Chapter 66: Usage of the Wheel of Life (Part 2)

Ah, even the queen has shown surprise and shock on her face more than 3 times already only today. Shen really is incredible… in many ways. → Sylvia

Sylvia laughed wryly. The more she stood beside Shen, the more she found out about how little she actually knew about him.

“As I said, your majesty. The one who appeared inside your ‘Life Wheel’ is a demon, and someone whom I know of.” → Shen

Shen repeated with a smiling face then continued.

“He is the lord of the city close to where I anchored my ship. As a first impression, a gentleman, scheming, wise, a curious character and a cool personality, just right for her highness.” → Shen

Shen said with a teasing smile. Then he looked again with sharp eyes at the queen and said.

“The fact that he’s a demon might be a huge obstacle between the two of you. Nevertheless, I saw that you’ll be able to get solve that problem. Do you wish me to send this memory to him?” → Shen


The queen looked down with a dark face. She wished for someone besides her even if he were a human or beast-man with a shorter life-span, she wished to have someone besides her but she never thought of a demon. Even though she said she was alright with one, they were enemies right now; making for forbidden love. The queen made a daring smile then said proudly.

“I am the queen on Alfheim, I can get whatever I wish for, even a demon as a husband. I’ll ask of you sir Shen to send that memory to him. The moment he says the word, the tree over the throne will lit up with numerous green dots, showing then the image of the one who said the name. Of course, for the tree to lit up, one needs to be male and with a flesh body.” → Queen

Shen and Sylvia were dumbfounded by the sudden change in personality.

She seems to be another person when it comes to love.

Both of them thought with a smile.

“Very well. Here it goes.” → Shen

Shen thought of the city lord named Charl Haineken, and sent the message without having him knowing anything. It will be like a sudden thought striking him, making him think of a name and a beautiful figure.


In the Eastern part of Eihwaz, inside the Ferra City, the city-lord Charl Haineken stood at the office, working with some documents while showing a frowning expression.

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“Hmm… The Bathory family tried to increase the price of the consumable products again.” → Charl

I warned them once, there won’t be a second. Making the prices go up so suddenly will upset the smaller families and the residents of my city. If they don’t abide by my rules then they’re free to sell the products in another city. Hmph, only because we’re a smaller city they think they can play with us like that. I’ll be sure to find a much better trading company in the future or create one myself. We Demon Wolf tribes-men are well known for our resourcefulness. → Charl

Charl thought while already thinking of a plan when suddenly he feels an acute pain in his temples.

”Ugh?” → Charl

He was confused as to why the sudden pain in his head. He massaged his temples then he froze.

“Such a beauty.” → Charl

He felt like sighing at the image in his mind. She was of the race of elves with green-emerald hair and earthen eyes, little leaves were growing from her hair. She was crowned with a golden crown made from some kind of bright yellow wood which looked like gold. Her eyes were of a beautiful brown with a yellow shine, looking divine. Her clothes were made from linen with white, green and golden color with silvery wood accessories. She had a royal aura of a queen and the appearance of a goddess.

Charl looked blankly in space, completely dazed by her beauty. Then, a name appears in his mind, without thinking he pronounced it:

“Miss Elisabetta…” → Charl

The word was hushed but the mana around vibrated and was sent around like a small shockwave.


Inside the Alfheim palace.

“Oh? That was fast.” → Shen

Shen said while looking at the tree behind the queen brightening with thousands of shining dots of green. It looked magical and the dots started to gather in the form of a round screen.

Let’s see who will be my future husband. → Queen

The queen looked with shining eyes at the screen, curious about how her future husband would be like. Even if he were a demon, she would accept her fated one with all her heart. The 3 of them looked at the forming screen when suddenly, The image of a dazed Charl Haineken appeared sitting at his office with some papers in his hands.

“Oh my.” → Queen

The queen was surprised.

