Book I – Legend, Chapter 48 – Infinite Peace and Eternal Chaos

— Eastern Badlands, Desolate Wilds, Frozen Night Camp

Back at the camp, Jodye Trill had already been meditating at the lake for six days. He was in a trance, as he sat in the lotus position in the middle of the ever-revolving Yin and Yang magic fish. [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] was fashionably wrapped around his head, and the Cosmos Revolving Grimoire emitted a soft purple glow as it floated in front of him. It was opened to the first page.

[Name: Joseph Goldwolf] [Age: 5 years, 4 months.] [Status: 98% Health, 11:59 pm]

‘Sage Path: Scholar Realm – Peak Freshman rank, 9 bp.’

‘Titan Path: Wimpy Man Realm – Level 7, 24 bp (estimate)’

‘Perfect Synchronization with the host in progress: 98%.’

‘Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked., Compatibility rating: 41% (Perfect)’

‘Guardian 2: Mighty God Sky Jackal, Compatibility rating: 22%.’

Inside the Host Space, Jodye was currently using his Mind’s Lamp ability to peer into the mysterious ripple in the void caused by the Yin and Yang fish. He first noticed this ripple on his second day at the lake, shocking his mother who spied on him.

Jodye had never previously entered the Host Space with an artifact active. When he did so on the second day here, he was shocked to find that his Host Space had tripled in size due to the effect of Pharaoh’s Law. The Host side of the space now looked like a sizeable and luxurious condo, that had a pool and jacuzzi out on the balcony. On top of the apartment was a helipad, and on top of the helipad was the hosting throne.

The throne was no still made of dragon bones, but the design was no longer so archaic, it was more modern.

The balcony overlooked a lush and beautiful grassland full of perilous thunder clouds and housed a giant dragon egg hidden within a nimbus thundercloud. This forested grassland area spread of 2,000 acres before the world ended, and became an expanse of stars. The fragmented puzzle piece of an endless cosmos now looked like a vast field of stars, with some kind of natural barrier at the far end of the galaxy.

Even better, activating Mind’s Lamp was even more magical, as it made Jodye feel like his spiritual awareness was three different drones flying around, and his consciousness was the screen. He could switch between views, or see it all at once.

“This must be the effect of my spiritual force being at level 3, the spiritual awareness rank. Although my strength hasn’t improved yet, this space is still benefitting from the strengthening of my soul,” Jodye thought at that time.

While exploring the new limits of his awareness, Jodye became aware of this energy ripple.

“Hey X, do you know what this is?” asked Jodye to the little red furred wolf hybrid baby floating on a nimbus cloud next to him.

“Yes,” replied Xavier Tricko curtly.

“Well then, can you tell me?” asked Jodye Trill, slightly impatient now.

“Well…no. It is better for you to figure it out on your own,” replied Xavier. Jodye nodded. Even if Xavier didn’t tell him what it was, he still quelled Jodye’s worries that it would be life-threatening. Thus, Jodye let his curiosity get the best of him. He sent his awareness into the ripple and was dumbstruck by what he found. As soon as Jodye’s awareness first came in contact with the ripple, his consciousness was swallowed, and he was shown an utterly shocking vision that he would remember profoundly for the rest of his life!

Two absolutely supreme beings stood shoulder to shoulder in a dense nebula of the most ancient and primal forces in existence. Within this endless cloud of chaotic energy, there were constant black, red, and scarlet-golden snakes of heavenly lightning and thunder cascading and striking in every direction. The varied strikes and thunderous booms, in combination with the sounds of the chaotic primal forces, was like the most ancient and beautiful musical symphony.

The supreme beings were so enormous that every other creature in the cosmos would seem like tiny existences in comparison. Even the greatest and most massive stars were only fractions of the size of these two creatures. Their bodies glowed with perfect light, that seemed to illuminate the entirety of existence. They held their palms together and begin to chant an incantation. The words of this incantation turned directly into billions of runes that instantly formed hieroglyphs that looked like divine dragons. These hieroglyphs literally came to life with world-shattering roars and flew into the never-ending primal nebula of chaotic and thunderous energies.

