Book I – Legend, Chapter 50 – Four Concepts

Isis Trilleck was utterly shocked a week ago when her son told her that he had contracted an actual origin god beast, the Twilight Sphinx. She just couldn’t believe it, until Jodye said to her that this truth originated from his source artifact!

This was incredible to lady Isis for two reasons.

First, this meant that there was an artifact spirit in the Jodye’s source artifact. The boy may not know the real significance of this, but lady Isis definitely did. This meant that the boy was indeed in possession of a fusion legacy! He really didn’t need a mental cultivation method after all.

Second, since he had chosen to fuse with a dragon, who knows how much knowledge is hidden within that artifact spirit? This was the soul of a divine creature like a dragon, it’s knowledge likely far exceeded her own! This was something Jodye could only discover for himself as he grew.

Isis found herself slightly jealous of her son’s great judgment. With the way he idolizes his father, lady Isis was confident he would choose to fuse with the Sky Wolf combat soul. This was even if he found out he had a dragon type combat soul. However, he had selected the dragon instead! The wolf was his companion now, just like how her own Dragon-type combat soul was now her symbiotic companion.

Isis Trilleck had two combat soul’s, but she had chosen to fuse with her Mystic Foxx combat soul on the destiny platform. She had her own reasons, but thinking of her son’s potential, she finally felt some regret. They were initially so similar! However, the boy’s path would be filled with far more exciting adventures than her own if he managed to survive until he grew strong.

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It was her duty as both his mother and his master to ensure he did just that.

“The Twilight Sphinx kitten is the real treat…” Lady Isis’ eyes grew hot as she thought about the little kitten.

A baby Moonlight Sphinx, while unusual, was not as shocking. A Moonlight Sphinx was a mere origin beast and was a weaker variant of the Still-Heart Lunar Sphinx. It didn’t have any distinctive traits, and its flames were of a lower tier. As for what a Twilight Sphinx was? That was the ancient ancestor of the Still-Heart Lunar Sphinx, an origin god beast! The boy had a baby ancestor-level creature.

If her clan knew about this, perhaps she may even have a chance to return in glory. Then, she could definitely pack up her best friend and their kids, escaping this backwater country full of evil perverts and wicked plots! With such talent and luck, this child had the weight of destiny on him! Not only that, but the Twilight Sphinx could convert origin stones into serenity crystals. That was something she never knew about before!

This boy had just given her a shortcut to the next realm, “With a dozen S-Grade serenity crystals, I simply won’t need to continue this farce. I can take my son, Omotolani and Milly, and leave. Alas, even then this goal can still be considered far in the distance…time is of the essence.”

Isis looked just like a moon goddess, dressed in an elegant white dress that fluttered without any wind in the moonlight. She floated silently over the lake observing her unconscious son. Her crystal blue eyes seemed out of focus, making her appear to be lost in her thoughts, “That boy noticed the secret of the yin and yang magic fish pretty fast. The universal ripple, caused by the resonance of powerful magic creatures. These ripples show us the memories of the laws that exist in our bodies in depth. This boy possesses a body with both yin and yang in harmony, who knows how ancient the memories of such laws are.

“It is a manifestation of the universal dao, and only lucky individuals of the Legendary Realm can have their prodigies see such a thing at the Scholar Realm. Spiritual sense can just barely detect its presence, but that should be only for non-masters. My son will surely be a master.

“But still, this was truly a bit too fast. Must be the effect of Joseph’s source artifact, as spiritual sense alone could never perceive such an existence so easily. An amazing feature for sure… he was in that trance for at least four days, which is f****** crazy. When my father exposed me to the universal ripple, I was in a deep trance for around a day… I wonder how many of the memories of the universe he was able to perceive to be gone for so much longer? He should have already formed his concept when he awakens. How unfair for me to be stuck in the desert with treasure… there must be some way I can let this baby bird fly away.”


Meanwhile, in Jodye Trill’s Host Space,

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Jodye was relaxing in his condo’s jacuzzi, staring over the balcony at the starry expanse. Xavier Tricko sat next to him kicking his tiny feet in the water, as he was too small to get in without drowning.

“Wow temp-host Joe, I can’t believe we got to see so many memories of the serenity and calamity laws. You must have had quite the enlightenment! You truly have a deep affinity with these forces. With this, perhaps you have earned a minor accomplishment as my host. Okay now quickly, quickly, what did you manage to come up with?” Xavier was looking at Jodye with deep anticipation in his eyes.

