Book II – Bandit, Chapter 11 – Reconstructed memories, The Return of the Temporary Host!

Dessa Chimes’ body shook, as she almost instinctively pricked her finger. A drop of blood floated into the air magically.

“I, Dessa Lydia Chimes, vow to forever serve to the benefit of Mr. Jupiter’s advantage from this day forth, or may the heavenly tribulation smite me where I stand!” Dessa held her hands high and declared to the skies before she dropped to her knees and kowtowed three times. All of this took place before Jodye even had time to stop her. Growing up as a slave in an estate run by Saint’s she knew a little about the structure of powerful organizations. To be a “hand” was to be in the second highest seat of authority in any cultivation family or sect. Whether it was a Sage Hall38Sage Halla sect or organization run predominantly by Sage class warriors. The leader of a Sage Hall is known as a House Lord or Hall Master. or a Saint Temple37Saint Templea sect or organization run by predominantly Saint class warriors. The leader of a Saint Temple is known as the High Abbot, the left and right hands were second only to the Sage Lord or High Abbot respectively.

So when she heard Mr. Jupiter’s offer, she lost all strength in her legs immediately. She was so happy and excited that it felt as if she was flying! Even though she knew that this boy had no memory, and no family or sect to speak of, she had full confidence that he would one day reach the heights that he claimed to be walking too! Once that happened, what would she be?

The Right-Hand of a dominant hegemonic force! Dessa accepted the proposition wordlessly, instantly worshipping Jodye Trill as her master with the heavens and the earth as a witness. Jodye even heard a thunderclap before he managed to react and pull her up. Jodye was speechless for a moment. Also, the treasured sword Autumn Saver was trembling intensely, reflecting its sword spirit’s chaotic state of mind! This was along the lines of what it had feared would happen, perhaps.

“Dessa, are you mad?! Who asked you to dedicate your entire life to me!” Jodye Trill was touched, yet pissed. Did this girl have a slave fetish? Who raised her? Merely, he was already helpless to change the situation.

“Dessa would rather stay by the young master’s side for a lifetime then live a so-called life of freedom. Please advise me!” Dessa’s eyes were incomparably clear and resolute, and Jodye couldn’t help but be impressed.

Sitting down cross-legged, Jodye paid no further attention to Dessa. He closed his eyes and activated his mind’s eye to thoroughly investigate the area, and search for a place to rest and set up camp. After deciding on a small hill 80 meters the south, Jodye grabbed Dessa and jumped from the tree branch. Upon reaching the hill, he used four hours to punch through the bottom of the hill until there were roughly 55 cubic meters of space hidden underneath, making a small burrow on the inside. He even managed to kill three Level 1 Vicious Beast27Vicious BeastMonster Clan beast that possesses Second Rank lifeblood. Vicious beasts are animals that can absorb and refine the forces of the heavens and earth. As a result, they are far more powerful than the animals who can’t. Level 1 Vicious Beast = 20 bp Level 2 Vicious Beast = 60 bp Level 3 Vicious Beast = 110 bp Level 4 Vicious Beast = 170 bp Level 5 Vicious Beast = 240 bp Level 6 Vicious Beast = 320 bp Level 7 Vicious Beast = 410 bp Level 8 Vicious Beast = 510 bp Level 9 Vicious Beast = 620 bps who came over to investigate. Although the level 1 vicious beast meat could no longer promote much strength for him, Dessa would likely still benefit a lot from it.

“We will be training here for a few months,” Jodye Trill told Dessa as she watched in awe. As they traveled, Jodye had told Dessa of his experience with the treasured sword. As the girl had already made a heavenly oath, what was the point of hiding anything from her? For Dessa to betray him now was the same as her deciding to commit suicide, it was far too stupid. “Give me some time to study what Autumn Saver has shown me, and we will discuss it together. In the meantime practice on your own.”

Dessa nodded like an excellent little chick and scurried off to her own corner to meditate. Jodye shook his head and withdrew a small book with a mid-grade origin stone sitting on top of it from his space ring. This book was surprisingly none other than the Bright Star: Battle Book! Jodye flipped opened the book and spent some time memorizing its contents.

This was strangely easy to do. Obviously, Jodye had read at least part of this book before losing his memory. “It seems the old me was quite diligent. Now, let us test it out!”

However, as soon as Jodye held the mid-grade origin stone and begin absorbing its energy while circulating the Bright Star: Battle Book’s force circulation method, he felt a change in his divine sense, as a mysterious link was established. This link was like a bridge leading from his thoughts into the depths of his soul.

