Book I – Legend, Chapter 47 – Monte’s betrayal and Enora’s struggle

Warning: This chapter contains graphic and traumatizing content. It will be very uncomfortable for some people. It’s not so chill.

— 250 feet above Lake Nicaea

Deep inside the spacious main hall of a magnificent and ancient great white temple, there were two black cloaked figures, whose facial features were shrouded in darkness. They sat kneeling in front of a council of six elders wearing white robes that shined with blinding golden lights inside of their hoods, making their appearances indiscernible. The committee sat high in the air on thrones that stretched up to the ceiling of the hall, positioned in ascending order like an arrow. At the highest throne sat the robust and sinister looking middle-aged leader of this group, and he was the only one who wasn’t wearing his hood. One of the black cloaked figures stepped forward and kowtowed.

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“You scum. Why didn’t I kill both of you last time again? A sub-par treat and a waste. A disappointment indeed,” the robust middle-aged man sitting in the highest seat spoke quaintly, and his voice reverberated through the main hall. His head was bald with blue flood dragon tattoos on each side. His brown eyes had an eerie purple glow. He wore white robes that had golden-purple snake hieroglyphs, made up of runic markings, that moved around on their own. He stared straight ahead as if there was no one in front of him at all.

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“Liege lord Basalt, please let me explain. There was a boy! The lady of the mist’s boy! This child was…”

“Silence,” commanded the frigid snake-like voice of Basalt, “To think you would dare to mention such a creature in my presence. For what exactly? Do you wish to tell me you were foiled by a child and his mother? A little ween who has just been awakened to the dao of the sage, and a defanged serpent? Trevor.”

The elder who sat to the right of Basalt stood up from his seat and stood in the sky. His back was arched, and he reeked of the aura of death. Under his feet were two small tri-layered circles made of black and violet runic light, allowing him to stand on the air. Trevor’s hands started forming signs at insane speeds, as curse seals begin to crawl out of his hands creating a curse diagram in front of him within a couple of seconds. The same diagram appeared instantly on the neck of the two figures in black cloaks with a searing glow, causing two muffled grunts of pain to escape their mouths. Their hoods were tore to shreds revealing their features.

“Curse Art: The Day Of Decay!” Trevor’s voice was sinister and creepy as he made his final hand seal. The Day of Decay curse diagram on their necks flashed with a radiant black and violet light. The curse morphed into matching white snake tattoos, and the glow disappeared. The snake tattoos wiggled as they slowly crept up the necks of their victims. They looked like they were growing.

“UGH!” the black-cloaked man in the front grunted while coughing out black blood. This man appeared to be middle-aged and stood a bit above six feet. He had a lean athletic build. His hair was burgundy, and his features lightly resembled a wolf. This was actually elder Monte Trilleck of House Trilleck! The other figure was shuddering on all fours behind Monte Trilleck. The arch in her back revealed her feminine appeal. Her face was thin but beautiful. She had peerlessly smooth creamy white skin, and hazel eyes. If Jodye were here, he would immediately recognize this woman as his fourth mother, Enora Morning!

“Monte Trilleck, do you know your wrongs?” Basalt licked his lips as purple light flashed in his eyes.

“My…my liege, I uck…ugh ugh!” the eyes of the white snake tattoo on Monte Trilleck’s glowed with purple light as it slithered noticeably faster, growing longer as it crawled toward his mid-neck. Monte felt like years of his life were being ripped out of him. This didn’t cause him what could be described as only pain. He literally felt himself dying gradually. Like his time was limited, “What have you done to me!”

“The Day Of Decay will plague your body until it reaches a state that can no longer contain life. Your cursed soul will be unable to flee your mortal shell,” Basalt stood up from the highest seat and glided down to where the two individuals were wrecked on the ground. He towered over them at the height of nearly three meters, “Listen to me, you f****** second generation scheming piece of s***! If you do not achieve the objective in the next two weeks, you will either die or become a mirthless hollow fiend, whom I will use to lick my ass clean after I s***. This is your worth to me. Fail me again, and death will be a luxury for you. Shadows, get rid of him.”