These incantations made Jodye’s soul shake painfully. This almost caused the entire vision to turn blurry, destabilize, and tear apart. However, he used his overwhelming willpower, which had been tempered over two lifetimes, to maintain his focus. Once the vision regained its clarity, he was shocked to discover he could understand the ancient language hidden within the incantation! Within the incantation words that formed no sound and only power, Jodye was suddenly able to perceive a fluctuation that his soul could interpret as words that he understood.









As these words echoed through Jodye’s soul, millions of runes manifested myriad powers and energies and heavily collided with the heavenly chaos, causing a doomsday explosion. The explosion’s light blinded everything for an excessively long time. It was so bright that everything had become white. Jodye saw nothing but absolute still white for an amount of time he could no longer gauge. It was as if time had yet to exist at all. This was like being in a totally blank space, nothing moved. There was no sound or anything else.

It was complete and absolute stillness.

For some reason this stillness made Jodye think of the most famous mountain of his past life, Mt. Everest. Although Jodye was confident that his new world would have far more impressive mountains, mount Everest represented the absolute peak of the world in his last life. It had an unmovable position, and its status as the number one most challenging peak to climb!

The summit of that mountain was so high in the air that the freezing temperature could freeze the blood inside your body in no time. There had been people found in caves or crevices near the peak whom had been frozen for decades but had their remains in near perfect condition. Jodye wasn’t sure why these thoughts were coming to him suddenly, but he felt like he on the cusp of a realization.

Thus, he continued to board this train of inspiration.

“Stillness…the yin principle…could this be eternal whiteness be…Pure Yin Serenity?” thought Jodye Trill. It felt like forever and a day before Jodye saw the light slowly fade. Except rather than fade, it would be better to say a tiny dot of golden radiance gradually expanded from somewhere within the whiteness.

After what felt like hundreds of years, this golden radiance became a mass of golden flames before erupting outward with a boom, causing remaining white light to shatter as blankets of pitch black space appeared and begin slow override the remaining white. The golden flames kept shooting out more white star lights, but it wasn’t enough to stop the darkness. Eventually, the darkness overwhelmed, and everything went to black.

This made Jodye think of the big bang theory of his former world. The argument was that billions of years ago, our entire observable universe was the size of a peach that had a temperature of over a trillion degrees. The theory was indeed very similar to what he was currently witnessing.

An explosion that created the known universe!

Those impossibly hot golden flames seemed to be at least a few billions of degrees in heat and were indeed small and peachy in the beginning. Merely, where did they even come from? Could the Big Bang Theory be used to comprehend Calamity force?

“If I assume that the eternal white is the Pure Yin Serenity, then it was a result of the initial explosion caused by those god-like beings. Master mom said that the universe was born from primal chaos. What if that vast and endless nebula was the primal chaos? This explosion would then be the birth of the universe!” thinking up to here, Jodye Trill was in awe. This may seem a little far-fetched, but his intuition told him he was correct.

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“Primal chaos… that thunder and lightning within the chaotic energy streams must surely be the epitome of lightning laws. If this was the primal chaos, perhaps lightning surpasses what would be called laws. So then is lightning truly energy of the heavenly void and not the earthen planes? That thunder sounds as if it were playing a beautiful song. Also, what of those god-like beings? Could they be the origin of the universal dao?”

The cogs of Jodye’s mind started spinning swiftly, as he surprisingly discovered traces of universal truth. If lady Isis knew how her lecture had made Jodye instantly ration out these truths, then she would be speechless.

What was a genius?

This would be a genius!

Of course, this was also because Jodye had his old world’s historical discoveries in science documented in his mental filing cabinets.

“The epitome of lightning can stand next to the mighty primal chaos! The collision of dao and chaos created a new supreme existence! The music of destruction! The magic of life! A Chaotic Melody of Destruction! The Advent of Creation! So then if the golden explosion born from within the white stillness was swallowed by the darkness, then what is the darkness? Unless!?”

