Chapter 66: Usage of the Wheel of Life (Part 1)

“Hm? Is that my cloak?” → Shen

Shen looked surprised at the first item from the 5 which were neatly aligned on the wooden cart.

“Yes. We took the liberty to repair it and add some more bonuses to it. Now the barrier can be physical as well, not only magical. [Release Aura] was replaced with [Subduing Aura], befitting for a king. And as some more bonuses, we added lightness, auto-repair, auto-cleaning and strengthening the body. I wish you’ll find it to your liking, king Shen.” → Queen

The queen described the cloak’s effects with a bright smile, showing the worth of elves in enchanting items.

“Ah~, that’s more than I ever needed, thank you very much, Queen of Alfheim.” → Shen

Shen nodded in agreement.

“Also, what are these letters?” → Shen
“Those are power-words from the old elves, this writing is named Tengwar. For such an old race, there must be an old alphabet as well, don’t you think?” → Queen

“And that one? It looks a lot like my staff… even though the quality is incomparable.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a wryly smile while pointing at a white shining staff.

“Yes, that’s the [White God’s Staff]. It was said that, before becoming a God, he used this staff through half his life. After becoming one, he stopped using weapons, armors or any other kind of items or accessories, leaving them around the world. This staff is one of the White-God’s Set, we thought it might be useful to miss Sylvia.” → Queen


Sylvia was shocked and even Shen was surprised. He heard of this staff even when he was still playing inside the game.

Wasn’t this a Godly-ranked weapon in-game? Nobody ever found it, being known only from the [Otherworld Wiki], one of the top-ranked staffs on the list. Every top mage drooled over such a weapon! → Shen

“I-is it alright for us to take such amazing items? Won’t it cause a problem for Alfheim?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked with some worry at the 4 items and at the queen, thinking that once they left with everything, their treasury will be emptied or close to that happening, bringing Alfheim’s economy to a sudden collapse.

“You don’t have to worry. Such items are not that useful to us elves, we are entirely independents to the Yggdrasil. Besides, no elf would ever use them. Having staffs and weapons made from the Yggdrasil’s wood, being as strong as a legendary-ranked weapon or even more.” → Queen

The queen said proudly, making Shen and Sylvia look a little dumbfounded.

… That means… if it weren’t for the seal being destroyed, they could’ve won the battle with no problems at all? → Shen

Shen really felt like he was played in a way. He felt his temples throb but he tried to ignore and even forget what he just heard, then he remembered something crucial he almost forgot about.

“W-what about the war prisoners? Where are they?” → Shen
“Executed.” → Serionus

Serionus answered with a cold voice almost instantly.

“Even the beast-men?” → Shen
“Yes. Everyone has been executed by beheading. Seeing how King Shen showed no mercy even to the beastmen, we also followed the same actions.” → Serionus

Shen froze and his face paled at his words. Guilt and sadness took over him and he started to swallow uncontrollably while feeling his neck hurt.

T-that’s right… When I lost it, I forgot completely about freeing the ones who were forced to fight… I… condemned the ones who were forced to fight only because I wasn’t able to control my fury… → Shen

Shen’s face was filled with sorrows, but he then closed his eyes, covered his face then shook his head while sighing uncontrollably.

Shen… → Sylvia

Sylvia felt his sorrow and heard his thoughts, but all she could do was to soothe his pained heart with her own warm heart-waves.

“Is there a problem?”

Another high elf asked after seeing Shen covering his face and Sylvia grabbing onto his arm.

I’m fine now, Sylvia… Thanks. → Shen

Shen then lowered his arms and raised his face, showing a firm and serious face. He sighed for the last time then he continued, showing no pain on the surface while feeling his stomach revolting.

Haah … Nothing, it’s fine. We thank the queen of Alfheim and everyone present for the incredible gifts. I’ll be sure to make the alliance between Alfheim and Antara in a way so it won’t collapse but flourish in my generation and the ones to come, making for strong cooperation and mutual support.” → Shen

Shen said with a serious face, his voice, although not enchanted with any kind of magic, still boomed in the hall for everyone to hear.

