Chapter 49: Saving A Bio-Weapon

“Good. We’ll take around half an hour with this ship till we get to the 30-kilometer limit. After that, I’ll go and search for one of the fake Gods.“ → Ryu
“The base in which she or he is kept might be pretty well guarded, you must be careful.” → Bonny

Bonny told me with a serious face.

“Of course. I’ll try to use some of the shadow magic the demons taught me.” → Ryu

I said while showing my dark hands. I covered myself in shadows and looked like a ninja from movies.

Giggle I can’t see you taking this seriously.” → Bonny

Bonny smiled at me. I kiss her lips then said.

“I’ll be careful, don’t worry. I’ll return in the morning, maybe even sooner.” → Ryu

After we got 34 kilometers to the shore, I used Dragonic Materialization. 2 black dragon wings materialized in my back, then I flew to the border and started looking around for some kind of base. The Border was full of mountains and there was only one place trough were a huge number of demonic beasts could pass.

The Lion’s Pass, it was a huge split between two iron mountains which was the home of a Huge demonic Lion. The Lion was too old to defend his place, that’s why a lot of demonic beast-waves passed through his home and started attacking the villages from the border. Half a year ago, a Fortress was built right in front of the Pass which was able to stop the demonic waves even since then. Nobody knows how can the fortress defend from such huge waves of demonic beasts, but the soldiers coming from that place say that they fight day and night to protect everyone from the beasts, even though they visit the nearby villages to get drunk and rape young girls, almost all the time, but nobody dares to talk against them.

“Hmph. What trashes. Taking someone else’s merits then using them as excuses to do whatever they wish.” → Ryu

I said with disgust after I questioned a villager. Right now I stopped by in a village which was dangerously close to the borders. I visited a bar and started talking with some drunken people. I was able to take some information from them.

“Now, how should I move? Simply break in? Or sneak inside?” → Ryu

I started to think which way was the most convenient way. Breaking in was the easiest and fastest but they could put the one I need to save against me.

“Having someone with the title of God as my enemy might not be the best idea…Alright. Going sneaky-beaky-like is the only way then~.” → Ryu

I was fully aware that, the moment I get that ‘fake God’ out from that defending line, then thousands of innocents would die because of the wave, this village was no exception.

“Well too bad~, I’m no hero. And to treat someone so poorly then force them to protect your home… they better have a plan B.” → Ryu

I said with a grin. Even though the people of these places were innocents, I had no sympathy. If that God could help me out with my kingdom, then I couldn’t care less of how many people from other kingdoms died.

I searched around the village for some soldiers to steal their clothes and armor.

“There has to be some drunk soldier around here. From what I heard, they fall asleep around the exit of the village almost all the time.” → Ryu

After not even 10 minutes of searching, I found a soldier trying to rape a village girl.

“Finally!” → Ryu

I get behind the idiot who tried to force himself to the poor girl when I smacked his head hard, making him lose consciousness.

“Excuse me miss. I’ll take this idiot with me. May you have a good night~.” → Ryu

I excused myself and left with the soldier on my shoulder, leaving the tearing and shocked woman behind.

I entered a forest then changed my clothes in the ones of the soldier. After that, I threw the idiot in what looked like a trash-hole of the village. I left toward the direction I’ve been told the fortress was located. After around 30 minutes of running, I found the stronghold. It looked like a castle with huge walls and towers made from Black Iron. Around it, there was a barrier and the only way to enter is through the gate. There were a lot of laid-back soldiers who entered and exited however they wished, leaving the huge gate open almost all the time.

“Which idiot is handling this place?” → Ryu

I was completely dumbfounded. Anyone could enter and leave this place as long as they wore the costume of the soldiers from these parts.

… These guys… they are not soldiers… → Ryu

I looked around while walking in like walking inside a park.

”Even bandits are more serious than these guys… All they do is play cards, drink and sleep with women? They are lower than low…” → Ryu

I was completely shocked. Nobody questioned me, no, they didn’t even look my way. Nobody suspected a thing.

”I don’t even need to use shadow magic…” → Ryu

I felt a little bit disappointed. I walked around and the most amazing thing inside the fortress was the middle tower. It was huge and right in the middle of the fortress. I got curious and started climbing while using Shadow Magic to not be caught by anyone.

