moon.

“…Are you not curious about my past? You know nothing of me while you told me all about you… how come you trust me so much?” → Lissa

Lissa asked while looking down. She wasn’t herself at the moment and her always in slits eyes were now more human-like than before.
Gregor looked at her from the tail of the eye and said.

“What I learned from Earth about women is that: They are really strong but at the same time really weak… which makes them one hell of a complicated creature.” → Gregor

“What are you trying to say more exactly?” → Lissa

“You still don’t get it? I meant to say that if you have something to hide and you don’t have enough courage to tell me, then there is no problem in that. I understand. Besides, you have no obligations to tell me and I have no need to know, either.” → Gregor

Gregor turned around and looked at Lissa with his tiger-like eyes.

“…You mean you’re not interested in my past?” → Lissa

Lissa was a little bit hurt by Gregor’s words and looked at him intently.

“Not one bit.” → Gregor

He said plainly then turned again toward the moon.

“Wah-?! Fine! Then I don’t care about you either!-Kyah!” → Lissa

She got angry at his direct answer and wanted to turn around and leave. However, Gregor pulled her by the arm, which made her lose balance and fall. He caught her in a princess-carry style and looked in her red, surprised eyes.

“I never said I don’t care about you, I said I don’t care about what you did before or from what kind of family you’re coming. What I care about is you from present and you from the future. The past is the past and I don’t know if it would help me knowing it anyway. What I learned from these brats is that I need to listen more to my heart. And my heart keeps on screaming for you. You pushed my back when I fell in despair numerous times now, while all I did was to depend on you. I promise from now own I won’t be the only one supported. We’ll change roles between the supporter and the one being supported from now on. Even though I have no idea about relationships, I’ll change this and be a worthy man for you. Till then, I ask you to keep up with me for a little longer. After my body matures and I get enough power and money to support both of us, let’s get married.” → Gregor

As an adult, the idea of a relationship would climb to the level of marriage. There is no ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ for adults, but only ‘wife’ and ‘husband’.

Lissa looked at Gregor’s serious face with big, surprised eyes for a while, then she started laughing uncontrollably. Gregor was dumbfounded by her reaction and couldn’t understand what she was thinking. Did he say something wrong just now?

“Ahahahaha~!” → Lissa

“W-what happened? If you’re assuming that I’m joking, then I’ll beg you to rethink it again. I’m as serious as I can be!” → Gregor

Gregor was a little bit irritated. He thought that Lissa didn’t take his confession seriously. Now that he thought about it more seriously, It was truly a ridiculous and embarrassing confession.

“O-oy…uhm…never-mind what I just said, okay? It was just some wild thoughts of an old man, don’t mind it- mpfh!?“ → Gregor

But before he could say any more, his lips were sealed by Lissa’s. The sudden kiss made Gregor lose balance and fall backward with Lissa over him.
Her eyes returned to being only in slits like those of a dragon and at the same time, a little bit demonic.

“You really suck when it comes to love, you know that? Giggle I don’t take your words as a joke. I was just surprised and shocked by the sudden confession. I never thought of you as someone who would think about stuff like ‘love’ and ‘marriage’. You really surprised me~.” → Lissa

Lissa had a strong blush on her face while her eyes were alive and sparkling. She radiated with energy and her heartbeat was racing.

Cough… I told you I have no experience when it comes to relationships…” → Gregor

Gregor was so embarrassed, his face reddened and he wanted to hide inside a hole. He wished to get up but Lissa pushed him back down.

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“Where are you going~? Trying to be the charming knight and then suddenly run away? I won’t let you.” → Lissa

She held his hands down while closing the distance between their faces. For some reasons, Gregor could see her horns being bigger than usual, making her look like a true devilish woman.
The two of them were lying one on top of the other on the terrace, their lips completely sealed. After kissing like this for one minute, Gregor’s eyes became wilder. He pushed her down and started kissing her neck while going down to her chest, Gregor then almost ripped the black dress Lissa was wearing when she suddenly pushed him away.
After getting his senses back, Gregor recalled his actions and couldn’t help feeling guilty.

“I-I’m really sorry! I lost myself there…” → Gregor

I really can’t control this body yet. To hell with these animalistic instincts. → Gregor

Gregor was afraid of even looking at Lissa in the eyes, he thought that she might hate him for what he just did when she suddenly said.

“I know, is because of your beast-like instincts, right? I understand.” → Lissa

Lissa smiled while she arranged her dress.

“You do?” → Gregor

Gregor looked up and saw Lissa’s blushing face with happiness shining in her eyes; inside of them, a fire was burning.

“Yes! Besides, however much I would like it to do it with you, even here in the open, it won’t go too well with their education, don’t you think~?” → Lissa

Lissa pointed at 2 windows from the first floor. Inside the two rooms, there were Melinda and Theodore, while in the other room where Ronald and Marina.

After seeing Gregor getting out, Ronald looked curiously outside the window. Marina searched for Lissa but Ronald grabbed her in his room to look at them together.

Theodore was a demonic being and when it was full moon he felt more alive, wishing to bathe in the light, while Melinda loved to look at the pretty moon together with Theo. The 2 groups noticed them together and couldn’t look away when they saw them starting kissing each-other with such a fervor in the open.

“Ugh…Y-yeah… let’s return… I better control myself until this body matures some more. I can’t embarrass myself in front of you like this again.” → Gregor

“Fufufu~ don’t make me wait for too long, all right ~?” → Gregor

Lissa grabbed his hand and walked together with him inside the inn.

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