Chapter 45: Moment Of Weakness (Part 1)

“Yeah… Anyway, let’s leave these two love-birds alone and start writing down what we’ll have to teach the little ones. They’ll need to learn how to read and write even on Eihwaz.” → Shen

I tried to change the subject after hearing the meaningful tone Sylvia just made. I was an expert at a lot of things but love wasn’t between them. I never had anyone for me, and most of the people around me either had fake faces or annoyed me, making my character pretty blunt and crude.

Now that I think about it… is really a wonder how Sylvia fell for me. → Shen

I started thinking about it with a huge question mark over my head.

Oh well, love is blind and unforeseeable. You can’t choose whom to love. → Shen

We entered my room quietly and started opening the books. while I was writing the alphabet, I suddenly froze.

W-what is this?! → Shen

The words I was writing weren’t from my world. They looked a little bit like the old Slavic writing from Earth and I was writing them so naturally, feeling like I was simply writing the normal and familiar alphabet.

Now that I think about it… I and Ryu are from 2 different parts of Europe. We were able to interact before because we talked in English… But now… how can we understand each other so well when I’m talking my own language? Wait… why I haven’t thought of this up till now?! → Shen

I felt like an idiot. I had so many things on my mind that I completely overlooked this, finding out only when I was writing these books for the children.

“Shen? What happened?” → Sylvia

Sylvia observed my sudden stop of movements.

“…Sylvia… What language are we talking?” → Shen

I asked a really stupid question, but I had to understand what was happening with us players.

“What language? Is the Sario’s language, of course. Why do you ask?” → Sylvia
“Sario?! Isn’t this planet named Sario? Why is there a language named after it?” → Shen

“Because everyone on this planet speaks this language…? Ah!” → Sylvia

Suddenly, Sylvia looked like she understood something.

“Sorry! I forgot you’re from another world. Indeed, the language we speak is named Sario, the same is the writing. The moment a child is born into this world, he’ll be covered in a golden aura, making him able to speak and understand this language from the very beginning. You could call it a ‘blessing’.” → Sylvia

“I see… so that was the golden hue around everyone when we got teleported into this world… So that means even the writing I knew of, transformed into the Sario writing without even feeling any difference. How weird…” → Shen

I started remembering the moment we got into this world and how I was able to talk with Old Shu like it was normal, even though I was in another world and I was talking in my own tongue.

“In your world are there more languages?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked while looking at me curiously.

“Of course, there are so many that it’s already a bother… They tried to make a universal language but there are still more people not knowing it than those who know it. Overall, is a true pain to talk with a friend from outside your country.” → Shen

I said while continuing to write the books, not giving Sylvia a glance.

“Oohh~ that seems interesting.” → Sylvia

“Sounds interesting but once you live in that world… you’ll only find difficulty in communication…” → Shen

I said while spacing out for a second then getting back to work.

“Anyway, seeing how I know the writing and language, I can teach others without much of a problem. That’s for the best, then.” → Shen

“…” → Sylvia

Sylvia stared at me for a while then she continued on writing down. After it was late at night, Sylvia stopped and asked me.

“Hey Shen… Let’s sleep.” → Sylvia

“Hm? Oh, is that late already, all right. I’ll walk you to your room.” → Shen

I gathered everything and wanted to get up when Sylvia grabbed my hand.

“It’s alright, I’ll sleep here.” → Sylvia

She said while looking down, hiding her blush from me.

“…Okay then, I’ll go out and let you change.” → Shen

But, again, I was pulled back.

“…You really don’t wish to see me, do you? Why are you avoiding me, Shen?” → Sylvia

I felt some pain in her heart while I was completely dumbfounded by her words.

“Avoid you?” → Shen

“Yes. After the test with the sins, you didn’t even look my way… It’s not hate, because I can feel your heart but… if you don’t hate me, then what is it?” → Sylvia

She looked down and her voice became more and more hushed.

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“…Silly girl. Of course I would never hate you, and about me avoiding you, ugh…” → Shen

I patted her head but then I stopped and turned my eyes away from her. I was so embarrassed, I wasn’t able to continue.

“Yes?” → Sylvia

“Well… how can I say it…” → Shen

I covered my face with one hand and said in a hushed tone.

“After the incident with Lust, I started to be too embarrassed to look at you. At first, it was still alright, but now, it became more difficult with time. And now after knowing what Ryu is doing…” → Shen

I felt my face burning and my head started to itch, making me feel more frustrated.

Besides, after my pride reached another level, I started to feel like an idiot every time I looked at her! How can I stay composed around her when I remember that wild moment?! → Shen

“…Huh?” → Sylvia

Embarrassed? Shen? How come? → Sylvia

Sylvia was stunned by the answer, feeling like laughing at that moment. She then made a more dazzling smile while seeming meaningful.

