Chapter 43: Wrath’s Questions

“You trash… Then just die!” → Pride

Pride then kicked him in the stomach, breaking another two ribs and spitting out more blood while flying backward.

“For this, see how I’ll kill everyone you hold dear after I take over your body. Her name was Bonny, right? I’ll ravage her body until she won’t be able to move, then I’ll kill her slowly while doing her. I’ll let you see and feel everything so you could also taste some pleasure hahaha~!” → Pride

Pride laughed with an evil smile on his face while taking ground-shattering step after step towards Ryu. After all, he was a demonic element, taking such a blow to his pride after torturing Ryu for so long and still not getting what he wanted, was truly a shame he couldn’t wash away so easily.

I’ll make you suffer for the shame you gave me! → Pride

When Ryu heard what Pride wanted to do after he’ll get his body, he slowly rose from the ground, ignoring completely the excruciating pain. His wounds closed fast and his broken bones we’re reattaching themselves.

[Ahahahaha! You choose the wrong human to mess with, brother!]

A strong and fierce voice boomed in the mind-space Ryu created. It was echoing everywhere and no one could tell from where it resounded.

[He’s my contractor! Like Hell I’ll let you take him away from me! Now get lost, INSECT!]

“ROAR!” → Ryu

A dragon-like roar boomed from Ryu’s mouth, shaking the entire mental space and leaping right at Pride with full force. Every mental limit has been broken by the sudden rage and fury, letting Ryu use powers exceeding his mental strength and completely shattering the ground inside the mental-space after only one step.

“Hmph! You think a beast with no brain can touch me?” → Pride

Pride dodged to the left and wanted to stab his hand through Ryu’s abdomen but-

“What?! How did you-!” → Pride

The hand he wanted to rise and use as a spear was already severed.

Ryu stood tall and looked at pride with ice-cold and bloodshot eyes. In his right hand, he was holding Pride’s arm which was still bleeding profoundly. He simply threw it backward, then leaped right back at Pride.

“You dare- Argh!” → Pride

Ryu then pushed Pride down by grabbing his head and banging it on the ground with massive power. Boulders rose from the ground at every impact and huge clouds of dust rose in the air.

Ryu smashed Pride’s head on the ground with his all force more than 10 times, making from his head a bloody pulp. Ryu wasn’t satisfied with only this so he used [Seismic Step], smashing every part of his body, transforming Pride’s mental body in meat-paste. Afterward, he jumped high in the air and focused his entire mana and chi on his right fist. He combined [Godly Fist] with the aura of Mountain Set then releasing more than 100.000 mana in one go, creating a new and ridiculously powerful new skill.

[Heaven’s Fall]

From up above, right atop Pride’s flattened body, Ryu fell like an asteroid, first creating a devastating shockwave all around the area, afterward forming a gigantic crater and sending flying blocks of boulders of proportions between two to even five floors. Clouds of dust rose in the air as if a volcano just erupted and released its ashes to the outside.

“…” → Ryu

He stood tall in the middle of all the disaster with his right arm missing while being bloody all over. From the sky, boulders and rocks were still falling, while from everywhere around, the same ethereal and evil voice boomed again.

[Good, GOOD! Well done. You are indeed my contractor. I won’t need to fight you but I’ll love some sparring!]

The voice sounded mad, overbearing and powerful, making anyone who heard it, know that you’ll rather not mess with the one talking.


Ryu regained some sanity after he killed Pride. When he got into a fit of rage, his powers exploded, feeling like he used Dragonic Materialization.

“The power I’ve shown just now… Was it because of you?”

[We’ll talk tomorrow. When is my turn, I’ll be able to form a mental body and talk as much as is needed. Also, maybe we’ll fight a little bit too. You might learn how to fight against stronger opponents!]

“…See you tomorrow then.”

Ryu said with a cold voice and small grin then returned to reality. The chains were mostly broken. The handcuffs were shattered and the walls were cracked, being able to see in the other rooms.

I have no time for such games. Pride was a mistake which I won’t repeat a second time.

Ryu then felt his blood boil and his excitement grow. A wide smile appeared on his face while a burning fire shone in his eyes.

Whoever you are, come and let’s dance. I will always welcome a new source of excitement!

Ryu clenched his fists, while In his eyes, the fire of fury was burning. His dark smile was just a reflection of his inner frustration that he wished to vent in combat.

“Ryu…?” → Bonny

Bonny then entered the room. The moment she opened the door, it fell apart from being pushed. Beside her, Isa stood as the guard, unmoving, trying to cool down the temperature from around with his own cool aura. Ryu’s fury not only burned inside his soul but also around him, making the temperature feel like the middle of summer. After seeing how things looked and how Ryu was in a bad mood, Bonny came closer and patted his head.

“You still have the same temper, don’t you…?” → bonny

Bonny smiled with affection while gently playing with his long and soft hair.