“I wonder, does it even matter if I use shadow magic with such idiots around? I think even normal villagers have more awareness than these drunkards.” → Ryu

I climbed till I got in front of the window.

”Oho man~, from bad to worse. Now I really wish to blow this s*it-hole up.” → Ryu

I felt like a vein was going to explode in my head. I was incredibly mad at that moment

“Crap. Focus, calm yourself….Let’s try and listen to what that idiotic brat has to say…” → Ryu

Inside the room, a little girl of 15 years of age was sitting down with lifeless eyes. She was a dragoon with white hair, white skin and blue eyes. She was in her underwear and around her neck, a black collar was placed, from her mouth, droll was falling. She looked like she was drugged. Beside her, a handsome young man with the age of 17 was putting his shirt on and started caressing her hair.

“Ah~ My little Tara. I love you so much~ I’m so happy you accepted my feelings~. I’m not ready to go all the way with you yet. But I promise I’ll do so soon, please just wait a little bit more!” → Man

The young man showed a face full of affection and some madness in his eyes. Then he kissed her on his own.

“I’ll have to go now, please wait for a little bit more! After this, I’ll give you the “medicine” so you’ll feel better, alright?” → Man

The little girl named Tara couldn’t respond, but from her spiritless eyes, tears started to flow. The young man saw the tears and seemed extremely hurt by her reaction.

“W-why… Why are you crying?! Is it because I’m no good for you?! DON’T BE SO FULL OF YOURSELF!” → Man


The young man started slapping her and cursing at her.

“YOU THINK YOU’RE BIG SH*T, HA?! Don’t forget I’m the one who took you out from that experimenting laboratory! Or else, you would’ve still been locked inside one of those cages like a lab rat Hehehe~.” → Man

The young man laughed and started to strip.

“You know what? How about I rape you right now? I think I’m fully prepared now~.” → Man

The young man started to strip and when he was about to take his underwear off.


I broke through the window and got right behind the brat.


Before he could scream anymore, I grabbed his mouth and raised him in the air.

“Shut up, trash.” → Ryu

I commanded with a cold voice.

“If you wish to live, you’ll tell me what happened to her and how I can free her from here.” → Ryu

“Mmmph!” → Man

The young man started to look at me with hate and contempt.

“Or you can die here and I’ll search for someone else, your choice.” → Ryu

I said with indifference while I prepared a powerful fist. The door suddenly opened and a bulky man entered with a bored face.

“Sir, please be a little bit quieter. I’m trying to sleep-… Huh?” → Bulky Man

Before he could finish his sentence, I punched out the already prepared fist and made a hole through the man’s heart.

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“Hello and good night~.” → Ryu

I grinned like a devil and dropped the huge man on the floor. The man fell with a loud thud sound while the blood from his chest started to flow out from the hole. A pungent smell of blood permeated the room and my entire right arm was smeared with red blood.

“Oh, silly me. I could’ve used him in your place. He seemed a bit smarter than you.” → Ryu

I shook my hand to get rid of some blood then I smiled at the boy.

“Well, now I think you’ll help me out, right? I’m too lazy to search someone else.” → Ryu

“MMMPH!” → Ryu

The little boy started to panic and then he agreed to help me.

“Good.” → Ryu

I released him and said.

“Say only the answer. If you talk more than what I need, I’ll break your bones.” → Ryu
“Puah! Grr! Who are you!? Why are you interfering in my love- GUAAH! Mpf!” → Man

I broke one of his arms and grabbed his mouth again.

“What I just told you? Say unnecessary things and I’ll break your bones. Scream, and I’ll break your bones, stay quiet at my questions, and I’ll break your bones. Have I been understood this time? Or do I really have to go and grab someone else?” → Ryu

I had not the tiniest bit of mercy for him. I saw him only as a bug which needed to be eradicated. The young man approved with the terms with tears and fear in his eyes.

“Now we’re talking. My first question: what’s up with her?” → Ryu
“…She has been drugged with a “medicine”.” → Man
“What happens if you don’t give her the “medicine”?” → Ryu
“…She’ll get her consciousness back…” → Man
“How much till that happens?” → Ryu
“O-one hour…” → Man
“Is there any penalty if she leaves with me?  Don’t try to lie, I can tell a lie from a mile away. Do so, and your arm will be at your back.”