“You mean you can’t look at me because…” → Sylvia
“… Because I suddenly get aroused and my mind goes wild… Damn, that’s it! I go to bed.” → Shen

When I wanted to escape this moment of torture, I was grabbed yet again by Sylvia. My eyes were already like those of a man who waited for his doom when she started talking with a blush on her face and burning gaze.

“…Then~, If we continue from where we stopped, you might be able to look at me normally again, yes~? We still have 2 days till we reach the E frontier while Ryu and Bonny arrive at the W frontier. We might as well cure you of this little disease~ no?” → Sylvia

Her hand gently moved down to my chest, then she pushed me down on the bed while sitting on top. I felt a little bit overwhelmed by what was happening and even more amazed by how easily I left myself be mounted. It seems that a part of me was also screaming for her embrace at this moment, but my pride and morals were still keeping my consciousness stable.

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“Didn’t you said you’re a priest? Are priests supposed to behave like this?” → Shen

I asked with an awkward smile while sweat was forming on my forehead. I felt how the inner fight with my own desires became more and more difficult.

S***! The main problem is that I might harm her because of the wild instincts. When lustful, I find myself quite aggressive… The truth is, I always tried to resist the evil fire. I think if Sylvia weren’t the one to take the effects of Lust in my place, Wrath would’ve been in the third place… Damn it, I need to form a mental barrier again. → Shen

“I see~ So Lissa was right. The most serious ones are actually the wildest~.” → Sylvia

It seems like she was able to read my mind again.

“And about me being a priest, don’t worry. My kind of priests are different from the others. I’m a follower of Hamata, the goddess of true love and harmony. I was taught that once you’re sure about the person you wish to be with for your entire life, then you must also be 100% sure of bearing a child with that person. Starting a family in which you’ll love each-others with a full heart. All I do right now is completely fine and acceptable by my  religion~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia smiled and took off her shoes then stripped my coat.

“Oy! Don’t take a man’s job in asking the woman in marriage, damn it!” → Shen

At that moment I felt like the biggest fool ever…

Haah… I lost my chance… Damn it. → Shen

“M-marriage?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked at me with a shocked and red face.

“Yeah… I wanted to ask you in marriage after we arrived on the Eihwaz continent… but it seems you took away this chance from me…” → Shen

“W-what do you mean?! I just said I decided to be with you for all my life-…ugh.” → Sylvia

She then understood what she said. It seems Sylvia has the habit of speaking her mind when she’s flustered.

“… And you wanted to ask me in marriage, really?” → Sylvia

She then got closer to my face while looking at me with wide-open eyes, like a little girl staring at her parents to buy her favorite doll.

“Ugh…” → Shen

I already started to feel ridiculous now.

“Yeah… if you look in the right pocket of my coat, you’ll see inside there a little box, open it.” → Shen

After seeing her big, silvery eyes staring at me like that, I had to use most of my willpower not to assault her the same way she did to me at that time with lust. While sitting on top of me, Sylvia searched inside my coat, not even thinking of letting me go for a moment. She then found a little black box and when she opened it, she saw inside it a golden ring with inscriptions on it. On the outside, there were some runes while on the inside of it, two lines were spiraling like the DNA, uniting at the ends, forming a spiral inside the ring.

“Woah~!” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked at the meticulously made ring with sparkling eyes and open mouth. She was able to feel the power emanating from it, and with her [Soul Eyes] she observed how energy was constantly circulating through the lines and offered power to the runes. It was a legendary ring which, the more energy is absorbed, the stronger the effects of the runes became.

“I’m happy you like it. I used some gold coins to make it. The runes engraved on it are Nordic runes from my world. I chose for you: power, protection and good fortune. The spiral from the inside is intersected 7 times forming 7 holes. The holes represent the 7 main chakras inside the body. I made it so that the runes get power from the constant circulation of the spiral and at the same time, to have your chakras rotate continuously, making your strength and spiritual power rise every day. I was able to complete it only after I finished the test so the details might look a little bit rushed.” → Shen

I smiled a little bit helpless while observing in shame the few bumps in the molded gold here and there. It might seem like a normal ring, but only I know how much of a headache it gave me until I finished it. The distance between the runes, holes between the runes and the distance between the lines from the spiral. All had to be done perfectly or the end product would be just another ring of gold with nothing more than some nice engraving on it. Such a thing, I couldn’t accept it. However, even though I was still able to create a functional artifact, the slight undulations atop the runes on the ring made me feel like bashing my head on a wall.

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