Chapter 44: Becoming one

“Wait, what? What’s she’s defending?!”

Ryu felt urgent and woke up from his trance instantly.

The chains and handcuffs were still on him when he tried to move out of the room.


Ryu roared while flexing all his muscles, then the chains immediately broke while the handcuffs became dust from the pressure.


Ryu then rushed outside the room, not minding the ridiculous power he just showed. He ran on the decks, forgetting that even Isa who was supposed to guard him, wasn’t around.

When he arrived on the decks, he finally saw Bonny sitting there- no, she was levitating above the ship, with a huge Sun that was burning the 5 ships in front of theirs while emanating only warmth on the two ships they commanded.

“You smelly pirates! You dare to gang up against us on exactly this special day! See how I’ll turn you all to ashes!” → Bonny

Bonny boomed then sent the huge Sun on top of the 5 pirate ships.

Isa looked at this image with a neutral face. He didn’t need to do anything while the other golems, together with Gregor and Kenaz3KenazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"torch\" and \"vision\". Appearance: Looks like a < and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone. had the exact same faces.

Special day…? Is it because Ryu is finally done with his test? → Gregor

While the golems starred with neutral eyes and anyone else looked with amazement or confusion, the pirates panicked from the ridiculous welcome they received.

“Eek~! It’s burning!”

“Wooah! Run! The fire will turn us into burning rats!”

“Swim captain! Swim!”

“Who had the bloody idea of attacking cruise ships?! I’ll murder him if we survive!”

The pirates had enough time to jump in the water and swim away from the 5 ships, right before the sun reached them. Later they looked back and saw how the Sun crashed on the ships, making them explode and turn into ashes. Happily for them, nobody died, but their only way to get back to the shore was with some little boats that got full in seconds, with the pirates still fighting over a seat inside them.


Everyone looked with wide-open eyes and mouths.

What is this girl so angry for? → Ryu

Even Ryu looked with his mouth and eyes wide open. Only after Bonny landed daintily like a feather, Ryu finally closed his mouth.

“You finally finished!” → Bonny

After seeing Ryu, Bonny’s cold eyes shone full of happiness, as if the blood-lust from before was just a mirage. She ran in Ryu’s arms and hugged him tightly, not minding the surroundings or anything else.

Haah~ I missed this feeling~.” → Bonny

She then started caressing his back and rubbed her face on his chest. She started to feel more and more relaxed, forgetting she was on the decks, under the view of everyone there.

“Eh? Uhm…B-Bonny…?” → Ryu

Ryu felt really embarrassed by the meaningful gazes that we’re shot his way. He hugged Bonny back and caressed her hair nevertheless.

Well, at least everything is done and finished. → Ryu

Suddenly in his head, an ancient and old voice boomed.

[I give thee mine congratulations… Thy memories arst free of now… Let me tell thee such: the consequences of such cultivation arst transforming slowly into a true dragon. Thee might be able to transform in human-form, but thy essence will be that of a mighty Dragon. Don’t let the Sin’s which destroyed this beautiful race get a hold of your heart, dragonized mortal. Mine wish is for thy good luck in the future…]

The Voice then disappeared and the presence Ryu felt around him for the past week suddenly vanished.

Phew~… I finally passed this… → Ryu

Cough Now that everything is done for… can we continue our route and start planning? Or does Sir Ryu  wish to postpone it for tomorrow?” → Lion-man Leader

The lion beast-man interjected while the 2 of them were still hugging each other.

“Aww~ couldn’t you just let them in their world? Why must you interfere?” → Fox-Spirit Leader

The fox spirit woman was pouting at the Lion for stopping such a beautiful moment.

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The Beast-man was dumbfounded, he didn’t even know what to say after being scolded by the fox-woman.

So now is my fault? → Lion-man Leader

“Hahaha~ Sorry, you two. We’ll go somewhere else. And, Second Leader, please postpone it for tomorrow. Tonight I need to finish a promise I made a while back.” → Ryu

Ryu said with an evil smile and bewitching eyes while looking at Bonny who was in his arms.

“Ah…” → Bonny

After hearing his words and seeing his eyes, Bonny reddened and hid her face in his chest, too embarrassed to look at anyone.
The Lion leader didn’t know what to say once again.

Bt the Gods, these young masters and mistress! So full of energy and all that.–> Lion-man Leader

“Very well… We’ll start our meeting with the 5 leaders tomorrow in the morning…” → Lion-man Leader

“Thank you~.” → Ryu

Ryu then carried Bonny in his arms like a princess and entered inside the ship, walking toward Bonny’s room.

“I said so yesterday, didn’t I~? I’ll make you feel the best you ever felt in your life.” → Ryu

Ryu whispered in Bonny’s ear making her tremble and breathe a little bit faster and rougher.

“You…You’re horrible!” → Bonny

She whispered back with a red face while pulling his shirt then whispered again, this time barely audible.

“But… I don’t know what to do…” → Bonny

“Hahaha~ no need to worry. I’ll take the lead.” → Ryu

After they entered the room, Ryu locked the door and laid her gently on the bed.