He’s more handsome than I thought and has the air of a gentleman. → Queen

The queen had a little blush on her face when she saw him. He was in a noble suit, a white shirt and black coat with red thin decorative lines. He had golden, demonic eyes and a form like those of a wolf with his facial contour accentuated, looking like a sculpture. His black hair was short and neat on the cast backward, at the sides of his forehead falling only two symmetrical hairs. He had a well-cut beard and mustache, like those of nobles, small and stylish. His back was broad and his eyebrows exhibited seriousness and confidence, looking like two sharp swords. At the moment, his facial expression was that of surprise and admiration. He smiled bitterly and said with a calm face. Everyone was able to hear his words through the screen.

[Ah. What a Goddess. She’s a high-elf, our demons’ mortal enemy. But even so, if I could meet her once I could die with no regrets. Elisabetta… What a regal and strong name, truly befitting for her majestic appearance.] → Charl

He said while sighing with a smile and dreaming eyes. He looked as if he really wished to meet her at least once.

[Having her suddenly appear in my mind, I’m curious as for why such a thing happened but nevertheless, I’m thankful. Even if it brings my death, I’ll travel to the Yggdrasil only so I could praise her beauty and royalty.] → Shen


Shen was dumbfounded by his resolve, looking at him with wide-open eyes.

I never expected for things to go so smoothly. Did her beauty mesmerize him? So I was right, her beauty really can start wars. If an image of her were to be sent around the Eihwaz continent, hundreds of thousands of men would try to ask for her hand… Beauty can be scary sometimes. → Shen

Sylvia was amazed by his seriousness.

What a strong heart. He already accepted the thought of sacrificing his life only so he could meet the queen. He doesn’t even have any selfish thoughts of getting her for himself, a true gentleman. → Sylvia

The queen was blushing and looked with big eyes at Charl. She heard many sweet words from other males but this was the first time she saw such sincere and serious ones filled with resolution, making her heart skip a beat.

Oh my, so serious. Please hurry this way~ my future husband.  → Queen

The queen thought while making a sweet smile.

“That’s amazing. The queen was actually able to break through the iron gates inside a demon’s heart with only her image alone, as expected from her majesty.” → Shen

Shen laughed full-heartedly. Demons were known for their frozen hearts, not knowing about love or affection. To actually make one fall for her so fast, it made Shen feel as if he was the stone-hearten for actually rejecting her.

“Fufufu~. Thank you for giving me a bright future, mister Shen.” → Queen

The queen said with a sweet smile.

“Queen Elisabetta. There is still the problem of him being a demon, how are you going to resolve this?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked curiously.

“There is no problem. Haven’t I said before? I’m the queen of Alfheim, such a little compromise is nothing.” → Queen

She answered back with a bright smile.

She’s going to use her authority so hard this time.

Both Shen and Sylvia felt a cold wind down their spine. They felt a world of problems coming toward the other high-elves and the other noble elves.

The next day, Shen and his group started their travels toward their ship. He taught Sylvia how to form the gas-platform so they could travel at the ship in a day. Seeing how they are able to go toward their ship with such ease, even carrying the gifts, made the guards sent by the queen pretty useless, leaving them behind. The only elves that came together with them were two high-elves that had the role of building the spatial portal between Alfheim and Antara.

On their way toward the ship, Shen looked again at the thick miasma rising from the ground here and there from the forests.

“Why is there so much miasma still rising? I thought it was because of the seal being close to breaking.” → Shen

Shen asked a little bit worried.

“We don’t know either. This miasma started to rise around 8000 years ago. At that time, nobody cared about it, later to bring some destruction upon different tribes and cities. The miasma erupts from the ground and sometimes, it does so right inside cities or villages. Such places must be completely destroyed because the miasma corrupts the mind and the body of the residents, turning them either in zombies, either in berserk-monsters, killing everything in their patch.”

One of the high-elves said with a serious face.

