Book II – Bandit, Chapter 12 – The Last Day On Earth

For most people, it was a typical Wednesday. A blazing sun was hanging in the air at an hour past noon position, on a beautiful cloudless day. The close proximity to the sea made the sky resemble an enormous blue gemstone. It was the kind of day that made one feel as if nothing could go wrong.

Unfortunately, this was destined to not really be the case.

“Boy, that idiot Jonathan really messed up this time. Coming to this desolate star without the proper equipment,” Said a bald man with a blazing goatee.

“Jonathan? That old Pimp from back in the day? Yo, Sanny or Lu, does either of you want to tell me what’s going on?” Said a young man in all black.

“Little Joe, you shouldn’t have come here, please just leave,” begged an incredibly gorgeous woman capable of falling a nation in a single night.

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“Jodye. Today will be the first day of the rest of your life. Do not be afraid,” said an ever more stunning woman, who held the first in her embrace.

There were three men and two women on the second floor of an abandoned warehouse. The three men were facing each other in a triangle formation, with guns pointed at each other. Or rather, there was a tall and hunky young man with a sturdy build standing in front of two exotic women with devastating bodies. The young man looked to be around 19-years-old but was actually quite older, and was wearing an all black hoodie with black joggers. He had two 9mm Glocks, one in each hand, pointed at each of the other two middle-aged men.

His name was Jodye Trill.

Of the two women behind him, Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye. appeared to be in her early 30s, but she was actually much older. Jodye himself wasn’t very confident of her age. Her appearance hadn’t changed since he had first met her. She was wearing a tattered black dress with rips and holes, but that hugged her mature and voluptuous figure. She appeared so beautiful, in spite of the dress she was wearing being dirty and slightly damaged. She also had a bruise on her cheek and blood at the corner of her mouth. It had clearly been a long and challenging day. Seeing such an amazing woman in dire straits such as these would make any man’s blood boil in rage.

The younger woman was equally, if not more, outstanding. Lulu was not injured. She was tall and looked to be around 25. Her chest was ample and proud; her reed-slim waist was like a snake full of vigor. An ultra-short leather skirt clung to her bottom and showed off the curve of her perfectly round buttocks. Her thighs were round and delicate like golden colored jade, slender and straight with no gap, full of youthful vigor. She had dark features, long curly brown hair, and black lipstick. Her countenance was currently even further from normal than in the past. At least, in Jodye’s opinion, he had never seen a more beautiful creature.

It had been several years since Jodye Trill was recruited into a secret military program among a host of misadventures. Too many things had changed at this time. However, as soon as he got back to his home town, he contacted his number two. That’s when he was told that his two untouchables were currently being pursued. He arrived just in time to see Sansa get abused by a big buff baldy white guy. A bald, middle-aged man with pale skin and a blazing red goatee. He was wearing blue robes like what a wizard would wear, with some type of bluebird design that looked similar to a phoenix.

“A member of the Heavenly Note Sect! Now, this has finally become interesting!” observing the memory with Jodye, Sylvester Tricko was shocked to see the attire of one the Legendary realm’s most distinguished sects. The Heavenly Note Sect was famed for their Blue Luan Hero lifeblood fusion. Their strength was among the top 10 in the entire universe. “But what would a member of the Heavenly Note Sect visit a barren land like this… for her?”

The baldy from the Heavenly Note Sect was holding a substantial futuristic looking gun, that looked similar to mini cannon with an extended clip. The weapon had many strange glowing red gems embedded in the metal. In the middle of some peculiar and bright formation. A calamity rune was pulsating on the side of the gun in his left hand. While in his other hand was a machete looking blade that had a slightly different glowing design with a blue gem glowing in the middle.

“Little Jo I’m scared…those weapons are terrible,” Jodye Trill heard a bell-like whisper float into his ear, and a hand tugs on the sleeve of his hoodie. Without looking back, Jodye knew this was Lulu. Not that Jodye currently had the luxury of looking back.

“That’s a weak ass gun… with… is that? Holy s***, I recognize these! These things are terrible!” whispered Jodye harshly. Lulu palmed her own forehead, smiling in spite of herself. This Jodye never changed. Only he could make a joke out of peril.

The machete was pointed at the other man. This goon was dressed in a black coat, with a hood that made his face appear to be an abyss of darkness. He wore black boots covered in lines that glowed. The jacket seemed to perfectly outline his muscular figure as if it was apart of him originally. He was holding a powerful looking gun like the ones out of a sci-fi movie, that was made out of some mysterious metal that had deep lines that formed little valleys that flowed with an ominous light. There were dozens of such sequences in an intricate design. Jodye Trill had no idea how powerful these weapons were, but he felt an incomprehensible sense of threat. Jodye Trill knew he was currently in extreme danger.

