Chapter 65: Waking Up (Part 2)

Shen was at first a little bit surprised when he smiled lightly. Right now he was in some comfortable pants with a nightshirt, not needing for him to change. He lifted his legs and placed himself right beside her. Sylvia hugged him, resting her head on his chest while Shen hugged back, resting his chin lightly on her head. They felt the warmth of each other, creating a relaxing moment. Without them knowing, the Kundalini started activating while the connection of hearts started to circulate more energy between them. Because Shen had his body so destroyed, his Kundalini and heart had to absorb more energy from Sylvia than he could pass back. Even so, it was still very effective for both of them.

“Aah~. Shen, what are you doing this time?” → Sylvia

Sylvia felt hot again, looking up at him with embarrassed eyes, trying to be angry.

“I-it’s not intentional. I swear.” → Shen

Shen was surprised as well. He felt his lower chakra spin and absorb the energy, even though it was already quite cracked already.

I think the double cultivation activates itself when our bodies are in full contact… Best. Skill. Ever. → Shen

Shen felt like he got a present from gods with such a discovery, showing a little-perverted face once in a while.

Giggle.” → Sylvia

Sylvia was able to read his aura now even better than before, being able to know what he was thinking.

“You said this is a double-cultivation, right? Will this help to heal your meridians faster?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked while shifting her body on top of him, their faces were now almost touching. Shen was surprised by how aggressive Sylvia was tonight, feeling a little vulnerable because of having no physical power now.

“Ah. It might help but, don’t expect me to cultivate for too long, don’t compare your now almost-great-Saint body to my not even apprentice-level zero-body, yes?” → Shen

Shen said with a somewhat pale face. He had to think of a way to make an even exchange of energies with Sylvia. Even so, he was unable to come up with one.

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“Not a problem~. As long as it’s useful to you, I don’t mind even if I’m at the short end of the stick.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while closing the distance even more, ending up going for a deep kiss right from the start. The mana around started to vibrate and swirl toward them like a whirlpool of energy.

“[Silencing Barrier]” → Shen

Shen entered for a second in the first stage of [One with the Universe], casting a sound-proof barrier around them so they won’t wake up the others. After that, he got up and slowly stripped Sylvia of her night-dress. He slowly massaged her back with his fingers imbued with mana, making her Kundalini activate even more. The lines started to glow with a bright red and blue shine, making her feel hotter and more blissful.

If she’s so offering, what man would I be if I refused now? → Shen

Shen thought while feeling happy for his night dessert right after waking up. He slowly passed his palms atop her bare body, gently touching her meridians with his mana-imbued fingers, rising her sensibility and making her moan from the delicate yet so sensual touch.

“Hang~” → Sylvia

Sylvia moaned and embraced him tighter. Her breath was rougher, her heart was beating faster and her skin started to turn with a shade redder.

“Hah~ more, do more.” → Sylvia

Sylvia felt her muscles sluggish but the chi inside her was circulating a few times faster, feeling her body buzzing and vibrating with energy.

Even though I get a lot of energy from her right now, she gets close to double from around. I think tomorrow she’ll break through Great Saint… I feel so~ left behind. → Shen

“Shen, you too~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia then looked at him with a burning face and kissed him on the lips.

“Hm?!” → Shen

Shen was surprised yet again. He was able to feel some kind of milky substance coming from Sylvia’s mouth, going through his mouth inside his wrecked dantian.

She’s sending her chi inside my dantian to heal it faster? Is this possible? And why through kissing?! → Shen

Shen was confused, he thought it was possible by simply touching the respective chakra then send it like that.

“This way is faster.” → Sylvia

With a red face, Sylvia stopped for a second and explained to him in a few words, then continued right after, not letting him catch his breath.

“I think that if we start I might be able to give you even more of my chi.” → Sylvia

She said with a grin on her face while slowly distancing herself from him to start undressing her own underwear.

“Wouldn’t you lose too much of your energy?” → Shen
“Nope. I might actually get even more~.” → Sylvia

She wasn’t wrong. The equivalent law of energy: the amount you willfully give is the amount you will get back, or maybe even more. Giving so much of her energy to Shen, she’ll be able to generate even more from around her, absorbing it then becoming even stronger.

Shen smiled then said nothing. This time, Sylvia was the one who took the initiative, laying him down and sitting on top of him while unbuttoning his shirt.


Shen was a little bit dazed for a second time now. He never really saw Sylvia’s naked body fully displayed to him like this.