Everyone applauded and cheered, happy that their hero recognized them as a strong ally.

“As sir Shen said.” → Queen

The queen said with a smiling and bright face. After that, her smile transformed into a light grin and turned to the other high elves.

“Everyone, with the exception of King Shen and Queen Sylvia, is free to go. I’ll ask of you all to let us some private space for a light chat.” → Queen

Nobody was surprised, Elisabetta told them before that she’ll ask for a private moment with the two.
After everyone left in an orderly manner, the queen looked with a calm smile and eyes at Shen and Sylvia.

“Sir Shen, do you remember my name?” → Queen

The queen asked immediately, not beating around the bush at all and surprising the two for a moment.
Shen looked with a serious face at the queen. He hated to lie, so of course he’ll say:

“Yes.” → Shen

The queen was surprised and Sylvia reflected emotions on her face. She already knew what Shen wanted to do.

“Is that so? Do you know what that means, right?” → Queen

The queen asked while glancing curiously at Sylvia.

“Yes. If I say aloud your name with these lips, I’ll have to marry you.” → Shen

Shen said with a calm voice.

The queen looked with a smile at Shen, she felt something wasn’t right about how Shen’s composure hasn’t changed at all, then she found out why.

“You haven’t said my name even after you woke up, right?” → Queen
“Indeed.” → Shen

Shen said with a small smile.

“When I said your name, I was but just a spirit. But nobody can marry a spirit with no corporeal body, making the marriage with me in that form impossible. Now that I’m in this flesh body, I’m able to do so, but this body had not said your name even once, I can assure you that if I’m lying then you can cut my head here right now.” → Shen

Shen said with a  serious voice. Taking someone as a wife is no small matter. It’s the same as signing a life-contract between the two, and a divorce would bring an all-out war if it’s between two monarchs from different kingdoms.

“Oh my~ how decisive.” → Queen

The queen said with a laugh. She already knew that Shen is not the kind of person to play around with traditions passed out in a sacred ground like the World Tree. Besides, she would’ve already known if someone pronounced her name.

“I trust you, of course. But how can I be sure you won’t say it from now on? I mean, you already have my name, you only need to open your mouth and everything will be done.” → Queen

“I know, and I don’t trust my mouth either, especially when I’m tired.” → Shen

Shen said with a wry smile.

“That’s why I’ll do this…” → Shen

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Shen pressed on his forehead with his index and closed his eyes while focusing. He slowly retracts his index finger and on it, a thin white spectral string of around 1 centimeter, was sparkling and flickering on the finger as if it were a little gray flame.

“What is that?”

Both Sylvia and the queen were shocked by the weird and mystical magic Shen showed them.

“This is the memory which contains your name.” → Shen

Shen said with a small smile.

“I just took it out. If I shatter this, your name will disappear from my mind forever, remaining unknown to anyone. And to be sure, I’ll do the same to my companions who were around at that time.” → Shen

It sounded way too cruel to do such a thing but the queen understood what he meant.

“So this is a way to be sure you’ll never pronounce my name, even by mistake?” → Queen
“Exactly.” → Shen
… Haah… Am I that unattractive to Lord Shen?” → Queen

The queen felt a little bit depressed then she asked with a sad smile.

“Eh?” → Shen

Shen was dumbfounded by the question, being able to react only after quite some time. His face flustered a little while trying to defend himself.

“Uhm… I think her highness is misunderstanding something? I mean, you are extremely attractive, making one more reason for the empires to wage wars. The problem is, I already have someone I love and the idea of getting another lover would disrespect her and your highness together. That would also make me a lustful man, a fact which won’t go together with my pride. What I’m searching from a girl is not the carnal desire but the soul’s desire, which is ‘love’, the kind of love that comes only from one person for everyone, which for me is Sylvia.” → Shen

Shen said with a calm smile and eyes full of affection while looking at Sylvia, making her blush and smile brightly back at him.

“…I understand.” → Queen

The queen was really impressed by their show of pure love. She shook her head helplessly then continued.