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Outside of the scene, Jodye asked Sylvester, “Hey what is that thing? Have you seen that before?”

“Standard issue eradicator. Shh, it’s finally getting good,” said Sylvester impatiently. Jodye was speechless.

As far as the Jodye in the scene, he already recognized these gems to be the targets of research the government was currently focused on. ‘Magic Core’ fragments, found in the corpses of some ancient beasts that were recently excavated. He hooked up with a few of the women scientist working on these projects. They would always go into detail about their part of the plan upon realizing how intellectual and insightful Jodye was. As a result, he actually had some fundamental knowledge on these devices.

‘How on earth did these two get mixed up with technology and secrets of this level? This part of the country is supposed to be abandoned!’ Jodye Trill stole a few glances back at Sansa and Lulu. While Lulu seemed anxious and on guard, seemingly ready to fight with her life on the line, Sansa was calm. Her eyes were tranquil as she stared directly at the hooded villain. Her gaze was as if any further action was pointless.

“Captain Jodye Trill,” The bald muscle head finally broke the silence, “The youngest man to achieve your rank and achievement in the past 40 years of the United States Army. Transferred to a different “special” division of the CIA once it was discovered you had certain… abilities. We have been watching you. Do yourself favor kiddo, and back away from the witches. Then, we can still talk benefits.”

Cold sweat started to appear on Jodye Trill’s back. Who was this baldy to know so much about him? After all, who was Jodye Trill? He had gone through hellish training this last year due to his unique physique. They called people like him a meta-human when nice, and a mutant during all other times. It seems as if his advanced intellect was also a result of his mutated genes. Jodye Trill’s face remained emotionless and didn’t change at all, although inwardly he maintained a higher level of vigilance as he stated, “I love making new fans and s***, but I’m going to have to take pictures with you next time. You two seem to have some catching up to do. Please excuse us.”

Sylvester laughed hysterically, as if this wasn’t a dramatic event, making black lines appear on Jodye’s forehead, “Bwahahahaha, So wait, wait. You thought you were, what, a mutant when your soul abilities first manifested? Pfft, what a pathetic society.”

“Could you shut up! Friggin jerk. My planet was clearly from a lower universe or something,” grumbled Jodye Trill, almost forgetting that he was reliving the day of his death.

“The woman behind you seems to be more aware of your current situation then you are, boy. Today, she comes with us to answer some questions. You can’t seriously imagine that we’re afraid of your little toys there can you?” Sneered the middle-aged baldy. The disdain he had for Jodye was not hidden. “Friend, let us work in unison to capture this witch first. Once she is secured, we can settle up.”

As soon as baldy finished speaking, the weapon that the cloaked man was wielding emitted an ominous silver light glow as it made a screech, and a beam of light utterly obliterated the arrogant baldy. Jodye Trill watched as the bald cliche quickly disintegrated in the light beam without being able to speak another word.

The cloaked figure then spoke with a deep and gravely voice, “Because of you, this world has been forcibly controlled for millennia. Yet, you still managed to evade us time and again. These two will die now, and you will leave with me.”

Jodye and Lulu both stood there in a daze with their mouths hanging open, as terror struck their hearts. They just saw a man and half a building reduced to ash and dust in an instant! It seems they were next. Jodye Trill didn’t hesitate. He immediately emptied the entire clip of both his glocks into the enemy, as he dashed forward he flipped in the air, releasing the clips as two more slid out of his pocket and into the guns before he emptied those as well. After landing, through the gun smoke, Jodye could make out the cloaked man standing in the exact same posture as if nothing had ever happened.

The only difference was the light of the weapon, which slowly intensified. Jodye Trill abandoned his guns and dashed forward at break neck speed, then kicked off the ground and spiraled 720 degrees, using the momentum to unleash a powerful kick containing all his strength. The black-cloaked man simply swatted with his arm, and before Jodye’s kick could come close, he was repelled flying rapidly smashing into the opposite wall. The disintegrator weapon screeched again, and the world in front of Jodye turned silver for a time.

Just when Jodye started losing hope, he realized there was a body standing in front of him. To be precise, this body was hugging Lulu to protect her. Unfortunately, in front of Jodye’s eyes, Lulu’s body disintegrated away leaving behind what seemed to be a transparent replica of herself in Sansa’s arms. All of Sansa’s clothes were gone, revealing her devastatingly excellent body.

Jodye Trill couldn’t help but stunned by this for a moment. He was thinking at this moment that such a sight was not a terrible thing to die seeing.