Yeah sure, I bet he’s bluffing. Man

“T-there are no restriction placed on her.” → Man
“…Then what’s up with that collar?” → Ryu
“ I-It’s to my liking! GUAAHH!” → Man

I broke the same arm, this time from the shoulder, placing it at his back with another 3 cracking sounds.

“I said don’t lie to me. How can I get rid of the collar and make her come with me. This time if you lie, I’ll snap your neck and ask someone else.” → Ryu

I had no time to talk with this trash.

“T-t-the collar is connected to a bomb in her brain. If she’s within 5 kilometers away from the fortress, she’ll live but if she goes more than that, her brain will explode….” → Man
“You sick people… Where is the item? There must be something like the main object which is sending signals around to a distance of 5 kilometers. Where is that object?” → Ryu

The young man looked at me with shock in his eyes. He never thought that I’ll find out about such an item, and so quick at that.

“You take me for a fool? I’m not like the trashes outside. You better show me the place which is sending the signals, or I might as well kill you now and simply search around till I find it.” → Ryu
“Y-yes!” → Man

The young man started to walk around the fortress. Everyone that saw us just gave us a glance then resumed what they were doing.

What trashes! I’ll be sure to kill you all! → Man

The young man felt betrayed by his people. He was barely breathing because of rage and couldn’t move one arm, yet nobody really looked at him or suspected anything.

“Haha~ your men look like brain-dead. You should have picked some villagers instead. At least those have more awareness than these drunk idiots.” → Ryu

I laughed with disdain at the view. We arrived in front of a sealed huge door that was made from black Iron. Some kind of magic-circle for protection was placed on it.

“T-this is the room in which a huge crystal is placed. That’s the source of the signal.” → Man

The brat then looked at me with sincerity.

“I don’t have the key. One from the laboratory in which she was, locked this door, leaving together with the key. I speak the truth!” → Man
“I don’t care if you do.” → Ryu


I punched with all my power, destroying the door and breaking the seal.

After absorbing Wrath I feel like my powers rose again. → Man

I remember I took a peek at my status after the test and I was surprised by the changes.


« General Information »

Name:  Ryu

Sex:  Male

Class:  Spirit Fighter

Primary Element:  Frost

« Skill Points »

Health: 520,000

Mana: 200,000

STR: 407

AGI: 329

DEF: 400

VIT: 500

INT: 319

Avg Attack Power: 1,720 (AP)


Wrath’s Fire (Awoken)
One of the Seven Deadly Sins. Essence used by Gods against Gods.


“Heh. To think I grew so much only because of a test. Lucky me.” → Ryu

I looked at my hand for a second then in front of me. I saw there was a huge crystal as big as me, levitating and spinning. I got close and grabbed the crystal with one hand, lifting it like just another plebe.

“Wah!?” → Ryu

The young man was shocked seeing how easily I broke the door and lifted the more than 2 tons crystal.

“N-no…NO! I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS! If Tara can’t stay with me then she won’t stay with anyone else!” → Man

The young man showed madness in his eyes. From his right pocket, he took out a button with a seal on it.

“I’ll kill her then kill myself! Boahahaha~!” → Ryu

He broke the seal, but right before he could press the button.


I tore his arm apart.


He rolled around on the ground with blood gushing out from his arm.

“What you call ‘love’ I call ‘wish to possess’ combined with ‘madness and stupidity’, but nothing that can be described as ‘love’. You’re just a sick bastard.” → Ryu

I walked to him with the crystal in one hand and the button in the other, then I placed my foot on his head.

“You are no longer needed, die like the trash you are.” → Ryu

I said coldly then…

[Seismic Step]


I transformed his head in meat-paste. I walked back to the room and found the little girl covered in blankets while trembling from fright.


I felt a lot of pity for her.

“It’s alright… I’m here to take you out from this hell.” → Ryu

I said with a calm voice.

Only allowed on


The little girl shock from hearing my voice. She looked my way and with a trembling voice asked.

“R-really…? Y-you wo-won’t drug me?” → Tara

She started sobbing after seeing my eyes. She was able to read pity and warmth inside them.

