Book I – Legend, Chapter 46 – Sharing Secrets

“Well, well. It would seem that even you, my handsome little devil, can be sincerely respectful. Good. Today you will learn about the first level of the laws of serenity, the yin force! So do listen close,” Isis Trilleck strolled around the lake as she spoke. Jodye Trill was clad in all in an all-white training tunic, naturally following behind her as he listened attentively. “All creation is based on the existence of a creative pair of supreme legend rank laws. Namely, the very masculine Pure Yang Calamity Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..s and the very feminine Pure Yin Serenity Laws. These two creative principles pervade and facilitate the existence of all of life and its many forms. That includes you and me, and everything you know.”

Jodye had his source artifact [Pharaoh’s Law] active, and his origin gem was in his hand. With Pharaoh’s Law active Jodye’s spiritual force increased from the second level to the third! However, the consumption of his origin energy when using this ability was still as outrageous as ever. At level 3 spiritual force the range of his spiritual sense nearly tripled! It was currently at 50 meters! At this level, his Mind’s Eye technique transformed into Mind’s Lamp. With Mind’s Lamp active the sensitivity of his energy vision increased substantially, and he could see up to three planes of existence at the same time! This was far better than before when he could only switch his focus when he wanted to peer at different things.

After rediscovering how remarkable this source artifact was, Jodye Trill decided to fully commit to increasing his origin cultivation. Without origin energy, he couldn’t even sustain the use of his Source Artifacts for more than 15 minutes without the origin gem! Even though, this was admittedly far better than when he was at the orientation rank. Jodye now had plenty of ways to train, so he needed to buckle down and power up most efficiently! Currently, that should be with origin energy.

“Responding to Host’s misconception: [Pharaoh’s Law] can be activated using the forces of the heavens. This includes Origin Energy6Origin Energyone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Origin Energy is the milky white mysterious and unfathomable first layer. Practitioners use origin energy as the medium to safely absorb magic and voodoo qi, Astral Force, Spirit Source, Quintessence10Quintessenceone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. 5th layer. Quintessence has its own will and unique sentience, taking on the form of an alternative dimension existing in parallel to the other energies and the universe. Quintessence separates the non-volatile and ever-present energies from the untamed, wild, and exotic later layers of energy. The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth layer exist within the alternative space dimension., Mystique, Ancient Air12Ancient Airone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. 7th layer. Ancient Air is a totally invisible but extreme pressure. Gravity can be considered a product of Ancient Air. Mysterious ethereal creatures called Pixies, born of Quintessence, also exist in within the alternative dimension, in the seventh layer and maintain and protect it, cultivating through the extreme pressure within. Pixies are the most mysterious existences in existence, and also the wisest., Infinity Laws, and Celestial Lightning,” interjected Trippy mechanically, interrupting Jodye’s train of thought.

“What!? Why didn’t you say that before!” Jodye Trill shouted out loud.

Lady Isis stopped her lecture and glanced at her son. Seeing the ‘deep in contemplation’ type look in his eyes, she chuckled and responded with a gentle smile, “Honestly, I didn’t believe you would benefit from any of this information yet. Let us both be glad you are paying attention and benefiting now. As I was saying, the yin life force usually incarnates in a female body and a yang life force in a male body. Merely, the following is true for us all: Our spirit correlates to the positive yang principles; while our soul itself correlates to the negative yin principles…”

Jodye temporarily dedicated only 30% of his focus on listening to his mother’s lecture, as he was still conversing with his [Pharaoh’s Law] artifact spirit, Trippy. Apparently, another benefit of level 3 spiritual force was that he could pay attention to his mother’s lecture, and maintain a conversation in his head at the same time. His level of focus was outstanding, and he was not missing out on anything. Well, maybe a phrase or two, but so what? That was by choice! Not only that, Jodye could feel that his charisma had somehow increased at this level. This was a hard feeling to describe or understand, so he decided to ask Trippy.

“Responding to Host query: Host has discovered an affinity to charm laws. Charm laws require a spiritual force at the third level as a minimum requirement before they can be understood,” responded Trippy in a robotic voice.

“Charm laws…interesting. What are these?” Jodye Trill thought to himself.

“Remember when I told you about that power your father used underground?” Sly’s cold voice suddenly rings out in Jodye’s mind.

“Ah! Noted,” Jodye then tuned back in on his mother’s lesson wholeheartedly. The yin and yang principles! The gateway to the creation and the origin point of the laws as we know it! He wondered if this was all fact or his mother’s personal understanding? Either way, he would set his foundation with this knowledge!