She knew Ryu the best and every time he saw his temper spike, she couldn’t help but reminiscence the old times they had together.

When she was still in high school, she would regularly get bullied by her girl classmates who felt jealous of her. She had a beautiful appearance with a nice and fit build, but her personality was that of a weak and sensible girl. While the girls bullied her, the boys tried to take advantage of her, sometimes even assault her.  When they were younger, the ones who bullied her were later beaten black and blue by Ryu. Be them, girls or boys, he’ll show no mercy and won’t step back even against larger numbers. At first, Bonny was scared of him, but after knowing him better, she started feeling more comfortable around him. Later did she found out that she fell for him from the very beginning.

Their first meeting was a dangerous and bloody one. Bonny was almost raped by an adult when she was only 16 years old. Ryu, who was simply returning from the dojo together with some of his colleagues, was able to hear a slightly muffled sound as if someone was trying to talk with their mouth covered. Out of curiosity, he took a turn and entered through the blocks, only to see a girl locked down by a crazed faced middle aged man who was ripping her clothes with brute force. Without even thinking, he shot out running with an iron pipe he found around and started beating the bastard till his friends stopped him, else he would’ve killed the man without even caring. After that day, Ryu was alone. His only best friend, who was also his brother, died from a heart disease while his father died from an accident. His mother had to work overseas for a better pay while he would live alone in a big house. All his friends were afraid of his temper, only some more aggressive girls tried to get his attention, seeing Ryu as one of those ‘bad boys’. He would always beat down whoever tried to start a fight with him while smiling, feeling the excitement that helped him forged from the pain only through fighting. He always tried to use the physical pain as a way to forget about the cries of his heart, welcoming troubles after troubles and even searching for them himself. He would constantly get away from any woman or girl with ulterior motives, turning his heart into an iron ball with needles and walking alone from school and back home with an apathetic face. The only person who still stood beside him was Bonny, helping him study and taking care of him when he was injured or hungry. She always tried to help him with all she had while he always protected her from all and everything. While he was protecting her from the external dangers, she would take care of his damaged heart and darkened mind.

Feeling the warm hands and seeing the beautiful smile, Ryu’s heart relaxed and smiled back.

“You really are the brightest light in my heart, Bonny. I would’ve been lost without you.” → Ryu

“What a sweet tongue you have there~.” → Bonny

Bonny reddened and giggled after hearing him, then reached out and kissed his lips slowly.

“One more day, right? Is there something I can do for you?” → Bonny

Bonny asked with a little frustration of not being able to help some more. Calming his heart by constantly visiting and making him forget the pain is the only thing she could think of.

“No…This is my fight and I need to finish it on my own. But you don’t need to worry, I’ll pass this stupid test then restart making the plans for the kingdom.” → Ryu

“Hmmm….” → Bonny

Bonny pouted a little bit dejected and at the same time, a little bit dissatisfied by Ryu’s goals after finishing his test.

“Are you just going to make plans after finishing the test…?”

Bonny gazed at him with a letdown face, as if wishing something from him but being too embarrassed to say it. She’ll show such a side only to Ryu, normally putting up a strong front.

“Ah…” → Ryu

After seeing her cute face, Ryu wanted to hug her tightly but he forgot he was still chained up. He then laughed bitterly and continued.

“Ahaha~…To be honest, I really wish to feel you in my arms again, but I’ll need more patience for that. Don’t worry~ after I’m out of here, I’ll make sure to make you feel the best you ever felt in your life.” → Ryu

Ryu looked at Bonny with naughty eyes while studying her entire body from up to down, making her feel extremely embarrassed, covering herself up.

“T-that would have to wait! You’re really perverted sometimes, you know?!” → Bonny

Bonny said with some irritation in her voice. She turned around and wanted to leave when she heard Ryu’s quiet and saddened voice.

“What… Leaving without giving a goodbye-kiss…?” → Ryu


She stopped then turned back around, walked toward Ryu with quick steps then gave him a hot and lustful kiss to remember. Erotic sounds and moans resounded inside the room, then afterward they barely had any breath in them, remaining red in the face with steam coming out from their mouths.

“I wish you’re happy now!”

Her eyes were completely like those of a dragon while her red cheeks made her look even more devilish. Even though she tried to look angered, her shining and happy eyes said completely otherwise.

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“Haha~ the happiest! I love you~.” → Ryu

Ryu laughed at the sight of such an excited Bonny and couldn’t help himself to also feel hot all over.

Did she just get aroused after I glared at her? Or was it from the kiss? Then I’m not the only one restless here. → Ryu

Ryu smiled while licking his lips, wishing to take a bite.