Jodye’s eyes flashed with a pale golden light as a word suddenly appeared in his mind, compelling him to speak it out, “Trippy?”

The origin stone in Jodye’s hand trembled, as a quarter of the origin within was swiftly depleted. The slits of his eyes turned vertical, and on Jodye’s forehead, tiny blue starlight escaped his glabella and transformed into a stylish crown piece, with a blue and gold striped cape. This crown landed gently on Jodye’s head before tying itself into a blue and golden headdress of the gods.

The return of Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. came with the arrival of the dull voice of the source artifact’s spirit, “Host is experiencing major soul damage. Immediately mending host source spirit.”

Jodye was totally startled when he heard a voice in his head. An artifact spirit, source artifacts could possess one too? No wonder so many sage conquerors could occasionally be seen talking to themselves. Of course, he had total disdain for his old self’s naming sense. Why was his Source Artifact spirit’s name Trippy?

“Trippy, how long was I in a coma?”

“Responding to the host’s query: Host was unconscious and in a state of constant near-death, death, and rebirth for five months. The host was then lost in the chaotic streams of space, for another four months. The host then spent more than a month to reach the host’s current location. The host is technically still in a coma. Would host like a minute by minute update?”

“Still in a coma? How… Well if I’m still comatose, how do I wake up?” asked Jodye Trill, who was totally baffled.

“Responding to host query: Trippy has stored memories of the host in the past. Would host like to these retrieve memories?”

Retrieving memories? That simple?

“Yes!” After responding to Trippy, Jodye Trill’s mind was completely flooded with images and information. It took Jodye more than a few hours to assimilate and sort through this headache and recollect his thoughts, “Woah. What a train wreck…”

Jodye kept his eyes and closed and pondered as a familiar feeling washed over him. It was mysterious and inviting.

Host Space! This was the host space!

Jodye cast his perception inward and appeared in his host space. His host soul was in the form of a blurry young man, wearing a blue tuxedo. In front of him were the scenes of Jupiter’s life playing as if on a 360-degree revolving movie screen. Only, it was more like he was a fly that landed on the movie screen, it was impossible to overlook.

“Great Gaia, kid, what the hell took you so long?” a kid who looked to be around seven years old floated down into Jodye’s sight on a nimbus cloud. He had wolf ears on top of his head and red fur all over, but he was dressed in magnificent brocade robes.

“X… my head is killing me, man. What the hell is going on?” asked Jodye Trill with his face grimaced.

“Well… here’s the short version: An evil baldy ransacked the crib, and kidnapped moms, before ruthlessly trying to slaughter us! Pops showed up and had a showdown, but eventually took a spear through the heart to save you, in true like hero fashion. After that, doom was quite inevitable. However, we managed to escape thanks to Sly sacrificing himself. However, this move left both him and you severely affected. We will be okay because the heavenly grimoire has already synchronized with us. However, that is only if you are okay,” Xavier Tricko was so very thrilled that Jodye was finally awake, he immediately told him everything! How many days had Xavier watched from the host space as the Adventures of Jupiter Titan played every episode over and over as if it were on an eternal marathon? Xavier had long since been gone mad.

“I… remember many things… but not that,” said Jodye Trill with a solemn but blurry face.

“Yes, Temp Host, you’re still broken. However, now that you’re here I should be able to fix that,” without waiting for Jodye to respond, X drove his nimbus to Jodye’s front and grabbed his head. Xavier’s hands emitted a golden glow and then the scenes surrounding them changed. The hosting space returned to its former state, like pieces falling down into place in a game of Tetris.

In the starry expanse half of the host space, the heavenly grimoire snapped open and released a blinding purple glow. This glow was so radiant and piercing that it took over Jodye’s senses. Once the light faded, the blurry Jodye Trill was floating in the sky above an old city. The buildings were tall, and many were run down and abandoned. In the distance, a grand and luxurious city could be seen behind the dilapidated buildings.

“Where the hell am I now?” wondered Jodye Trill.

“Here? This, Jodye, is presumably your home. Where you came from.” came an indifferent voice from above. “You know… where the real ‘you’ was born.”

Looking up Jodye Trill was surprised to see an incredibly handsome 11-year-old youth in white robes! He looked imperious and unbridled, like no one in the world could tame him.

“Well? Are you going to keep staring, or invite me in? Seriously, what kind of host are you?” said Sylvester Tricko.


— Jodye’s mind – Earth, 2027 AD, Old Orleans, 3rd ward

Jodye Trill and Sylvester Tricko were floating in the sky above the deteriorating city.

