Book I – Legend, Chapter 50 – The Next Goal

Two nights later, the wind blew gently under the starlight, carrying white snowflakes and cherry blossoms through the air. The trees in the surrounding swayed gently back in forth as insects made noises within the swamplands. The first lady Isis of House Trilleck stood quietly at the still frozen lake on the tip of her toes, staring into the eyes of her son in a deep state of shock. She was totally speechless.

In front of the lady Isis dressed in skin-tight black armor, Jodye Trill was wearing snow-white robes with [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] equipped on his head, calmly explaining to his mother what he had experienced in the universal ripple. He didn’t bother leaving out any details, as he had nothing to hide from this mother who was also both of his lifetimes’ very first master. After he finished, his mother was looking at him silently for about 15 minutes, without any ripples in her eyes, driving Jodye nearly insane due to his impatience.

Of course, even if Jodye only had the patience of a five-year-old, he still wouldn’t allow himself to act impulsively. His current mental strength was far too overbearing for such a slip-up. After these 15 minutes passed, his mother finally spoke.

“Little Joe ah…” lady Isis let out a heavy sigh. She didn’t even have the energy left to marvel over the talent of this baby boy of hers, “Have you comprehended anything? Can you use a force?”

“Hehe,” Jodye Trill rubbed his little nose and felt embarrassed. After he woke up from his second baptism of law forces, Jodye noticed those four concept bubbles from the bottom of the pool in his host space were now ever-present floating in his conscious mind. All he had to do was focus on them, and he felt them connect with the force genesis in his origin pool! “I have four, but I can only use three!”

“Show me!” Lady Isis wore a cold countenance and hid her excitement as she demanded a demonstration. “First release your aura, then absorb the force of heaven backed by your own origin energy, and then fuel your heavenly aura with your concept!”

“Okay ma, watch, ack!” Jodye’s hand was popped by a magical fluctuation before he could even show his excitement, and instantly he switched his method of delivery, “Master! This disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. will now demonstrate my ability!”

A silver aura burst out Jodye’s body as the original phenomenon manifested in the air above the white-robed lad. Nine white spheres of light, the size of marbles, floated in the air like little star dots and connected with his aura. Following this, Jodye released his first concept, Eternal Stillness, the Everest! His atmosphere became steady like hundred thousand-year-old mountain, and 15 spheres of pink and blue light spheres the size of marbles manifested next to the 9 original lights. This made a total of 24 marble sized lights, which seem to group together into a star chart. If one were to look from afar, it would look like a small mountain.

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Jodye’s aura then changed into one that seemed mystical and vibrant, making him appear full of abundant life and energy. The 15 pink and blue spheres of light vanished in an instant, as 10 more white lights replaced them. Then, Jodye’s aura changed once more to feel dark and deadly. The 10 white spheres vanished like before, as 10 dark violet spheres took their place. This left Jodye Trill pondering in silence as he had just discovered a problem.

He could only utilize one concept at a time! He found it impossible to even think about another while he focused on one, and this was with [Pharaoh’s Law active]! However, before Jodye could ponder more on this, he heard his mother’s excited voice.

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“Divine Pharaoh! Joseph, this is absolutely amazing! These concepts, although they aren’t very developed, I’ve never felt nascent concepts so deep and unfathomable. What exactly did you manage to comprehend, boy? This is much too fierce,” Isis Trilleck was suddenly hugging her son and flying and spinning around in the air, like an excited little girl.

Jodye was tickled and pleased with his own effort, as he had never seen his mother so excited and happy. He quite enjoyed this feeling of watching her world-ending smile light up this dark forest. Jodye then briefly told his mother what inspired his concepts. After all, he naturally couldn’t tell her that the inspiration came mainly from his last life’s theoretical knowledge.

“Okay Jodye, listen closely. The nascent level concept has four levels of completion. Namely: Initial, Basic, Advanced, and Perfected. Your serenity force comprehension is at the first and lowest tier, Yin Force!” Isis Trilleck resumed her stern voice and demeanor as she earnestly instructed her son. “Your yin force will become serenity force when you evolve your concept into something else. This is a matter far in the future, and by then you will be approaching my level.”

These last few words shocked Jodye, as he was familiar with how terrifying his mother could be. How long would it take him to reach that state? He honestly didn’t know, but he knew he definitely would reach it faster than his parents had! Otherwise, he would really consider himself a waste. Therefore he definitely would achieve this!