She slowly stood up tall in the beam of negative light as the tattoos on her body glowed purple, and an earth-shaking purple aura that had a mix of golden, purple, and red runes dancing around exploded forth from her body. Lulu’s silhouette in her embrace slowly faded into nothing. When Jodye saw Lulu’s silhouette fade away, he cried out in a panic.

“LULU!!!!” Jodye had already lost it at that moment. He dropped back to his knees after having finally struggled up and roared at the cloaked man as if it were to the heavens themselves, “If I survive this I swear to kill my way back to you even if I have to burn down this world!”

Jodye was screaming at the top of his lungs, as he experienced the most terrible and excruciating pain he had ever felt. It left a sour and desolate taste in his mouth. This was the taste of death. The cloaked man made a low sound and appeared to be sneering at him. The screech of his weapon and the light beam both started to recede. Sansa floated in the space above Jodye as her eyes shined as if they could see through time.

She calmly looked down at Jodye and said words that seem to penetrate his mind directly, “Little Jo, my little lover, remember your words. But beware. You are not a mutant, nor a so called meta-human. It is not your body that is special, but your soul. This weapon, these people, they cannot destroy you. Merely… I also cannot save you.”

It wasn’t until then that Jodye realized… she was right. He had watched Lulu fade into dust despite Sansa’s protection. However, he hadn’t noticed until now that despite all the pain he felt before, he no longer felt anything but despair. He was actually perfectly fine.


Actually, he wasn’t fine! His body was gone!

“Sansa, what’s happening to us? Why are we turning into dust, and why can’t we stop it? Why did this madman kill everyone including the other guy who hit you? Are they really only after you? How are you even still okay? Who are you really? What happened to Lulu?!” Jodye was in full panic at this point. He asked several hard questions in a single breath.

“I am Sansa Trill, and you are my husband, Jodye Trill. Do not further concern yourself with Lulu or me. I managed to secure her soul, and I will ensure that she is reincarnated. However your own soul… is beyond my ability to help,” Sansa, who briefly glanced at the enemy, hesitated before she continued to speak, “I am going to banish your soul. This is cruel, but it is the best I can do to prevent them from discovering who you are. I will try to favor you with as much of my own good karma as possible. If we meet again… immediately destroy the Necklace of Carnage. Please… you must remember this.”

Sansa made a series of hand signs and seals, her hands appeared as a blur of motion to Jodye. Sansa pushed her palms forward to hit his ethereal chest. Dozens of runes materialized and flew into his soul before everything turned dark.

“Goodbye, my Jodye. Had you not met me in the last life, you would have eventually soared into the skies to create your own legend.” Tears rolled down Sansa’s face as the light and screech finally faded and revealed her stunning body floating there in front of the hole that used to be the rest of the building, “However, had you not met me in this life, perhaps you would never have your revenge. Karma is truly vindictive.”

In the background, one could see the waterlogged old city streets filled with people terrified by the sudden explosion. As she glanced at these ordinary people, she realized that her temporary farce as a regular mortal girl in a normal human world had come to an end. The black-cloaked man turned around and a portal of darkness opened in front of him.

“Let us leave this desolate plane, my liege, it is time that we returned,” He spoke out as he stood to the side and half bent his body, gesturing for Sansa to proceed ahead of him.

Sansa turned around, and purple runic light shone transformed into a beautiful flowing purple dress. She walked forward slowly, into the portal and out of sight. The black-cloaked man then looked back at the spot where Jodye had disappeared. There seemed to be a spacial distortion there? Since his mission’s primary objective had been accomplished, he pushed it to the back his mind and dived into the closing portal.

Then the scene shifted again!

Jodye saw himself trapped in the void as a baby-shaped ghost. He floated for millennia before meeting Sylvester’s soul. From there Jodye saw Sylvester meet the ancient Titan T’Zhane, which blew his freaking mind! So they did know each other… or they had at least met and cooperated.

The scenes continued up until Jodye teleported away from the Trilleck Villa before everything faded to black.

“Seen everything you need to see, kid?” asked Sylvester Tricko after spending a few moments in dark silence.

“Indeed. Now how do we get out of here? I’ve got things to do.” Jodye Trill’s voice lacked any emotion.

“What things do you speak of?” replied Sylvester calmly.

“There’s a man I have to kill! I must slaughter that white demon and everyone associated with him!” Jodye ground his teeth in anger. He was even shaking imperceptibly. “Damn these voodoo states, and curse arts. I’m going to eliminate it all!”

“Ah, these things,” Sylvester nodded with a solemn face. “This will most definitely come to pass. However, at the moment you are far too weak. Your real training starts now, kid Jupiter.”


Sky Fall Legend

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