“I’m already at the age of marrying and nobody has ever shown what they needed to be my life partner… I might be destined to be alone.” → Queen

The queen said as if to herself while looking a little bit lonely, that was the first time after the seal incident, and even in her entire life, when the queen showed such a weak side of hers.

“Then should we search for the destined partner? Maybe you’re not really destined to die alone.” → Shen

Shen asked with a calm face and clear eyes.

“Excuse me?” → Queen

The queen looked dumbfounded.

“Can I ask what do you mean by ‘search’?” → Queen
“Well, I can look into your Life-Wheel then absorb the information about the person you’re predestined with. I can then make this little memory fly to him, making him say your name. Of course, it’s not that simple. First of all, I need permission to access your Life-Wheel also known as ‘Road of Destiny’ or ‘Life’s Spiral’. This is the first step so, if we can’t go past this one we can’t do anything about it. Afterward, I’ll have to search for the respective person, there might really be no one so the chances aren’t 100%. And once the name is sent, we’re not sure if he’ll even try to get together with her highness and things might turn for the worse. Nothing can be sure about all of this.” → Shen

Shen then made a wry smile. The idea of controlling destiny is terrifying. Not only your body but even your soul and the ones around you can end up tragically if you play around with destiny, be it of others or your own. One needs first to ask for permission which comes under the form of success or failure. If is a failure, then you must search another way with the same goal in mind. Rare are the moments in which by forcing the destiny, you can win, but the cost is bigger than the profit, wasting time and energy then having your life pass by without even noticing.

“It’s alright!” → Queen

The queen exclaimed in high spirit, forgetting her own status for a second.

“Ah. Please excuse my behavior just now.” → Queen

“Alright. Please wait a moment and let me focus. I need first to enter in a trance.” → Shen

Shen sat down in a meditation position right where he stood. He closed his eyes and tried to enter in meditation. He stood there for close to half an hour when.

Screw this! I can’t enter meditation! Let’s do this then:[One with the Universe: First Chapter]. → Shen

Shen then entered meditation in a much faster way. While doing so, a shadowy form appeared on his shoulder, barely visible. The first chapter from the [One with the Universe] set, was the weakest form of it, making it possible for Shen to have a sharper mind and senses, with a stronger concentration ability, but unable to control too much mana. Shen then entered meditation and searched in front of him, towards Elisabetta’s way. He found her aura then looked more intently at her head. Around it, a golden wheel of light full with weird runes that even he couldn’t understand spun continuously clockwise. Shen looked at it then said in the spiritual world.

[I ask permission for information about the fated person of yours.] → Shen

The wheel shone brighter then, from inside it, images started to flow out rushing inside Shen’s mind like a tidal wave. Surprisingly enough, his request has been accepted.

It seems that me helping her is something already planned by fate. Not bad. → Shen

Shen commented with a grin.

And that person… What an incredible coincidence~. → Shen

Shen then woke up, making the queen restless and Sylvia curious.

“Congratulation your majesty, the first step was a success.” → Shen

The queen looked like a little girl who found her crush inside a crowd of people. Shortly after that, she recovered and said.

“I thank you again, Lord Shen. Being lonely for a woman is like poison for the heart; it would kill it slowly, making it dirty and black. I don’t wish to become such a woman, even more after becoming queen of Alfheim.” → Queen

The queen said with a melancholic face while also feeling ecstatic after finally finding out a way to meet her predestined.

“I understand, but is it alright if he’s of another race? And I also don’t know if the other high-elves will approve of this.” → Shen

Shen said with a serious face, the memory from his hand flickering like a little flame.

“Even if he’s a demon. As long as there is love, I’ll accept him no matter what.” → Queen

The queen said with a proud face.

“I’m the queen and I decide who will be my partner.” → Queen

“Is that so~? Very well then! Because your dear future husband is really a demon~.” → Shen

Shen said with a grin on his face, his eyes full of amusement.

“Eh?” → Queen

The queen was dumbfounded yet again.

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