“I won’t do such a thing. This is the crystal which keeps you alive and this is the button that will detonate that collar around your neck. I closed the flip so it won’t be easily pressed. Come with me to my ship and I’ll have a friend take out that bomb inside you.” → Ryu

I said while presenting her the items in my hand with a serious voice.


She got off the bed and walked in front of me. She looked inside my eyes with her naive look. Seeing her blue and round eyes, I could barely stop some tears from forming in my eyes.

She looks like a little angel, even though she has horns. With such heavenly features and you transform her into a biological weapon…how sick must your mind be? → Ryu

My eyes were full of pain and sadness for her. Seeing all the feeling in my eyes she started crying out loud and hugged me. Having only 15 years of age, she was reaching only under my chest.

“WHAAHHH~” → Tara

She cried out loud, unable to keep her emotions from showing.

“Cry for as much as you need. After you’re done I’ll destroy this rotten place and kill everyone!” → Ryu

I said with some hate in my voice for the ones who resided here.

“NO, NO! I just want to leave from here! Hey, let’s leave from this place, okay? Please?!” → Tara

She looked with desperate eyes at me. She wished for no revenge or such things, she just wanted to get out from this Hell. Even though she was drugged, she was able to see and feel everything, just like when she was awake. She just couldn’t move, feeling paralyzed. While being drugged, Tara was able to feel how she was dirtied by the hands of the young man and she could tell how she was made to fight the wave of beasts from a distance while firing huge amounts of mana-beams. The repeatable circulation of the huge amount of energy burdened her body and made her feel unimaginable pain after one hour of constant fighting.

Seeing her like this, I couldn’t say no. I put the button with care in one pocket and placed the crystal down. I took my coat and placed it over the crying girl who was still only in her underwear.

“I understand, we’ll do as you wish. Come, I’ll carry you on my back until we reach the ship.” → Ryu


I use Dragonic Materialization and create 2 huge black dragon wings on my back.

“Wooah~ Mister dragon?” → Tara

She looked at me with amazement.

“Hahaha~ I can transform into a dragon but I’m still human. This is just some magic.” → Ryu

I carried her on my back and flew away from the hellish fortress with the crystal in my hands. While flying, I get contacted through telepathy by Shen.

Ryu. I got Ashura, how is your part? → Shen
What a coincidence, I just got Tara. Shen, I need your help, she has something like a bomb implanted in her brain. Think you can get rid of it? → Ryu
Does she have high-speed regeneration? → Shen
Regeneration? Let me ask → Ryu

“Miss, do you have something like high-speed regeneration? I need to know so I can plan out what to do with the bombs inside your head.” → Ryu
“Regeneration? I can regenerate mana and energy hundreds of times faster than any living being around, or at least that’s what the ones who made experiments on me, said….” → Tara

She hugged my neck even tighter after remembering the painful memories.

“…I understand.” → Ryu

Shen, she can regenerate mana, but she can’t heal on her own. → Ryu
I see. No problem. When you’re ready, contact me. I’ll try to take out the bomb while healing her with Prana. I’ll need a quiet place, be sure you go into an empty room. → Shen
Understood. → Ryu

After I got on the ship, I asked Bonny to carefully place the crystal somewhere on the ship and prepare a room in which Shen can take out the bomb from inside Tara’s head.

“A bomb?! That’s crazy! Who’ll put bombs inside a child’s head?!” → Bonny

Bonny looked with worry and anxiety at Tara.

“I-I’m alright for now, please don’t worry.” → Tara

After seeing how worried Bonny was for her, she felt warm inside and smiled at her brightly.

“Ah… Poor child…” → Bonny

Bonny hugged Tara tightly then left with the crystal in her arms. Even though it was pretty heavy, she still had absolutely no problems in carrying it.

“I’ll put this in my room just to be sure! Actually, you can do the operation in my room, too. I’ll be sure to cast more sound-proof magic around it.” → Bonny
“Thanks Bonny. “ → Ryu

While Bonny was busy with casting spells around, I tried to contact Shen again. After all the conversations I had through telepathy, I was able to master it, being able to contact Shen without needing to enter the state of ‘selfness’.

Shen, everything is ready. Now we just need you to do your thing. → Ryu

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