“Uuuuh~… I’m leaving!” → Bonny

Bonny left with red ears. From her tanned body, one should be hard pressed to observe her blush, but right now it was extremely visible, even her eyes were wet like she almost started to cry. Of course, the reason is not sadness. After getting out from the room, she ran until the next corner of the corridor then rested her back on the wall. With a red face, she remembered the wild and uncontrollable way she assaulted Ryu’s lips from just a moment before.

Waaa! What’s wrong with me?! Since when have I become so aggressive?! Uuuuhh~… I wonder if he thinks I’m an easy woman now…

She then remembered Ryu’s words when he said: “after I’m out of here, I’ll make sure to make you feel the best you ever felt in your life”. Her face burned up again while her heart was beating wildly, feeling more and more desire inside her chest. She already knew this was because of the Dragoon’s physiognomy, but she still couldn’t control it all that well yet. And at this moment, she really didn’t feel like doing so either.

Uuuuh~… Why is the time passing so hard lately!?

After Bonny left, Ryu got back on thinking about the conversation he had with Wrath just now.

“Contractor?… I can’t recall making a contract or even having any connections with something like mental demons before this… what was he talking about?” → Ryu

After thinking on his own, he hears a voice in his mind.

It seems I’m not the only contractor with demonic elements. → Shen

S-Shen?! → Ryu

Ryu got surprised to hear my voice, especially with such an imposing tone and powerful aura.

Who else? Anyway, about the contract, It seems we’re both pretty lucky. If we had to fight the last sin, we would’ve been possessed and lose all rationality. Being contractors was for the best right now. → Shen

I said while ignoring Ryu’s surprise.

Wait, wait, wait… Please explain it briefly, what is a contractor? What do you mean we won’t have to fight? And why do I feel like your aura changed? → Ryu

Calm down, I’ll explain everything. All you need to do is just listen and ask what you don’t understand  → Ryu

I started explaining to Ryu what happened to me then he asked me another series of questions

What?! You mean I asked for Wrath’s help when I was in spirit form? And that demonic element that entered you… Are you being possessed by Pride? → Ryu

Not possessed, but accepted. You know the saying, “One can’t fight against the current, but can control where it would bring them”? I did exactly that. I’ll use Pride when I need and control it when is not necessary. All in all is a “use-and-be-used” kind of connection, which I advise you to do the same with Wrath. → Shen

I said with an indifferent voice, making Ryu a little bit shocked at the sudden change.

Okay… I’ll see how things will go, thanks for telling me. → Ryu

No need for thanks. And let me say one more thing, the Sin will give you a test, is not that hard and you only need to answer with your heart. Don’t use something like logic, it won’t work. Sins go after the negative feelings of the heart so that’s exactly what you need to do. Forget about common sense and answer the first thing that comes to your mind. → Shen

I continued while giving some more advises then I closed the conversation.

“Haah… He became so overbearing… That brat! See if I won’t teach him how to behave properly!” → Ryu

Ryu got a little bit irritated by my way of talking, but he still understood the main idea.

A test? Why do we have a test within a test? I wish this one won’t be too long. → Ryu


The next day, Ryu got forcefully absorbed in his own mind, not having enough time to even wake up.

“Ugh! What the-?!”

The first thing he saw after opening his eyes, was another him but with red eyes, grinning at him while he emanated a dark-red aura everywhere around him.

“…Wrath. It seems we need to talk.”

[Indeed, we’ll talk. But we’ll fight at the same time! ROAR!]

After saying that, he jumped at Ryu and started letting out a series of punches.


 Ryu blocked the fists by crossing his arms in a guard position.

Oy, oy, oy. didn’t you say only talking? What’s up with the sudden turn of events? Hah?!*

Ryu couldn’t hold a grin and punched back, making Wrath take 3 steps back.

[Grrrr~ Good! You finally feel like playing! I said we’ll talk while fighting, didn’t I? Now, what is your first question? HA!]

After asking, he leaped in the air and fell knee-first where Ryu was a moment ago before side-stepping.

The concrete got shattered and only dust was in the air.

“Very well! First question!”

While talking, he kicked in front and pushed Wrath back 2m. He felt like laughing from the excitement. He forgot since when he could go all out without worrying about scarring the ones around him.

“Why have I done a contract with you?”

While asking, Ryu leaped at Wrath and punched hard in front, forming a shockwave from the pressure.

[Hahahaha! Nice punch!]

Wrath punched in front, meeting fist to fist.

Both of them were pushed back for 10m and a shockwave shattered the ground under them.