As Jodye Trill thought to here, he received another head-splitting pain. It felt like he was being torn in two. What Jodye didn’t know was that this was the will of the universe attempting to suppress him! He was far too intelligent, and the world actually felt threatened. However, he ignored this pain and tried desperately to hold on to his last train of thought, “What else could be born from eternal stillness? Relentless frenzy! However, does this seem correct? Not quite.”

“The relentless frenzied flames of Pure Yang Calamity, born from within the eternal stillness of Pure Yin Serenity. When they exist in unity, they summon the laws of creation! The power of the heavens. So then this darkness is…the heavenly void? Could this be the birth of the skies? After creation, the nine layers of the sky gave structure to the world!” Jodye Trill was astounded by this thought.


Sudden enlightenment!

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This dark void that no light seemed able to penetrate through, what if it was the hollowed shell of what remained after the primal chaos gave birth to yin and yang? Could it be that if Yin and Yang are in stasis, then they are not more powerful the heavenly void? Will the void eventually swallow them to become chaos once more? What happens if the calamity produces a bit of serenity? Could he have it backward?

Sudden enlightenment!

The eternal white must be the heavenly void! The heavens were born when order was given to chaos. From within, the first thing to exist was the relentless golden flames of frenzy! This meant that this still white was never still at all! The light of the frenzied flames was so blinding that it blanketed the cosmos in white! This was before the flames even expanded. From within the calamity of cosmic fire came what?


Peace was required to overwhelm the flames! The new budding universe was given serenity!

“I finally understand… I had it all wrong previously. Good thing I didn’t stop halfway, who knows how long it would have taken me to correct my error.”

If felt like years and years had passed in the quiet darkness. Countless stars and waves energy were still pouring out the explosion to form a vast and endless cosmos.

After what seemed like years of pondering in the darkness, Jodye Trill was able to see millions of tiny lights appear in the distance. Before long a variety of different stars and satellites flooded everything Jodye could see. After another long period, Jodye was able to see magnificent and enormous beasts the size of planets gliding through the universe like birds in the sky. Jodye Trill saw life taking shape, and the elements being created as those Phoenix and True dragon type divine beasts sing their songs.

After a long time had passed, Jodye Trill finally saw the two supreme god-like beings once more. They were covered in different colored light halos that masked their features, but Jodye could make out fashionable crowns on their heads. Jodye instantly recognized these crowns, because to his shock they looked about 90% similar to his own [Pharaoh’s Law]! The supreme beings flew to different corners of the universe creating life! One was making planets, Great Worlds! One created terrifying monsters from hieroglyphics, starting with divine dragons and what looked like mighty winged-behemoth elephants.

This continued for only the god knew how long, until they got into some kind of heaven shaking dispute over a particular blue planet that looked like a super-earth.

“Could it be? Are they the real True Pharaoh Gods who created the universe as we know it?” wondered Jodye as he observed the deities. They were not quite as massive as before, but they remained the largest existences he had ever seen. They stood in opposition, the tension feeling as if a war would break out between them at any second. A conflict between such creatures would surely be devastating.

However, right at that moment, they both looked directly at what Jodye Trill could only surmise was himself. This left him bewildered, as he thought he wasn’t even really there and that this was just a scene playing in his mind.

In spite of this, Jodye felt like these two illusions had locked on to him and this totally scared the s*** out of him. At this moment, both supreme beings released their energies, causing the cosmos to shake from the power! The scene that seemed to last for hundreds of millions of years ended here.

After more than five days, Jodye Trill opened his eyes which briefly glowed with radiant golden light! However, to Jodye’s shock, the origin gem had already turned into powder in his hand and blew away in the wind when he unclenched his fist. His source artifacts were deactivated, and even Eureka was forced to return to the Cosmos Revolving Grimore. Totally exhausted in mind, body, and spirit, the little guy finally passed out.

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