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“I…remember this place. Old Orleans… the lost city. So this place is… Earth?” Jodye Trill scratched his head and looked around at the surrounding city. Most of the buildings were old and falling apart, and there were varying levels of water and damage everywhere.

“Earth? How dull and unsophisticated. Can’t the surface of any life star be referred to as the earth? Surely this star has a different name,” Sylvester Tricko was utterly unsatisfied upon hearing what Jodye Trill had called this world, “At any rate, let us follow the soul flow. The sooner you remember yourself, the sooner we can leave this wretched place. I mean seriously, is there ANY heaven and earth origin energy in this world? Even the worldly essence is so thin that it is negligible. This world simply couldn’t have truly been this dry, it must be your mortal status clouding your recognition.”

Jodye didn’t have time to answer this obnoxious prince Tricko. This was because he had found himself staring at a little baby crying in an empty alleyway. This baby was wrapped in a golden cloth that seemed to be made of some extravagant material. However, the thunder clouds in the sky suggested that rain would soon come pouring down. What would the infant do then? Who would leave such a small child here all alone? Before Jodye realized it, he was already fully immersed within these scenes, no longer aware of the passage of time or anything else.

The little brown fella with deep dark eyes was crying those little eyes off. The alleyway got darker and darker as the booming of thunder and crackling of lightning echoed throughout this small corner of the world. The sounds almost seemed to resonate with the intense sorrow of the infant. Rain starts pouring down as the infant continued to screech. Oddly enough, a pale platinum light barrier was blocking the rain from the reaching within two feet of the child.

“Big sis, do you hear that? It sounds like a baby crying,” said an airy and pretty voice.

“Mn. It’s coming from the same direction as that vibe I got earlier,” came an equally delicate but far more mature sounding voice. “We should find the one we search for in that place.”

“The one we search for already has a family? Or is the baby the one?” asked the voice of the young girl.

“We will have to see for ourselves, little Lulu,” as the mature voice faded, around the corner walked a pair of stunningly attractive sisters, with creamy chocolate skin. Jodye felt his entire being tremble when he laid eyes on them. He had dreamed about these two women every day of his new life, up until he got amnesia. Seeing them now made feelings and memories start flooding out of Jodye’s source spirit and assimilating with his unstable mind.

On the other hand, as soon as Sylvester laid eyes on the mature woman, he released an incredibly dense killing intent and bloodlust. She may look much, much, younger, but Sylvester could never mistake that face, and especially not that vile aura! This was the woman who killed him. Oh, how funny and deadly was this thing called fate power? Merely, Jodye was unable to notice any of Sylvester’s reaction at the moment.

The mature beauty appeared to be in her early 30s and was wearing a plain blue dress that hugged her womanly figure with a voluptuous shape. Her hair was cut low with a cute design that reminded Jodye of a famous actress from his last life. She had several piercings on her ears and tribal looking tattoos down her left leg wrapping around her waist. There many markings related to voodoo and the occult. Her eyes were multicolored, and they seemed to be a blend of purple, red, and gold. Those eyes of hers were piercing even in the darkest environment, and they accented the hypnotic effect given off by the shape of her sexy body. This woman was a born temptress. A full-blooded succubus.

Whereas the little lolita by her side had dark features and long curly black hair. Her eyes were pitch black, like the darkest night. In spite of being a four or five-year-old child, her countenance was far from average, she was totally breath-taking!

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“Sanny, Sanny, it’s alone, and it’s alive!” as soon as she saw the crying baby, the little girl Lulu hurriedly tried to run over and rescue it, but the mature beauty grabbed her arm tight. “Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye., let me go, I have to save it. That’s MY baby now, no else is around!”

“No, stay still. It’s dangerous. Look at the rain…” said Sansa pointing out the rain that stopped before it could reach the child. It was as if the child disdained to be touched by the rain, or maybe it was a natural defense mechanism to prevent early death? If this child were the one Sansa had been searching for, then she wouldn’t doubt it, “Let me.”

Sansa’s hands suddenly started moving at a blinding speed, making them blur and distorting the void in front of herself. Curse seals begin to form and surround the infant like mystical chains. The baby stopped crying before slowly closing its eyes, as the barrier blocking the rain begin to recede. Sansa swiftly blocked the shower with a gate of her own qi before the infant could get wet. Sansa then picked up the sealed infant, and the scene faded away…

This abandoned infant was none other than little Jodye Trill, in his last life!