Bonny was wearing at that moment a long red dress mulled on the body, showing her perfect curves with a good portion of her chest. The huge breasts were going up and down from her rough breath, while she started feeling hot all over. Ryu was at her feet, taking her shoes off and caressing her beautiful legs. After he finished in taking her shoes off, he got atop her and caressed her hips while looking at her like a wolf at his own prey. She had a sweet smell of marmalade, making Ryu have a hard time to keep his composure, the sweetness awakening his inner beast even more than before.

“S-stop starring like that… it makes me feel weird…” → Bonny

Bonny covered her chest and looked away from Ryu’s face. She started fidgeting nervously from Ryu’s burning gaze. She didn’t know what Ryu wanted to do to her, but she wished he’ll just start already without teasing her any longer.

Uuuuhh~ making me feel so weird…I heard he was with other girls before… Has he also did such things with them too…? → Bonny

When her thoughts reached this conclusion, she started to feel a little bit dispirited and saddened, until Ryu understood exactly what she was thinking by reading her expression.

“You’ll be my first time, you know~?” → Ryu

Ryu opened his mouth, saying what Bonny always wished to hear.

“I never got too far with other girls, not because they didn’t want to, but because they weren’t you. Every time I was close on ‘doing it’ with one of them, your image would suddenly pop up in my head, not making me able to go any further.” → Ryu

Bonny looked with wide open eyes at Ryu. She couldn’t believe that the one she held dear so much, was actually feeling the same way as her but showed such a cool temper all the time.

“Is it true?” → Bonny

She looked with sparkles in her eyes and a red face at him. She then warped her arms around his neck, continuing to look in his eyes, not wishing to miss a glint from his gaze.

“Is true. However experienced I might look, I’m still new in this. So please forgive any unpleasantness I might cause.” → Ryu

While talking, Ryu was caressing and touching her slender and soft waist, making Bonny tremble at his every move.

“However, I will still try to make you feel the best by following my instincts.” → Ryu

Ryu’s instincts always helped him when it came to body movements. Be it dancing, martial arts or manual works, simply by following his instincts, he would be able to show passable results just by the first try. And now, just by following Bonny’s reactions, he could understand which part was more sensible and stimulant, caressing, fondling and even kissing parts which would make her moan and twitch from pleasure.

“Ugh…” → Bonny

Because of the Dragoon’s body, her senses were incredibly sensible at that moment. She felt Ryu’s hand going from her waist to her neck then to her cheeks, feeling a current following his touch everywhere his hand was going. She closed her eyes, too embarrassed to even look at him as she understood what was coming.

Ryu got closer and wanted to kiss her when:

Yo Ryu! How’s Bonny?! → Shen

I contacted him through telepathy and shouted out, making his thoughts spin for a second.

…Shen… you have the worst. Timing. Ever… → Ryu

Ryu said with some irritation in his voice.

Huh?! I heard about how Bonny fought alone against 5 pirate ships! How can I not be worried? She’s one of my disciples, you know? → Shen

See through my eyes and tell me yourself… → Ryu

Ryu said while feeling his temples throb.

Huh? Oh~ she’s-…..I’ll create a barrier around your mind so nobody can interrupt you again, goodnight. → Shen

Through Ryu’s eyes, I saw Bonny with closed eyes and an embarrassed face, as if she was waiting for something. I understood what happened instantly and tried to leave without waiting for an answer.

Thanks… → Ryu

After getting rid of me, Ryu wished to continue but Bonny opened her eyes.

“Ryu…? What happened?” → Bonny

She looked at Ryu with confused eyes, not understanding why he stopped.

“Ah…Sorry, I spaced out while looking at your beautiful appearance.” → Ryu

At this masterful and skillful answer, Bonny blushed even more and grabbed him by the collar, bringing him closer to her face.

“Uuuh~… you really love teasing me, don’t you? Well then, hmmm~.” → Bonny

She suddenly kissed him on the mouth while using her tongue, releasing all her frustration through the wild kiss.

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Ryu was surprised at first then he hastily recalled his composure and continued from where he left.

He kissed back and moved his hands lower to her breasts, grabbing and fondling them gently. Feeling the softness in his hand and how they sucked his hands in even though he touched them gently while smelling her sweet fragrance, made Ryu’s mental barrier almost collapse.

Bonny trembled at the feeling of being fondled but she let him do as he pleased, becoming weaker and weaker at his every touch.

“Hang~!” → Bonny

She started moaning after Ryu inserted his hand inside the dress and continued fondling her directly.

He kissed her neck and raised her leg, starting caressing her beautiful hips and buttocks. Bonny grabbed Ryu even tighter, bringing him completely on top of her. Feeling his body’s warmth together with his heart beating vigorously for her, she felt as if being engulfed by a wave of pleasure and desire.

While caressing her legs, Ryu started kissing even lower and got to her collarbone then chest, then finally he kissed the beautifully tanned and plump breasts. Bonny started trembling even more with some tears falling from her eyes. Her breath became rougher while trying to keep in moans of pleasure. At this sight, Ryu smiled and asked playfully:

“Are you afraid?”