“Well…I’ve got these…ideas. It is difficult to describe,” Jodye Trill frowned in looked inside the 16-feet deep pool next to the Jacuzzi. Sitting at the bottom of this pool were four blurry images, each one living inside a big bubble the size of a man.

From left to right, inside of the very first bubble was a new pitch-black space that was totally empty except for one single tall mountain peak. The peak was majestic and stationary as if it had always been and would forever still be. This was the first nascent concept that Jodye Trill was able to comprehend!

The laws of serenity, Eternal Stillness, the Everest!

Jodye sunk his perception into the blurry image and the scene around him changed to that of the mountain’s snow-covered peak! The peak was surrounded by vast and eternal nothingness! Standing on this illusory peak, that made him feel like he would fall straight through, Jodye could sense that there was strange new energy rumbling in his origin pool below his abdomen. Unfortunately, he had yet to regain control over his body. He could only maintain consciousness within the host space thanks to Trippy, who sent his consciousness in here right before [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] deactivated.

Withdrawing his perception, Jodye observed the blurry image in the second bubble. This image was just a blank white space, but the only thing visible within this one was an impossibly dense ball of golden flames, the size of a peach. When Jodye sent his perception within, the entire scene changed again as Xavier and himself were greeted with an incredible explosion of golden fire. It was so hot that Jodye felt like he had already melted into goo, the essence evaporating from himself being burned into nothing. It was so outrageously hot.

The laws of calamity, Relentless Frenzy, the Big Bang!

Jodye withdrew his perception once more, slightly shocked, but also excited. He had done it! He had comprehended two concepts, and now his body was likely being baptized by these respective forces since he possessed a force genesis and artifacts for both! Glancing at the next bubble, Jodye saw a blurry image of black lightning striking and cascading endlessly in a starry expense, surrounded by a dense cloud of chaotic energies.

When Jodye Trill sent his perception within, he was greeted with the same scene at full scale and volume, making him feel as tiny as a speck of dust. The melody of the chaotic energies and the booms of the cascading thunderbolts felt like listening to an old divine orchestra’s once in a millenia performance. Merely, this song made Jodye feel like his soul was ready to leave his mortal shell behind, to forever exist within that melody.

To Jodye’s surprise, he was able to feel more than one force within this concept. Unfortunately, this was a fleeting feeling that was hard to grab onto. However, what Jodye Trill felt more than anything was that anyone who listened to that song for too long, or faced one of those lightning strikes, would only have one shared outcome.


“The Chaotic Melody of Destruction…” Jodye Trill mumbled to himself.

“Chaotic Concept! Holy crap, dude that is just too damn awesome! You have two concepts that have multiple forces within them. That means in the future, when you level this concept you’ll comprehend the truth of all of these forces at the same time! One comprehension will birth another,” Said Xavier. “Even my big brother can’t compare to that. Though, as a purebred, he only needs to comprehend his lifeblood powers and bloodline limits more, and he grows in strength endlessly.”

“For real? When you say it like that, I suddenly understand though…” As Jodye said this, he was suddenly struck by a thunderbolt, and his perception was blasted out of the concept. Looking at the final concept, Jody noticed that it was indeed similar to the last. There should be multiple forces within this concept as well.

Inside the bubble were tiny lights in a dark void, just like looking at the infinite expanse of stars on the horizon. Sinking inside, Jodye was actually in the middle of a galaxy with planets shooting past him. He even saw the near invisible shadowy figures saying incantations together and producing earths and god beasts in the far, far distance. It was almost like those two god-like beings. Just like the first creatures those beings created, these shadowy figures were like divine dragons swimming through the stars, as they spat out new ones. Jodye Trill suddenly understood what this was, “The magic of creation and life, the Advent of Creation!”

“This kid managed to comprehend four concepts just from the universal ripple… I know that universal ripples contain the memories of the void, but come on, this is a bit exaggerated, right?” thought Xavier Tricko in awe to himself, “Could it be possible that there’s something unique about Joseph? Did Sylknarius know that this kid was capable of such things? If so, I don’t know who’s scarier; the dummy who doesn’t know how special he is, or the ruthless character who manipulates him. Either way, this should be fun if I’m here, right? Lucky, lucky.”

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