[You are a wanderer, going from a planet to another, from a world to another, searching new understandings and knowledge. But one day, while wandering in the universe made by ‘Darkness’, you got infected by my brother, ‘Fear’! Hahaha! You tried to get past your fear by reincarnating and creating all kinds of painful and hateful destinies, but it was all for nothing, you just ran away like a dog with his tail between his legs! In one life, you even left your wife in the hands of bandits because you feared death! Not even love was able to help you there! HOW DESPICABLE! HOW DISGUSTING! I was completely and utterly disappointed when I first saw the memories of your past lives. Later, you came to me! Asking for the ‘raging fire’ which can melt ‘the ice of terror’! What can be better than this?! I gave you the ‘fire’ with open arms and used it to devour your fears and terrors. After numerous reincarnations, you learned how to control the rage inside you. But at first! Ahahaha! In one life you almost became a Shura! Killing and massacring everything around you! It was the best!]

Ryu was completely thunderstruck by the information he just got.

I expected for a good answer but… this is more detailed than I thought… However, why is he here if I made a contract with him?

“So your reason to talk with me is…?”

[First. I want to see if you can still control the rage inside and If you know how to use it. The second is to fight you! Of course!]

Wrath jumped and punched towards him, while Ryu blocked with his palm then punched back, having his punch blocked the same way. Both of them had their hands locked by the other.

[My first question. Betrayal! What will you do when your close ones betray you!?]

Ryu released one hand then punched with an uppercut, sending Wrath flying 5m back

What’s this? Psychological questions?

“Simple. If the reason is not strong enough to convince me, then death would be the price.”

Ryu answered with cold eyes, thinking that no one should ever stay with him in the first place if they will go against him at one point.


Wrath leaped back at Ryu then kicked hard, sending Ryu sliding on the ground with blood in his mouth.

[Second! A superior power will trouble you. What’s your response?]

Ryu gets up and then uses [sliding step] combined with [Godly fist], making a hole in Wrath’s stomach. He locked eyes with him and said coldly.

“I’ll fight with all I have. If they are more powerful, then I’ll only have to become stronger.”

Ryu said with a sinister smile.

[Chough Nice! Now, the last question!]

Wrath grabbed Ryu’s arm, clenched so hard that he broke it, then he took it out from his stomach while looking at Ryu with a grin.

[What would you do if the one you love leaves you! Or even betrays you! How would you react?!]

Wrath then punched hard in front, breaking Ryu’s chest-bone while sending him flying for 10m, falling while crashing on the concrete.


Ryu looked at the dark sky then said with a calm and tranquil voice. His insane smile and fighting spirit vanished like smoke.

“If she wants to leave me, then I won’t stop her… is her own life. I can’t control her life for my own needs now, can I?”

Ryu got up and made a peaceful smile at Wrath.

“And if she betrays me… Well, she knows better. Maybe I did something that betrayed her trust in me, making her hate me, or she simply got possessed by her own evil feelings. Whatever the reason, what needs to happen will happen, because that’s what I asked for, when I was a spirit up there, right?”

Ryu asked while pointing at the sky. He remembered when I told him about how every soul chooses his own destiny to get rid of Karma.

If she’ll really do that one day… then that means I made a huge mistake in my past or present life…

Ryu looked with some sadness at the idea of being betrayed by Bonny.

[you’ll kill the friend which betrays you, but you’ll let your loved one go?]

Wrath asked in confusion.

“I have no hard feelings for anyone besides Bonny, so I can kill anyone but her. As for my best friend, Shen won’t betray me because, at the moment, I’m only a pawn on his game. He might not see me like this but in reality, while he’s like an open book, he is at the same time untouchable. Shen is an oddity that would use all and everything for his own benefit, separating the world not as ‘good and bad’, but as ‘useful and useless’. He is someone who surpassed the normal human feelings and reasoning for a long time it seems. His world and point of view are different to anyone around him.”

[If you know all of that, then why are you still friends with such a bastard?]

“First of all, is not necessarily wrong what he’s doing. Second of all, I’m still with him to be sure he’s not falling for his demons.”

[Are you talking about that devil?]

So there was really something possessing him.

Ryu sighed. He wished it was just his imagination. Lately, he was able to feel from me something that wasn’t like myself. The moments when I was in a fit of fury, my aura would suddenly change and rare killing intent would surface out of nowhere. All of this made Ryu confused as to what happened, so the only thing he could think of was that my mental demons were becoming stronger. If this happened, he knew very well that I might lose control over myself and turn against the races in a matter of seconds.

“Be it a devil or his own dark thoughts. The moment he falls into the abyss, I’ll be the first to end his sufferings.”

His eyes were like those of a dragon. Resolution and killing intent gushed out all around his body.

[Boahahaha~! GOOD! Rather than letting him fall into sin, you’re thinking of ending his sufferings the moment he shows signs of insanity, aye? Very well!]

Wrath laughed amused, then looked in another direction and smiled with his usual ferocity.

[It seems you still can control the ‘fire’ inside you. Very well, you passed my test! Now wake up and give your girl a reward! She was defending the ship on her own while you were playing with me! Hahahahaha!]

While laughing, he dissipated in a dark smoke which slowly entered Ryu, turning the essence of Wrath into power.

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