“By the way, what was your name again?” → Shen
“My name is Oliver Greenmaple of the Mapleleaf tribe while he is my twin-brother Evan Greenmaple of the same tribe, nice to meet you, King Shen.” → Oliver

The two brothers smiled brightly at Shen, making him feel quite guilty for already forgetting their names.

“Y-yeah, nice to meet you as well.” → Shen

He then focused again on the dark energy, trying to understand its properties better.

This miasma is dangerous. I might be interested in researching it later when I get my powers back, but I first need to think of a way to seal it. If such miasma gets to our kingdom, everyone will be doomed. → Shen

“Yeah~! We’re finally back!” → Melinda

Melinda was happy to get back on their ship. After living for more than 2 months inside it, it felt like a new home for her.


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Theodore looked downwards with a complicated look. Shen observed the change in his mood and found out instantly why he was like that. He patted his head and said.

“I’m sorry Theo. I can’t let you kill the demon-king in the upcoming years. I didn’t know he was your father.” → Shen
“He’s not my father.” → Theo

Theo said with a cold voice, clenching his fists with a frown.

“He’s just another stranger. Shu was my grandfather and Shen is my master that is just like a father to me. People like the third prince and the Demon Lord are just strangers who have to be eliminated for harming the ones I love.” → Theo

Theo had a serious face. Even though he was only 11 years old now, he was much more mature than the ones his age.


Shen then flicked his forehead with an annoyed face.

“Ouch! M-master?” → Shen

Theo looked at Shen with a wronged face, massaging his forehead and waiting for an answer.

“You brat. Listen here: If you kill your old man, you’ll only continue the karmic wheel between father and son in your family. After killing your dad, your future children will hunt you down, just like how the brats made by the demon lord are trying to kill him for the throne. Forget about your hate, try to get the throne through another means, or forget about it and try to simply become the strongest mage on the three continents. You have the talent for that and there is no need for you to stain your future.” → Shen


Theo was surprised. He didn’t know about the karmic circle. Shen told him about karma and what it means, but even so, the details he missed are simply way too many and Shen had no time to explain to him in more detail.

“T-then what should I do, master? I want to become the strongest demon on the three continents! You told me to become one. I can’t simply give up, right?” → Theo

Theo asked with some frustration in his voice.

“Haha~ of course not, but you don’t have to kill your old-man either, you can simply fight him in a duel. If you can have a duel and beat him, then you can call yourself the strongest demon! What do you say? Is this good enough?” → Shen
“Yes!” → Theo
“Mind one thing: You can’t kill him. That means you must be stronger than him when you start the duel, being able to control your own powers so you won’t kill him instantly, understood?” → Shen

Shen said with a teasing tone.

“Yes, master.” → Theo

Theo felt positive. Even though the demon-lord was on his throne for hundreds or maybe even for thousands of years already, he had a feeling that his master will be able to teach him ways to become much stronger than him, acquiring the title of the strongest demon on Sario.

Theo still didn’t know about the fact that Shen is a cripple now, showing unlimited power only for 20 minutes, after that becoming weaker than a dog.

Even though he had all his items from the game imbued inside his body, his physical strength isn’t able to show its full power because of the impossibility to circulate chi and the poor circulation of the blood. His breath and electric function inside the brain are just as weakened, making him useless in any kind of working field, be it spiritual, physical or even mental.

“Good. Now go to sleep, it’s already pretty late now.” → Shen

Shen patted his head and sent him in his room.

After everyone chooses a room, Shen, Sylvia, Ashura, the two high-elves and Freia split the nights between themselves in which they need to stay guard and control the ship. Shen wished to be the first one to stay guard, making everyone revolt.

“Sir Shen, how can we do that? You didn’t even recover from your injuries. I heard from Miss Sylvia you can’t even circulate chi or mana, being crippled for the time being. I ask for mister Shen to not participate in the guarding nights.“ → Freia

Freia said with a serious face. She was completely thunderstruck after hearing the news of the seal. She didn’t know that she almost participated in the destruction of the world, making her feel extremely guilty.

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