He got close to her face and kissed the tear that was slowly falling, feeling a wish to dominate and control.

Wow~ even I am surprised about myself, am I a sadist and I never knew? I feel like teasing her until morning~. → Ryu

“Mhm…” → Bonny

Bonny nodded her head slowly, she was indeed afraid because it was her first time, but she’d rather get over her fears than end it now.

“Do you wish for me to stop~?” → Ryu

Ryu asked while grinning, his eyes like those of a predator.

Seeing his eyes, Bonny shivered but she didn’t want to stop. She shook her head and then she gently pushed him down, now sitting on top of him with a disheveled hair falling over her face in a sensual manner while breathing heavily.

“Stop bullying me… you know I don’t like it…” → Bonny

She said while hugging him from the top.

“Hmm~ sorry, sorry. I couldn’t stop myself, should we start for real?” → Ryu

Ryu caressed her hair and whispered in her ear, making her tremble again.
She couldn’t say anything so she rose from atop him and started undressing. She took off the dress, remaining only in her black underwear.
At such a sight, Ryu was completely dazed. She looked like a goddess, or better said, like a devil because of the horns from her forehead, seemingly incredibly sensual and devilish. Her breasts going up and down from her rough breathing, while the perfect curves of her hips and waists giving out an even more alluring image. The feeling of having her plump and soft buttocks atop his sensible zone together with such a priceless view in front of him made Ryu unable to keep a cool head any longer.

“Huh?…!” → Bonny

Being on top of Ryu, she felt something hit her bottom from underneath. When she looked, she saw something rising from inside Ryu’s pants and pocking her gently. She looked back at him and saw Ryu completely red in the face. Seeing the normally composed and cool Ryu react in such a way because of her, made Bonny feel more confident in herself.

“Fufu~ the bully becomes the bullied~? I got you now.” → Bonny

She got closer to his face while ripping the buttons from his shirt in a calm manner, going with her finger through every button.

“Ugh…” → Ryu

This time Ryu was the one who started to blush while feeling hot. His lower part continued to rub on Bonny’s butt, making him dizzy and more embarrassed.

Argh. She got me good… I shouldn’t have stopped at that time. Then let’s do this. → Ryu

Ryu reached out and started fondling her plump buttocks with firm hands. This only made his reaction more evident, but he was already too engrossed into the amazing feeling, to understand that such an attack actually backfired on his consciousness.

“Hyah~?!” → Bonny

Bonny moaned out loud at the unexpected attack, feeling currents go up her spine at the rough and sensual touch.

The two of them then started teasing each other some more, until they felt like losing reason.

Haah~ haah~…”

Ryu and Bonny breathed heavily while their minds were completely blank. Both of them were red in the face while Bonny laid down atop Ryu, hugging him tightly almost completely naked.

Mmm~.” → Bonny

Ryu then started touching Bonny on the more private parts, making her tremble and moan. She felt electric currents every time Ryu’s hand moved.

“Ugh…” → Ryu

She then grabbed back at him, making him breathe faster and let his own instincts take over.

Ryu then reversed their positions, pushing her down and putting himself atop her body.

“I can’t hold on any more…” → Ryu

Ryu then got closer and french-kissed her with desire, sealing their mouth then releasing her lips but without losing contact with her tongue.

“Mmh~.” → Bonny

Bonny suddenly felt how something was pulling her underwear down. She trembled until she felt something hard touching her.


She felt something hot entering her, feeling pain and pleasure at the same time.

“A bit gentler, please.” → Bonny

Tears were running down her blushing face, still unable to believe that she was doing such things with the one she loved since the first year of High School. She felt bliss and a slight sadness, thinking that this might actually just be a more realistic dream.

“Yes…” → Ryu

Ryu continued in a gentler manner, making Bonny moan louder the more they did it.

Happily for the others, the room had sound-proof magic on it, making Bonny’s loud moans, inaudible for the neighborhoods. However much she tried to not let out any sounds, her mouth wouldn’t listen while Ryu continued to kiss her neck and nib her ears.


“Shen? What happened? Why are you so red in the face?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked me with a confused look.

After I saw Bonny’s appearance, I knew what awaited to happen, making me a little bit redder in the face.

“Ah… nothing… I just tried to contact Ryu at a bad moment.” → Shen

Damn that Ryu… Now I can’t look properly at Sylvia either! → Shen

“Hmm? Then, how is Bonny? Is she alright?” → Sylvia

“Well… I think right about now, she’s doing great…” → Shen

I reddened again after remembering her excited face, smiling a little bit helpless.

These two are… going fast after not seeing each other for more than two years. → Shen

“… Ah.” → Sylvia

After thinking more about what I said and seeing my face becoming redder and redder, Sylvia understood what I meant by ‘doing great’.

“Hm~ then let’s not worry about them anymore now.” → Sylvia

She said with a meaningful smile while walking beside me towards my room.

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