At Basalt’s command, a pair of meter long demonic arms stretched out of two shadow portals that manifested next to Monte Trilleck, before dragging him into the ground aggressively as he shouted in pain, “MY LIEGE! PLEASE! THE CURSE! I CAN’T BE SEEN LI…,” but his next words would remain unknown to those present.

“Well, well. The ever so beautiful Enora Morning. You truly are a rare specimen. Remove all of your clothes for your daddy, I. You will serve me here, and then you will serve my friends. I will decide your punishment later.” Basalt licked his big lips and stopped directly in front of Enora’s face, the massive log in his robes close enough that she could smell it. Tears begin to fall down from Enora’s eyes as she wanted to beg for mercy. The six elders above rose from their thrones, using various methods to descend and surround Enora in a tight circle.

“Please liege lord, Basalt the mighty. Grand white demon Basalt, the ruler. Tonight is…please my lord not tonight please, it will compromise the mission you have given me…” Enora was terrified and shaking while remembering what these beasts had done to her last time. The scariest part to her wasn’t the actions themselves.

The scariest part was being glamoured into loving it!

There were several gaps in her memory of the last few weeks. She knew this was an after effect of being manipulated with low-level charm laws. Her body was always sore. One of these animals had been taking her over and over, and she didn’t even know which one it was. She just knew it was the same man each time.

She was no better than their excellent little slut at this point! She would have long killed herself if not for her son, Jumoke. It had to be said that Enora Morning truly loved her husband and always had, but she let jealousy cloud her judgement and listened to the devil’s whispers in her ear.

Tonight her lord had even proposed to take herself and her son around the city for an evening stroll, followed by a nightcap. She had anticipated this day all week. However, now she was going to be forced to pleasure all these sick old demons until they were satisfied and done with her. She knew that if she refused they would just glamour into submission. Only devils knew what they would do to her at that time.

Basalt frowned as he pondered over her words. If they ravaged her now, then that f****** beta test of a prodigy, Osiris, would surely discover an issue. This was not a favorable outcome. Merely, he needed to vent his aggression on this woman, or he would not possibly be satisfied with his life.

“Liege lord Basalt, this one knows a time curse that can revert her body to the state it was in when the curse is cast after two hours. As you know, this is the perfect tool for torture, but it can also be used in this scenario. How will the brat know how much flavor we’ve sampled of this woman in the next two hours under the effects of the curse?” suggested the white-robed elder who had initially been seated to the left of Basalt.

“Altis, you’re a villain for sure! By the time the curse wears off, that ween will have long finished. Pah! To think, I actually considered just tasting you alone and letting you go back to your man, hahaha,” Basalt spat once than laughed sinisterly. His large brown eyes begin to emit an eerily pink glow. Enora Morning completely paled as her heart went so cold.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape this fate.

Why did she ever deal with this devil?

Just to rid herself of the thorn in her side that was lady Isis?

Initially, she just wanted their husband to focus more on her so she could give him an heir. She wanted to be the first wife, the controller of the House’s internal affairs. However now, she wasn’t even convinced that Jumoke belonged to Osiris. The older the boy got, the more he resembled a face from her nightmares. The one she was 80% certain was following her, taking liberties as he saw fit, and the same bastard who just certified her ticket into hell’s gates.

Altis Major, the left hand of this animal Basalt Congo, this evil leader of the White Demon Temple. However, what could she do now? Would her beloved ever touch her again if he knew…? No, she would likely die miserably if Osiris ever knew. The grudge between these two men was far more profound than she ever imagined. One of them would die for sure, and Enora no longer felt her husband held favorable odds.

Osiris aside, First Lady Isis would kill her without a doubt if she was aware. Even if Osiris took petty on her pathetic mistakes. Not that Enora wanted to live anymore knowing what she had done to him. Jumoke was all that kept her on this physical plane.

What these evil men were planning on doing to Osiris was even worse. They wanted his life! They had tried to claim it several times already but failed to kill him each time. Luckily, each time they had underestimated her beloved, and he would always prevail. Even with her own betrayal of information, he was infallible. However, this time… Enora wasn’t so optimistic. Because this time, she was being forced to spring the trap herself.