“…Creation is an electromagnetic system, and it is polarized. Energy flows from the yang to the yin pole and back, and then repeats. This doesn’t just ­happen between lovers during dual cultivation. Yin and Yang balance each other in our individual bodies as well,” Isis Trilleck didn’t feel out of place mentioning these things to her boy, as he had pretty much bottomed out the House Library as a toddler. What could she hide from him? “However, this is not an absolute, as our energies cannot enter full stasis or we will not fall sick. Energy must flow, or it will slowly turn cancerous. The balance must tilt a bit towards one direction or another. Learning how to control this tilt is the first step in comprehending laws. Especially the laws of serenity and calamity, the yin and yang principles.”

Lady Isis continued to lecture Jodye Trill on the creation of life and the origin of laws, teaching him many things he couldn’t have learned from the books in the family library. This lasted for a little under two hours. After finishing, lady Isis forced Jodye to spend the next 20 minutes summarizing what his mother just explained to him in as much detail as possible. If he failed, the lesson would end here!

Jodye thanked the heavens that he had [Pharaoh’s Law] active this whole while. Remembering wasn’t tricky at all with level 3 spiritual force. Merely, why was his mother so crazy?

He only got about 89% of it down precisely, but Isis Trilleck was more than satisfied with this result as she filled in the blanks for him. This boy had such good memory and comprehension speed! It was awe-inspiring to lady Isis, her other disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.s couldn’t even compare. Well, none of them except Sophie, who was also a freakish genius.

Normal kids Jodye’s age would have been able to repeat less than 40%, due mainly to not being able to understand most of what was said. Besides, the pure volume of information was enough to overload even a scholar child. However, Jodye had barely asked her any questions. He was like an information sponge. Isis decided to turn it up a notch in the future, she had once again underestimated this child. After Jodye finished speaking, the practical part of the session was about to begin!

“The only thing left for you to do in this rank is to activate your last force baptism and develop a Nascent Concept. What this means is that you must develop your own comprehension of the primary force laws. This will set the foundation for you to further develop force in the future,” Lady Isis had a bit of a worried look in her eyes, “It is your good fortune that you possess Chaos Force. However, the path to utilizing it is arduous, some are even eternally stuck in the Scholar realm because they cannot create a nascent concept for the force of chaos.”

“But ma…” Jodye Trill started, earning a sharp glare from his mother. “Um…but master teacher mom, what is chaos force? What makes it different from the other primary forces?”

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“Well, this is a good question,” Isis Trilleck let out a gentle smile for the first time today, as she patted her sons head, “The primary force laws of the heavens and the earth are in reality a result of the natural fusion of many principles within particular laws. These specific laws of the planet, also known as World Power, resonate with the requirements of the heavens, or the Holy Ennead, and thus they fuse together naturally. Both Magic and Voodoo forces are born from life and death laws respectively. They resonate deeply with the origin energy. Pure force is taken from the laws of fate and slaughter which resonate with Worldly True Essence when in tandem; and finally there is chaos force, which is a bit more challenging to explain.

“Are you listening to me Jodye? What does pure force consist of?”

“Responding to the teacher, Pure force is the primary force of the heavens and the earth that is a fusion of the heavenly power of true worldly essence and earthen laws of fate and slaughter!” Jodye Trill was entirely studious, as he was eager to know more about these abilities. This was the path he must take to find the answer he sought!

“Primal Chaos is the most ancient force in existence. The universe was created from the Primal Chaos. However, chaos force is nothing quite so extreme, though it originated from this as its source. Chaos force is in resonance with the nine skies themselves and is a result of the fusion of the four prism rank laws we just discussed,” as Isis Trilleck finished speaking she float over the lake, releasing an aura that had purple, pink, and silver. She looked like a celestial goddess of serenity. The lake surface was slowly freezing into a silver sheet of ice, as lady Isis continued her lecture, “To begin cultivating chaos force, you must first master the other forces to a certain extent.”

“Mother master teacher, what’s the difference between legend rank and gold rank when it comes to laws?” Jodye Trill was mildly confused by this part, as his mother had only mentioned these terms casually, without explaining.

“Yes, I suppose you won’t know of this. It is merely the way we organize the laws based on the tier of their power. Legend rank should be the highest in most circumstances. The next tier down is prism rank, and then the gold rank. Mages are also ranked in this way, among many other things,” Lady Isis was used to her son’s inquisitive nature, as well as his smart ass quips, so she merely explained whatever he asked her patiently. She wouldn’t allow him to get a reaction out of her while she was teaching.

“So in this way, sensei mom, is there also silver rank laws or lower?” asked Jodye Trill with a cheeky smile. Lady Isis frowned, and the temperature in the surroundings plummeted. Jodye swiftly straightened his face and posture.