“However, your yin force nascent concept is already at the second level of this rank, Basic Nascent Concept. This very impressive! I’m am quite pleased, Joseph, you have made me proud. However, both your magic and voodoo force are merely at the Initial level. Your second goal should be to focus on upgrading these concepts to match with your serenity force,” said lady Isis in her trademark cold tone, devoid of any recognizable emotion. She reminded Jodye a little of Sylvester when she spoke like this. They also both used the power of serenity. Would this be a coincidence or would he end up with this character trait too if he cultivated his yin force into serenity?

“A moment, sensei! If that’s only the second thing, then what’s the first thing I should do?” internally Jodye Trill wondered what his mother would say if she knew he could also use initial level nascent calamity force. It’s not that Jodye suddenly wanted to hide things from his mother, it was just that he genuinely didn’t see how this information could benefit her.

However, keeping it secret could benefit Jodye in plenty of ways. Anyway, his mother would naturally come to know of it eventually. He was confident that the sleeping Sylvester would likely insist upon this route if he could. Thus, he shut his mouth about it.

“The first thing you will do is the breakthrough from the Freshman rank straight into the Sophomore rank! Or is there any reason to wait further?” responded Isis Trilleck indifferently. Jodye’s sapphire eyes brightened as he shook his head fiercely.

Rank Up!!

He could finally rank up!

He had almost forgotten.

‘Let’s see that mutt’s face when he wakes up to witness my accomplishment, hmph,’ thought Jodye, which was accompanied by a snicker from Xavier.

“Sensei!” shouted Jodye Trill suddenly.


“Why can I only use one concept at a time?” Jodye was actually somewhat worried about this point. It was far less intimidating if he couldn’t combine the might of his forces! However, if he could, then his origin energy’s strength would already surpass his astral might! How could he not desire such a result?

“This is because your understanding of force is too shallow. Such a thing would only be possible if your comprehensions first exceeded the nascent rank and second were of equal strength. Alternatively, if one concept is stronger than the other, but they are both at least at the minor rank, then it is still possible to use them both. However, any more than two and they have to be comprehended at the same level,” lady Isis explained patiently. Jodye’s eyes flashed with the light of understanding.

“I get it! So this is why the sky-wolves are constantly calling me weak. I am weak indeed. What use is potential if you cannot use your talent well due to underdevelopment?” although Jodye Trill berated himself inwardly, he wasn’t dejected. Rather, he was now incomparably excited as he responded to his mother, “Sensei, do I have to advance all my concepts at the same time to advance in rank?”

“No. However, it will still benefit you greatly in the future if you choose to do so before each advancement. Also, I will definitely make sure you do so. At the Void Door Realm, these comprehensions will provide your body with endless benefits.”

“Mom, can you tell me the realms of Sage cultivation now?” asked Jodye.

“Fine. As you know, Joseph, your current cultivation is in the first rank of the Scholar Realm. The next realm up is the Earth Science Realm. After that is the Void Door Realm, and then the Void Philosophy Realm. The highest known realm on this Gaea Minor World life star is the Celestial Mapping Realm. The experts at this realm, or the equivalent of the Twisted Fate Realm of the saint path, are referred to as Pharaoh by the people of this world.

“However, this is absolutely not the peak of the universal dao. Merely, knowing more than this will do you no good at your current rank,” Isis Trilleck created a small table made of ice as she spoke and then sat in a crystal chair made of pink ice shards. Taking a jug of tea and some cups out of her spatial ring, she summoned her son over. Jodye hurried to his mother’s side to pour her drink for her, of which she took a dainty sip.

Jodye Trill grew slightly suspicious at the way his mother spoke occasionally. It didn’t quite add up, as she seemed to talk about this world as if it was beneath her notice.

How lofty!

How arrogant!

Isis was Jodye’s hero, he wanted to disdain an entire planet with his strength too. Merely, his mother was strong but wasn’t quite so strong was she? At least, he was confident that grandpa Geb was stronger! His father and that other grandpa shouldn’t be too weak either.

“How do I advance my rank, Sensei?” asked the Jodye Trill who had long since given up on books and traditional knowledge.

“Cultivate as normal, filling your body with origin energy until no more will fit, or until you can sense the Freshman wall. Once you achieve either of these, you will then forcibly impact the wall with origin energy on one side and nascent force on the other! Once you break through this wall, your origin veins will be able to deliver origin energy straight to your origin pool, and your power will increase. This is called the Sophomore rank of the Scholar Realm. This is your next goal.”

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