When they did it the first time, the lights were closed and the distance between them was negligible. Right now, her body only in light-blue underwear was bathing in the blue rays of the moon, looking divine and making him gaze at her in a trance. Few strands of sparkling sweat fell down her delicate and smooth white skin, while her chest was waving up and down from the rushing breath. Her white and lightly undulated hair fell in waves over her shoulders, shining with blue light from the moon. With a divine figure and balanced curves, she completely mesmerized the stone-hearted and iron-willed Shen whose pride was comparable to gods.


After she took her shirt off, she saw him staring at her with wide-open eyes, admiring her bare body bathed in the blue rays of the moon.

At first she thought there was something wrong with herself then she was able to see his aura, glowing with a bright beautiful pink and his eyes full of admiration and reverence. Dark Pink meant lust, wish for mating while bright-pink meant pure love, love from the heart. She reddened then asked, still uncertain.

“H-how is it…?” → Sylvia

Shen woke up from his daze, at first confused by the question then understanding what she meant.

“Nothing to say, a beauty beyond words and equal to gods. I’m completely enchanted.” → Shen

Shen shook his head, not knowing what he could say to describe the godly view in front of him.

Sylvia reddened even more then she unhooked her bra and showing two, not too big, not too small, round and white delicate breasts. She held her chest and looked downward toward Shen who was still mesmerized by her divine appearance.

“Shen… Last time I was too dazed by the influx of energy, not being too conscious. This time I’ll ask of you to be gentler, I wish to be awake and conscious of what’s happening. I want to fully feel and to fully understand. Everything.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said while feeling her face burning. Last time she felt like it was a dream, not remembering too much of what happened, just the heavenly feeling of growing stronger and becoming one with Shen.

“Ah. Of course.” → Shen

Shen was still a little bit dazed by her beauty. He gently caressed her neck, making her twitch. He lightly kissed her neck-nape, going downward toward her chest.

“Mph~ Ah~” → Sylvia

Sylvia moaned uncontrollably while biting her finger, trying to be as silent as possible. She felt incredibly embarrassed after every sound she made. When Shen reached to her breasts she let out quite the loud moan, hugging Shen’s head tightly to her chest.

Woah, a sensible spot. → Shen

Shen’s face was burning. He licked and sucked, making Sylvia twitch and tremble.

“Shen… I feel even hotter now…” → Sylvia

Sylvia’s skin became even redder and her breath hotter. She felt like a surplus of energy will escape from her in the same form it did the last time, with a breath of fire.

“I need to release this energy. Shen, lend me your lips.” → Sylvia

She grabbed his face and kissed him just like the last time, this time sending even more chi than before.

Alright. No more playing. If I wait too much again, the fire-breath might appear. The chi she’s sending me is already pretty hot right now. → Shen

Shen thought with his heart beating faster. For a relaxed and always-calm person, such stimulus was already pretty intense for him. Shen then closed his eyes and started to feel the Kundalini reacting. He felt how, the more connection he had with Sylvia, the stronger it became.

“Sylvia, we’re going to start for real now… Please no more fire-breaths, alright?” → Shen

Shen was sure that, if Sylvia couldn’t control herself like last time, he’ll really get burned to death. Not having any spiritual power now was the worst thing he could ask for.

“O-of course! I’m completely awake this time.”  → Sylvia

Sylvia said while feeling a little guilty. Shen then spun his root-chakra and slowly connected with Sylvia, this time fully knowing what he had to do.

Her breath quickened while he tried not to get overwhelmed by Lust. While continuing the cultivation, Shen’s mind slowly cleaned up, completely feeling the rushing energy, nourishing their bodies and helping them grow stronger. However, Sylvia was still burning with desire, embracing Shen tighter while marking his neck with hickeys. Feeling her desire Shen was surprised at first, but then he simply caressed her back of the head, trying to calm her rushing heart for a bit. His gentle touch made her calm down but she still continued nibbling at his ear, making him turn bright red.

Argh! Anything but my ears! → Shen

“Hyah~!” → Sylvia

Because of the sudden stimulus, Shen circulated the energies faster than before, making Sylvia moan in surprise and stop teasing him.

At night, while Sylvia got more and more powerful, Shen got his meridians repaired 50 times faster than before. Meaning that from 0.1%, the recovering speed grew to 5%. While cultivating, their bodies relaxed while their hearts opened, making for the energies around to go and circulate through their bodies, cleansing their bodies and meridians alike.

While this happened, the black squirrel was sleeping on top of the house and others in their own rooms, unaware of what was happening at the moment. The next morning Shen woke up first, he got up and looked outside the window, feeling the refreshing wind while remembering the night that just passed.