“Silver rank laws… are in fact the lowest tier of laws. However, they are not to be underestimated. Any law can become terrifying once it’s a part of a Dao,” both Isis Trilleck’s voice and face were now emotionless.

“One with the Dao? What do you mean by this, ‘the Dao’?” asked Jodye Trill, as if he had no idea what the dao was. In reality, he really didn’t have such a firm understanding of this. This was the reason why he asked his mother in this way. He wanted to learn it fresh from scratch.

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“This…ask me again once you’ve become a mage or a great saint. You are not worthy of such concerns yet,” replied Isis Trilleck indifferently. Jodye smiled wryly since his plan failed and just nodded, as he felt his mother’s words were most reasonable. He didn’t even know how to become a Mage yet, so obviously, this was something he could worry about later. His mother floated higher over the lake as she spoke to him, “Walk over this way, my heart.”

Isis Trilleck floated serenely over the frozen lake surface, like a moon goddess visiting this planet. Even her almond shaped, sapphire eyes seemed to glow with silver light in the moonlight. Jodye Trill didn’t hesitate as he stepped out on the ice and skated over to his mother, which happened to also be the center of where the Yin Yang fish were circling each other in eternal harmony, in spite the water being frozen.

Wherever the yang fish swam the ice would instantly melt, and the yin fish seemed to be utterly unhindered by the ice. In fact, it was continually mending the melted serenity ice.

“Lotus position,” commanded Iris Trilleck. Jodye Trill immediately crossed his legs and sat down.

Lady Isis touched a ring on her left hand, and a 10-pound lump of shiny crystal that glowed in pink, purple, and pale blue, like a strange rainbow, released a startling chill in her hand. Jodye recognized this crystal as the first gift his father had given him! “This is the D-grade serenity crystal that your father gave you. You spend many nights sleeping next to this crystal, so I believe it will be most suitable for you to meditate over.”

Lady Isis tossed the D grade serenity crystal to Jodye Trill, who caught it and asked, “D-grade?”

“Yes, whenever someone refers to the grade of something it will almost always range from F grade to S grade, with S Grade being the rarest and most exquisite. The crystal you brought for me today was of this grade.” Isis Trilleck had slight excitement and anticipation in her voice when discussing that crystal.

On the other hand, this information left the kid in white dumbstruck. Jodye felt like he was just struck by a lightning bolt. S Grade? The rarest grade possible? Didn’t Eureka only convert a mid-grade origin stone? So for mid-grade origin stones, he could get top grade serenity crystals? Jodye Trill suddenly remembered Sylvester’s earlier words, dollar signs flashing in his eyes. Sylvester’s knowledge was from a different era so he couldn’t take it so seriously all of the time. However, his mother just said the same thing! In that case, what would happen with high grade or top grade origin stone? Jodye Trill couldn’t even imagine! This kitten of his would make him rich!!

“Okay Jodye, you are lucky to have a serenity force genesis. Because of this, we can take a sort of short cut towards your developing of a nascent concept. The Yin Yang fish form a natural magic array formation when they are paired such as this. This natural formation increases your ability to perceive laws!” Lady Isis’ glamorous and seductive body glowed with purple and golden light as she recited an incantation, her words directly turning into runes instead of sound, and scattering into the surroundings before merging into the void like raindrops in a glass of water. Jodye didn’t know what was happening, but it was amazing to watch.

“Because of the S-grade serenity crystal, I will allow you to stay here for the week. You will sit there and discover the mysteries of the serenity crystal’s inner force. No one will be able to enter or exit this area other than you and I. However, following this, in the next few weeks, you will continue your trial! Unless you are unable to demonstrate to me either magic, voodoo, or yin force by the end of the week! In which case you will automatically fail. Do not disappoint me, my love,” Isis Trilleck landed gently on the ice, and held Jodye’s little face in her hand by the cheeks, “The last thing I will teach you today is what to do after your force genesis reacts to your comprehension, baptizing your body in that force. This step will be crucial.”

Jodye thought to himself a bit. After a conversation with Sylvester, he ultimately decided that he shouldn’t keep certain things from his mother any longer, “Mom, are we really alone?”

Isis Trilleck was startled by this sudden question from her son. However, she subconsciously trusted the boy’s instincts. She quickly swept the surroundings with her spiritual sense before responding, “We are indeed, my heart. Well, apart from your little girlfriend in your shadow. Why do you ask?”

“Well… there are some things that you should know,” Jodye Trill stood up and dusted himself off as he spoke.



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