Many scenes played after that, allowing Jodye to basically relive the most memorable moments of his previous life. Jodye grew up as an orphan, unaware of his parent’s identity. The ones who raised him were precisely Sansa and Lulu! Sansa and Lulu were biological sisters. Jodye and Lulu grew up in the slums of the lost city of Old Orleans, a city abandoned by the local government because it was a hotbed for natural disaster and crime. Sansa and Lulu only survived by selling homemade medical remedies, and some trinkets related to their witchcraft and voodoo. These were things that typically interested close to no one. Nonetheless, the three of them were broke but happy.

Sylvester Tricko was watching with great interest, as myriad scenes flashed in and out of existence. The two women called Jodye their little husband and showered him with love and attention in his earliest days. They taught him truly profound voodoo principles but masked it behind lies and half-truths. Though the boy lived a rough life, he was at least taken care of at first. This changed when he was six.

One night Sansa came home with a strange looking pimp, named Jonathan. This guy was a total creep, but for some reason, Sansa started not only dating him but also selling her body for his benefit. Sansa changed after that, never speaking a single word to Jodye or even glancing in his direction, and rarely speaking to Lulu. At the time, Jodye was only six years old.

As Sylvester Tricko watched this, he realized that this Jodye Trill was wrapped up in a conspiracy he had no hopes of unraveling on such a worthless life star. The woman he knew as Sansa was hiding so much from the kid, that it couldn’t even be explained briefly. However, Sylvester actually pitied Sansa a little once he saw the scenes of her following behind Jonathan like a helpless puppy, obviously under the effects of glamor laws or a charm curse. He also took note of the many times Jodye heard her randomly mumbling to herself incoherently. Merely, to Sylvester, these ramblings were neither random nor incoherent.

She was speaking in an ancient Fey language, and it was always the same chant. This was some kind of curse she was keeping in effect.

“Infinity soul, infinity soul, divine sublimation soul, the hold is tight, the night is bright, a fourth of worth brings peace in sight.”

These words were startling Sylvester significantly, and every time Sansa did this she would mention the infinity soul. This is the part that truly stood out to the young sky wolf. He was almost sure she had been mumbling a curse! What kind of evil could it be that she managed to say it ritually in spite of suffering under the effects of charm poisoning!

Or maybe the one who poisoned her was aware of the curse’s significance as well?

Eventually, this Jonathan guy turned his evil sights to Lulu. He convinced Lulu to sell her body as well, using Jodye’s education as the reason and charm laws as the catalyst. However, once Sansa found out about this she kicked Jonathan out in a fit of extreme rage. After that, Sansa was extremely unbalanced. Lulu continued to prostitute as if it was drug addiction, and Jodye stuck to his studies, oblivious of it all.

This was until the day Jodye was kidnapped by a group of thugs at the age of 11-years-old! Lulu was lured to his rescue, and they were both violated, while Jodye was tortured physically and forced to watch Lulu get used. This last for days before Sansa found them and slaughtered the entire building in a fit of rage.

Sylvester Tricko watched as Jonathan orchestrated the most soul-wrenching experience of Jodye’s young life. For the first time, he honestly felt Jodye had suffered a lot of injustice. It was definitely a damaging event. Even the usually aloof Sylvester could not remain completely indifferent when watching what Jodye had experienced in his past childhood. How tragic it must be to grow up weak and alone!

Sylvester wouldn’t have been able to imagine this if he didn’t see it personally. Glancing at Jodye, he noticed that the usual playful and mischievous demeanor was totally absent at this moment. In its place was an absolutely cold and calm gaze. There were no emotions in the eyes of this young man in a tuxedo, whose face was no longer blurry at all. He looked like a trained S-class assassin, analyzing his next mission from a vantage point.

The very next scene was a totally sober Sansa, telling Jodye things that he thought were weird at the time. She told him that Lulu was broken down to her very soul by this event, so she wiped the girl’s memories of the last few months. She then said that she would have done the same to Jodye had his soul not been unique.

After that event, little Jodye Trill changed on a fundamental level. He became obsessed with having status and wealth. Reputation and resources. He even reversed his name and used it as a handle. The scenes continued to fly by for an unknown period. Sylvester watched Jodye live a mildly entertaining, but overwhelmingly mortal life. He went from being a little thug brat to a kingpin and pimp, then he became a soldier. After that, he was an experiment due to his body’s weird constitution, and then a spy. Eventually, Jodye spoke for the first time in what felt like decades, “This is the day it ended.”

“Hm?” Sylvester was caught slightly off guard, as he had disengaged quite long ago.

“Today is the day I died.”

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