Chapter 184

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“You should heed your brother’s words, Uwyn.” Olivia said after she listened to her children. Her worry was clearly evident on her voice.

She could not care less about the lives of heroes and heroines if that would only endanger the lives of Maru and Uwyn.

“But mom!” Uwyn insisted and her eyes turned red that indicated that upcoming surge of emotions that would come at any moment.

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“Okay. Okay. We will go there this morning, Uwyn.” Maru stopped the deluge of tears from dropping its precious weight.

“MARU!” it was Olivia’s turn to get startled at this time. She couldn’t believe that Maru would willingly enter the lion’s den despite the fact that he said the dangers of going there himself.

“Don’t worry, mom. I won’t let anything happen to Uwyn. And besides, we will come back at noon. We won’t stay there for long.” Maru assured his mother.

But that was not his only assurance. He had asked the system right before he assented to the request of his sister.

“Is there a level 10 cultivator in this world, Madame Ais?” Maru asked the system.

“Negative, Maru.” Madame Ais answered which calmed Maru’s fears of tomorrow and its unknowns enormously. 

“Thank you, Madame Ais!” Maru exclaimed in his thoughts and promised to himself to do whatever he can to take care of the system.

He was eternally grateful for her coming and even if the days may lose relevance, that sentiment will never change.

“YEHEYYYYYYYYYY! Let’s go now, brother. Come on!” Uwyn celebrated when she heard the words of her brother and totally negated the protests of her mother.

But she did not discard them completely as she turned her head to stare at Olivia with her adorable pleading eyes on full display. She looked so cute and fat.

Just like what a normal 5 year old girl would appear. Gone were the evidence of hardships from the past and was now replaced with a vibrant healthy little miss.

“But you have to listen to your brother okay? If he tells you to go home, you go home okay? And don’t be hardheaded out there and make trouble, Uwyn.

Promise me that and you can go.” Olivia’s heart softened when she gazed at her daughter. If not for the gifts Maru had received, then they all would still be crawling on those hot lifeless deserts.

It gave a feeling of inability in her as her failure to provide for them made way for the guilt she had concealed to surface once more. Like a big hand that grasped at her heart with an ever tightening grip.

“I promise, mom! I’m a big girl now. You don’t have to worry about me. And you always praise me for being a good girl, right?

Brother is there also. He’s become so powerful and strong. Those heroes and heroines will be sorry if they bully us. Hehehe.” Uwyn said to her mother.

“Take care of your sister, Maru. Don’t let her get out of your sight.” Olivia smiled at the innocence of her child and turned to remind Maru once more.

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