“Anything to please you, my liege,” Altis bowed deeply towards Basalt.

“Rise, my friend,” Basalt spoke to Altis gently, like a scholar admiring his student. However, once he turned towards Enora there nothing in his voice, but pure despise and naked lust, “Now for you, bitch. Did I not say strip?”

Enora bowed her head, and slowly removed her robes. Her petite frame and ample chest hung bare for all seven men to see. Instantly, the testosterone in the hall shot to the ceiling as they stared her down heatedly. She felt disgusted, but there was no choice. It was either she does this willingly or be glamoured and then played with to death.

After her robes fell, Basalt’s robes fell as well, revealing carved muscles and a superior build that made him stand out among other men. Basalt then lifted the petite woman into the air, his arm around her waist. Enora felt so ashamed when she felt the excitement rise within her heart.

How sick was this?

Her body almost seemed more comfortable here than with her own husband! Enora felt so empty inside. Her body seemed confused and had already betrayed her.

“Altis, prepare the curse immediately. I will first stretch her out a bit. Rowan, Sheppard, you will be next. Ah, if only I could see little baby wolfy’s face as he watched me enjoy you. Such pleasures would be truly next level. Too bad he will die soon,” Basalt was already indulging himself as he gave commands. Lewd sounds were heard from this hall for the next hour and a half.

Two hours later at House Trilleck…

Sitting in the middle of a spacious courtyard was a handsome young boy in elegant green robes. His eyes were hazel, and his face was about 80% similar to his mother’s, but his little head was bald. A light swirl of milky white origin energy was gathering into the boy’s body. This boy was none other than Jumoke Trilleck! Jumoke released a breath of foul air and opened his eyes.

“Almost there, one more step and I’ll reach the Peak Freshman rank! At the Young Wolf Celebration Dinner, there will only be one name who stands out. That name is Jumoke Trilleck!” the four-year-old Jumoke was confident and excited.

His mother had told him that his older brother Joseph had incredible talent and potential, but required a particular training method. He couldn’t even train yet! Thus, he knew that with his current cultivation he would be the strongest young wolf at the dinner party. The youth competition would be his to win! The Young Wolf Celebration Dinner was an event held every year in House Trilleck to showcase their amazing young Sages.

The winner of the competition would be rewarded with priority in cultivation resource allocation and a scholar level spirit fruit! There was also the chance of one of the elder nobles taking you in as a disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.! Of course, as the son of the House Lord, Jumoke didn’t need to worry about resources or taking in a teacher. He would be taught by the best that the house had to offer! What he was really after was the fame! His father would have no choice but to favor him and pay more attention to his mother.

Next, all Jumoke needed was to practice that battle skill he got from that strange guy. The little freshmen didn’t know who this man was when he first visited the courtyard, but he felt some type of familiar feeling from this person. Almost like how he felt with his mom. After that, the man would often come by at night to give him advice. He always wore dark robes, but his head would be exposed. He was a handsome man with dark brown features, that looked to be in his mid-fifties. Jumoke felt that this was likely some elder in the House, but he didn’t want Jumoke to tell anyone about him.

Jumoke had already benefitted a lot from his teachings, so he agreed. So when the man gave him a ring and told him to drop some of his blood on it, he was a bit afraid, but only a bit. After some kind words, Jumoke’s curiosity got the best of him, “This Demonic Fang Curse fits my Demonic Flame Wolf combat soul perfectly! Unfortunately, I can’t really train it until I surpass the Scholar realm, hmm. However, this Evil Flame Transformation Art must be started from the Scholar realm! This is also suitable. Excellent stuff.”

The sun was fading behind the distant mountains, and night had already blanketed the world in its mystery. Enora Morning was wearing a pretty black dress as she approached the courtyard where her son was immersed in cultivation. As she walked into the yard slowly, she paused and stared at her meditating son. Her eyes were lifeless and dull. Her face looked like she had lost the will to live. Only when she looked at her son did she feel the slightest hint of emotion anymore.

“You poor child, I must do this, or you will be killed…”

Sky Fall Legend

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