Chapter 546

There was a discernible small slope that entombed within a sizzling lava that could melt down any rigid invader down its depths.

“Why are you two looking at me like that? Is this the first time you’ve seen a woman as beautiful as i appear right now?” Ezperanza capitalized on this surprising turn of events.

There was pleased smile hanging on her bewitching face and it has all but added more beauty to her already unparalleled appearance.

“You look heavenly, Ezperanza.” Maru has only the words of praise which originated from the bottom of his heart. Of course the two women or any other cultivator at that was incomparable to one another.

All wanted to reach perfection and when one has that basically at their fingertips and whims, then the different flawless flavors seemed to lose the uniqueness of each individual.

But not them, Maru has tasted everything there was to taste and knew that what mattered more in life and love. It was not to achieve sublimity nor to find the best most faultless woman of them all.

It was to get pieces of it and experience what life could ever offer with ones he was willing to share his life with. And the two women has done that for him and more.

Mistress Ais, his savior.

And Ezperanza, his first love interest after his eons and unholy captivity for untold time from within the influence of the chaos stone that imprisoned him.

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These women were the ones who mattered in his life. He could meet a trillion goddesses of womankind and nothing would replace their places in his heart.

They were with him at the right time and place and Maru could only sigh at the great unseen influence of fate amongst all of creation. Living or the dead. Fate remains ever an untouchable presence in both.

“Thank you very much for the kind compliment, good sir!” Ezperanza blushed.

“You also look so dashing tonight, Maru. Even more now when you are wearing nothing but your birthday suit.” Ezperanza added and she did not only stop at that point of the conversation.

“So who’s it gonna be, Maru? Is it Mistress Ais or i who you shall explore first on the dark of the night?”

Ezperanza teased the masculine form of her lover and saw the proud stance of his hulking great sword that was ready at any moment to spear the depths between her and the other woman beside her.


“Maruuuu!” Ezperanza exclaimed seductively when her lover pinched her little nubbin over the hood that it had peeked upon.

The tiny soldier was also rearing to go as it saluted from the beautiful covering on top of Ezperanza’s hidden valley.

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“You shall have your time later, Ezperanza. I don’t think you would want to be the focus of mine and Mistress Ais attention, do you?” Maru said with a gentle smile on his face.

“What you mean mar….?”

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