There was something wrong with Sylvia this time. Unlike the first time, she had a fire burning in her eyes, a darker one… Have I done something wrong this time to let lust appear? I don’t know. → Shen

Shen remembered the lustful eyes inside Sylvia’s eyes. Unlike the first time when they were filled with bliss and jubilation, this time there was also a shade of lust, slowing the absorption of elements.

He heard Sylvia getting up from the bed, making him wake up from his thoughts and then greeted her with a smile.

Well, I’ll think about it later. → Shen

“Morning~, slept well?” → Shen
“Mhm~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia answered while hugging her pillow. She looked intently at Shen then she asked with a hushed voice.

“Shen. Do you remember anything from when you were a spirit?” → Sylvia

At this sudden question, Shen’s eyes shone and described what he saw in high spirit.

“Yes! It was amazing! The freedom! The possibility to see and feel tons of kinds of energies! Being able to talk with different kinds of spirits! I haven’t had the time to talk with the spirits of Sario though…but I was able to see some from up there and their varieties are damn many! OH! By the way, the human body is fascinating! Thank you for letting me see all that, Sylvia! The lost classes of biology from my world have been recuperated because of you!” → Shen
“P-please forget the last part…” → Sylvia

Sylvia still felt embarrassed at the thought of having Shen enter her body as a spirit to repair her organs, at the same time see her in a way nobody was able to see before.

“Well… because of this damn body, everything is fuzzy now. I don’t really remember the chemical constitution or the more delicate details.” → Shen

Shen said with a smile yet feeling like crying.

Giggle then~ Shen, do you remember the queen’s name?” → Sylvia
“Eh? You mean Elisa-geh!” → Shen

Suddenly, he remembered what the superior spirit told him. He started to process why would the queen want to do such a thing like marrying him. After thinking for a while, he asked Sylvia.

“Is there some kind of unknown taboo for saying her name?“ → Shen
“Eh? How did you know?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked with surprise in her eyes.

“I knew it… Well, take it as my gut. Alright, I’ll deal with this, please don’t worry. You’re the only wife I’ll ever have, be it now or in another life.” → Shen
“…Yeah.” → Sylvia

Shen said with confidence while Sylvia smiled brightly at his answer.


Shen and Sylvia visited the Palace to meet the queen. Just like Sylvia, Shen was surprised by the beautiful view from inside and outside the palace, starring around like a child at the zoo. In front of the queen, Shen had a calm face and with a tall posture, he says:

“I, one of the founders of Antara Kingdom, greets her majesty, queen of Alfheim.” → Shen

Shen just nodded his head, not bowing. A king never bows to another king, in this case, to a queen.

Everyone present was surprised by the royal temper and shocked by the strong aura that was emanated the moment the name of the kingdom was announced. Even the queen looked with some admiration in her eyes.

Is that a power word? I don’t think it’s from this world. To name a kingdom by using foreign power-words, such creativity. → Queen

“Welcome, king and queen of Antara.” → Queen

The queen was surprised again by the depth of the word. She felt her heart beat stronger and her soul emanating a stronger aura. However, she still continued her words without minding what just happened that much.

“The reason for asking only the two of you to come is so we can gift the heroic queen and king our gratitude for you and your people. Feel free to share the goods as you see fit for you and your subordinates. This is our token for saving Alfheim and the world. Please have a look.” → Queen

The queen summoned some servants which brought carts with different kinds of items: weird crafting materials, all kinds of plants like roots, flowers, seeds and some kinds of fruits, every single one of them looked pretty rare and full of vitality, sparkling and emanating a sweet smell; some rare metals and ores, precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and some semi-precious ones like quartz, obsidian, jades and so on. A lot of materials from A and S ranked beasts, together with a few pieces from the S+ and even SS, emanated a ridiculously strong power all around them.

Besides the more than 15 carts, 1 cart was especially eye-catching. On it, 5 distinctive items were resting: a white cloak with golden lines and runes unknown to Shen, shining with a golden-white aura, emanating a power comparable with a demi-god’s. A white staff made from a special wood which absorbs lightning and shines in the dark with a white hue, on top of it, a diamond as big as a baby’s fist was entangled by the wooden staff, shining with white light. One red ring with a red demonic head that had eyes like flames but with a small mouth, was skillfully carved on it. The horns of the demon were going around in the form of a ring while emanating a powerful and unyielding aura. After that, 2 pairs of wands, one dark-blue and one white-red, the blue one was made from some kind of metal while the red one was fully from the crystal. One emanated a cold and dark aura while the other a warm and bright aura, being completely opposed but in sync with each other. The 5 items shone brightly and their accumulated aura made the mana vibrate around. Every single one of them was at the rank of national treasure inside an empire, easily reaching Legendary or even Godly item rank.

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